Analyzing, building & optimizing ensures increased ROI in an e-commerce


Major number of Companies those who have big or small businesses want to go online, to promote and sell their products online and have an e-commerce website for their business. And a successful online business requires an attractive web design, great UX, and best customer service. And your platform should be everything to the people. Which will help you a lot in increasing your sales and profit margins. So, start by thinking unique and different from others, if you want your business to be unique and best. We help you in all these things we give you the best services possible which are listed below.


The smartest teams, well-planned strategies, and solutions behind them results in most successful e-Commerce sites. Softscripts is here to help you in all the ways if you are a newcomer to the industry we will help you to excel beyond your experience and bring your results up from ordinary to exceptional

You may be a new company who requires training in targeting and require to know how to begin in e-commerce. As being a prominent and experienced group of people in e-commerce services we help you in all ways possible to take the first step into online selling.

So. if you are a newcomer into the market and worried to know where to begin, how to begin, how to grow and what are the things that you need to do to get the most in less time. We are there to figure this out for you and make sure that you get best out of it. And the motive of our campaign is to make your e-commerce site the best.


  • You should know your business the goals understanding the market and having target customers. And your website should give a brief about all these.
  • The hardest task comes to any company is the process of choosing the right e-Commerce platform. And selecting the one for the company would be like a fight on the battlefield. Yet investment has to be made to maintain any website or mobile application. Softscripts is considered to be the best in all aspects we have experts who will be there with you 24*7 to help you in everything. We are very much cost-effective and work within the time period and will support you in all stages.
  • Your e-commerce window should be the flawless one and make your product presentation exemplary. It shouldn’t give the viewers to go to any other place accept your website. Include all the things that are relevant to your product. Will make your website more effective.
  • The most important thing in e-commerce marketing is the plan or strategy driving the right traffic to the website is the most relevant thing. The marketing strategy at first may be disconcerting but it is relevant to draw the right people to right place and at right time which the work of a SEO who can make your business work successfully.


For any business to succeed a proper business plan and strategy is required whether they are B2B or B2C both rely on the e-commerce strategies.

We are a type of company who not only design the beautiful website of e-commerce for you instead want it to be the remunerative source for profitable revenues. We will cover all the proprietary e-strategy to make your website run and take necessary steps to get best results.

At first, our senior creative head does all the research and analysis and consider your competitors in the same field and compare with their designs to get the best for your company.

Then our experts in SEO plan the whole strategy and get into actions to get the right traffic to the website. Conversion rate optimization or CRO is a relevant part of e-Commerce strategy as an innovative, engaging and persuasive content has to be made to glue the customers to your page.


Every e-commerce business or any mobile application needs marketing and wants their website to be eye-catching and unique. Our main aim is to make the website look wonderful and work exceptionally so, we create the best web designs. And promote your website effectively through the marketing services provided by us for emails and social media. With Softscripts, we make sure that the methodology that we use give right solutions from the very first time and continue it every single time.

Our team of experts site with you and have a workshop regarding your business model, strategy, and objectives. We start working for it right from that moment we do research about your competitors, right through to conceptual wireframes, creating and branding flowcharts, beta testing and finally launching your site.

Research, creativity, and technology are the three things which when blended together results in a successful and winning website. You can completely rely on us for long-term profit from your business website.


UX or user experience is an important factor in this we can know whether your e-commerce website turns the viewers into customers or loses both of them. Through our wireframe, you can easily see whether your customer is browsing your website on desktop or mobile and you can easily grab the attention of audience accordingly.

We provide you the complete illustrated flowchart from the beginning to demonstrate it easily starting from entry page, to categories than individual products then checkout.

As we have done the pre-research and mapping we will be providing you all the details in pre-development phase which will end up on getting an effective website.

We assure you from the day your website will launch the effective working starts, viewers turn up to customers and customers to increase in number and gradually your sales and profit will also increase.


In the generation of smartphones, smart TVs, smart homes, and smart cities human beings life have been turned out to be a lot easier and save a lot of valuable time which can be invested in somewhere effective. Shopping online and avoiding going to the stores is the major aspect which shows that your lives have been taken over by the internet. Going to stores bright light, nice music, different varieties of dresses but wasting a lot of time has slowly been replaced by online shopping where we sit anywhere and shop our favorite things easily. And online shopping is becoming more popular and many more companies are coming into this field every single day.

But think you have a website or mobile application which is very hideous and navigations are very difficult and not at all user-friendly then this is a big trouble for your business. As this, we lead to decrease in purchases, viewers, and customers which will be a serious problem for anyone’s business. For any e-commerce business website or a mobile app are the important thing as it brings you the customers. We are experts in designing wonderful and amazing sites, attracting high traffic and getting higher revenues.


We use one of the best e-commerce website Shopify to present you a very perfectly crafted personalized website to you. Shopify is such a platform where you can get personalized web designs according to your business needs. Shopify has a wide variety of stunning website themes and templates you can choose easily whatever you like for your website and add your business logo, change colors, use different fonts, etc.

For getting more successful and victorious e-commerce business Shopify is offering Shopify Plus which has become more flexible, with more features to support more ventures who have higher demands for e-commerce stores.

Shopify plus products have been increased from past several years and made it easy for the e-commerce stores to attain success.

Shopify is a very much flexible platform for anyone who wants to kick-start their website or mobile application. And to access this it is very much important to know how to use these tools. Having a flexible platform like Shopify it becomes very difficult for anyone to know where to start from. Our team has been working with Shopify for quite a long time and made many instinctive websites for many people and attract traffic to the website. We assure you to help you in making your business website more beautiful and personalized and successful than you expect.


