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Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Marketing is the important thing and base of any type of company as it is the only way which allows the viewers to get to know about your business and your products. As nowadays everything is getting digital even if the marketing strategies. The things are also getting smart and people are keen to use advanced and smarter things. And promoting your business on the digital platform or by doing digital marketing is the best thing you can do to support and enhance your business.

We at Softscripts provide you the best SEO services for enhancing your business.


Major search engines like yahoo, google, bing etc., attract a lot of web traffic and are ranked best as it is considered most relevant by the user. Increase in web traffic can only be done by having “ high quality” in technical and quality rater. This helps a lot to rank high in a search result for keyword and reach the targeted audiences. We help you in reaching the requirement of these search engines and help you in getting high quality and higher rank which help your website grow big.

As all the website are different and unique. The cost for them will also be different it depends on the size of website, requirements to fix the website and time taken to implement it as different website have different requirements and no two websites are same. So, this indicates that every SEO campaign is unique with the work and time invested in it.

  • Our costs are usually based on the challenges we face to identify and fix the website.
  • If you already work with any in-house or another web development team we will work with them and help in identifying the technical glitches and meet the quality guidelines and monitor the changes required to acquire progress on your website.


We have the best team with us who are experts in search engine optimization services. Will give you excellent SEO services and optimize your site in google listing. We help you in improving the google ranking and quality of your site by meeting google’s requirement.

That's not it we craft the best website pages and do wonderful web designs to attract more number of people, and do the creative mobile application development and unique e-commerce websites for your business, also help you in marketing your products through social media marketing and email marketing.

We are very much budget friendly our all costs depends only on the challenges we face and the time is taken to accomplish it, like in case of the larger website it requires more of our time to be invested, similarly in case of the smaller website it requires less of our time to be invested.


  • Budget Friendly SEO Services.
  • We give you a straightforward and truthful review of your business idea.
  • We check your site and give a review on your performance and ranking till date.
  • We improve your ranking and fix google manual actions.
  • We fix all the technical glitches in your website.
  • We help you in speeding up your website and its usability.
  • We do complete research about the competitor.
  • We do complete keyword analysis.
  • We help in Meta description SEO, page title, and usability optimization.
  • We do internal link optimization and website architecture optimisation.
  • We do schema implementation and services for local business.
  • We provide promotion for the website and link building packages.
  • We address you content quality optimization and services for new page creation.
  • We also carry out website backline disavow and services for link cleaning.
  • We can help you in creating new tools or functionality on the website.
  • We carry out ongoing optimization tweaks.

We give you a straightforward and truthful review of your business idea
Softscripts is not like those companies who take money but advise you with nothing. We are a type of company who will help you in all the ways possible and give you assistance in every sector in which you require the service starting from e-commerce website, to web designs, to mobile app development we even give you assistance in marketing of your business that in social media marketing and email marketing.

First, we will check your website completely and tell about the drawbacks and the improvements that are required for the site. And make you rethink the business strategy that you were still now implementing and help you in enhancing it.

For those who want to promote their business on a digital platform and get the SEO services but ignore google guidelines, the SEO strategies which you want to implement on your business or website also doesn't stand up for the long term. A real business only works when a legalized search engine optimization is done. To implement this the business should always follow the guidelines given by Google and get the best SEO services available.

There are some websites which have that traction or friction for long-term and needs you to perform really well in some areas. We help you in all the above-mentioned areas and assure you to save your resources, budget and time invested.

We check your site and give a review on your performance and ranking till date
Ranking high for a longer period of time to meet google’s recommendations is the first and furthermost step. Your site has to meet the Google quality guidelines if this doesn’t happen your site will be affected badly by the Google quality update which takes place a lot by every passing year.

Basically, we check your site and see what’s been happening on your site till date and perform detailed SEO audit. And also check if your website and marketing strategies is able to abide by google webmaster guidelines and also give you reviews if your website fails to meet the rating of google rater guidelines.

We fix all the technical glitches in your website
A technical monitoring system would be set upped which will record and monitor all the changes that are important for the site architecture and you can also check technical works that have been completed on your website.

We fix all the technical glitches on your website and update all the web designs after that we review and audit your the website. And according to google guidelines, we improve your website to high quality and user-friendly website.

We have a lot of tools and processes including the best tool available Google Search Console which identify all the issues.

  • Our costs for the SEO services performed will totally depend on the challenges which we discover.
  • We first review your website page-by-page and section-by-section then work on a strategy and plan for your website.
  • We also consult your third party or in-house web design and development, team. We check all the technical glitches, fix it and then monitor it.

Technical challenges include:

  • Setting-up and fixing sub-optimal pagination on your pages.
  • We help in managing poor indexation on site.
  • We help in undoing Improper canonicalization practices.
  • Simplifying suboptimal redirects.
  • Giving Google access to all the elements that are important on your site.
  • Fixing up the links that are broken.
  • Removing all those visitors annoying elements from your website.
  • We identify and remove doorway pages.
  • We apply good, sensible and best practice approaches.

We improve your ranking and fix google manual actions
These problems often affect a lot of your website it affects the ranking and google manual action. We fix all these technical glitches, these all are due to old-style SEO tactics or inexperience online strategy.

We help you in speeding up your website and its usability
At first, we take your current website review then we keep the speed recordings of your website now and after improving your website and then report you the improved rating of the website.

The services totally depend upon:

  • The cost for the SEO service which is based on the challenges we will face while determining the glitches or problems, or.
  • We review your website page-by-page and section-by-section and then work on a strategy and plan for the website.

