10 Best Content Marketing Trends for 2019

10 Best Content Marketing Trends for 2019

Here is the content marketing trends, before we going to content marketing trends we need to know basic things.

What is Content Marketing?

If you’re new to this, let me acquaint you with what content marketing actually is. This is a no-brainer. The title itself suggests the complete idea. Hold your horses! Do not get deceived by the simple idea it connotes. There’s a lot more to it than that meets the eye.

How Content Marketing builds your Business?

Content marketing is merely a way of writing blogs with the purpose of attracting more traffic. This traffic eventually goes ahead and attracts the prospects that are essential for building your business. These prospects are the ones that you might be doing business with. Thus, in short, content writing is a way to build your brand and grow your business.

How Content Marketing helps SEO?

content marketing trends

Content Writing. How?
We will take you through…
SEO is nothing but helping your website crawl better on the Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Initially, you need to write as relevant a content as possible. Understand what the users would usually search for in your particular domain. Write your content in accordance with your keywords and Voila! You’re good to go.
Google will start considering all those keywords and display your page on the SERPs. This leads to a number of clicks to your web page. So that’s how it helps your SEO. For the content marketing tips, do read this article on content marketing tips and tricks.

Why is Content Marketing important for Business?

Content marketing is said to have attracted about 160% of businesses more than the websites that don’t encourage content writing. If you don’t showcase your own expertise, then how will the external parties know of your existence? Similar is the case with the content writing. Content writing is a technique where you show off your skills and expertise in that particular area, that finally leads to the prospects – creating your brand. When you appear constantly on the SERPs, when the prospects search for the same, it definitely grabs their attention. When these prospects are interested enough in the way you do business, they’d be willing to team up with you. That’s how most of the prospects are earned online.
If you’re still not convinced, do go through this article.

What are the Content Marketing Channels?

Once you finish with your content, the next and the foremost step is to promote it on a large scale. This promotion is helpful as then, it would reach a large number of prospects who are looking for services like yours. Do register yourself in the channels mentioned below:

Social Media:

What’s the purpose of all those hours of writing when it doesn’t reach the expected audience? What better location could you find to publicize your article than your very own social media? We know out of all the communities, social media has the highest outreach. Do share your articles on the social media platforms to garner a number of audiences. In order to understand how you can leverage social media for your content marketing, do read this article on social media promotions.

content marketing trends: Social media

Similar Field Communities:

There are a number of communities that are in relevance to your field of expertise. No matter what field you are in, you can always find your own communities. These communities help increase the relevance of your posts.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is yet another way of expanding your business in a short time. Find the website with a better domain authority (DA) than yours and start guest blogging. This will lead the traffic from their website to visit yours and eventually, you’ll see a great increase in your traffic.

Email Campaigns: 

Encourage the viewers to give out their emails in an interactive way to be able to send them more of these. Keep them updated, keep those blogs coming one after the other. Make it interesting to watch. Not everyone is interested in sharing out their personal information, so make them give it out to you by themselves. Such should be your strategy.


Make videos, make them interesting, publish them on YouTube, give out your link. This will eventually gather a huge amount of traffic. Keep interlinking from one media to the other to get a huge flow of traffic.
Out of all these, there’s one important thing that you can never fail to follow. Always get yourself updated with all the new trends in the field.
Here are a few more low key channels you can visit.

What are the content marketing trends for 2018?

content marketing trends: trends

1. Content Remarketing:

If you can invest something on this, then you need to go with this. Content marketing is the way in which you can display the same content that your users were not able to finish. So, the people would have the option to come back and finish the whole article again. This is called content remarketing. This helps the visitors leaving your website to revisit.

2. Podcasts and Embedding Videos:

The latest trend these days that has been taking over the regular blogging is the Podcasts. These podcasts are highly essential for all those people who are busy to read through things. Podcasts help in reading out the whole article that is written in words. This helps the reader to multitask while listening to the same content that he/she has to read.
Embedding videos from YouTube or various other channels helps in easy understanding. This ease of learning attracts a number of people towards your blog. Not just that, one of the ranking factor, duration of a visitor in your website, increases by a great amount, when you successfully make them stick to these videos.

