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Web Development

Website or an app is the most important thing required for any companies who start or run their business in the digital platform. This is the main and central part that will drive people towards your website. It is the more important part than the content written on it. Designing is the main and important part of a website and it is considered as the heart of any site. It may designing the website from scratches or may be doing redesigning work but every company’s and website’s center of attraction is the designing part. And it is the very crucial thing for any companies who start or run their business in the digital platform. This is the main and central part that will drive people towards your website. It is the more relevant part than the content written on it. With increase in number of tools the challenges to make the site more attractive has increased.

Our company Softscripts work with your company from beginning we check all the requirements for your business prepare the website in such a way that it attracts more people and keep them engaged to your website or e-commerce website or mobile application and later make those people to buyers. Even we make the precise and attractive contents for your business. We are a team of experienced people we will help you in all ways to achieve your goals at any cost.


This term is loosely enclosed as the number of services done. A web developer can be called as experienced only when he can handle a simple and static landing pages or managing a whole website or complex web system. And he should be able to work on internet applications, services for social network and solution for ecommerce business.

This service basically includes coding for backend website which means making a website run from the design made, for addressing the specific needs creation of a custom system, for managing the contents of site or database building the system which is also known as CMS. these are possible services which we offer.


In digital marketing web designing and developing are both an important aspect because designing beautiful website is not enough it has to work efficiently for the users and for search engines. So, we can say both of then work hand in hand.

As every online business should have a brilliant e-commerce website or mobile application, similarly working and designs of the website or application are also important. Not only that gaining the attention of the of the people is also important which can done through the search engine optimisation services with this having a strategic marketing plans becomes an important aspect and adds on to the development of the company.

In our company, we have a group of experts who work on designing your website and simultaneously on the efficient working and user-friendly functionality of the website.


People usually get confused in between web design and web development and think these two are same. But there is an important difference between them.

Creating web designs is the front end work done which involves creating innovative designs for the website which is the first impression that the viewers get. Designing of the website includes colors, schemes, layout, navigation and innovative contents.

On, the other hand web development has programming which is the back end work for the website. This is basically the functionality of the website, which includes coding of pages, application, and functions that powers the website.


We first check and discuss with you regarding your requirements and the goals which you want us to achieve. As soon as your web design is over and you approve it we start working for the web development process which involves coding. We will first start with the initial page after getting approved for the functionality and appearance. We move on to complete rest of the pages with the same look.

This all depends on the type and requirement of the project. Suppose for a database management system we will give more emphasis on the functionality and flexibility rather than the designing which makes the web development to start right then.

Responsive web design is very much required nowadays to promote your business. And your web design should work on the smartphone. Because everyone has the smartphone with them which they access easily more than the desktops. So, the web designs should be mobile-friendly if the designs don’t support mobile 40% of the people will surely leave the search engine landing site and 27% of the people will leave the landing page if it doesn’t work from the website.


Using percentages instead of absolute pixels or points and designing your website with fluid grids is called RWD. The viewers can easily assess it from their desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones after it is being enabled on your website for the response of the people.

As every image that is being uploaded is to be re-sized to its maximum width according to the device in which it is being viewed and should be set at 100%. Which means they should resize itself automatically depending on the fluid grid that is within.

There are some components in design which will not enable on the mobile phones and some other elements like the change in font sizes which makes the site to load faster.


  • Increased usage of mobile: smartphones have become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. People using mobile phones have been increasing year on year. The Google searches on the mobile phone is more than desktops and laptops.
  • Experience of user: attractive and innovative designs attracts more viewers making the SEO services successful and which makes the designs responsive. And moreover, people browse from mobile more than desktop computers, so the website designs should be mobile optimized and make the buying options easy for viewers. Which improves the experience of users.
  • Budget-friendly: building a responsive website at the starting you feel it be costly but when you analyze and check it would be cost-effective in the long run. Because your business will have only one website or an e-commerce site or a mobile application which will just require only updating, developing and optimizing search engines on the regular interval of time.
  • The website should be SEO friendly: on April 2015 Google introduced ranking signal. Which has been affecting global search results on mobile. As the searches are increasing it is important to keep your website ranking well to maintain the better response on your site.