We are partnered with one of the best e-commerce service provider website Magento and give the most encyclopedic web designs, development, and marketing strategies in whichever field you are interested in like the mails or social media platforms. We assure you to deliver a better return on investment on our designs, with good SEO services and even better social media management.

The whole team of softscripts are experienced people in every sector from best designers to experts in marketing to project managers and each of these people is expert in their field. We are here to help you in all the possible ways and when you go for Magento one of the best e-commerce service provider who is one of the skillful and powerful player of the team and our company helps you to utilize its skills for your growth in business.


The usage of smartphones, tablets are increasing for any type of services that are related to online marketing and online ordering. And one should have an e-commerce website that works equally well on the desktop computer, phones, and tablets. Which generally means adapting and resizing your website according to the device being used. This type of web development helps a lot for the website to improve the rankings in google search engine. Magento has taken a step forward to fulfill the internet needs.

A responsive design always attracts a lot of traffic and improves the google search engine rankings which also depends upon the content quality written and its relevance which of searching it. This improves the quality of the website and the content also which can be changed based on user requirements. Making the website user-friendly which can be accessed easily by the people helps the website to perform well and become the best.


Magento usually has a lot of high-ended technical works that are needed to be done to come up with Magento e-commerce service. And it is a bit difficult to create a website with Magento, only a group of experts who have already worked with them can probably help in this. Magento has very good and basic web design package with unique templates and themes. Different features or services of Magento are mentioned below:

  • Creating your own store.
  • Products configuration.
  • Helping you to rank high in Google search.
  • Providing security and hosting.
  • Designing the storefront.
  • Marketing your website.
  • Getting you the expert support.
  • Managing your store.
  • Using conversion tools for your website.

We check your competitors in the market and see what keeps them there where they are and help you to get to the higher position. Magento will surely make your website for business to elevate to a higher place. And we have a very good experience in responsive web design which will for sure make your website to be on top that too for a longer period of time.


Bigcommerce is an e-commerce service which has been performing and growing faster from the day it started. Not only the company even the retailer are growing very faster in less interval of time. Hundreds and thousands of startup got a lot of success from Bigcommerce. It is the best e-commerce solution service for any type of businesses. Bigcommerce gives you the liberty to select your choice of beautiful and stunning themes, templates, leading marketing tools etc.

We have been working with Bigcommerce for quite a long time it is one of the world’s ruling Content Management System or CMS platform. While working with Bigcommerce we found it is a great place for any business to chose this e-commerce solution. It is very much user-friendly and has great functionality and gives users a good kind of personalized website which creates a great trust for their e-commerce solutions in users.

Bigcommerce is very much user-friendly and our web designers can easily get the access to storefront and through which it becomes very easy for our designers to get access to client’s preference and get the best out of it. We only deliver quality service to our clients on any of the e-commerce platforms they chose.

We have a very good experience in Bigcommerce platform. We know this company inside out, its journey map, its features, its unique qualities and its advantages in e-commerce. We know this company for a long time and its competitors also and we know this we are assuring you that it is the best e-commerce solution providing business.


Another best e-commerce service site that we work with is Woocommerce and are the Wordpress ultimate toolkit provider. Started with a very few Wordpress themes and now went to a different range having stunning and unique themes extending their WordPress experiences. And have become a very successful company in a very short span of time.

Wordpress is a very good platform to customize your website it is a very beneficial website which is very easy to handle and attracts an enormous amount of traffic to your site. It is a very mighty platform to use with versatile and unique themes and simple to use CMS platform.

The experts of Softscripts will help you in this campaign from the beginning and will make the most encyclopedic web designs, web developments and provide best marketing strategies in email marketing and social media marketing and amazing SEO services to attract a lot of people. We don’t depend upon predetermined software, stored themes. Everything would be very much detailed and personalized so most of our clients prefer Woocommerce Wordpress.

It all seems very much easily but working on this is very much difficult. We have full fetched team of experts who are experienced in this. We have tools to handle the difficult web designs and developments in Wordpress platform. We work on every aspect of Wordpress starting from coding to marketing. With the guidance of a correct team, we assure you that your site will be on top and would maintain it for longer.

Wordpress has a very good web design packages available, with very unique and different themes and has a huge range of themes and it allows you to edit the themes as you require. Whereas, in Wordpress, it requires some coding work to be done to take your website to a higher place. Responsive designs help a website a lot to go to the top.

Softscripts main goal is to make responsive designs which attract a lot of traffic through SEO services to the website or mobile application. And make your website stay on the top. We check all your competitors and see what techniques they are using which is helping them to stay in that place where they are. And make you better than them and get more traffic and higher revenues. We work really hard to bring your company to the top and we take all our partnership with this websites very seriously and work accordingly.

Making your site recognised in the market is what the goal to be achieved in the e-commerce plans. We use the digital platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Bigcommerce to deliver you the most personalized and optimized websites of your own. We give the audience a nice experience by building a bridge between the digital experience in the physical form of shopping.

Softscripts partnered with a lot of companies and created amazing e-commerce websites for them. And we are flexible enough to provide you different templates, designs etc. by giving you a platform to choose all this by yourself and later we develop them into a fascinating website. Doing all these things gives your e-commerce site a boost and drive a lot of traffic to your website after which these traffic will turn up to be your customers.