3. Funny and Humorous:

Being funny has always attracted a number of customers. I know I’m not as funny but yeah, I don’t recommend you to be that way. Don’t go hurting people on your quest for being funny. A good laugh always kills off the pressure that you take all day! Hence, be funny for yours and your viewers’ sake!

4. Promotion, Promotion and Promotion:

Keep promoting yourself finding new channels. I can only suggest a handful of these, but you need to find your own communities or locations to promote based upon your field. So, just go ahead and find your niche communities to be able to spread your content across the web.

5. Ambience:

These days people are all about ambience. Would you walk into a restaurant with a bad ambience even though it offers great food? That’s the effect even a website ambience has over the viewers. These days every other website is developing its pages, such that they are more interactive than ever. So, do concentrate on your website’s interactiveness, such the viewers remember the next time they visit your blog.

6. Voice Search:

The next big thing that everyone is aware of! Voice search is the next big thing in the technological advances running around. We can say with surety that this will take over the regular search by a great extent. That’s the kind of predictions the experts have for this. So whenever you write some content, do keep the questions asked as per the perspective of the voice search. This might not be completely essential on this day, but in the future, it’s going to help your viewers a lot with their search.

7. Marketing Automation:

Another way in which you can make your life easier is by using the marketing automation. Marketing automation helps you in doing the jobs that are usually performed by people. Hence, do understand what a marketing automation is and how it helps you in building your marketing strategies – here.

The Evergreen Trends:

There are certain trends that never go out of date. The ones that are listed below are few of those. Never ever even think of neglecting all these factors.

8. Trial and Error:

This is a method that works the best. This needs a lot of patience, but mark my words, this will help you in the long run. Learning from mistakes is the best way to learn anything. The same is the case with this one as well. Keep trying for different techniques and implement them on your website. Some might even give you unexpected results. That’s how you learn to grow your traffic and prospects altogether.

9. Content Repurposing:

You update your blog day after day coming with all the new updates. Have you ever thought what happens to your older blogs? You must have thought about it, but have you really acted upon it? Well, you should. Your older contents are as important as the newer ones. The older content, once they are outdated, are supposed to be looked upon. These updates lead to a better quality and efficiency of your blog. It also shows the kind of effort you’re trying to put and how serious you are about your business.

10. SEO:

If you know the importance of having your website rank top on SERPs, then you’ll know Search Engine Optimization is always essential no matter what year it is. As long as the search engine exists, its optimization is highly necessary to attract enough traffic to your website. So always have your site optimized and ready for the search engine to crawl.

Best tools to improve in content marketing:

content marketing trends: Tools

Content marketing is not just about how you market the content. It is also a cluster of how you write the content. So, let me introduce you (if you don’t know already) to all the tools that can help you in writing and marketing your content efficiently. There are a number of tools that you can utilise for the content writing purpose.


Always have a sight on which Plugins to incorporate on your CMS. If your CMS is WordPress, then find the appropriate plugins to make your job easier and efficient. You can find multiple plugins that can help you out in making your job smooth. There are a number of such plugins, for WordPress, Yoast SEO: helps in your SEO, Backup buddy helps in backing your data while writing. Thus, do acquaint yourself with multiple plugins, but don’t go with too many of them. More plugin slows down your website.

Google trends:

This is one more way to find the most trending topics and putting them up on your website. Trending topics are always the ones that reach a larger audience. The current hot searches will put your site ahead on the results. So, always be aware of the trends, and be ahead of your competitors.

Google Trends


One more widget everyone needs to put on their respective browsers is Grammarly. This widget helps you in working out on your grammar. Bad grammar pulls you down on the results page. Hence, always take care of the grammar upfront.


