Is your IT job secure? How can you secure your job? Let’s read

Is your IT job secure? How can you secure your job? Let’s read

Is your IT job secure?

Well, the IT industry is something that one can’t easily predict. Even if a niche of IT is booming, the next moment it can go down any time. The best thing to count upon is data. Even if there’s a complete change in the industry, still, data is something that everyone needs. Yes, with the introduction of GDPR that field is also under scepticism but don’t worry, some of the other data is needed to be taken care of.

Statistics say that the average time an employee works in one particular company has gone down to 4.2 years. Gone are the days when the employees used to work for 40 years and then enjoy their retirement. It’s said that by 2020, 65% of the skill you possess would be of no use. That in itself shows the kind of improvement you need to make on your skills.

Is AI a Threat?

You can take the example of Artificial Intelligence. AI is expected to take over the jobs of a number of executives especially in the field of customer support. There has been an influx of the chatbots in the industry and the companies are using them well. These bots have an instant answer and wouldn’t take much time before coming up with an answer. If you’d like to read about AI, read here.

The introduction of AI has put a number of jobs in trouble. Employees are worried about their jobs and are not certain till when they’re going to last. There are a few jobs that might face hard time standing in front of these technological advances. Let’s look at a few of these. Also learn how our day to day technologies are dependent on AI.

What are the job roles in trouble?


Customer support replaced by the ChatBots:

The customer support is a field that has quite a great employment rate, especially in India. In order to cope up with the high hourly wage rates, the western country organizations rely upon Indian and other eastern countries for these services. The customer care executives are paid low here but still a payment is a payment. In order to avoid this, chatbots with higher intellectual levels are being incorporated in this field.

These chatbots are intelligent, quick to reply and they are scarily empathetic. If you’ve come across Google’s Duplex, then you’ll understand what we are talking about. About 90% of the people talking to the bot couldn’t recognize it was a bot talking to them. Hence, there’s a large scope for AI to take over the bots.

Automatic programming replacing the coders:

The automatic programming is said to be the next future thing in the IT industry. There are multiple speculations as to the possibility of this. But, GitHub aims to make the coding more automated. You can read about the same here. Though there are high chances that these automatic coders might hit the industry anytime, still it’s definitely going to take a good amount of time before they take over the manual programmers. So be prepared for this upfront and make sure you don’t invest all your eggs in one basket.

Automated testers to replace the manual testers:

This has already started to roll. If you’re an IT enthusiast or if your friend is working in the testing field, you’ll know that there’s an automatic testing already. Though this automatic testing is not entirely automated yet, still there’s a high possibility of it turning into completely automated soon.

So keep yourself from sticking in this field and explore other options. Yes, testing is easier when compared to others but it’s going to lead you nowhere if you get stuck in this.

Data Analysts replaced by Analyzers:

Data Analysts are the ones who analyze the customer or client data. They are supposed to have a brief understanding of the upcoming trends. With the inception of AI, devices are being developed that can observe this automatically. The key performance indicators are analyzed and better results are put forth by these analyzers.

Layoffs in IT jobs:

job secure

IT jobs are never really reliable. There can be a sudden change of trend and the sudden change of the clients. If one major client decides to drop out of the deal, thousands of jobs fall in jeopardy. Hence, you can’t really rely on the job. Keep updating yourself in a new field. Show your expertise in different directions so the company knows your need. This way your worth is not overlooked. You can learn further about these statistics here.

Different roles in IT jobs:

IT which is the abbreviation for Information Technology is one of the most fluctuating and highly employing jobs. One needs to get a great idea of what they are stepping into, before starting their careers. The statement is no better suits for any other industry than this IT industry. So without further ado, let’s jump into the different role descriptions so you’ll know what to choose.

1. Software Developer

2. Network Engineer

3. Network Administrator

4. Computer Scientist

5. Systems Analyst

6. Business Analyst

7. Tech Support

8. IT Consultant

9. Software Tester

10. Freelancing

Read further about the roles in IT industry here.

How much do they pay?

corporate buildings

Entry Level:

If you’re a graduate and have a computer science degree, there’s a high possibility you’ll land into an associate software engineer job. This would pay you around 3.5 LPA and this might change according to the industry standards.

Data Analyst:

A data analyst would be paid a starting salary of 4.5LPA and the hikes would be pretty awesome. There’s a good chance you’ll be paid higher when yous tart switching.