To improve the experience and response of the user visiting your website it is important to improve the speed and usability. Google always ranks the website to satisfy their users at the top of search engine result page.

We do the complete research about the competitor
We have all the information regarding your competitors and check why they rank where they do. After which we create a strategy and content depending on your project goals and opportunity which are more practical to you.

We do complete keyword analysis
We check on your competitors and the keywords, rank, and position they hold on your site which basically acts as an advantage through which we can create keyword-based strategy depending on your projects goals and opportunity which are available.

We help in Meta description SEO, page title, and usability optimization
First of all, we check your website title elements and metadata and review it.

  • We provide the SEO services to you, and the cost totally depends on the size of your website the pages you require, the title tags and the meta descriptions optimized.
  • We can even review our website page-by-page and section-by-section then work on a strategy and plan for the website.

We optimize the page titles and meta description to meet Google's quality guidelines by cleaning up unnecessary old techniques of SEO.

We attract a lot of clicks in Google SERPs by designing specific page titles and meta optimization services that enhance your every possibilities to rank high. We have a very good knowledge and experience in optimization elements and metadata.

We do internal link optimization and website architecture optimization
We first start by checking and reviewing the architecture of your current e-commerce website the web designs you have been using and the marketing strategies like the email marketing and social media marketing. We ensure you that your navigation system gives as much context required about the page to Google as possible by optimizing internal anchor text and navigation systems.

To rank up your website against the competition, we use important keywords to important pages on your sites by using keyword mapping principles. We, specifically identify and remove doorway pages and improve the quality of rest pages.

We do schema implementation and services for local business
At softscripts we first start by checking and reviewing the visibility in local search engine pages, current schema and implementing rich markup of your current websites.

We alter your website schema and other important information after the review. So, that your business meets Google’s quality guidelines and ranks up your web content as well as in SERPs(Search Engine Results Page).

We provide promotion for website and link building packages At our company Softscripts we start by checking and reviewing promotional techniques for your current websites. Removing all the old techniques, the old web designs, the old email marketing or social media marketing strategies that are being used on your website.

We advise you on sponsoring web marketing that has realistic ROI for your website and has a positive impact on SEO:

  • PPC management in Google Adwords.
  • Ads management on Twitter.
  • Ads management on Linkedin.
  • Ads management on Facebook.
  • Link building and outreach management.

For organic web marketing, the sensible approach is by having professionals writing for your website and having an expertise person in marketing. Who can invest time totally to the company and have a forefront content creation capacity that the users can share. If such a person comes up from your organization whom we can assist.

If you like to abide by the Google’s guidelines you should focus on link building for high-quality marketing. We check for the competitors and their strategy that work well and help you look for high-quality marketing. So, we can bring success for SEO efforts.

We address you content quality optimisation and services for new page creation
We first start by checking and reviewing the content quality of your website. We check the keywords and remove the unnecessary stuff and remove those techniques which are old and we mostly focus on content creating not for search engines but for the user also.

We check the content and give a review for realistic ROI for your business.

We are specialized in:

  • Getting the most out of your SEO campaign by reclaiming your web page content and reusing the contents of your website in more optimal fashion.
  • Cleaning the content of the web page and creating content services for larger sites with thousands and millions of pages sometimes.

We also carry out website backline disavow and services for link cleaning
After checking, we review your backlink profile on the current website. As there may be some old techniques or software which may be hampering your website rankings.

We always give a review on your present website links that point your sites from other sites and then categorize it in a different way in which we can determine whether it would be good to disavow old SEO attempts or start new.

We give a review about your ecommerce website, the web designs used in it, the strategies used for your SEO campaign, the marketing plans applied for the social media marketing and email marketing, we even check the mobile apps if your business has mobile application or else we can do the mobile app development for your business. We check everything on your demand and report the details to you.

If your website has some problems in Google Manual Action links, it basically requires disavowing link or a link cleanup. Which is actually the practical way to lift the penalty. In, this way we helped a lot of businesses over the years in solving the Google Manual action for unnatural links

The time taken always depends upon the backlinks that your website has and the critical tasks that are needed to be done and the type of link which you want for your site is also needed to be checked.

We can help you in creating new tools or functionality on the website
We check for your competition and review it to make your site functionality way better than your competitor with a better version of tools.

At softscripts we usually plan a lot for your website and produce tools to meet user requirements and keeping your site user satisfied and making them return to your site again and again. This itself is enough for your website to rank well in google ranking.

We carry out ongoing optimization tweaks
Google keeps on changing its requirement with every passing day. We keep a check on it that provides good opportunities to your site. For example, if Google is changing its length for meta description we recheck it for your site and increase the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Optimizing your account on the online platform, making it visible locally and globally, creating your presence felt to people and gaining you a lot of customers that’s what we all do. Our aim is to draw people to your business site and make them as your trusted customers. As the customers can only be drawn only when you will have a crafted and good SEO plans made by the experts in the same field.

Generating a catchy content with the relevant and useful keywords is the first step in SEO campaign then the website designs. When people visit a site they check the website designs which must be attractive and eye-catching and the content must gluing the audience to the site which won’t be letting them leave the page without fully reading and buying it. For all these things the optimization is very important and the website reaching to the people is very important.

All these things are made easy to you only when we get into the work. We have been giving these services to a lot of companies and they have now become our trusted and most worthy customers. Any service you chose we bring the best out of it.