Google has officially launched a New Google Search Console!

Google has officially launched a New Google Search Console!

Google has bid adieu to the older version of Google Search Console. It has been two years since Google has updated the Search Console. On Monday, 9th September 2019, Google has announced that we will be getting an updated and new Google Search Console with better information.

Official Statement

Source: Google Webmasters Twitter

Yesterday, in the morning, the Google Webmasters team made it official, in twitter and other Google platforms.

Google Team said, “We have reached another milestone in our graduation journey. An official Good-Bye to Old Google Search Console reports that even includes up-gradation of old dashboard and homepage.”

The Google search Console help the businesspersons to monitor and improve the performance of a particular website on the Google Search Console. From now, all those who want access the Dashboard and Homepage will be redirected to the New Google Search Console, where you can find several legacy reports which are still there, and not yet been migrated.

You can access to all your reports through, an option in the Google Search Console that says, “Legacy tools and reports.” It is easy to obtain from the list you can choose the type of report you want, then you check it out.

Below we are mentioning some new tools that you will see in the Updated Google Search Console:

  • International Targeting
  • Crawl Stats
  • Messages
  • Change of Address
  • URL Parameters tool
  • Web Tools

Check the infographic, below to know about the tools and reports and what are they useful for.

New Google Search Console

These are some new tools, and more are there on the list, that is very useful. All the links, are not yet working, even after you set up your Domain Properties in the new Google Search Console. To have access to all reports, make sure to check the Old Properties Access.

We can see, that from last year, Google is taking some major steps to improve the customer experience. Last year, 2018 Alphabet decided to close Google+, to protect the privacy of the people after it got breached. In a similar way decided to improve the customer experience by upgrading the Search Console. There a lot of steps that Google is taking improve the platform for its users.

What are the steps to prevent blog copyright infringement?

What are the steps to prevent blog copyright infringement?

If you are a blogger and write articles and have a fear of your content can be copied, then you are afraid of the copyright and copyright infringement. Scammers and tricksters are even present in the Content, developing the field. While some of the issues seem to be legal, but, specific problems go beyond the line.

What is copyright?

copyright image

It is a legitimate right which exists for each and everyone around the globe. This right allows the original work creator to analyze other people. Who has tried to copy or manipulate their work! This right exists for only a limited period.

Eventually, it rightfully depends upon the Act of Limitation and Exception to Copyright Law. Which also includes some of the fairways of usage. One of the most significant limitations of the Copyright Act is it only protects the original documents. Not the ideas and creativity which are present in the underlying one.

What is copyright infringement?

The works that are protected by copyright law. And later on, using those same works is known as copyright infringement without having any permission. This even includes some of the exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce, the right to display, or the right to distribute. The original creator may grant this.

The original creator of the work is called as the copyright holder. The copyright holder may be himself or someone under him who is responsible for it. To avoid copyright infringement, the original creators usually take all the legal actions before releasing it in the market.

Below are a few steps to protect your content from copyright and copyright infringement issues:

copyright infrigement image


If you have a blog, it avoids all the copyright issues are advised to add an alert regarding it. And maintain it with time to time. Although people usually don’t understand this and seriously, no one can stop. If the content is meant to be copied, it will be copied anyhow even with the copyrights.

Sometimes people think that if the symbol © is there, it means the work is freely available. Whereas, there are different tricks to save the original as the original. Like in WordPress, the date gets updated automatically, which mentions that last time when changed the alerts about the copyright infringement.


Licensed Content means if a person wants to use your content, then the terms that he has to follow to your materials. And then post an alert which says that “all the rights are reserved.” Which can also be the part of the original copyright notice.

But, instead, if you want to get the creative outputs and want to make your work useful and used by others. The creation of its license is waste.
And the terms and rules and regulations should be mentioned explicitly for the external use of the work.

So, that no misunderstanding will be there in the future and it will not focus entirely on your site. This should be made sufficiently clear for everyone even if the readers who look for information.


Nowadays, in the market, there are numerous amount of available devices. Using these tools, you can detect where your content is or who is utilizing it: Google analyzer is the best tool for this and the most reliable one.

Google analyzer image

(source: Google transparency report)

It is straightforward to use in the below search option you have to give the URL of your work site. Then click the search button that’s it, it gives the whole report of the website that has copied from your site or the original site. In this way, you can track your content and how and where it is used?


People sometimes even copy the images from the original created one of the unique website. Somewhere below the picture try to write the copyright disclaimer. While people try to copy if they can find the disclaimer of the copyright issues.

The only solution for those who want to get free images is to check Free stock images. Nonetheless, there are a lot of websites which provide free photos without any copyright issues that too of high definition, you can use those images. You have to sign up for those sites and enjoy getting free and HD images. Some of the best places which provide free images without copyright issue are like Pixabay, Adobe stock, Usplash, etc.