The developers are usually paid the same amount as an entry level in MNCs (3.5LPA), though the scope of growth is pretty high and the chances of layoffs are quite low.


This is another job that might keep you interested while you’re at it, but once in case you’re out, you’ll know nowhere to go. The salary is the same as stated for the developer and the growth in this role is bleak.

Network Administrator:

You either need a good expertise in the field or have the respective degree to land yourself in the job. The salary for an entry level would be around 5.5LPA and the hikes would depend upon the performance.

Business Analyst:

One of the most important roles and the pay is according to its worth. The job is tough and head blasting, but the incentives and pay are as good. The initial payment for the entry level would be around 6.5LPA.

Which information technology job has the highest salary?

As you’d all know that it’s the CEO who would be earning the most. But the salaries of CEO might change from time to time and it doesn’t completely come under the IT sector. So let’s look at the highest paid salary for an IT operating executive.

Well, it’s the Software Architect who earns the highest out of all the remaining technical executives. In India, in a well reputed MNC, a software architect would be earning about 21 LPA. That’s just for the start. If the respective person lands himself with some great experience could also earn about 3Lakhs per month, which totals to 36LPA

Which IT jobs are in demand?


Data Scientist:

The next big thing in the IT industry. The future of the world is going to work on data. In the world where the concept of astrology is believed without any proof, data is the one that people should invest their dollar in. You can see and understand the various trends basing upon this. A data scientist gathers all the information and uses it in the right areas. If the data scientist belongs to an e-commerce industry, he/she would try to figure out your likes and show the appropriate products.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning is a way for machines to learn and understand the different scenarios through Artificial Intelligence. On the verge of making the future of the mankind easier, multiple measures are taken. Out of all these measures, the one that everyone’s counting upon is the Artificial Intelligence. The machines are designed in such a way that just like the humans, they start learning from different occasions. All the things that happen around them are registered in their storage and the future performance would be based upon those incidents. There’d also be a few protocols installed right before their operation to avoid any unwanted situations.

Cloud Computing:

In the generation where there’s a fear of losing data, cloud storage came for the rescue. The cloud storage is essential in protecting the data and keeping it away from all the dangers of losing. Though there have been a number of vulnerabilities in the access to these data, still experts are working on to make these as secure as possible. Learn how cloud computing is essential for the IT industry.

Big Data:

Another huge industry that hasn’t yet received the recognition it should have. Big data is the process of collecting and storing various pieces of data. These data are later utilized in making the appropriate choices. Depending upon the data collected, the further categorization and taking appropriate steps are done. Hence this is one of the other industry that you can actually count upon.

Block Chain:

First of all, Blockchain technology is something that all of us have heard of. Also, the kind of waves bitcoin managed to create in the world of digital transactions is unmatched. Blockchain was able to make some really transparent and secure transactions. These transactions for their transparency on the digital level can’t be manipulated either. Not just that, blockchain is recently being incorporated in the advertisement platform as well.

Which IT job is right for me?


Every IT job has its own need for expertise. Different role demands for a different specialization. Hence, it’s you who needs to decide for yourself with respect to your skill. Here’s a link to the personality test that would help you determine your skills. Though these skills are not completely to be relied upon, still, you need to understand your own set of expertise. Here’s the government organized skill development program you can incorporate.

Courses available for the IT jobs:

Here’s a list of different software courses in order to land yourself into your dream role.

JAVA/J2EE & its Frameworks (Struts, Spring, Hibernate)

Big Data Analytics

DBA (Oracle, DB2, MySql, SQL Server)


AWS Certification

System Administration (Red Hat, Solaris, UNIX, VMware)

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Technologies


Mobile SDKs (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone)

Website Development

Animation & Graphics

SQT (Software Quality Testing)

Other language courses(PHP, Ruby/Perl/Python)


Career Growth:

The career growth can’t be determined all at once. But if you’d like to sustain in this world of constant upgrading, keep learning and innovating. Also, the one easy step to keep yourself from the effects of losses, show how worthy you can be in other fields as well. Don’t just stick to one field that you’re assigned for. There are so many flavours of icecreams you need to try to be able to justify your position in the company.