In order to see which topics to concentrate upon, this would be the best site for you. Buzzsumo shows the statistics on which topic reaches the maximum social sites. Hence, according to these shared statistics, you can create your own content and share them on social media.
You can check demo Click Here


Writing a content itself is not enough for your content to reach the masses. You need to take certain marketing precautions as well, to install this plugin to be able to directly share your content on multiple social media sites.


There isn’t just one single thing that HubSpot does. HubSpot is considered to be one of the largest tools to ever exist for your content marketing. It not only helps you with your SEO, but also shows you the analytics that you need to be aware of. These analytics show the different responses to the different things you’ve tried on your content.


The other important tool in the field of content writing, Ahref analyzes all the content of your website and gives you your ranking on the internet. It shows the amount of organic traffic that your site attracts. It also has features like showing the progress of your site.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the one site every website user needs to use to understand the statistics. These statistics help you deliver better performances on your website. This analytics also shows which sector your traffic is coming from. You can also have a view at your bounce rate and the duration at which your audience is staying.

Furthermore, if you’d like to have a brief look at tools, do look here.

Content Marketing Success Stories:

Nomadic Matt

content marketing trends: Traveller

A great and impressive travel blog by Matthew Kepnes who has earned a great deal of recognition. This guy is an American Travel expert and has a domain authority of his blog at a whopping 66. That’s quite a great Moz Domain authority for a travel blogger and it isn’t easy to get such an authority. He went on to writing books and managed to become the New York Times best selling author.

An MBA graduate, after traveling to Thailand decided to quit his job. He decided to earn his living by what he loves to do. He has travelled to over 70 countries in his 7 years of traveling. How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter is the book that has been critically acclaimed and is said to be an eye opener for all those heavy spending nomads.

Neil Patel:

Image result for neil patel

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The guy about who all the content marketers are aware of. Neil Patel has found his own ways of attracting the traffic through both his conventional and unconventional methodologies. These tricks have helped him create a name for himself in the world of SEO and Content Marketing. Now, he is the founder of multiple well-doing websites and has a great impact on all the digital marketers.
Neil Patel is now worth more than $10M and has been said to have a great impact in the world of digital marketing. So, do follow this guy in order to stay updated on all the things happening around you.

Content marketing trends in various industries:

In the Travel Industry:

content marketing trends: Travel

The travel industry has been reaching new heights in terms of blogging and using its content on various platforms. So, let’s look at how this industry has been upgrading itself in terms of content marketing:

General Blogging:

The usual blogging has been on a hike for a long time and is believed to have a great future as well. These blogs are the way in which people are attracted towards the site. Different people enjoy the travel experiences of these blogs and become loyal customers.

Social Media Short Contents:

The short and sweet tales or quotes posted on social media go a long way in being shared among themselves. These shares are further publicised. This publicising further helps in the brand awareness.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is another way of putting the content in the videos and sharing them further. These are short and quick to read. There isn’t much detailed information but the short videos help in a quick understanding. They don’t consume much time and are quick in helping us by giving a brief understanding.

In Commerce Industry:

content marketing trends: Ecommerce

Content on the products:

There has to be certain content on every product description. The way the product sells also depends upon the description of the products. These details should be explained in a way that helps with a good understanding of the customer.

Instagram Description:

Instagram descriptions have always gone a long way in attracting people’s attention. These descriptions, if short and attractive, can keep the audience engaged towards them.

Video Marketing:

The videos of products and apparels give a brief idea on the products. The videos are not just enough, rather the product descriptions on the product page help with an easy understanding of the colour, size and further specifications.


The tweets made on each product also help with the product sales. Tweets are short ways of displaying the content and attracting the customer’s attention in a short time.


Well, what can I say? There isn’t a page good enough to describe and guide you all about the content marketing. But I think this would be enough for a great start. Understand what it is and start improvising if you’re lacking in any of these. All these tricks have helped me in gathering about 200% of traffic in less than a month. Here’s how even you can improve your blog audience. I’m sure it’d help you the same as well. Have a great time in marketing your content!

