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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of very essential and important service in the digital marketing platform. Softscripts provides you the best Email marketing service at a very affordable price. We give you the best email marketing service, where you can create, send, track your email marketing campaign. By this email marketing service, you can easily contact your customers, advertise your business, attract more traffic to your website which will eventually result in the increase of sales. Email marketing benefits a lot to both the retailer as well as the customer. The retailer gets easy and cheaper way to promote and advertise their brand whereas customers can know easily about the discounts, coupons, promotions, new deals etc.


To get a great and big consumer base in any business email marketing is very cheap and effective way to maintain that connection with customers which drives more customers to the website which increases the sales and growth of the company.

As for every business a e-commerce website or a mobile application is required similarly for marketing, the unique strategies for email marketing or social media marketing is required with the best web designs and planned SEO services.


Our email marketing techniques are very affordable which can be used time after time, with on-time working unlike the old and expensive printing mailers methods and shocking costs of the postal. From both the situation which one will you chose waiting days for the Postal service to deliver the mails? Or sending emails by sitting in the home which reaches to the people immediately that too very quickly and in a very cheaper and affordable way?

Digital marketing is growing like anything and grabbing every niche of the business presence in the world. It is the right time to invest less in digital marketing than spending tons in traditional marketing which is basically useless.


People over the world spend most of the time on the internet. Considering statistics we found that people spending the most time on internet spend half of the time in checking the email only. The people who use internet on mobile phones spend their time mostly in email checking only. And statistics show that there is an increase of 21.3% of the people who check more the emails from internet. And it is increasing more and more by every month.

It is a very easy, cheap and fastest way to send and receive the emails and retains the customer’s reviews easily and the customer’s requirements easily and add more people to it. You can’t believe but the truth is that people trust more on emails than any other marketing strategy and statistics says that 50% of the people trust in emails only. Proving right information with good promotion, offers etc. it keeps the customer stuck to it and attract more and make them come back again this process is basically known as SEO services, which develops a great relationship between customer and retailer.

According to a survey conducted by a B2B Magazine, it was found that 59% of people invest more time and trust more on email marketing strategies. Email marketing is a more affordable and profitable outlet. If you aren’t yet using these service then it is high time for you and your business to get it at the earliest.


Any business it may be small or big promotion is a most required and mandatory thing. Which allows the people to know about the business like what is the main aspect of the business and upon what they are working. And having an e-commerce website or mobile application where people will be redirected is also important with the best and attractive web designs.This involves the promotional and relational strategies of the market. Using social media marketing and emails as a marketing strategy you can include everything about your business, the targets, your business, latest products you launched, your sales and services. The first step for a successful digital marketing campaign is to let the people know about your business inside out and attract more which can done through the SEO campaigns.

And email marketing makes it more easy and affordable. Not just that only if your company will spread the good words about your company which gains huge market for your business. Email marketing is a right platform to start your business promotions in a very organic and affordable way.


When comes to marketing, deliverability is very important. Without having day by day increase in deliverability rate marketing is useless. Deliverability is basically the way which is used to measure success rate at which the email marketer gets his campaign into the inbox of the subscriber. It is one of the best plans through which you can send the emails only to those audiences who are most appropriate for it. And email should be perfectly crafted which eventually increases the customers for your business.

There are many other digital marketing firms who provide you beautiful email templates in less time but lack of good content and other technical work which can harm your business metrics. But we are experts in what we do and do everything on time starting from the very first from getting you beautiful email templates, to nice contents, and completing the technical work involved and increasing the deliverability metrics.


Many digital marketing firms out there only focus on pretty looking email templates ignoring the background coding involved in it and ensuring a high deliverability rate. There are many factors other than this who affect the metrics of deliverability.

There are a lot of companies out there who provide internet service and other companies who work only for email filtering all these firms follow strict rules and regulations of email filtering for email marketing. These rules and regulations are very important to follow because this helps your email campaign to keep away from marked as Spam.

Suppose your email looks like spam to the filtering algorithms then the viewer will also think it as a spam. That is why it is very much required to follow filtering rules and regulations.


Structuring an email is a very important aspect that too in an appealing way for the internet service provider as well as for email filtering companies and most importantly for the audiences, we help you in all the ways possible. We craft your emails with great care and check it won’t get faulted just because of some minor problems or technical glitches. And our customized emails crafted only for you will surely make the viewers to go your e-commerce site or mobile application. So, the websites or the app should be done carefully with the attractive web designs.

At softscripts we just require your full trust in us and we work to our level best to make the email marketing campaign succeed. We check all your needs and work accordingly to fulfill your need and get the most out of it and much more than you expected.


  • We have a group of experienced people who provide the best Search Engine Optimisation services we have already worked experimenting with large varieties and that too in the competitive industry. We are very good in promoting an e-commerce website or mobile application and gathering a lot of traffic to the website.
  • We are very much affordable in all aspects and help you get a good return on investment. We have the best methodologies with us the Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter. We help you get into top position not that only help you stay there for long term.
  • We build beautiful websites with amazing web designs and that too which are user-friendly. We work on wide variety of designs that are unique and customized. We provide conversion optimization to your website.
  • We are specialized in deliverability of email marketing services and social media marketing services. We do personalized web applications for the companies. We are partnered with Magento, Bigcommerce, and Woocommerce (expertise in Wordpress) to give the best results.
  • Branding is an important part of any digital marketing campaign. It lets you connect directly with your audience and partners. We help you attract more people to your campaign with more excited and innovative ideas applying on your services this all create a lot of boom for your brand.
  • Our group of experts always work hard to bring your brand to a higher position and create an effective fan base for it. Without the guidance of the experts in this field of online marketing gets difficult. So, consulting an expert in this field is the only solution.
  • We have very good experience in e-commerce service. We eat, breathe and sleep work and provide you the best services. We are partnered with the big e-commerce sites that are Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Woocommerce which provides the best e-commerce services.


Softscripts also help you in setting up a system where your audience can receive the emails whenever they want to. Which is known as permission-based Email marketing. When the viewers choose to go forward and receive your email this means they are opting for your company which add-ons to your business enhancement. So, the emails, in this case, are to be crafted nicely which should grab the attention of viewers.

Whereas sending a lot of emails sometimes irritates the viewers a lot and the viewers may unsubscribe from the service which results in a black mark on your work. So, sending fewer emails at regular intervals that too useful and quality emails would be very good for the business.


A major threat in email marketing is Blacklists. Blacklisting basically means the companies who unnecessarily use email marketing services, and misuse the subscription option by sending useless emails all the time to the audience and irritating them. The companies should take care of this type of misuse of subscription opt-in this brings a very bad impression on the company. And if once, the internet service provider and email filtering companies determine the misuse of email marketing they will for sure cancel all the benefits of your email marketing campaign.

It is a platform which allows you to create, select and design your own customized or personalized emails which no other digital marketing agency provides you is provided by only us. At Softscripts we try to reduce the work of the clients as much as possible and make them feel as if it is a cakewalk. The technologies and tools we use will for sure make your work quite easy and saving the time.

And choosing email as a campaign for marketing is the best idea or strategy you can choose for your business. People nowadays are relying more on the emails than direct promotion as emails are unique and trusted way of communication. And Softscripts make sure to maintain that trust for you in the people or the audience because we understand, know and follow that customers are our God and we should do that everything to keep them happy, which make them come back to you again and again and make them your noted customers.