If you have some static content and don’t know how to protect it as you don’t even have the RSS feed. That’s when Google alerts come as a savior. Sign Up for Google alerts and start creating signals for every page with various names, quotes, and phrases. Then you can get the RSS feed and email disclaimers when there is a copyright issue or copyright infringement.


There are a lot of plugins that are present for different essential platforms. When it comes to RSS feed, it becomes necessary to add the footer. The blogs can be republished quickly with the conventional ways that are mentioned. To which you should be able to add some of the internal links which direct to your site with some copyright alerts.


Copyright Infringement has become a headache to the writes and daily work by the tricksters. We hope that you found some solutions for the issue if you are facing.

We will update with more such steps which will help you to keep your content safe from the tricksters.

Hope you liked our tips, if you have any query, do write to us, we will help you with the same.

What are the Top companies providing Bug Bounty Program?

What are the Top companies providing Bug Bounty Program?

Bug Bounty program and bug bounty hunters are the names which we can hear a lot of times these days. Actually, this is a deal that is provided by a lot of websites and the software developers to all those individuals who will hunt the bugs in their website and inform the respective organization. By doing this bug hunting the individuals can earn recognization and the compensation for reporting the bugs.

If you have decided to be a Bug hunter or a security researcher and don’t know what is bug bounty and how to start where to start.

To know in deep about it read the whole blog.

What is bug bounty hunting?

Anyone who has high curiosity with the high rate computer skills can become a very successful glitch or bug finder. Whatever your age maybe you can be a bug bounty hunter. The important thing is that you have to continuously keep on learning and keep checking for the bugs on different websites.

All these relevant bug findings in the websites will earn you a lot of compensation and also recognization. Maybe you can take up as a full-time job and searching for bugs in the websites.

Bug hunter

What does the bug bounty program mean?

The other name of the bug bounty program is Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP) is an initiative taken as crowdsourcing. It rewards all those individuals who discover and report about the bug. These type of bug bounty programs are often used by the companies to supplement in-depth and inner code audits and the penetration tests all in as a part of VRP or Bug bounty program.

While you can find many software vendors with a website are running the bug bounty programs and doing the bug hunting. They collaborate with the bug hunters and find the glitches later if anyone finds any bug in the organization. The ethical hackers may some time get exploited if they reported about the software glitches.

How much do bug bounty hunters make?

The bug bounty hunters usually make decent earnings from finding the bugs. The ethical hackers or the bug finders normally earn 3 times more than the regular software developers.  However, in some places of the world such as India, it earning of a Bug hunter is 16 times more than that of a normal software person.

When coming to the US the median is not too much as such as India in the US it is 2.5 times more than that of a software developer. The payment differs for the countries because it has been calculated on the basis of salary that people get in both countries.

This means the income of an average software developer in India is less than that of income of an average software developer in the US. While coming to the Bug Bunty Hunters payment it depends on the company or the organization whose bugs they traced, and they get paid according to the company norms.

bug bounty

How to become a Bug Hunter?

If you want to be a bug hunter and doesn’t know how to plan and start in the Bug Bounty program, then follow our guide.

STEP-1 Start reading

Reading is a most not just in Bug tracking even if you chose any field for work, reading is a must for it. There are books on ethical hacking and bug hunting that you buy to learn the basics and the primary things which will help penetration testing and bug finding. It always adviced that you keep you 100% focus on that area of hacking which excites you and creates interest.

Find out that one exact area and pick up all the things that you find and go on to further in a similar way and be an ultimate hacker. Even the greatest hackers have their area of interest and they also don’t know every area of hacking. Below we mention some book that you read to become a good hacker:

STEP-2 Practice what you learn

bug bounty program

Always keep your self updated with new technologies and advancements. It is vital to make sure that whatever you read and learn you understand it and most significantly you should check that you are retaining. Practicing on the more vulnerable websites and desktop is a very good way to recall everything.

  • Penetration testing lab: This is a very good site which will help you in practicing hacking. It contains a list of practicing apps and systems with various scenarios that will help you to become diverse. Once you reach here after that you can find much more new and good sites that will help in ethical hacking.

STEP-3 Watch YouTube videos and read tech reports with Proof Of Concepts

Eventually, you have made your foundation with a strong hold on the basics of Bug Hunting. As you know how to find the defective sites and desktops you are good to go with checking out what all the other hackers are doing.

YouTube is such a place where you can find several videos related because this is a community where people upload videos generously and don’t back out from sharing knowledge. Below we mention some write-ups and video channels:

STEP-4 Be a part of Groups and Community

There are a lot of groups and communities of the bug hunters that you can find on the social media platforms. However, there is one global community of all the hackers it has more than 29,000 hackers.