12 Best SEO plugins for WordPress in 2019

12 Best SEO plugins for WordPress in 2019

Best SEO plugins for WordPress are right here. WordPress tools are the way to make life with WordPress an easy one! One definitely needs to have these plugins in order to have a great experience with WordPress. So, do go through these SEO plugins for WordPress and instantly install these if you don’t have them already!

Download the PDF here for Free: SEO Plugins in WordPress 2019

Why You Need an SEO Plugin for WordPress?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps make your site rank higher in Google and other web indexes.

While WordPress gives an SEO benevolent setup ideal out the container, there are as yet numerous things that you can do to enhance your SEO, for example, including meta titles, producing XML sitemap, maintaining a strategic distance from copy content, and so forth.

Across the board, SEO Pack encourages you to do every one of these things with a simple to utilize the interface that mixes into your WordPress dashboard.

1. Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress:

This’d probably be the first WordPress plugin that you’d see on every list. No matter where you search, Yoast would be represented to be the best plugin you can have. WordPress is an easy CMS(Content Management System) to deal with. It has a number of features and can accommodate a number of plugins in order to make our task easier. One of those plugins that make the work easier is the Yoast plugin.

Having all that’s needed for you to check for your SEO, Yoast plugin offers you the different ways in which you need look out for all your SEO needs. SEO is the prime factor for any search results on Google. Hence, this can’t be neglected for even a second. Yoast plugin, being the most efficient SEO, has to be placed first in the list.

Download the Plugin

2. All in one SEO Plugin for WordPress:

All in one SEO plugin is one of the popular SEO plugin for WordPress. 40% of wordpress users using All in One SEO Plugin. This is the main competitor for Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin in the market.

Download the Plugin

There are the other plugins like SEOPresser and SEO Ultimate Plus and SEO by Squirrly 

3. Google Keyword Planner:

This is something every professional would know. The free tool offered by the search engine giant itself, Google. What better source can you get the most keyword searched on Google than Google itself. All the history of the most keywords used can be viewed here. You can also see the number of times the keyword has been used.

This is available for free for the advertisers and anyone can take advantage of it. As a content writer, you’ll be able to take grow awareness of which keywords to use and apply. These keywords will tell you the perception in which the people would think while searching for a certain topic.

4. Google XML Sitemaps:

SEO plugins for WordPress

This is another professional SEO tools for the users. This tool is available for free for the writers. This would help your site by making it easy to index on the search engine. This can be done by a special XML sitemap.

As soon as you activate this plugin on your WordPress, you will be automatically mapped which will make it easy for you to index on the search engine. This helps you rank better on the search engines.

5. W3 Total Cache:

You must have known the fact that your WordPress saves the cache in order to load the website more efficiently the next time your visitor visits your website. But having such a plugin might slower your overall website load time in the first time. If the site load time increases, this eventually increases the bounce rate.

The case is completely different with W3 Total Cache. This plugin integrates CDN services to reduce the page load time. Hence, this is a must-have for all the professionals who are looking out in reducing their bounce rates.

6. VaultPress:

SEO plugins for WordPress

With an increase in the number of plugins and contents, there’s a dire need for the professionals to protect the same. These plugins might create a vulnerability for the rest of the plugins and contents.

It creates a real-time backup for your contents and saves you from all the sudden losses occurred. With a subscription, you can also monitor multiple websites at once under a single dashboard.

7. WP Smush:

This is one another free plugin that offers some really good techniques to boost your website. If you’ve been having a slow loading website and thinking to find a way out, then this is it. You can again compress your images in various image formats to go and have a quicker load.

This might seem like not so important one, but trust me, you can witness some substantial change in the site load time. You can compress and optimize the images and the best part is that your picture quality is not lost. So go ahead and download this for a better responsive website.

8. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights:

SEO plugins for WordPress

Yes, you might have already seen the Google Analytics and know how useful it is. But the only problem is that you need to go elsewhere and get all the statistics. MonsterInsights makes this easy for you with just an install of a plugin. This freely available plugin allows you to track the bounce rates, site visit time, sources of the visit and many other metrics that are available on the Google Analytics.

You will be able to track all the metrics in one place. Not just that, you can also track them from multiple locations and multiple devices to make your task easier. This is also a must-have plugin for your WordPress needs.

9. BJ Lazy Load:

Well the name itself should’ve hinted you on what plugin it is. This is once again a site that would help you reduce your bounce rate by increasing your load time. Count on this if you’d want to give your viewers a good site loading experience.

Installation of this plugin enables you to load the images that are only available at first glance while visiting the page. Hence do install this tool in order to deliver a better experience to your viewers.

10. Broken Link Checker:

Imagine yourself in a situation, you’re reading a great article and there’s some other information you’re looking for. You see a link that directs you to that particular location. You feel relaxed and click on that particular link and then it shows the link is broken. How would you feel about it? Would you want your customers to have a similar experience?

To get away from this situation, one needs to have the respective plugins and this plugin fills just the criteria. Instead of you having to visit multiple websites and check for the broken links, this checks for you all the broken links from your blogs. This not only saves time but also effort.

11. Social Icons:

SEO plugins for WordPress

What’s the use of writing hundreds of blogs when it doesn’t reach the required audience. To make it public what better site could you find, than the social media itself? Yes, that’s where your post could get ignored or it might go so far that you can have the unexpected results overnight.

This social icons plugin enables you to place the social media icons, so the users can share the blog that they like instantly. It might either be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social platform. You’ll be able to garner some huge views with an efficient blog post. The best part is that this plugin is available for free.

12. Akismet Anti Spam:

Another free plugin to make your life at WordPress a delightful one! How would you like it if your rivals or the ones that you’re being hated by, send you all these scary reviews? What if they use the inappropriate language? How would you take care of it? Well, this plugin, developed by the developers of WordPress themselves, would help you overcome this trouble.

This plugin which is available for free for personal sites and blogs and paid for the commercial sites enables you to filter out all the spammy comments. It also saves the history of all the spammy comments and shows you right away when asked for.

SEO plugins pdf

These are a few of the most important plugins I’ve come across. There are a few more of these that you can find on this article, that might help every other user and not just the SEO professionals. If you know any other plugins that could make the life of the SEO professionals easier, do let us know in the comments!

Looking for a digital marketing job? How will it help your profile

Looking for a digital marketing job? How will it help your profile

If you’ve been following the trends lately, then you’d know what kind of a response digital marketing field is having in the world of internet, that’s how important digital marketing jobs are. It has become the key job role for almost all the industries we see around. Starting from small-scale industries to the large-scale industries, the importance of this field is beyond our understanding. With an increase in demand, the job requirement in this field has taken a hike and doesn’t seem to get down in a while. In this case, let me acquaint you with some of the job roles under this field.

1. Digital Marketing Manager:

A digital marketing manager is a person who plans and runs the campaigns for the company. They strategize different aspects and make sure that the marketing goals are met. The Digital marketing manager needs to have a sound knowledge of the marketing techniques. They should have had a good experience being a marketing executive. Understanding the audience needs enough experience and idea on how they’d react to certain circumstances and situations. Then act accordingly by using the manpower of their executives.

A digital marketing manager needs to understand his niche, plan according to it. Then organize and then guide his executives in the right direction. The manager is responsible for the activities of their executives. Hence, a good idea on the potential of the executives should be known to the manager. Calling up for meetings, sharing the ideas and building relationships come under the roles of a digital marketing manager.

Apart from this, the manager has to maintain the plan for the company’s website. Then, the manager should be able to understand the needs of the website and observe the traffic influx. A proper strategy needs to be implemented in regard to the traffic statistics and new things should be tried to understand how the audience responds to the same.

