The Two-Way Messaging In B2B SMS Marketing Makes More Sense

The Two-Way Messaging In B2B SMS Marketing Makes More Sense

It seems like business owners and marketers have leveraged SMS beyond limits to make the most out of it for their business promotion and retention of customers. SMS has supported the B2C communications for decades now. This is the most favored channel for businesses and is preferred to all other channels of communication available. The reasons for it being:

  • High open and read rates
  • Concise messaging and
  • A robust and high return on investments.

All these facts and features make SMS the clear choice for marketers to ensure that the right message of the brand is sent to the right people at the right time most effectively, efficiently, and successfully.

  • However, this is only when you consider it from the B2C perspective. When you look at it from the business to business point of view, you will see that far too fewer marketers have taken advantage of this useful and practical platform.
  • If you consider it traditionally, SMS has been used primarily as a one-way marketing channel. In this, the users only receive the message but had no option to communicate or engage with the business or the brand that sent the message.

With the rise and use of two-way messaging, there has been a lot of change brought in messaging and SMS marketing strategy, making it all the more effective. It is naturally now at the lead of all types of brand and user communication needs.

The suitability factor

If you want to deploy the two-way SMS marketing strategy for your business with the intent to target your B2B audience, there are, however, a few considerations to make.

First, you will need to consider the suitability factor to find out whether or not the two-way SMS marketing strategy is right for your business. The benefits of two-way SMS marketing strategy will help you to make the final and proper decision.

  • Ideally, two-way messaging may help any marketing campaigns by providing it with further benefits than any traditional text messaging strategy.
  • It will also help you and your brand to start a conversation with your audience almost at the very instant when you sent the message.
  • These conversations will help you to ensure a higher level of engagement with the key decision makers that was unheard of previously.
  • All the actions and communications are personalized and are help real-time. This reflects the human side of any business and counters the standard ‘send it and forget it’ approach in another traditional form of business marketing.

Therefore, to successfully determine whether the two-way strategy to send text message invitations is right for your brand or business or not will largely depend on the kind of business you have, if not entirely rely on this factor. However, the current trend of people willing more to connect with the human aspect of a business rather than a corporate touch makes it a more likely and favored choice.

The right mobile partner

To leverage two-way messaging more productively, your existing marketing team members do not need to be IT experts. All that you will need is to know how to use a simple SMS API. This will give you as a marketer the proper tools and assist you in different ways such as:

  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Managing responses
  • Track KPIs and
  • Optimizing campaigns so that you can keep it within your predetermined budgets.

These are powerful tools that will help you to establish and manage all your business communications more effectively.

  • It will enable any app to relate to the SMS
  • This can facilitate the website or system to two-way messaging
  • It will help you to send thousands of messages in a matter of a second and
  • However, it will be fully scalable to all of your business needs.

Therefore, it is crucial that you match your business with the right type of mobile partner so that you get the best out of the two-way messaging campaigns.

B2B sms marketing

If you want to make your two-way messaging campaign work effectively, it is imperative that you ensure that your mobile partner can deliver your message to the right party without fail just like the way you want it to be delivered. Therefore, make sure that you choose the right mobile partner. For that, you can make a list of questions to ask that may include tough questions such as:

  • Can you manage large quantities of texts to be sent?
  • Do you have the infrastructure to support a global campaign?
  • Does the platform you use to support special characters?
  • Does it meet the specific regulations of SMS messaging around the world?
  • Do you offer large numbers and shortcodes?

If the answers to all these questions are a resounding ‘yes,’ then you can rest assured that you have found the right mobile partner for your two-way SMS marketing campaign.

Unlock user data

You can use the SMS to unlock your user data, which is another significant aspect of two-way messaging that will ensure better customer engagement. When it comes to B2B marketers, it is a precious resource and technology to collect more useful customer information and data.

If you implement it correctly, the two-way messaging system will help you to gain access to a wealth of customer information that you would not have otherwise. The most significant part of it is that the recipients of your messages will be able to respond to it using shortcode texts rather than drawn out questionnaires.

This will help you to gain the exact information that you are looking for about your customers. Once you have this personalized data and information about your customers, it will further help you to leverage the personalized content as well as the promotions further down the line.

Therefore, given that fact that just about everyone today has a smartphone, the two-way messaging is ideally the perfect addition to your existing business marketing strategy. Make the best use of it using a link to your e-commerce site or a new product to get more sales lead.

What are the Current B2B Marketing Trends? A simple Guide

What are the Current B2B Marketing Trends? A simple Guide

For any business to reach the audience, the primary thing you need is B2B Marketing. With Current B2B Marketing Trends, it has become so easy to reach out to the audience for any business. There should be some way to know about your website or company to target a large group. in this article, Marketing gives you a proper plan on how to go ahead with the Current B2B Marketing Trends 2019.

However, for better understanding Marketing is a process of attracting the consumers interested in your company’s product or service. Furthermore, market research, analysis on what are the customer’s needs and requirements play an important role.