Joining these communities is important many of the top hackers are present here and are very happy to share their knowledge with a group or the people. It is very beneficiary for any budding hacker to know the tricks and tips. You take a look at some of the communities.

  • White hat hackers: It is one of the biggest community for the hackers that you can find Twitter.

STEP-5 Know more about Bug Bounties

Now you are almost reaching your destination that is bug hunting. Before directly jumping into bug hunting it is crucial to know how the Bug bounty works? where should you start? All these things because to assure that you get long term success. You should even know all the privacy policy terms of the respective organization before jumping.

Follow Github it will make you understand everything in brief about Bug Bounty and how to start and target.

STEP-6 Now you a Bug Hunter

Here comes the end, you are done with all the background research and reading then you can also start doing ethical hacking and can earn recognition as well as compensation at the same time.


But, never ever forget to keep yourself updated with new technological advancements. When you start never at a time jump on the big organization hacking it is better to go for some smaller one first then to the bigger organization.

If you go the websites such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and all then the amateurs may end up getting mad and frustrated. Because these companies have a lot of users and known widely which increases the security for these applications as it a public platform. Kudos! for being an ethical hacker.

Top Companies Bug Bounty Programs


The Bug Bounty Program of Intel mainly targets all the hardware, software and firmware issues.

Drawbacks: It doesn’t include the present acquisitions like the company web infrastructure, the third party products or the McAfee related details.

Minimum Compensation: Intel offers a minimum amount of the US $500 for detecting the bugs.

Maximum Compensation: While the company pays a maximum amount of $30,000 for detecting the most critical bugs.


It is Good news for the hackers that Yahoo has a full dedicated team who accepts the glitches found by the Bug Hunters.

Drawbacks: While the bad news is Yahoo doesn’t pay anything for finding the glitches in, Yahoo 7, Yahoo Japan, Onwander and all the Yahoo accessed WordPress sites.

Minimum Compensation: There is no minimum compensation in Yahoo.

Maximum Compensation: There is a limit for Yahoo Compensation which is approximately $15,000 for Bug hunting in their system.


Even Snapchat has a team of Vulnerability checking professionals, who review all the bugs report and then act accordingly. The Company acknowledges your report within the time period of 30 days.

Minimum Compensation:  You can anticipate high here because Snapchat pays a whopping $2000 for bug reporting as a minimum price.

Maximum Compensation: The maximum reward that you will get in Snapchat is $15,000.


Cisco the World class company welcomes every individual who comes up with the security issues in the system and reports to Cisco. 

Minimum Compensation: In Cisco, the minimum Reward is of the US $100.

Maximum Compensation: While coming to the maximum reward it will $2,500 for serious issues.


Dropbox allows the Bug Bounty Hunters to find the glitches in the system but on the third-party service that is Hackerone.

Minimum Compensation: the least payment in Dropbox is $12,167.

Maximum Compensation: The maximum reward here is $32,768.


However, when Apple first released the Bug Bounty Program it just allowed 46 hackers to do the research. But, now it is open for everyone who wants to try their luck in bug hunting in the Apple system.

Apple Bug Bounty Program even announced that it will reward $100,000 to those who will extract data from Apple Secure Enclave Technology.

Minimum Compensation: There is no fixed limit.

Maximum Compensation: $200,000 is was the highest amount given to a Bug Hunter.


social media

For Facebook Bug Bounty Program any ethical hacker can report the bugs directly to Facebook about Instagram, WhatsApp, and Atlas.

Drawbacks: There are already a few glitches on Facebook which they consider it to outbound issues.

Minimum Compensation: $500 for undisclosed problems.

Maximum Compensation: No limit and no maximum compensation.


Google Vulnerability Program give compensation for the issues in, youtube, and

Drawbacks: It covers only designing and implementation problems.

Minimum Compensation: $300 for identifying security threads.

Maximum Compensation: $31,337 for Google applications.


Any bug hunters can access Quora to find the glitches in Quora Bug Bounty Program.

Minimum Compensation: $100

Maximum Compensation: $7,000


All the Ethical Hackers and the Bug Detectors are given free hand to find all the issues in the Mozilla Bug Bounty Program.

Drawbacks: This access is only for bugs in Mozilla services that include Firefox, Thunderbird and related services.

Minimum Compensation: Least amount is $500 given by Firefox

Maximum Compensation: $5000


Now are good to go, as you find the top companies and how much compensation they are offering if you find out the glitches in their application and systems.

Even you get to know more about how you can become an ethical hacker or a Bug Bounty Hunter.

If you have any queries regarding it please comment below.

