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Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social Media Marketing itself defines everything it is a channel in which user engage themselves in creating or sharing information or ideas on digital media on different online communities and networks. Sharing relevant content, posting interesting photos to friends, fans, followers, and connections all comes under social media marketing.

Nowadays social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,LinkedIn,Google Plus etc are the most popular engagement platforms for the user. Most of the people who are active on the internet who are approximately 72% use different types of social media platforms to connect with people. We in Softscripts provide you the SMM services which help you enhance your business in every social media platform. So automatically this will give a great marketing opportunity for all kind of businesses irrespective of how big! or how small! they are.


Marketing has always been as the important aspect of any type of business. And social media has become very much active and powerful to promote any kind of business prospects and can reach customers easily. Social media has become such a great platform where you can directly speak to your customers and everyone or every customer stay interacted with every new or trending thing or brand. There are different platforms in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest etc. Nowadays an exceptional or extraordinary success in business requires great marketing plan that too in the digital platform which initially sums up to digital marketing.


Using the social media platform and your ecommerce websites for promoting your business, a product or service is called as social media marketing. In which people basically create and share contents or photos etc. On different social media platforms to achieve the goals of your business marketing and branding.

  • Posting text, updating images and videos etc are the activities or called the SEO services involved to attract the attention and engage the people to it.
  • At Softscripts our team, from the starting, guide you in social media marketing and train you to improve your presence in business.

Important tips to remember in SMM are as follows:

  • Remarketing on social media.
  • Using ad copy converter on social media.
  • Boosting engagement and reducing cost by targeting the engaging people.
  • Targeting option should be layered.
  • Granularity with the audience on social media should be avoided.
  • Performance of ad should be watched closely to keep the campaign fresh.
  • To get commercial intent stronger leverage in-market segments.
  • For content ideas use Twitter to test it.
  • Your business goals require a social media campaign to attract people.
  • Actionable hashtags are to be built around communities.
  • A seamless and cohesive visual experience is to be provided.
  • Power of “life events” are to be leveraged.
  • 'Leaky' landing pages are to be bypassed.

These social media marketing helps your website to develop a lot.


Before starting any business we plan for it. Similarly, before starting with your social media marketing campaign you should know your goals and targets and plan the strategy accordingly or else you will be lost in a forest wandering without any map.

There is some question which you should ask yourself before going for a social media marketing:

  • Achievements you hope to get from social media marketing.
  • Who will be your target customer?
  • How your target audience use social media and where would they hangout?
  • The message that you want to send to your audience through social media marketing.
  • Your social media marketing strategy should be informative which attracts or drives the audience automatically

For instance, Instagram or Pinterest grabs more people to e-commerce or travel business as they have more visual Ads. Whereas Twitter or LinkedIn has the number of business-to-business or marketing company.

And whereas the e-commerce websites grabs a lot of attention of people only when the web designs are very good and catchy, with the best SEO services to attract the traffic, the strategic marketing methods like the email marketing and social media marketing.


Softscripts helps you in a number of ways like:

  • Increasing the traffic in the website.
  • Conversion building.
  • Raising awareness for the brand.
  • Creating an identity for brand and positive association for the brand.
  • Communication improvement and interacting with the targeted audience.

To achieve your marketing goals it is important to have the number of audiences engaging in social media.

Things to keep in mind while dealing with social media marketing:

  • Content planning in social media - We discuss your needs for the business first then plan it essentially which is effective. We research for the keywords and then your competitor also and make innovative content ideas that would grab the attention of the targeted audience. And check on what other businesses in your field are doing to grab the audience attention.
  • Social content should be great - content writing is the king while it comes to social media marketing when we compare it with other areas of digital marketing. Our company make sure that your site or page post true and on regular basis the valuable and real information to customers which should be innovative and interesting at the same time. This content marketing usually involves images, videos, infographics etc.
  • Maintaining a consistent brand value - social media marketing boost’s a lot your brand value and image in front of the audience over a variety of different platforms. And even helps to do your e-commerce website promotion. As different platforms have a different identity and have their unique environment they may be friendly, funny and trustworthy but your brand or e-commerce website has to be consistent.
  • Promoting content on social media - social media is a great platform for those who are a great writer. Once you get a loyal following of people on social media it builds in the perfect channel for you to share, post whatever you feel, write blogs and increase reader. While making sure that you write amazing new stuff regularly. Because this is where you gain a lot of followers. We can also say that content marketing and SMM go hand in hand.
  • Sharing organized links - to leverage your innovative and unique content, social media is the great platform to increase the followers, fans, and friends. You can even promote your e-commerce website by sharing the links and can even link the curated outside article links. Link those articles to your site if you think they are reliable and helpful for your readers. It improves the trust and reliability of your’s in your follower's point of view even you can get back some links in return.
  • Tracking your competitors in business - Softscripts always keep a check on your competitor also. We can get those relevant keywords which people search a lot and also other insights of social media marketing. We spy on your competitor techniques which are gaining them the popularity and attracting people to them we apply the better version of the technique to attract more traffic.
  • Success measuring in Google analytics - without tracking the data you can’t determine a correct strategy for your social media marketing campaign. We use the best tools for analytics such as Google analytics. This is the most successful technique to measure the strategies and checks which strategies are to be deserted when it becomes outdated. You can easily monitor your social media marketing campaign as Google Analytics will attach tracking tags. To get more insight into social media platform using analytics will give best social content and attracts more audience.
  • Crisis management in social media - promoting a brand on social media is not as easy and smooth as we think. We guide your employees nicely to avoid all the chaotic situations in near future. And help you to handle the snafu situations.