Our services for web design and development include the following:

  • UI/UX and web design: Softscripts team of experts with an amazing group of graphic designers who mainly give emphasis on usability, functionality, and visualization these are three main factors of application interface or website. We are with you from day one and make sure that the goals for your business in the digital platform are being fulfilled with our designs created. Our company first checks and gets to know all your requirements like what is your goals, expectations from us and the people you are targeting. We are a developed and experienced team who help you in achieving all your goals. We make all designs that will meet the present marketing needs and exceed your expectations
  • HTML/CSS development: cascading style sheets and HTML are the basics of any web designing project. We make a well designed and organized site using HTML and CSS development which is the most important thing of any web designing concept. For a good user experience we use the W3C standards and for optimal search engine exposure, we lay the whole plan for it. Services we offer under HTML/CSS development: 1.World wide web constraint complaint HTML. 2.SEO semantic coding.
  • Designing blogs and RSS integration: in your whole website, blog and RSS integration are the two important things for keeping the quality of the content. A blog is basically a website or an addition to the website where you can regularly write about your business, work, company etc. you can even monitor the comments posted by users. Which is accessible by anyone who wants service from you. Nowadays the popularity of the blogs has increased a lot. People can access it easily for any type of queries. Even the blog writers can write the contents easily and also can opt-in for emails marketing and social media marketing campaigns through their contents. Through our excellent SEO services, we increase the impact of your website positively and enrich the keyword search that is in high search demand. In digital marketing blog, writing and content writing have become a valuable part. Really simple syndication or RSS feeds will basically make the content and article of other site and display it as the resource of your website to the audience. Without having allocated the resource write-up this is the best way to increase the valuable contents of your website. You can even send your web articles and contents to different pages and website which will enhance your business a lot and also optimize your SEO works.
  • Integrating social media: there are plentiful of social media marketing tools available and which can be accessed easily and are also very much popular but while working with the proper planning is required. The social media tools like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn can gather a lot of audience to your business website and it acts as the main marketing hub in the digital platform. You can post or link your blogs and RSS feeds with these tools and your contents get easily integrated and your website gets developed automatically.
  • Content marketing: one of the important things to maintain the website is the content developing or content writing. Our company also provided you services for web content development like sitemap developing, content writing, planning, editing and analyzing the keywords. For any digital marketing services, content development is the most important part. A person who is way too much innovative in framing sentences and grabbing the attention of the audience to the desired service is the best content writer. Our company has a great content writer who is innovative enough to enhance your business. For any digital marketing campaign to be successful it is important to have a great content with tools to produce them. Content marketing always requires fresh contents to keep the viewers glued to the website or e-commerce site or mobile application.
  • Maintenance of websites: this is another important service which we offer to our clients. Through these website maintenance services, we give you recommendation and help you in achieving the goals of the market, making text updates and contents with additional pages to help you in SEO services. This services we provide to all our clients new and old and even to those for whom we didn't develop the website. Services for maintenance includes:
    • Updating contents on the website.
    • Designing landing or splash pages.
    • Expanding your website
    • Hosting plan analysis.

Cultivating the best service and implanting that into our client’s work is what Softscripts believe in. And we are known to design and develop the best websites which result in attracting the leads, creating your own place in the market. The cut-edge graphics, wonderful designs and the catchy contents this is what a wonderful website comprises of, whether it is brand new website designing or the revamping the old website. We do all the things that is required to make the people stick to their phones, tablets, desktops etc.

Experts in designing, talented marketing heads, and the skillful programmers all sit together and work on your project to uncover your goal or achieve your goal. We are there for you even after the website is done in the work like tracking your effect in the market and the changes and adjustments accordingly.