On-site Opportunities:

The on-site opportunities in this field are quite high, provided, you show your worth. Yes, there’s a scepticism regarding the politics and stuff. But if you’d like to overcome it, show you’re better than the others, don’t just know it, prove it. Usually all the MNCs deal with the international brands as their clients. As long as you’re working for an international client you have some good chances of being called up if you’re good enough. So sit tight and just kleep doing better. You might as well land yourself in a great position.

Trends and the Future of IT industry:

job secure

As discussed earlier, the future is all about data and its analytics. Furthermore, The data is running all the major businesses these days. Knowing your clients or customers is the prime motive of any business professional. This not only guides you in the right direction towards satisfying the needs of your customer but also would help you see a great rise in revenue. Understanding the data and analyzing it through analytics is the future. If you want to stay in the race, keep a good eye on the trends and update yourself accordingly.


Though there isn’t a strong prediction that could anticipate how the IT industry is going to churn out in the near future, hence, all you can do is bet on it. Also, no industry is outdated if you strive on keeping yourself up to the changing trends. Change with time. Keep pushing yourself and never find your comfort zone. If you need a comfort zone, go ahead and find yourself a government job. Let me warn you, It’s certainly going to be boring when compared to the IT industry!

What is the Future Scope of Digital Marketing in India

What is the Future Scope of Digital Marketing in India

There are a few crucial tips to know, before talking about the future scope of digital marketing, that are imperative to understand. Let’s have a look.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is online marketing of your services or products related to using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet. It includes usage of mobile phones, display of adverts in the social media and other digital mediums like Quora, Medium, and other Sites

What is the work of a digital marketer?

A digital marketer is involved in everything that goes on in the company from the marketing end. Digital marketer has to take care of the company website like the design, functionality. He even has to coordinate with the web developers and designers for the better output. Not just limited to the site:

  • The marketer has to maintain a rapport with the content curators and plan the content strategy, then execute it accordingly. Digital marketer is responsible for the whole content that is supported on the website. The content must be strategized in the right way to obtain the best results.
  • Digital marketer is also responsible for checking that company website can be found easily on the internet whenever somebody is searching for it. So, a digital marketer has to make sure that the SEO works accordingly.
  • Eventually, the most crucial task for which a Digital marketer is present is for e-commerce. Digital marketer has to make sure that the visit in the e-commerce site should convert to the customers and the enhance the online sales.
  • The last one, a digital marketer is responsible for the social media marketing and engaging customers into the posts. Then drag those customers to the official websites.

However, work of the digital marketer is not so simple as it is thought to be, the digital marketer should be an around and have to handle everything that is there in digital branding of the company.

What is the average salary for a digital marketer?

Average salary of a Digital marketer in India starts from 4.5 LPA and can extend up to 12 LPA as the digital marketer is an all-rounder and has to look after all the tasks in the Marketing field, so the salary for the digital marketer is very high in comparison to all other job roles in the digital marketing field.

Online Digital Marketing Courses:

Here are the various online courses which available on the Internet.

Udemy’s Digital Marketing Course:

It is one of the best courses available in Udemy. Currently, 171,148+ students have registered in this course. Please check here

Price: ₹830 Original Price ₹12,800
Discount: 94% off

Our best recommend choice is to go for free techniques on youtube:

Complete Facebook Marketing Course

What are the different types of digital marketing?

There are major seven different types of digital marketing which are presently being used everywhere in the world. All the seven categories are mentioned below:

SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is one of the significant things which should be taken care with utmost care in digital marketing. SEM  manages the traffic whether it may be the organic traffic or paid traffic through PPC. However, the traffic is gained from the SEO while SEM manages the traffic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the reason you get the traffic or the viewers to your website. Optimizing the content in the site, building the backlinks, having related keywords will help to increase the page traffic and a lot of viewers come to the website. SEO improves the organic search results.


Paid marketing is known as the PPC marketing which usually means Pay-Per-Click marketing. It is one of the fastest ways to rank high in the organic search results. Each time when your ad is clicked by someone you are then charged with some amount which is why it is known as the pay per click or PPC marketing.


Content is king for any website and the online media. Whenever a user goes to a site first, he will find the content. By writing blogs, making videos and images increases the ranking of the website, which helps in the gradual increase in the viewers.


For retargeting a customer and doing the rebranding of your company. Email marketing is the best thing, as it behaves to be more customized. When people see the email think this is only for them and no one else gets this opportunity. Marketing through emails helps in targeting individual customer and making them know about the latest things.