Google new alerts: All the New features in Google 2019

Google new alerts: All the New features in Google 2019

While the year 2019 is rolling out so as the Google new alerts and updates to its already existing applications and software for the users, marketers and the advertisers. While in this updates the first thing that everybody noticed is the Google New alerts related to Ads, a very new publishing platform for local news, Google new alerts for the mappings, and integrating the Google Adwords Campaign with Google ads platform.

Read the full article to know in details about the Google new alerts.

Search News in Google

The most important and surprising changes that Google brought in is for the Local writers and in the Google search news. Below you can know more about it.

Google testing Mobile SERPs with ADs

The Google Search Engine Ranking Page is never the same it keeps on changing, and advancements keep coming up. It was found that 14 ads one after other was present on the first page. This means the advertisements occupied the first page of the Google search engine.

At the top of the page, first, four advertisements came up followed by the organic searched advertisements after that seven more paid advertisements again came up then reached six organic advertisements.

Eventually, in the end, the research page ends with three more advertisements before the more results pop up. This means the page had a total of 14 advertisements and then eight organic results. Which means it is twice as many as the usual number of ads.

While we can expect that the fact behind it is maybe Google is testing the ads in a mobile SERPs or Search Engine Ranking Page. However, it even shows that Google is pushing the company’s and making it monetized in the search results. This is an excellent sign to the digital advertisers, but not for the SEO specialist.

Google’s three pack local listing

This is a new type of Google local listing which you can see in Google maps. Previous it was seven pack page rollout, but now it is a three pack page roll out. Due to this, the SEO related people all are shaken to know what will be the result? And now it became a more tough task for SEO persons to optimize the Google maps for their clients.

Not just that & pack where cut to 3, while previous the user was able to see the address and phone number with the name but now no address and phone number will be visible.

3 pack listing

Google not removed the Phone number and the address it even disabled the !-click access and removed all those links which redirect to Google My Business. All the previous cards got hidden now if click on listing open page you will be redirected to the Google Map where you will find the list of 20 competitors just like the older one.

3 pack listing

In the above image you can that first comes the paid companies, then you get a list of all the electrical companies. It is one of the best tricks that Google used because at a go you can see 20 competitors list. People will get to know about their competitors at a site on one page.

Google new alert platform for Local News: Google Newspack

Google went into partnership Automattic and WordPress, even invested $ 1.2 million in the new project named to be Newspack. This new NewsChannel will have a portfolio in Google as Newspack; this portfolio will have services such as the fast, secure and meager cost for the publishing news. You can even be able to post the different and small local newsroom.

However, with the help of this platform, the local journalist and reporters get easy access who are struggling to bring up the local news. All those journalist and reporters who don’t understand about the Digital Marketing strategies and the business problems will all be solved now and can tell the story about the community and locality in the Google Space. Here, you don’t have to worry about the website design, building with an e-commerce system and configuring the CMSs.

While if you are thinking about the aim of the Google newspack is one-platform fitting all the size of the news. However, the focus of Google is to help the small business person to raise high and succeed in the online media. Google named Newspack as “an opinionated CMS” because according to Google it is a very right thing even if publishers never did it.

As per our experts, we came to know that Google will start the development process on this project soon. The platform will be available for the users after a few months.

No need of Physical Presence for registering in Google My Business

Recently Google introduced a new feature for the service areas in Google My Business platform. It is best for the small businesses owners without the street address, or a proper address can now share the address of local service and the other information related to business on the Google maps and search engine pages.

The present GMB users can now edit all the information of the business straightly from the Dashboard of the GMB. There you can find the separate options for editing “storefront address” and “service area.”

While for the businesses who have not yet registered in Google My Business and are new to it, will be guided by the Google bot through the whole setup process starts. At last, Google says that “It hopes the business will grow and better connect with the potential customers in different locations.”

Featured snippet for PDFs

Yes! You heard it right Google will now consider the content in your PDF and show as a featured snippet. Previously the featured snippet used to pull out only the content from the website HTML. However, it is the first time anything like this thing is going to happen. If we see it from an SEO techniques point of view, a PDF contains much more information than the typical contents. It is happy news for all those who are writing PDF which a lot of information but were never got rank for it.

pdf snippet

Google maps speed camera warning

In Google maps, you can see a new feature which will showcase you the speed limits as warnings. In the mobile application device, it will show the driver the speed limit while the driver would be driving it. That’s, not the end; it will even show the hidden speed trap cameras on the corner of the streets.

When you open the app on the left side down corner, you will find the speed being displayed, and the camera would be shown as a small camera icon or option on the visible area of the map.

The camera icon is will also be enabled by the time you reach near the speed trap cameras. Nevertheless, the sources even say that this feature is available only in fewer countries. People expect that this feature will roll out just in US, UK, and Denmark also if countries such as Australia, India, Brasil, Russia, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada have the speed trap cameras.