2. Digital Marketing Executive:

A digital marketing executive is the one who has to run all the campaigns and also implement the plans as requested by the manager. This usually is in a form of a team where the executives are put together by the manager and they have to do the assigned work. The executives are required to do the error and cost-cutting whenever there’s an opportunity. They are advised to approach their manager before any implementation of ideas. They need to work on SEO of the website pages and make sure that the site is ranking higher on Google. Edit and post content, videos, podcasts, and audio content on online site and take proper measures to have it reached to multiple areas.

3. Search Engine Optimizer – SEO Executive:

Search engine optimizations, as you all know is a set of techniques implemented in order to rank yourself higher on Google and to attract a large audience all at once. There is a tremendous need for Search Engine Optimizer in today’s world where everything runs on digital marketing. Hence, one needs to be aware of all the techniques in SEO before applying for this role. As much as this could build the morale of the employee, similarly, it could break them apart if not properly executed.


4. Social Media Marketing Expert:

One other important role in the field of digital marketing is SMM expert. We all know the value that the social media holds these days. It can make even a person living in remote areas an overnight star. That’s the kind of impact social media has on us these days. Hence, this has also become one of the easiest of the easiest ways to attract a large amount of traffic. So when you share something from your blog to the multiple social media sites, it gets a huge amount of popularity, but the only thing to consider is that the content is worth the fame and you have enough followers.

So in order to maintain a good brand value among the customers, one needs to have a very happening social media connection in order to spread the word. That’s where an SMM expert comes into the picture. They start publicizing and gaining followers on different social media platforms and in the end, the create a brand value for the company. When in need, these contacts can be contacted for any marketing purpose and which eventually leads to the conversions.

5. Content Writer:

A content writer is the one who writes all the blog posts for the websites. These blog posts are very essential as they attract the business prospects towards them. It also shows the kind of exposure that particular company has towards its field. A content writer needs to manage the contents of the blog, edit the previous blogs, attach particular images. They also need to have some good knowledge of SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Apart from these traits, a content writer should be able to understand what kind of content would reach the audience. The writer should not only be proficient in grammar but also be able to build a connection with the reader. Understanding the audience, what kind of questions he/she might ask and how will they take it etc. should be the kind of thinking a content reader needs to possess. They need to build a loyal relationship and a connection with the reader.

6. Content Marketing Manager:

A content marketing manager is the one who decides a particular strategy. This is done with respect to the circumstances and conveys the same to the content writer. This person should be able to brainstorm ideas and understand the whole scenario of the contents being published. So this keeps the contents up to date and trendy. This role should possess a great skill of awareness. One should be acquainted with all those things that would be intriguing to the reader. A sound knowledge of SEO should be present and should have experience in attracting different clients to the business.

7. Search Engine Marketing Specialist:

This is another, almost similar role of an SEO executive. This role isn’t common everywhere rather than in organizations that have a huge base and a big department for their marketing needs. Though the scope of the job is quite short, still a great amount of investment is made for this job. The reason is that you know the kind of a reputation a search engine holds in the world of marketing. A search engine is a basis through which the viewers visit the site. Enough exposure in this area would not only drive the traffic to the company but would also lead to a good amount of conversion.

search engine for digital marketing

8. Inbound Marketing Manager:

An Inbound Marketing Manager is responsible for attracting traffic, and the potential customers. In the end these visitors turn into business leads. This is how an inbound marketing manager is essential for a firm. They should be able to manage and build contents like blog posts, webinars, whitepapers, infographics, reports that attracts the viewers. Optimize lead nurturing process and marketing automation through different and appropriate tools for the website. Not just that, an inbound marketing manager has a privilege to put all the new ideas on the table. Through this growth of prospects can be observed.