Social Media Marketing or SMM is a significant thing which no marketer can never ignore. Marketing using Social media involve both paid and unpaid marketing strategy. The aim is to engage as much amount of people as possible and increase the social engagement who can later to turned into the loyal customers.


Promoting the brand name is essential which we can not ignore. Anyone can be an influencer or Affiliate marketer be that person in social media or any other industry promoting the brand is necessary. The Affiliates marketers promote the brand name with the help of content.

Digital Marketing Courses in principal cities of India:

Let’s look at the Digital marketing courses offered:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Creation of Website, Microsite
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Fundamentals of AdWords
  • Display Advertising using AdWords
  • Search Advertising & Adwords Tools
  • Advertising on mobile
  • Video Advertising using YouTube
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Shopping Advertising with Google
  • Content and Inbound Marketing
  • Programmatic Buying,
  • Email and Affiliate Marketing

Hence, these are the topics that every digital marketing course should cover. There are various digital marketing courses provide by various digital marketing institutes. You can search in google with the help of the keywords given below to get to the best institute.

Keywords for google search
Digital marketing courses in Pune.
Digital marketing courses in Kolkata.
Digital marketing courses in Mumbai.
Digital marketing courses in Hyderabad.
Digital marketing courses in Ahmedabad.
Digital marketing courses in Chennai(Madras).
Digital marketing courses in Bangalore(Bengaluru).

Note: Select Institute based upon Google Review and Check their Facebook page for their reviews.

The Scope of Digital marketing for Freshers and experienced professionals:

There’s a critical question on everyone’s mind these days, the scope of Digital Marketing in India. Well, it’s quite evident from all those digital advertisements that digital marketing is growing at a never before rate. That should give you your answers.

As experts speak, always go with the statistics and not mere words – this, we will explain to you with all the proofs. So, without further ado, let’s jump to fact-finding.

Digital Marketing is not a new word for all those who are active on the internet. However, Digital marketing has changed the way people view the advertisements. Remember, all those annoying TV commercials, before the advent of digital ads?

Well, thanks to digital marketing, we feast our eyes on visually appealing and insightful businesses.

Earlier, the relevance to which the viewers viewed the ads was quite low. Even the kids’ channels would display detergent ads, which were in no way relevant to them, nor had any value-add or appeal for them.

With the dawn of digital marketing, the aptness of the platforms where the ads are displayed has taken a huge plunge. The trends of digital marketing for the past 14 years has been depicted by way of the graph given below.


trends worldwide

Courtesy: Google Trends


scope of digital marketing

Courtesy: Google Trends

Take a look at the graph. Observe the increasing trend over the years. That itself should remove your skepticism on the scope of Digital Marketing in the coming years. Look at the graph you can check that the digital marketing wasn’t as trending as it is now until the year 2012. From then on, this field has witnessed massive growth. Now, the graph of digital marketing, both in India as well as across the world has risen to great heights.

If you’re still not satisfied, have a look at the following statistics:

TV Vs. Internet Ad spend:

TV vs Internet ad graph

Courtesy: Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends 2017

The graph has two lines, blue and red; the red line represents the TV Ad spend and the blue line represents the Internet Ad spend on a global plane. It is quite evident that in the year 1995, the amount spent on TV Ads was much higher than that spend on the Internet Ads, where it was almost zero.

Since 2006, the line representing the Internet Ads has taken a sudden leap and crossed the line representing amount spent on TV Ads – this was before 2016. The amount spent on TV ads has been declining day by day, but as can be seen, the amount spent on internet ads has been increased manifold.

Finally, the graph itself is a definite proof of how the ad spent on digital marketing has not only increased but also has taken a better hike than its previous ones. Such is the expenditure on digital marketing. Thus, you can make a safe bet on Digital marketing to reach a better position in the future.

What skills do you need for Digital Marketing:

If you’d like to excel in the field of digital marketing, then you need to possess some basic skills. These skills are supposed to make you stand out from the rest. Initially, there is a specific set of skills that you need to teach in yourself to put yourself in a better position in this field.

  1. Aware of the trends
  2. Good understanding of audience and know what sells
  3. Specific marketing expertise
  4. Content writing skills
  5. Ability to manage tools and technology
  6. Interactive skills
  7. Sales skill
  8. A blend of creativity and analytical skills
  9. Basic design skills
  10. Politeness and patience

What are the different Job Roles and their salaries?

