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Mobile Applications

The technology keeps on changing and getting updated with every passing day and with advancement in technology. Softscripts provide you all the mobile app services that are updated and trending in present days. This thing about us makes the clients come to us again and again for the mobile application development services.

And handling these ever-changing technologies makes things difficult so, we are here to help you out from this and make things easy for you and save you valuable time and lead you to the path of success.


  • Social media apps: we build you good consistency models grabbing user’s attention and while they start using it they get addicted and this increases their engagement time. These apps will surely make your business through e-commerce or app more delightful and intelligent with such an advanced model.
  • Receptive apps: by the help of our team who are experts in their respective works. They work for the perfect strategies in which they build latest version apps and we deliver you the most receptive and responsive apps with unique web designs.
  • Gaming apps: we provide you the best personalized mobile apps services. We use the only updated version of software tools for building your app. If you want the best, addictive and creative gaming apps then our company is the right choice for it.
  • Media player apps: we provide you stunning apps for any media application with best online media players with live streaming radios.
  • Marketing apps: we have developers who are totally experienced and understand your business and its goals completely and design the apps according to your business requirement. And even help you in marketing your apps or e-commerce site through email marketing or social media marketing.


We work on any mobile platform for endeavoring your mobile phones. Whether it is hybrid, native or any type of web application. Our experienced development team creates the best application in mobile phones and the amazing web designs which will make an impact on the market. To get optimal functionality out of the app we keep it updated time to time. And to provide the best marketing plans we promote it using social media marketing and email marketing.

Platforms on which we provide mobile application development services are as follows:

  • Mobile app development for iOS.
  • Mobile app development for Android.


We can create the best application for your iOS system which will for sure increase your number of audiences. And by having the best SEO service you attract a lot of viewers to your app.

  • We design the best apps for the iOS system such that it will increase the customer experience on the operating system which they are using in their phones.
  • iOS is a type of technology which has a fast evolution, we have managed and worked on this type of situation and we assure you that your business will increase consistently.
  • New technologies come up every time with new models we keep on updating the apps to maintain the compatibility with the present technology and the devices.



Apple products the name only defines itself. If we target nationally and globally there is a large fan base for the Apple products. You can target a lot of people just because of the popularity and people’s craze for the iPhones or Apple’s product so we design the apps which support the iOS systems. With very simple and easy to use operating system which makes it user-friendly. As the Apple software is very popular we build in the app’s such that it enhances your market with respect to other competitive apps.


The app’s created would require only fewer devices to support which creates less brainstorming for developers in the case of building and testing an app. We always keep our-self updated so that we can update and make the apps accordingly on the updated devices. As there are fewer devices in an iOS system so there is the lesser number of software which it should be compatible with. The best feature of iOS is that a developer has to focus only on the individual element and quality of the mobile app and can ignore resizing and restructuring for different devices and software. iOS is one of the most secure platforms which can help a lot to enhance your business.


App rankings always depend on the popularity, and the ratings are taken when the customers give reviews about it and it also depends on the number of times the app is being downloaded. When the mobile app is launched in the market it is the most trusted and reliable way for measuring the ranking and ratings. The audience can easily comment their opinions, reactions in the app forum directly. This is a great platform for developers because they can easily know the faults and can work on it. And keep on updating the app to maintain competition in the market.


When it comes to apple user’s the web design quality and functionality should be of very high quality for the mobile application on the iOS systems. The developers have to keep a lot of focus on optimizing the iOS platform with the change in technology. Here the app doesn’t require to work with different devices as iOS is only for apple system. So, it makes the work even simple without losing the quality. We develop the type of apps which attracts the customers and make it user-friendly for them and update with every evolving time.


Android systems are diverse in a group so we help you in building the apps that support any Android device and can be easily accessible.

  • Android mobile is in a wide variety and the compatibility doesn’t match in every device. We build apps which have different hardware for different devices and support on all devices.
  • Different systems have a different operating system we have worked with all this type and have delivered a lot of successful apps and made the users engaging to it. And we help in every aspect which makes your business excel.
  • As Android system is of a wide variety so we continuously keep on updating our self on the new software and help to grow your business.



Targeting a wide range of audience then building the e-commerce websites or mobile apps with the best web designs on Android system that attracts a lot of users to it. If you want to grow big it is a great idea to launch your app on the Android platform because a lot of people over the globe use Android systems only. As it is cheap and sustainable and can be accessed by a wider demographic people. This gives you the freedom to target all the Android user irrespective of the type of device they use and the geographic region. You can reach to the users easily through Android mobile app regardless of their industry and business and by having best SEO strategies. We work with you to build the app on Android platform which reaches globally and target the global market.


The Android operating system is used by a lot of devices over the world. Similarly, there are a variety of stores online which sell the apps easily from any place and location and that too from Google play store or Amazon play store. The increased amount of visibility of the apps can be achieved from the available number of stores in which your app can be displayed and the number of devices available from which the user can access easily in a regular basis. While in case of android mobile there are a variety of devices. So, the size, screen, and software may vary from device to device our experts in this field know how to deal with this and make it compatible with all the Android devices. We are experts in this whereas this a very challenging task to make it compatible universally for every device, however, we have done this for a lot of our clients.


Quality assurance in very much required for Android apps because as there are different devices so the app should be compatible, and regular maintenance and testing is required. And the app should be working nicely on every device and should meet all the expectation of the user and keep it updated with every passing day. Our development team works hard to keep the app supporting in all the device and update in regular interval to provide the best experience to the user. By maintaining the performance and functionality of app we can maintain the position in the market.


Android mobile apps are all based on open-source software which is more flexible and allows the developers to build the programs. A fully customized and personalized app can be made using these techniques which helps enhance the business market. You can increase your market by applying the new technologies and difficult platform for building apps. We make 100% personalized apps for Android system that are user-friendly and can be used on any device easily and help grow your business to top.

We all are now in a century where the number of mobiles phone available, outnumbers the number of people living. And having a well planned and effective ideas for the mobile devices have become very important. If you think up for going for an application in the mobile devices is the justice which you are doing to your campaign. The both the variants Android and iOS system in mobiles are quite different from one other.

Android is the system which was developed by Google is commonly found in very mobile device whatever brand it may be. As it is enabled on every smartphone available working on this type of system is a bit difficult and tricky. Because different phones have different configuration and specification and different dimension. So developing an application which suites every type of mobile phone becomes difficult and time taking task.

When we come down to the iOS system it is developed by Apple and is found only in the Apple gadgets like the iPhones, iPads etc. Developing an app for Apple smartphones is a bit simpler because it is only of the kind and you don’t have to worry about the specification, dimension, configuration etc.

But developing the same app for both iOS and Android devices is what we do. Developing apps for the Android in the easiest way possible by keeping all dimensions, specification, and configuration in mind. And incorporating the same app on the iOS platform and getting the best out of it is our daily job. We are working on this kind of things for a long time and partnering with us will surely make your mobile application a success.