9. Conversion Rate Optimizer:

This is one of the main job roles to exist, in terms of understanding the prospects. The prospects can be of numerous types. Hence, understanding them is never an easy job. These prospects are to be understood by the number of viewers of website turning into the clients or customers. In case there’s an e-commerce business, a conversion rate is determined by the number of visits by that person.  Also by all the purchases made by that particular person in a certain duration. Hence content rate optimizer has a grand role to lay when it comes to converting the audience into leads.

animation (2)

10. Analytics Manager:

This is one another role that’s similar to the previous role explained. This has a great impact on understanding the viewers that come into your blog. Though this doesn’t only deal with the prospect analysis, but also about the all other people that visit the website. They can be understood by an analysis made on several factors like viewership, attendance. Also the time they spend on the blogs, where do they navigate and other such factors. Hence this has a great role to play as well in its own field.


So these are the different job roles available for a daily researcher of jobs in the field of digital marketing. Though digital marketing seems to be a small area it has a wide growth in the industry. Experts say that digital marketing is the next big thing in the world of internet. It’s going to rule over all the businesses too. Almost every business is going to grow itself with a digital marketing team on its side.

we're hiring for digital marketing

If you’re looking for a digital marketing job in Visakhapatnam, then you can go to this page.

If you’d like to have a business with us, then visit here.

For further information on this about the skills and opportunities related to this, do visit this site.

Top 3 Popular CMS List in Various Programming Languages

Top 3 Popular CMS List in Various Programming Languages

Content Management System, abbreviated and fondly known as CMS includes a different set of software compatible with the respective programming language. Let’s acquaint ourselves with different kinds of CMS and their respective programming languages.

Operating On PHP


This is the first and the basic content system that anyone would’ve heard of. Such is the kind of popularity this system has gained over the years. Using the PHP language, this has been the most acclaimed one yet. Having said that, WordPress is also the easiest to use and fairly easy to comprehend if one is new to this field.

A few years ago, WordPress was at the peak of the debate, where everyone was in a dilemma if WordPress is a blog or a CMS. It didn’t take too long for the WordPress to rule over the non-blog websites as well. WordPress now powers even the non-blog sites. That’s the kind of reach this WordPress has. It has been updating its widgets time and again and has a great stack of useful widgets and plugins that are fairly useful to its users. With the increase in the number of tutorials simultaneously, WordPress has reached a wider audience than any other CMS ever had. So WordPress isn’t something that one could just write off, it’s here to stay.


  • Has a feature for WYSIWYG that helps you in understanding how your content would be portrayed. It’s even helpful for those with no knowledge of HTML
  • Easy to use and takes minimal time in understanding.
  • Free and paid plugins are available at a very optimal price.


The other kind of CMS that operates on PHP is the second best one for the users. This is also a very active CMS used widely by the users all over the world. This free content management system is known for its number of plugins and the active community it has. Drupal has over 6000 plugins which is a huge number for any CMS. This not only helps in saving time from all those development of new plugins but also saves a lot of money.

It has about 30,000 extendable modules and also 2,500 of unique themes that you can use to build your website to a whole better level. That’s the kind of perk one can have with this. Also, the active community it has keeps updating its users on different types of plugins or other upgrades.


  • Drupal has about 30,000 extendable modules and 2,500 themes. Which can be fairly used for customization.
  • It offers a huge active community that can help you with your situation all time of the day
  • Advanced features such as maintaining your own cloud are possible with Bitnami Stack.


This is one more of those CMS’ in the PHP platform that is widely acclaimed by many people around the world. Even this has a multiple number of followers and a huge community that helps you with your doubts and also the tutorials. This CMS is used by giants like MTV, Harvard University, CitiBank etc. The fairly active community also offers a lot of plugins and widgets that are developed by random people. This goes a long way in making several tasks easier for these people. Some of them are paid and some are free but as far as I can see all of them are quite affordable.


  • A large community and number of followers to help with the required learning and doubts.
  • Very user-friendly to a particular set of users.
  • 3,200 extensions to show how alive this CMS is.


Operating On Java


Alfresco Java:

Developed by ex-guys from Documentum, this system has a lot to offer a lot when it comes to CMS. Surprisingly easy to install and the ability to drop files into folders and later publish them into web documents is the feature anyone would love to use. This not only saves time but effort as well. The software, licensed under LGPL, is available for a free download. Alfresco is often suggested to be used for the enterprise sites than the simple sites.


