Social media has taken all the credits in keeping the people all over the world busy, either with the latest news, with friends and family.  There are several social media advantages to talk.

The social media examples include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and many more. Whatever social media apps you are using right now, chat has become an integral and necessary part of everyone’s conversation.

Gone are the days to make a call to have a casual conversation with our friends or family. The importance of social media has become the everyday need to stay in contact and up to date about your current happenings on an hourly basis with our friends and family.

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However, people had lost trust in Facebook when the news broke out in the earlier September 2018 that, almost 50 million Facebook accounts are hacked. It was shocking that about 90 million people were sent notifications to reset their Facebook passwords. Due to a technical glitch from Facebook’s end, all the Facebook are hacked.

Social media advantages are many. If we use in a proper and controlled way, we can make most of it. Some of the significant social media advantages include:

  • connectivity
  • education
  • business
  • information and updates
  • promotion of business
  • awareness campaigns
  • interact with communities
  • to promote NGO services

Facebook working to Integrate the Social Media Apps?

Facebook earlier said that it would not merge with any other social media communication chat platforms. However, there is news that soon Facebook will soon integrate the Whatsapp, Instagram and messenger chats and social media examples.

According to the reports, New York Times, Zuckerberg plans to merge the social media app chat platforms to proclaim control over other social media app chat platforms, as Facebook is trying to impress its users and to get the trust back. The Facebook social network recently facing criticism for hacked accounts and leaked data.

As per reports, it means that :

“We want to build the best messaging experiences that we can, and people want to message to be fast, simple, reliable and private.”

” We are working on making more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and considering the ways to make it easy to reach friends and family across networks.”

All these social media apps will work as a separate stand-alone social media apps.  Social media apps likeWhatsApp, Instagram, and messenger keep the user information and data safe, whereas WhatsApp is end to end encrypted.

What are the pitfalls of  Facebook merging Facebook into Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger?

There are many social media advantages which keep us always connected to the world. In the same way, there are social media examples like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and many more to let us know the current happenings in and around the world.

As we all know that, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have the same parent now. However, these two applications will serve as two different social media platforms serving the same purpose. The underlying enigma of merging and also functioning as two separate applications are little confusing.

social media advantages

Further, the users will confuse it in future again that WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger will get into a single social media platform.

Social media advantages play a significant role in social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Facebook bought WhatsApp for a wobble amount of $19 million.

On the other hand, Facebook has also improved the quality of chatting experience, and even video calling has made the situation little skeptical.

All apps to have end-to-end encryption?

We cannot expect anything as of now; it was just a statement by him. The updates and changes are still in the early stages, and it may take some time for the actual process to take its shape. However, researchers say all this could take time and maybe early of 2020 we may have to see the updates.

The critical aspect here to note is, Zuckerberg wants to preserve the end to end encryption for all the social media apps and chat services. The end to end encryption is the most technically demanding move to progress.

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The Dichotomy of Messaging

It is evident that Facebook is trying to gain lost trust among the large people by improving the quality of the Messenger and also Instagram. But, according to researchers, the average profits of WhatsApp is much more than the Messenger and Instagram.

Besides, according to a survey people even though the Messenger and WhatsApp have come together, people do not want to disown WhatsApp due to its user-friendly interface.

However, only WhatsApp is end to end encrypted. The other social media chat apps do not end to end encryption protected. The WhatsApp is the most used chat service all over the world.

What could be the reason for Integrating?

The possible reason for the integration could be the downfall of the social media giant Facebook. In recent times, Zuckerberg has faced a lot of criticism, for leaking the user data and personal information for the elections.

Also, the lawmakers and law regulators around the world have condemned the act of Facebook. Security is the primary reason for Facebook is trying to merge with the other social media chat platforms to gain its lost charm over time.

There are some social media examples where the private data is hacked, and no one knows the exact reason. Some issues do not get important clarification which leads to trust issues among the users.

End to end encryption is painful to implement correctly because of any lapse of the code in the schema; the whole program compromises. However, both WhatsApp and Messenger follow open source code protocol, but there are variations in the implementations.

However, the best option is integrating all the family apps under a single parent and has decided to start implementation around the last few months.

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How would the results be if Facebook merging happens?

If Facebook merges with the other social media chat apps, there is a possibility that Facebook still needs to struggle to make a mark.

On the other hand, WhatsApp needs a phone number to access the app. Facebook and Messenger collect all the true identities to access the account.

However, the essential revenue generates through Facebook. There are business groups who still rely on Facebook but not much for personal use.

However, WhatsApp is delighted of the end-to-end encryption which no one can read except for the sender and the recipient. On the other hand, Instagram and Messenger have no such protection for messages.

As part of merging benefit, Facebook has promised the end to end encryption.

How could Facebook benefit from such integration?

With strict privacy rules and regulations came to limelight with the hacking of user data. Again Facebook wants to win the assurance back and provide with the right security for messaging platforms. This privacy could be the next step most probably everyone is waiting.

By providing strong security is the way may be, it could overcome the defame and get ready for the coming challenges. Facebook should come up with new ideologies to improve the security features and unique ideas to generate more revenue through Facebook advertising and business.

However, the strategy is still suspense and has not disclosed by Facebook. Surely we can say, something big might happen, and it would get back on track very soon with messaging services.


To merge Facebook with social media apps would be a big thing. But till then we have to wait and see if it introduces an end to end encryption.

The million dollar question would be will Messenger, and Instagram follows privacy suit after merging. Before going ahead with the bold move, Facebook should clarify this issue.

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