Social media platform has a different and unique base and environment. This is the overview to how to use social media marketing.

In social media promoting your e-commerce website or mobile app is an important thing and having an unique web designs attracts a lot traffic, to attract a lot of traffic it is important to have a best Search Engine Optimization service, and should have a strategic marketing plans for email marketing or social media marketing.

At softscripts we develop unique strategies for different social media platform to meet the requirements and make the campaign successful.


Facebook is a platform which requires a friendly and active environment to get the good following on Facebook social media marketing. We will first create your Facebook page for business purpose and design a full layout for your page with utmost care and attention. The design of your page is the key aspect of Facebook marketing and which can be seen on the emails called as email marketing.

We will keep your page tone light and friendly as this is the platform where people chat, make friends and relax. We consider that Facebook strategy which is cost effective because reaching organically on Facebook is limited. Which impacts a lot of your presence on Facebook.


Google now serves the niche audience more but at first, when it was started it entered as a competitor of Facebook. Only some communities were very active on Google+.

Just like facebook we can upload, share or post photos, video, links and also see them once they are posted.you can even make small groups in which you can share information with only limited followers ignoring others. This feature of Google+ is called as Google circle which creates followers segment.

For suppose if you create “shopping” circle and want to share discount coupons only with certain people. The group will include you and required members in the group.

You have another feature called as the hangout where we can host video conference in creative ways. You can encourage different ideas as such, if you are working in a salon you can host how to make trendy hairstyle video. Or if you are pastry chef you can do video conference of how to make cakes. This community of Google+ allows to listen to the feedback of fan’s and applying it to their social media platform.


Pinterest has become one of the fastest booming social media platforms. Anyone can be benefited from Pinterest as it is image-centered which is ideal for e-commerce ads, retailing and driving sales Ads on the digital platform.

We make your business look unique and eye-catching to post on Pinterest which develops the brand name, personality and showcase the product offering. The primary audience for this social media is female we develop a strategy according to the demographic and their presence on Pinterest.


You can easily broadcast or update your posts on the web using social media marketing tool Twitter. In twitter, if you have people related to your stream or business and you start following those tweeters and gain a good amount of followers. Which initially helps a lot in promoting your e-commerce business or website or mobile apps.

You can gain more followers by mixing up your tweets like special, discount, coupon etc, with fun, brand etc. When a customer says something about your business in tweets always retweet them and answer all the questions of the people as much as possible.

In twitter, it is important to interact with people as much as possible for nurturing and building the fan following. Communication with people is always an important aspect of social media platforms.


We will first check in which type of industry you are in and then enter the profession dialog with those kind who are in the same industry that you are in which creates a great platform for those who are in the same industry with the same mindset. It is also a great platform for posting job vacancies and for employee networking. So, LinkedIn is basically for profession marketing.

On your LinkedIn profile, you can even ask your customers or clients to give recommendation or reviews. This kind of advice and reviews will help your profile a lot through which the new clients can more easily accept or rely on your profile. Always try to answer that the customers ask because browsing and answering the question would help a lot in establishing trust with clients.


Youtube has become number one trending tool on social media platform for uploading, sharing video content. It is an incredible tool to promote your brand by visual marketing. Every person who posts the video on youtube want their video to “go viral” but grabbing that chance is pretty difficult. Video’s which have good content and innovative things go viral focusing on “how-to” videos trend a lot in Google search which adds to your site’s benefits.


To expand our reach for paid advertising in social media is cost-effective. You can get a huge audience at a very low cost if you offer a good content to them which helps your business in succeeding. Targeting capabilities in social media platforms are very granular so you can concentrate easily on your budget and people that are interested in your business.


Softscripts is with your the day one and understands your business your requirements, goals and budget. Then our team of experts work on it prepare a plan and strategy designed only for your business.

We provide you the best services starting from the best websites or e-commerce websites, even develop the mobile application for your business with the wonderful web designs, we also provide best SEO service to grab the attention of traffic toward your website, and help you in maintaining strategic marketing through email marketing and social media marketing.

We help you in all the ways of in social media marketing and blogging which are as follows:

  • Monitoring your brand.
  • Improving rankings in search engine.
  • Lead generating.
  • Providing customer assistance.
  • Controlling the damage.
  • Building inbound market.
  • Working on new prospects.
  • Engaging customers with the content.
  • Generating sales.


We work on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube etc. The steps basically involve:

  • Setting up your profile on social media.
  • Optimising your profile to get you found.
  • Creating company tagged pages.
  • Creating custom graphic and branded pages.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly social media packages.
  • Posting blogs and videos on youtube and creating SEO services.
  • Integrating share button on social media.
  • Icon integration on social media.

The platforms like the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ are providing a vast area for exploring the and helping the small businesses and start-up businesses to promote their brand and connect to a huge amount of people who are using and active in the social media platform. And a great way to interact with them personally have sharing, posting, comments, likes etc. Which eventually helps in generating tons of sales for the business just with the little amount of investment.

It is such a type of platform where the investment is very less but the returns are high which is 10 times or more than the investment. The companies now turning towards the digital platform for high profits and income for the less investment. And every year the percentage of people or companies investing and using it has been increasing gradually.

A campaign and a bunch of right strategies and a group of specialist in it are what a social media campaign requires. And moreover, the customers who have been with us are for whom we are working for have never been disappointed and always been happy with us. We always deliver the best to our customers.