We can expect that shortly after release in the US, the UK and Denmark Google will soon launch in these companies while it is still unknown when it will roll out in all over the world.

New Google Tools

Not just that Google new alerts were there for the software and the application it is even there for the Google Tools. To know more take a look below.

Access to nonskippable ads

Usually, in Google, the Video creators get only limited access to creative actions in this platform. At the end of January Google gave access to all the advertisers to take all the benefits and make all the original works that they can make, and regardless of how they are buying it, whether it has advanced, through the Google auction for ads, or the reservations.

Google now brought this on the Google platform a 15-minute unskippable ad which was earlier only present in the youtube, and if you want to have it in Google, you had to you the YouTube reservation now you can directly do with Google reservation or aution.

To ensure how many users are coming up, Google will be capping the number of users who are watching the Video it makes it more user-friendly simultaneously having the record of it. In the end, it is a very intuitive and flexible way which makes the work of advertisers easier.

Adwords Express combined with Google Ads

Google has integrated Adwords Express with Google Ads; now you can find both the things in one place. The digital marketers can now see the Adwords Express in Google Ads as an option “Smart Campaigns.” Don’t you will not lose any of the benefits all the benefits that you enjoyed before will remain and nothing will exploit. While you can find new interests and features coming up such as:

  • Creating a digital ad quickly in a more natural way.
  • They are attracting more customers to your ad by using Google Maps.
  • I am paying only when someone clicks on the ad.
  • Google will make your work easier by running ads on behave of you.
  • You can review the effectivity of your ads on the dashboard.

Not the effectiveness of the campaigns people can even be able to watch the campaign overview, alerts for the critical account, Google analytics, maps listing, scheduling the ads and so on.


As of we came to an end, these are some of the new features that we will, and we have seen in the Google system this year. We are looking to get some more unusual features like this. Most importantly the Google new alerts in Google maps is what everyone is excited.

We expect that everyone presents all over the globe gets it as soon as possible. Until it comes if you find any other new updates and want us to include it in our article leave a comment below we will update it.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping Campaigns for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping Campaigns for Beginners

To go to the introduction, Google Shopping was known as Google Product Search previously. Google Shopping is a Google service invented by Craig Nevill-Manning. Google Shopping allows users to search for products on online shopping websites and then compare prices range between different vendors. Google Shopping Campaigns is the next step, once you create a Google Shopping list.

However, Google announced that the Google Product Search now named Google Shopping. Now, this is a paid business model where the vendors should have to pay for the listing of their products.

Well, here we cover on how to go ahead on Google Shopping Campaigns. The first and foremost thing to do is, you have to set a Google Merchant account. Display all the products in Google Shopping. Google Shopping works on Google Merchant Center. Also, optimization of the Google Shopping Campaigns is a very important part after setting up a typical Google Shopping Campaigns.

Is Google Shopping Free?

Unlike a regular shopping app, Google shopping is a dedicated shopping from Google. Online merchants will display their shopping, featuring product SKUs, information, prices, stock availability and merchant ratings.

Merchants have to pay for product listing Ads. However, Google Shopping results will appear if do regular Google searches. The trick is whenever Google thinks there is some Google shopping match. It will display as sponsored searches.

google shopping

How much does Google Shopping cost?

Well, Google Shopping cost varies. It will cost you around $1 per day or even $1 in a month. Sometimes Google Shopping goes up to more than $100 a day. However, depending on the visibility you want, you can include your products to have.
In 4th Quarter, Google conducted a Google Shopping study which showed Google Merchant Center costs Google Shopping on an average $11.30 out of $100.00 in sales.

What is Google Shopping List?

The primary thing you need to do is give necessary details about your business in the Business information section in Google Merchant Center.

You will find Business information in the navigation panel in your Merchant Center account. Thus, data used, in different Merchant Center programs like Google Shopping ads.

However, Google Shopping works primarily on two platforms like Google Adwords and Google Merchant Centre. AdWords is the actual Google shopping campaigns live and where you will have set your budget, manage bids, make optimizations based on performance and gain insights on how to have profits. Whereas, Google Merchant Center is where you will find product feed.

In the Google Shopping, Google determines when your product listing ads show up. Therefore, Google considers your site, your feed, and also the bids to determine what search triggers your ads. Due to this reason, setting up Google shopping ads has a close resemblance to SEO.

In Contrast, the setup and management of Google Shopping ads are different from setting up regular ads.

Google Shopping Ads have three main criteria:

  • Create the Feed: Here, you will have a scope to cover a lot of details. It includes a lot of groundwork including the product data, product images, and also the price.
  • Bidding: You need to follow different strategies to bid the ads successfully. It is little changed when compared to traditional bidding. You can quickly get more returns.
  • Monitoring and Optimization: You will need to monitor all the Google Shopping Ads properly and also the make most of it through Optimization. You can see the clear data and even the benefits through Google Shopping.