There are multiple job roles in this field. Every job role has its demand and its prerequisites.

Let me introduce you to a few of the job roles that have acquired their fame and have a promising future:

  1. Digital Marketing Executive    3.5 – 4 LPA
  2. Digital Marketing Manager  4.5 – 5 LPA
  3. Content Marketing Manager  5 – 6 LPA
  4. SEO Analyst   2.5 – 3 Lakhs LPA
  5. Social Media Marketing Expert  4 – 4.5 LPA
  6. SEO Executive 2.5 – 3  LPA
  7. Analytics  6.5 – 7 LPA

The salaries mentioned above are just the average salaries. These might differ from place to place. Salaries said to relate to freshers. Experienced professionals will have better wages.

To read in-depth about these job-roles, do go through this article. It’ll give an excellent idea of what’s the role of that particular job.

Is there scope for digital marketing?

Yes, there is a scope of digital marketing which looks quite promising. Digital marketing has taken the world of marketing by a storm and going by the analytics mentioned above; there doesn’t seem to be any stoppage for this shortly.

You’d like to have a career in this field; then I think this is the best time ever. It’s one of the most trending jobs of the day, and the grid is likely to go up, in all probabilities and possibilities.

If digital marketing is your dream job, and you are keen to build the career in the field of digital marketing, start planning now and make your dream come true.

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What are the Jobs in Vizag for freshers?

What are the Jobs in Vizag for freshers?

Visakhapatnam or shortly called Vizag is known as “The City of Destiny.” It is a wonderful city residing beside the coast of the sea “The Bay of Bengal.” So, it is one of the primary active ports of India. After the division of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the year, 2014 Vizag has become one of the major hubs for industries, companies, software services, and sarkari naukari’s.

A lot of companies want to establish their firms in Vizag which will automatically create a lot of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers. As, it has one of the most active port, easy for road transportation and rail transportation making the city best for any company to set up its branch.

There are a lot of companies irrespective of which sector they are, who are interested in establishing their branches in Visakhapatnam due to its excellent connectivity, cosmopolitan city status. After division, everyone is mainly aiming to Vizag whether it’s the jobseekers or the job providing companies.

More than 100 companies have been established in Visakhapatnam. Here, more than half are the IT companies, and other companies include ITES, mechanical, chemical, government jobs, naval services etc. All these create a lot of opportunities for jobs in Visakhapatnam for fresher and jobs for experienced both irrespective of what is their qualification.

What are the software jobs in Vizag for freshers?

There are new ventures coming up in Vizag will create a total of 5000 jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers and jobs for experienced both. On the other hand, one of the most renowned investment banks Franklin Templeton has recently started a branch in Vizag in Fintech tower with an investment of Rs 450 crore. A tremendous and high-ended job in Visakhapatnam for freshers and jobs for experienced will be available for more than 2500 people.

Jobs fro freshers in visakhapatnam

The IT companies like Wipro SEZ, jobs in tech Mahindra Vizag, Miracle, Cyient, Softscripts, Symbiosis, Conduent already have their branches in Vizag. While providing a lot of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers. Nevertheless, people are very eager to get jobs in Tech Mahindra Vizag, Symbiosis company in Vizag.

Not only these big and renowned companies even there are a lot of startups companies who do big and great in their field. These are no way less than the big companies which also add up to jobs in Vizag. Whereas, companies like Amzur, Digipub Apex, ID Analytics, Avya Inventrax, Clove Technologies etc. All have come up very successfully and are creating more than 1000 opportunities for jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers in the software field.

What are new software companies coming to Vizag?

Vizag is like a brand name these days; it is so famous that the companies like Conduent a $6 billion US company has set upped its branch here. Not only Conduent, but even ANSR consulting of Lalit Ahuja has also been set up in the Fintech Valley Vizag and invested a total of Rs 1000 crore with MoUs. So that they can build all the facilities required for their companies on the 10 acres of land allotted to them.

One of the most critical and significant projects started by the Government of Andhra Pradesh that is the constructed as Millennium Towers in Rushikonda Vizag, This towers would be a sea facing tower and will create a lot of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers. However, the building would be a 2,00,000 sq. ft. of built-up space and 1,50,000 sq. ft for the parking area. The tower would be a cyclone resistant and build up with all the smart security systems. This tower moreover promotes startup companies and technological, financial companies.

software jobs in Vizag

All the software companies using technologies which are new, cloud computing services, cybersecurity, digital marketing, IoT based companies are preferred more. Companies like this require fresh mind and skilled persons to work with them which will ultimately create a massive amount of jobs vacancies for freshers in Visakhapatnam and as well as for experienced. For sure will generate more 2000 local job opportunities.