  • The backend is clear and simple.
  • Can drop the file into folders and turn them into web documents.
  • Has a lot to offer in terms of power.


This CMS has been around since 2000 and has been used consistently. The reason why it has been in this field for so long is it’s user interface and accessibility. This system can be used by even the most naive, with no technical skills whatsoever. If you need an easy to use and better looking CMS then this would be the best choice for you. Its user interface is based on Bootstrap CSS version 3. If you want to explore more, then new modules can be developed using Spring MVC, JSF, and Groovy.


  • The first advantage with this is that it’s really easy to use and can be accessed even by a person with no technical skills
  • It has a drag and drop feature that makes it easy to drop files
  • Its official website is full of all the tutorials and guide if you need an answer to the question.


The best part about any application or system is when it has a wider reach and can help in supporting multiple fields. If you need a one-stop solution to all your requirements on a Java platform, then this is for you. It sports a hub integrating areas such as e-commerce, analytics, marketing automation, social media, CRM and ERP. The advantage from this is that you can actually keep adding these, one after the other as your business grows.

The security of this CMS is quite tough and has been known for its encryption from private to the public data. If you’re the admin, then you can even know who has been updating, editing or writing or using this CMS for any other purposes.


  • Highly secured
  • Has a wide reach towards multiple business hosting
  • Has a good number of results on stack-overflow

Python Based


Django CMS:

Django CMS has been around since 2007 and is an open source enterprise content management system based on the Django framework. This one’s the most user-friendly out of all the others and is easy to use. You can integrate different already- existing applications of your enterprise through this.


  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Widely used on Python
  • You can edit all the plugins within the page


It is an open source, Django based CMS. This one might take a little while before you get used to it, but has a wide variety of features that help you in making the tiniest of the changes and customize it to your own desire. The other reason why you could go with this is because it loads really fast and barely takes any time.


  • Very responsive UI
  • Quick loading of a page
  • Endless customization


Built using the Django framework, this CMS is fast, flexible and consistent. The highly active community shows the kind of importance this system gets. The highly active communities, that’s alive almost all the time of the day helps not only in keeping you updated but also helps you in understanding a few features and methods you’re not aware of earlier. You can be updated on all those new widgets and plugins that might make it easier for you to build a better page.


  • Highly active community
  • A very flexible system and has multiple options to deal with
  • Always updated on new extensions

.Net based



Is one of those programs that are flexible and easy to use not just by the developers but also by the content writers. You don’t really need to have sound technical knowledge if you want to get in here. This program can be used by the tiniest of the sites to the big sites that stores a lot of data and is used worldwide. Such is the reach of this CMS. If youw ant to use a CMS on your.net platform, then this open source(Free) program should be the one you could go with.


  • Has a large community where you can find free and paid tutorials and support
  • Powerful and flexible for both websites and intranets
  • An open source API


DotNetNuke, also known as DNN is one of those few programs, that’s free and yet easy to install and is flexible. Powering over 800,000 websites worldwide, this CMS has it all if you want to go with a reliable source. The figure itself would give you an idea on how productive and happening its communities would be. It has some highly intereactive and developed web portal taht allows you to communicate all your thoughts and experiences.


  • the huge figure of websites working under it show how happening this is.
  • Continuous updates on the plugins
  • Stable and easy to install


This CMS is available both on free and paid versions. Kentico offers you a complete set of features with details on how to build a website and how to upgrade it and further more. With 400+ built in web parts, Kentico proves to be one of the most customizable and flexible program out there.


  • Multiple web parts of over 400
  • Strong community
  • SEO supported program

These are some of those programs you can go with depending upon the language you work in. To be honest, there’s no best or worst in this CMS. Different people have different likes and they get along with different features than others. So it depends on you, which kind of a CMS you want to go for.