Now, let us see how to set up the Google Shopping Account. To access your Google shopping list from a computer just follow the simple steps:

Set up Google Shopping Account

Google merchant login

source: Google

  1. Visit and click on the list icon.
  2. To the left of the Google shopping cart icon, you can find it on a mobile smartphone by opening either the Google Home or Google Express apps.
  3. Tap the button on the top left; it will expand the menu and then select the Shopping list.

SetUp Your Tax and Shipping Rules

The essential part of running Google Shopping Ads is how you set up your tax and shipping rules.
Go to the tab ‘general settings.’ You can put the rates as per the market charges, or you can allow Google to do it automatically.

Google taxes

source: e-commerceceo

You will get more tax information on the U.S Tax Guidelines.

Linking AdWords Account

Link your Google AdWords account to your Merchant Center account so that you should consider Ad campaign. Consequently, can connect these accounts through Merchant Center dashboard by clicking on ‘Google Ads’ from your settings.
However, you must make sure that both platforms have the same email address with Administrator access and have your AdWords ID’s ready to link accounts.

Setting Up Your Product Feed

After you set the Google Shopping account, select your tax rates and link Adword account, next is to set up your product feed. You can either manually build it using Excel. While you can use plugins or extensions to automatically link product feeds.

AdWords ads is a good option for online merchants. However, the Product Listing Ads are managed within the AdWords login. Thereby, Product Listing Ads which will have a significant impact on Google Shopping Campaign. For best results, consider below essential points:

  • List the Products On Google Shopping.
  • Make sure you sell a minimum of 500 products or more than 500 products. For more visibility, it is better to add more than 500 products on Product Listing Ad. This increases the traffic on Google Shopping.
  • The category you choose should be competitive.
  • Quality of your website.
  • Depends on your budget.

Once you are ready with all the setup as mentioned earlier details. We will further dig into Google Shopping Campaign. You should name your Google Shopping Campaign and also select the country. Controlling the priority preferences like low, medium and high give you different results.

Google adwords listing

source: e-commerceceo

How to set up Google Shopping Campaigns?

However, Google Shopping Campaign is country and product specific. You should set up the Google Shopping campaigns as per the product demand for each state. Furthermore, Google decides when to show your Product listings based on priority settings and also your bid. This means that Google will choose the bid based on high priority.

Choosing Products for Your Product Feeds

If you are using Google Shopping Campaigns for the very first time, then you may have to limit your products range. Do a little research on products which get good traffic, sales and also specific products where you have less competition.

Setting Up Product Groups for Easy Optimization

However, you should opt for a well designed and well structured to start with the first Google Shopping Campaign. This will also ensure SEO optimization for Google AdWords keywords.

Further, Google Shopping campaigns only allow for one AdGroup per campaign. You can also divide the ad into different parts.

Category Product Groups: While coming to Product category, you should choose one class that will have a wide range of products. The last category will have the least preference. However, you should provide an excellent segmented structure for best optimization.

product shopping list

source: e-commerceceo

Brand Product Groups

People are more conscious of popular brands these days. However, you can display the products of one brand under a category. However, if you are selling different brands, then this group will study the metrics on different brands and then access the results.

Custom Labels Product Groups

Once you are done dividing the Product Category and brand category, you should now custom the labels in the product groups.

If you are Google Shopping for clothing website, then you should further subdivide the products into “ work wear,” “gym or workout wear,” “ party wear,” “school wear.” Similarly, you get also choose different subgroups like “ Christmas gifts,” “Christmas costumes”, “Christmas gifting options.”

Google Shopping Campaign Bids

However, while setting up your first Google Shopping Campaign, you should start your bids for each group a little less when compared to the regular Google Adwords search bids. This adds more people to participate in the bids thereby increasing the sales and business.

How to Optimize Google Shopping Campaign?

After you set up Google Shopping Campaigns, you have to make sure that how it is working. Furthermore, it is essential to optimize the Google Shopping Campaigns as well.

Optimize at the entry level

You should remember that you cannot utilize Google Shopping campaigns priorities to boost volume. However, it is useful for segmenting the traffic.

Segmentation in Shopping Campaigns specifically for a search query, by using Google Shopping campaign priorities to allocate traffic and to bid higher for the queries. However, this segmentation strategy allows to set bids beyond product averages and to allow queries with higher conversion rates to get more exposure. You can also save money on low-quality queries.

Bidding smart

Most of the Optimization works by getting the maximum number of CPC. To make one thing clear, Google doesn’t care for your profits. Its main agenda is to make you spend more. Therefore, you need not increase your budget or CPC’s without proper checking.