Why is marketing important to grow e-businesses?

It is almost 2019; there is a need to incorporate marketing to improve and grow your business. On the other hand, practicing Current B2B Marketing Trends will reduce the cost when compared to traditional methods of marketing. You can save a lot of time and can, therefore, get higher results.

What are the current marketing trends that can boost B2B?

While we are at the end of the year, we have the latest marketing trends that will boost Current B2B Marketing Trends 2019. Below we mention all the trends:

  1. Cloud Computing B2B
  2. Social listening
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. AI improves B2B
  5. Predictive Analysis
  6. Optimize market campaign
  7. Content marketing
  8. Marketing optimization
  9. Online advertising
  10. Mobile marketing

Cloud Computing B2B

One of the critical B2B Marketing Trends 2019 would be cloud computing for B2B Marketing. Accordingly, cloud computing provides a flexible platform for customers. Thereby, cloud services allow transactions to take place on a remote basis for all parties or customers in any timezone or location through shared cloud-based resources.

Moreover, cloud computing makes integrated businesses better with a more dedicated path of communication between hierarchy levels and departments. Hence, a smooth B2B connection is possible.

Social Listening

With a lot of businesses and websites going social, there might be a Current B2B Marketing Trend 2019 is social listening. For clear understanding, let us go through this example of IBM social listening.

Likewise, the regular traditional ways of finding B2B customers for hardware and software products are telemarketing and email marketing, these were not producing the same results when compared to selling web-based services like cloud computing and data security.

b2b marketing

Therefore, IBM launched an intelligent program listening within social media to know what are the conversations going on about cloud computing, what are the trends, how the issues should be addressed.

Hence the solution is, the proper check on RSS feed, then to upload them to social media and also within the IBM site.
To everyone’s surprise, the result was ten orders the first day and more requests for a product during its quarter that was raised approximately four times during the same time year.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO will never go out of the competition. Most of the B2B marketing buyers will rely on Google search for the best and most rated services. However, RankBrain cannot entirely replace the traditional SEO factors like keywords and backlinks. The way it works is little different now.


Google is getting smarter thanks to RankBrain’s and SEO strategies. B2B digital marketers can look for significant changes coming in the future that both Google’s AI and SEO strategy is bringing.

AI improves B2B

With the rising trend and innovations in Current B2B marketing trends 2019, we can expect AI and advanced machine learning algorithms play a crucial role in coming 2019. Furthermore, marketers can see what is working in real time and can make improvements quickly. Thereby, providing marketers more value to sellers. Accessing data on how the content usually used time-consuming and often prone to human errors.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in current B2B marketing trends 2019 can help:

  • To predict potential customers.
  • Identify specific trends and choices.
  • Personalize various online campaigns.
  • This helps in smart decision making.
  • Increased efficiency levels.
  • Driving more sales and therefore revenue.

Predictive Analysis

Well, each business can have dedicated customer behavior models and algorithms to cope up every situation.
Predictive analysis models help businesses to identify, focus on their targets.

This way, Predictive Analytics can help to get the right sales and resources at the right time which will further allow for data segmentation. Moreover, predictive tools can narrow down the data and send us the required results.

b2b marketing trends

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Making most from the marketing campaigns is the smartest way to get on the top. However, Optimization of marketing campaigns will still be the reliable B2B marketing trend

Therefore, predictive analytics along with optimizing marketing campaigns helps to determine future customer responses, based on their past purchases or responses. It is vital that you should know your customer.

Content Marketing

In the digital marketing world, content is the chief. Proper and well-weaved content drives the content traffic. Including all the necessary information required brings in more audience. Content marketing improves brand recognition, for further details read the content marketing tricks and tips.

Marketing Automation

Henceforth, Marketing automation is a disciplined way of automating the different marketing processes. However, tasks such as sending out emails on a regular basis and keep them updated of all the information.

Therefore, we can that Marketing automation helps a business to offer a personalized experience thereby saving time and money.
Going further, if we take an example of Amazon. Every time you log in will display your name right on the webpage. Hence, based on your browsing history or the purchase history, it shows the products according to your taste or interest. This way, marketing automation for B2B marketing trend offers a personalized look for their website.

Online Advertising

online advertisement

We all know that advertising on social networks is the basic rule for B2B marketers. Online Advertising can target more audience and can reach on a larger scale to make them understand about what business you deal with, which services you offer and also the products.

Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

To further put in simple terms, make your website mobile friendly. No doubt, mobile marketing has been the best way to promote the business and also proven very effective.

While the main criteria to keep in mind is the website should be readily available in mobile smartphones and keep the audience engaged.


Above discussed the latest B2B marketing trends are being used effectively by almost all business leads. Nonetheless, there are more B2B Marketing Trends 2019 like the use of artificial intelligence, segmentation, automation, and predictive analytics to become a benchmark in the coming year 2019. On the whole, these Current B2B Marketing Trends when implemented correctly will no doubt fetch you best results.

Want to add something more interesting? You are always welcome.