We attain PPC goals by generating leads on an immediate or repeatable basis

Pay Per Click(PPC)

The most important work in PPC is determining relevant keywords this is very much relevant for any business which will increase the click rate and that too spending a very low cost. As your business will grow our team will adapt accordingly and increase or change the keyword list and eliminate those terms who are low searched. From PPC services there is a great chance of expanding the customer base in a very short period of time. This is a very effective way to reach customers and increase their base.


PPC (Pay per click) or CPC (cost per click) both are the same things it is a type of online marketing in which the advertiser pays for the Ad’s every time it is clicked. However, it ultimately means ignoring the attempt of organic visits rather buying the visits to the website.

Search engine advertising is a very crucial part of PPC campaign. Advertisers can include their keyword that is relevant to their business by bidding for the placement of Ad in the links sponsored by the search engine.

You have to pay some amount to the search engine every time when a visitor clicks on the website. The visits on your website will worth more than the cost of the click if the PPC is working correctly. Suppose if a click costs you $5 but the visit to your can result in $500 of sales for you.

A pay per click campaign is not so easy it involves a lot of things like first we have to know about your business and the goals that you want us to achieve, then we start researching about it, then start selecting the right keywords for your business, to have a well-organised campaign all the keywords should be organised, setting up optimised landing pages for PPC.

We are the best company who set up the relevant and target oriented campaign for PPC and that too by charging less for Ad clicks. And even Google will charge very less per click if your Ads and landing page are useful for customers and your website being viewed a lot by the customers. And only an expert in PPC knows how this all works and we are the experts in this.


Google AdWords work on the Pay Per Click basis for its advertising program. Google AdWords works on an online auction system. Here for every click on the advertisement, you have to pay and bid on the keywords that are relevant to you and allows your Ad to show up on Google Search Engine.

Whenever a search is initiated, Google checks all the bids from the advertiser’s and selects a group of winners from all those who will be appearing on the Ad space on the search result page. When the factors like quality, relevant keywords, Ad campaigns as well as the bids on the keywords decides which Ads are the winners.

There is a metric calculation which allows the advertisement to appear on the page which basically depends on the rank of Ad. It is generally calculated by multiplying two factors CPC bids and quality score. CPC bid or Click Per Cost bid means the highest amount an advertiser bids for his Ad. Quality score usually takes into account the quality of landing page, CTR or click through rate and relevance. This campaign builds a connection between advertiser and customers that too for a very low cost and earn even more potential customers from this.


Google AdWords is a great platform which connects the advertisers with the required customers. For example, if there is a seller who sells flowers online and there is a buyer who wants to buy flowers online, then by using some technical algorithms Google AdWords connect these two sellers and buyer. If you want to sell your products online and want to grab the attention of the right audience and that whenever the customers search for it then Google AdWords helps in the same way.

AdWords follows an auction format. In an auction format, you have to bid on the keywords that are relevant to your business. Then the Ads created by you would be shown on Google listing. After which whenever someone clicks on your Ad and then visits your website then you have to pay some amount for every click. As the online auction is the format of AdWords, so only highly competitive keywords will be costing you more than the words which are smaller.

Whereas, the benefit is that you have to pay only when someone clicks on your website. But you should have enough money to pay to AdWords every time when there is a click in order to get that success and to increase profits. Ants its, very much important to balance your budget in PPC with a optimization in Conversion rate.


Facebook has become a very popular nowadays and marketing on Facebook can gain you a lot of customers and follow. It is very simple on Facebook we just start by creating a page for your business. As this acts as a central part of the company’s promotions, activities on social media. Through Facebook page, you can connect easily with a lot of people.


Attracting people to your business is very easy on Facebook. First, you have to target the demographics and plan your advertisement campaign creatively. People feel very difficult in controlling the demographic and targeting the required group. But it is very easy because you just have to determine the age, gender, education, likes, interests, location etc. and target those people only. This gives you an access to more potential and desired people. While on Facebook you can easily check who is checking your advertisement which improves the overall performance of your business.