Target On ROAS

With ROAS optimization, you can will get every dollar spent in return. Suppose you select 100% ROAS return, you will likely to get at least 50% of the returns.

Competitive Pricing

Moreover, a lower price improves the quality of the product feed for your customer and also for Google. Google Merchant Center will any way knows what you charge for shipping so, regarding shipping details, this will include that in the Google Shopping results.

Better Images

Always upload clear and high definition pictures for a better feel. Make sure the customers will comfortably feel the product and connect well to the images and products. One thing to keep in mind is, the product you show should always be the same as the real product.


On the other hand, a key to successful Google Shopping lies in its optimization. You should further monitor and get a complete hands-on control by linking your Google Analytics Account. This will enhance the visibility of your website.
If you have any more doubts about this topic, you are free to message us. We will be happy to guide you.

What are the top Google My Business mistakes to avoid?

What are the top Google My Business mistakes to avoid?

While you are searching for something locally for any business place, shop or mall etc. Usually, where do you turn up? First, you will choose either the recommendation from friends and family or will go for the online media and go to a search engine for searching the place. The most loved search engine all over the world is “Google”.

According to Google Statistics, one-third of the Google searches are related to local searches and 90% of them are using mobile phones for searches. There are more than 500 million people searching for the local places using the online platform every day.

The local searches are increasing 50% faster than the other searches in the Google. Local searches are making its presence felt in the search results and showing how important the local businesses have become and how people are searching for it.

Google my business is cost effective and perfect for the local SEO business, it can be used effectively to increase the presence of the business in the Google search engine rankings. If you notice everything closely while searching anything in Google you will also know that there will be a “snack pack” results displayed on the right side of the screen. All these things are controlled by Google My Business.

Listing in the Google My Business and enrolling a company in Google My Business is very easy moreover, it is free of cost and is pretty straightforward. It is for all those also, who find that Google My Business is very difficult to handle or those who don’t know what is Google My Business is or those who don’t at all hail from the technical Background.

To help you in all those types of situation and difficulties that you may feel. We list out some of the important points that you should take care while you are going through Google My Business or opening an account in Google My Business:

How to start to Google My Business?

It is the best tool for marketing in the online media and is the perfect tool those who have limited resources but want to make it big in the market. However, this tool is fully free you don’t have to pay any charges for anything.

This is not a rocket science you have to first go to the Google My Business page then directly sign in with your account details. After the sign up you will be redirected to the Google My Business dashboard here you have to enter your business name, phone number, the category of the business that you are doing, website link etc. I would suggest you fill up all the things that are mentioned and are asked about, avoid to skip even one parameter. This will help you in all the way because while you complete it Google will make the suggestion to other users regarding your company if you include all these things this will give the viewers a broader aspect of your work.

When you go the Google My Business official website you will have to sign in directly. The page will be like the below one. To know about Google My business you can also check the option How it works in the front page only. It gives you brief information.

Google my business

(Source: Google My Business)

The picture below shows the sign in page where you have to enter the business name that you have of your company, shop, place etc.

GMB sign in page

(Source: Google My Business)

After the sign in you will get the verification information about the business. It will showcase you various options which you have to abide by.

GMB terms

(Source: Google My Business)

As soon as you abide by the terms and conditions you will have to choose a verification way like through the mobile numbers that you have given, or email ids. You can choose the ways you are comfortable for verification. Google carry on this verification process as it is very important to know that whether your company is genuine and eligible or not.  It is usually done using the postcard in the emails if you are new to Google my Business. Or else it can be done using the phone calls if it is being transferred to previously using a person.


verification page

(Source: Google My Business)

That’s all you end up having your account in Google My Business. Then you have to update, post all the things that go on in your business and all those things that will enhance your Business presence in the Google search engine.

If you are still getting confused about how to use the Google my Business then you can go to Google My Business help where you can find in details about how to get through.

GBM help

(Source: Google My Business)

Images in the listing page is a must and should because:

  • First of all, Google checks your Internal and External view of the office and verify your workplace, it is like a business verification. So, if you include the image of the building, internal workplace image, staff, signage etc. It will assure Google that you are far more unique.
  • Secondly, Users, these days check the place, area, the company after which they will think whether to invest time or not. It is mandatory to add the necessary and only the relevant images which gives an overlook of your business and company. Assure that all the images are of High Definition or HD quality.

Once all the things are done and set up nicely then you can get into Google my business whenever you want and can make the changes.

How to fix outdated and wrong information?

The information that you give in the online media should be up to date. While having a consistency in the information that you give in the Google My Business is important, this includes the things like NAP which includes Name, Address, Place- this is considered as an integral part when someone is searching about you or found about you.