These all companies and even the Government of Andhra Pradesh is giving importance to Cloud computing services, Blockchain courses, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. As these are those technologies which help a city to become even smarter and increase the technological value of the town and helps the city to grow more. Knowing all these services will help any person grab the job in IT sector.

Opportunities for Digital marketing in Visakhapatnam

Eventually, the Local Digital marketing companies are emerging a lot in Vizag. Digital marketing or Online marketing basically means marketing your business or company on the digital platform. Mainly on the internet or in the online media, which reaches a lot of people through online media like mobile phones, tablets, laptops through social platforms and all. Eventually, this grabs the attention of a lot of people to your online campaigns.

There are a lot of companies on this platform like Softscripts, Macs of Technologies, Rinix web, Core Logic Technologies etc. Which provide good services and hire a good amount of people in their company having fine knowledge in digital marketing.

What are the job opportunities in other sectors?

Other than Software and digital marketing jobs in Visakhapatnam there are other jobs according to your profiles. Below we mention all the sectors and the job opportunities in this:

Part-time jobs in Vizag

As being one of the smart cities of India, Visakhapatnam is taken over by digitalization. So, there is an increase in part-time bpo jobs in Vizag. Which is giving a lot of job opportunity for everyone but basically to students who manage their studies and work simultaneously!

There are hundreds of job vacancies in Vizag for the people who want to do part-time jobs in Vizag. This jobs primarily includes part-time bpo jobs in Vizag, jobs as a data analyst, or jobs in data entry, part-time jobs in BPOs, etc., home base online jobs of Data entry, etc.

Other than IT sector, there are a lot of job opportunities in other industries like ITES BPO, civil, mechanical industries, the pharmaceutical company, and most importantly Government jobs etc. There are a lot of companies present in Vizag which creates employment for a large number of people. As being one of the smart cities in India, it is very much important for a city to be sustainable, connected and should have jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers for all.

Jobs in Government sectors in Vizag

Government Jobs or Sarkari Naukri’s are something which maximum Indian want to have. Sarkari Naukri’s or Jobs in Government sector don’t only give jobs to mechanical or electrical background people there are jobs in Government for everyone who is a high school passed out. Indian Railway has recently released a lot of posts and vacancies to fill in Railways and qualification they require is 10th pass or ITI or equivalent educational qualification. Recently, the RRB Group D results also got released, providing job opportunities to a lot of people.

Similarly, BHEL has launched a lot of jobs for engineers, jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers etc. It has launched a lot of posts in thousands in every sector. Starting from different positions that include: medical professionals with qualification MBBS. Digging deep there are different posts as trainee engineers with a Bachelor’s in mechanical or electrical; vacancies are there for trade apprentices having SSC as the qualification. Sarkari Naukri or Government jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers only require qualification of 10th (SSC) or ITI or equivalent qualification.

In the same way, the Vizag steel plant has also launched a recruitment process for different posts in every sector. Starting from some jobs as HR and Marketing with qualification as an MBA. Then a few posts as trainee engineers with a Bachelor’s in mechanical, metallurgy, and electrical, there are vacancies for junior trainees with a qualification of SSC and ITI. Vacancies in field assistant trainee with a skill of only 10th/ SSC, and hundred’s of jobs are there for the post of junior trainees. While with some posts in mechanical, some posts in electrical, and some posts in metallurgy and having a mandatory qualification of 10th/ SSC + ITI/ Diploma.

Jobs in Vizag Naval Dock

Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam has declared recruiting for different departments in port starting from computer fitter, to engine fitter, to machinist etc. and having a qualification on 10th/SSC only. These are only some jobs in Government industries in Vizag instead there are a lot of Government industries in Vizag like SAIL, NARL, HSL, APFD etc. Whose job qualification starts from 10th/SSC passed.

naval dock jobs in Visakhapatnam

There are a lot of industries set upped in Vizag by due to the easy access to Visakhapatnam port. Nevertheless, there are a lot of Government established companies in Vizag who have a huge requirement for mechanical, electrical sectors in the industry. The industries like Vizag steel plant, BHEL, NTPC, NMDC, Jindal Steel and Power, Indian Railways etc.