Facebook is a very good channel for the small business person because it charges less. And helps a lot in engaging a lot of people on the page, by writing creative posts promoting the business post in creative advertising way to involve people in the page and promoting the page. Facebook every now and then keeps adding new features and tools to help the businesses and coordinate with them. Some tools like Ads manager which helps in checking data to see the campaign efficiency. If the cost of Facebook advertising increase it means your business is getting successful and getting quality results.


Billboards and display advertising both are same things. But billboard is a part of traditional marketing whereas display advertising is a part of digital marketing. Or we can say as Display advertisement are an updated version of billboards. As Display Ads are an updated version so this mode of advertising is more effective than the billboards. There are a lot of factors involved in creating an appealing advertisement like the images, logos, photographs, different fonts, amazing contents etc.


Logos are the things which say about the company. So most of the advertisements companies use logos in there campaigns to increase the brand power and awareness and to make them known to people. Logos leave an impression on viewers mind which make them recognize you next time it makes you more powerful when compared to the normal advertisement. We have a group of specialists who will design amazing and catchy logos for your company which provides identity to business in personality-wise and capture the audience attention.


These are basically those Ads which appear on the top or side of any page when we search for it or something that is related to it. So that it catches the audience's attention and drive them to the website. This type of advertisement is used a lot nowadays to grab the attention of a lot of people. Similarly, it reaches to a lot of people.


Technological changes are going every now and then similarly, marketing techniques are also getting advanced and improving. Mobile phones have become a very used device nowadays and increasing a lot in demand in all aspects. The traditional advertisements like the newspaper, banners, billboards are being replaced by digital marketing which is basically done on the internet and is being used in laptops, desktops, tablets, phone etc. This change is also encouraging a lot of companies to move towards digital media than traditional marketing.

According to the survey, the number of people using laptops and desktops is 1.1 billion whereas the people using mobile phones are 4.6 billion which is comparatively a larger number. Which shows that mobile phones are a very powerful tool for advertising anyone’s business. And it reaches to a lot of people while browsing, gaming etc. this is very beneficiary to those companies whose main business is e-commerce. People use more mobile phones in the day to day life. On an average, a person spends half of his time on internet that and the usage of internet from mobile phones have increased a lot, and promoting your websites, e-commerce sites, application in the mobile phones is always a wonderful idea to draw the attention of lot of people.


We first talk to you and know about your business after which we plan accordingly and target those people who are relevant and require your services and do a complete research on it. After this, we check the requirement of the demographics and see at what time they are gathering on the internet platform.

Then see what type of devices the audience s are using and design the Ad campaigns accordingly. Our main motto is to make the Ad work for you as well as for the audiences in whatever devices they are using and to attract more of them.

We have full fletched technical team who determine what type of devices the viewers are using like IOS, Android, Symbian etc. so that we design the Ads according to the requirement of the mobiles. We do every possible thing to meet your target in marketing. Once a lot of viewers start visiting your website and make sales then ultimately you are the king of the market.

The PPC or pay per click services is not a child’s play it includes a lot of things like the extensive keyword search, setting up an account, optimization of digital campaigns, tracking the conversions etc. Google Adwords is one of the most important things in the PPC campaign and is the most effective one for any kind of campaign for all the type of businesses such as e-commerce, IT services, B2B, healthcare, financial companies etc.

Pay Per Click PPC or Cost Per Click is the most reliable way of gathering the traffic than using the organic way of attracting the people’s attention. Choosing the relevant keywords and engaging a campaign according in which the investment you would be doing will be less but the returns which you will get will very high.

When you seek for us our motive is to provide you service in a very easy way. We increase the effectiveness of the bids, maintain a budget of bids, promote in the social media overall we handle it and manage everything so that there will no loss and you will foresee only gains. Even if you are already using this services somewhere else and haven’t seen any growth. We will definitely help you any time any moment in gaining the profits and success that you desire. And make your company reach those heights which you wanted to see.