With the help of your Google My Business account, you can change everything like- your time of opening and closing, the holiday dates etc. One of the biggest mistakes that people usually do is forgetting to keep all these things in Google my Bussiness listing which becomes a black mark to the company whenever a user is searching about it. People while searching something expect to get all the information about the company or the place that want to get to. If they don’t get all these information it upsets them or on the contrary if you don’t mention anything and the customers show up in your office while you are close it will create a bad impression about you in customer’s point of view. There is a 100% possibility that they will never turn up for your services.

To avoid this type of future situation it is important to have an updated information in your Google My Business account from time to time. So, that whenever a customer searches about you and your services he will land up in the right page with correct information.

Handing over your work to an agency a big NO!!

If you think like “this is a very tough task and I can’t take it and it is better to hand over some agency” then for this situation the straight answer is a big NOO!!!!! because it is not at all tough to be handled. Once you have an account you have to update it only when there are some changes in your business profile.

Google My Business provides all the means through which you can connect with the users just by having the relevant keywords related to your business. It helps in all means to make it easy for you. At last, it is you who knows about your work and services, whereas no other person can describe yourself better than you do.

As you the right person who knows all about your business it is just you who can handle the business page. While coming towards maintaining the business listing it is not necessary because you just have to update all the things and changes that you made in your business and add the innovative thing that you are incorporating presently in your work, that’s all, however, it is not a rocket science or brain surgery.

Rather than the keywords, the local search results get influenced by a lot of other things also like having backlinks for your website, reviews that have all the target keywords related to your work, click- through rate and a lot more. This provides a lot of positive results and turns out to be most effective if you incorporate the search engine marketing strategy.


Wrong Pinnings

While updating the Google My Business one of the crucial points which people usually forget is the map pinnings. This is considered to be more important because these days digital marketing has taken over the world. People use digital media for every purpose. Customers want to go those place’s where they can easily reach through the help of Google maps who shows the direction to reach the place without any trouble.

Google map pins

If you are missing this simple point then it is the biggest mistake that you are doing. Google maps pinnings are important and it is the one on which most of the people rely on. Without the mapping, consumers will not take the trouble of searching you here and there and maybe getting lost in unknown places. Time is a pretty valuable thing and no one wants to waste it. Customers will think it is worthless or you are not up to date according to the budding technology and will not consider you in any way.

There are some cases found in which the businesses pin their location but the pinning ends nowhere. Like the Google map pinning is wrong, sometimes it shows as if the place in on the middle of the street or on the other side of the place or somewhere else. This is completely wrong pinning or it is like giving an unknown person a wrong address to go for. Here, also either the customer has to search you everywhere and get irritated at the end and will start thinking as if you don’t know the normal basic thing in the online channel, so you are worthless in their point of view.

It is advised to Pin in the right place, in the right direction exactly where your- company, shop workplace is there. This saves people’s valuable time and they will for sure appreciate you.

Located In

google location

(Source: Google)

Google recently has added this feature through which the users can edit the location or the exact place of the business in the Google My Business. For example, if you have a business listing in Google my Business, however, the information in it like the opening and closing hours are missing and the address is wrong. You just have to perform a google search to check the exact hours and the address. Or else you can even say the users that you have moved from that place and you are in some other place. Users can even post this on your business site through which the other people as well can be benefitted. You can even tell them that you have located to a particular place, location, shop, mall etc. this extra effort makes the users happy and make them think that you care them and your priority is the users.

Reviews in Google

The business owners usually get confused and get into a spider web while coming to the Reviews. Most of the business person ignore or don’t give any reply to the reviews whether it is positive or negative. A business only works when you talk to people or communicate with people. If you don’t reply to them then people will think you are rude and don’t care about them in any way, this will make you lose your target customer.

It is advised to reply to each and everyone who send you the review whether it is a positive or negative one because people will attract to it and Yes! this works like wonders in dragging people’s attention towards your business.

Eventually, reviews are of two types positive and negative. Replying to a positive one is good and joyful. If someone comments like he “enjoyed with you and your company and would like to visit again” it is great you should message him personally and acknowledge his interest. It becomes very difficult while coming to negative reviews most of the time it is seen that business people lash out the negative comments and answer in a rude way. This is not at all recommended you can answer them say like- This is not what we want our trusted customers to feel or We will acknowledge it and make sure that this will not happen in future or You can feel free to contact us so that we can discuss clearly.

These are some of the important things that should be kept in mind while going for a Google My Business listing. As previously mentioned it is easy for the even the non-technical guy and is open for everyone. Try to avoid the important mistakes that people usually do to deliver the best result to the customer.

Still found any issue while using the Google My Business you can feel free in contacting us or you can leave a comment below.

Thanks for your valuable time!!