Every year they have a job vacancy for mechanical and electrical people. This creates a lot of job vacancies not only for graduates but also for people who did a Diploma with the same background. These job vacancies are very high, and industries require a lot of people creating excellent job opportunities for anyone. Not only in the government sector there are a lot of companies in private who have job vacancies in the mechanical and electrical background for graduates and diploma holders. The jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers and jobs for experienced have been increasing day by day in Visakhapatnam.

Jobs in Banking sectors

In Visakhapatnam, a lot of Government and private banks have been established which is helping in creating a lot of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers and jobs for experienced. Recently the banks like SBI bank has released job vacancies for the post of Cadre officers with the qualification of MBA, CA, LLB. HDFC bank has released vacancies in multi-position with graduation as the highest qualification required.

bank jobs in Vizag

Andhra Grameena Bank has released positions for Office attendants with 8th as the highest qualification. Vijaya Bank has launched vacancies for the post of managers and clerks. There are posts for managers with a requirement of CA, LLB or any equivalent graduation and few posts for clerks with a skill of 12th. Similarly, there are a lot of banks and a lot of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers in the banking sector.

As Vizag has become one of the biggest hubs for the companies a lot of people are shifting here. So the demand for places, companies, houses, educational buildings etc. are also increasing. However, all this has created a massive leap in the requirement of people in construction or civil business! There is a huge requirement of people from civil or construction background.

Jobs for the Civil engineers

The companies like Larsen and Toubro Ltd, Indiabulls Pvt. Ltd, Navayuga Engineering Co. Ltd., KSR Developers Pvt. Ltd. etc. are some of the companies who are among the leading construction companies in Vizag. There are more than 100 construction companies in Vizag. Jobs for the Civil people are more than that and this is the major place for any civil graduate to get jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers.

Larsen and Toubro Ltd. have released some vacancies for different posts for the senior engineer, assistant manager, construction manager etc. All have the qualification of Bachelors of Civil engineering and Architecture. Jobs in civil for freshers and jobs for experienced are huge in number if people want to get into their core field.

Jobs in Vizag for Pharmaceutical companies

Another most important industry that has been booming like anything in Vizag is the Pharmaceutical companies. The renowned companies like Lupin, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., Cipla Ltd., Dr. Reddy’s Lab. All these are some of the best Pharmaceutical companies established in Visakhapatnam, which create a lot of jobs in Vizag.

They create a lot of employment and jobs in Vizag for freshers and jobs in Vizag for experienced. There are fresh recruitments going on in Aurobindo Pharma having vacancies for different posts like in IPQA activities, QA activities, Process feasibility etc. Initially, there are also vacancies for different posts in Cipla Ltd. with graduation as the qualification. Companies like these have more 15,000 employees and they go on recruiting more and search for more fresh minds.

Part-time BPO jobs in Vizag

While there are a lot of companies for the people who want part-time bpo jobs in Vizag. Most of the BPO jobs in Vizag doesn’t require graduation as the qualification they only need high school studies as the highest qualification. The companies like Concentrix, Patra India Pvt. Ltd., WNS Global Services, Venture Offshore Infomatrix Pvt. Ltd. so on. These are some of the companies who check your knowledge and language, not your qualification. Concentrix Vizag is expanding its business and is targeting to hire a lot more than a thousand employees they are providing jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers and jobs for experienced both. These companies hire people in a bulk and provide jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers quite often.


Above all these, you can find any kind of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers, starting from job for accountants, to jobs in teaching, to jobs like data entry, to jobs as a trainer, to job in software. You can find any type of jobs in Vizag. But you should be careful from the people who assure you to give jobs instead take money from you and provide you with nothing and leave you in the middle of nowhere.

There are a lot of consultancy services in Vizag who promise to give you job take money in return and will never turn up to you. So, you have to be very careful with these kinds of people. Vizag is considered as one of the fastest growing city in India. That has all the facilities that a common man require that in an updated and trending way.

This has attracted a lot of companies to establish their company branches over here. Which is creating hype in the market in creating job opportunities to people in every sector irrespective of what their qualification is. Migrating to this city in the searches has been increasing year by year. This created a great advantage for people as well the companies.