Identifying and targeting the most required customers for your business- is done by us

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

We have managed a lot of search engine marketing services for those businesses who require a greater amount of exposure in digital media and want to gain the attention of right amount of people at right time through this search engine advertising. Your brand awareness can be increased, a lot of traffic will be attracted to your website, conversion and many more will be done with this managed search engine package. To know more about our services read the below content, about how we would be helping you in attracting the traffic to your website?


Search engine marketing can otherwise be called as “search market” whose aim is to promote websites on the digital platform through internet marketing which primarily is done by paying for the advertising and increasing the visibility rate in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). SEM can be done using organic methods like SEO, and paid methods like pay-per-clicks.

Being a foremost search engine marketing company we combine both organic and paid method that is SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) method to attract and appeal the viewers. SEO service is carried out by combining on-site and off-site tactics like the link building whereas PPC management is done by paying for the services offered by Google and Microsoft.


SEM is the most effective marketing strategy to grow your business in these days competitive marketplace. Thousands and millions of business are out there and many more are coming up and everyone is looking to grab the eyeballs of people towards their business and promote their business.

Users who check for services in the browser like Google and Bing search for the required product using certain keywords. Advertiser, basically bid on these keywords, which give the opportunity for the advertiser ad to appear along with other related search queries. These ads usually come in different formats but are commonly termed as pay-per-click ads.

The different ad forms which include it are:

  • Ads which are text-based.
  • Visual ads which are basically called Product Listing Ads (PLAs)
  • Ads based on products through which customer can see important information at a glance.

The greatest thing about SEM in Internet marketing is it targets the precise customers or right group of customers at the right time which automatically motivate the advertiser to make their business more precise for customers. It is purely an amazing marketing tactic which no other advertising medium can do this precisely.


Our team of experts in search engine marketing will help you in every way possible and handle everything that is required for your website. This initially saves your lot of valuable time which you can invest somewhere else effectively.

We first check and review your website then monitor it after setting-up and optimizing it using PPC ads and keeping a check on the growth and report to you about it, ensuring you get the most out of the money you invested.

We always keep the budget asset in mind and work accordingly. We keep the ROI always high so that you get the most out of your investment and our PPC management is budget friendly and affordable.


Basically, SEM is a paid type of search marketing service, where the advertiser has to pay to google to make it show their ads in the Google’s search results

Whereas, SEO is a different thing it doesn’t charge the advertiser for attracting traffic and clicks on the website. However, in search engine optimization it gives free of cost search results for having the relevant content for the given keyword search.

In online marketing SEO and SEM are the basic fundamentals. SEO is free and more effective in attracting the traffic whereas SEM requires payment you are charged for accessing their PPC ads service.


People think that if they spend more on cost per click the return on their investment will be good but instead, it doesn’t match all the time just because if you have improper ad management. Even if there are a lot of firms out there who will tell you that PPC ads are very cheap and inexpensive to run which is means giving a false hope to you.

Whereas the Rate of Investment and PPC ads can be very expensive in some instances when the companies in some industries are much in number the competition between the companies would be higher automatically. Consulting an experienced company like us with full of skilled and expertise people in every aspect would help you in identifying the important keywords and phrases and using it on your website in all the effective ways possible. That too investing in the most comfortable way that is possible to you. While working with our firm you will never feel like you have wasted your money on something useless.

Your brand name can be seen even if one clicks on your ads. This indicates that your overall exposure to online PPC ads also increases. We ensure you that you will become the player in the market. And user usually searches a lot in the digital platform by using this type of managed search engine marketing you enhance your business a lot more.

Lastly, we are a team of certified professionals and experts in Google Adwords. When the experts in this field handle your PPC ads it becomes easy for you to excel in the market. You can adjust, remove, pause and restart whenever you require. You can even adjust the ad spend to meet the needs of your site when your ad is performing and when it is not performing.


Search engine managing team of our company has both the certification of Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter, which helps your website to determine the best place in PPC ads list. We will even be able to check to start with how many ads and the keywords with which we should start with.

The investment which you keep on your PPC ads will depend on your choice it will be displayed on Google or Bing or in both according to your choice.


Foundation for search engine marketing is keywords. Keywords are the words that the user enters in the search engine to check what they want to see. These keywords are the basis for search engine marketing as a strategy.


Keyword management is the first strategy for SEM campaigns, we chose the best SEM campaigns for your website and do comprehensive research in keyword managing.

First, we check your business website and take out or recognize the applicable or related keywords and check the same thing online that the users are likely to see. We use tools like Free Keyword Tool to fulfill your requirement.

Keywords which are applicable to your preferred business website can be searched easily using these tools.

As we enter the related word on these tools it shows the frequency of the keyword and the reachability to the people.

We also help you in identifying the Negative Keywords. Basically, people think that these are those words which give the wrong connotations while this is not the same these are those words which are irrelevant and are unlikely to result in conversions. We help you in excluding and ignoring these Negative Keywords. We can consider it as if you have a business of “selling cakes” online it would be irrelevant for your business and if the user searching for “recipe of cake” it may land in something wrong.

Search intent or likelihood is the soul concept behind this prospectus as it completes the purchase and searching for other desired action for a term. There are different types of keywords some have a higher commercial intent or the indication that is strong when the searcher wants to buy something. Higher commercial intent keywords are as follows:

  • Buy
  • Discounts
  • Deals
  • Coupons
  • Free shipping


Our expert team of professionals in search engine marketing will be managing your ads in-house. We review your performance at regular intervals and do the necessary changes by consulting you to get the best course of the auction. Monthly reports of your ad performance will be provided to you and the changes in the budget will be done accordingly.

We help you in adding the additional keywords that would be trending according to your ad or by making some necessary changes to your website or by changing something to landing pages that will help your ads to rank high and perform well.


The biggest misconception in SEM campaign is the company which invests a higher amount of money in advertising wins. However in some instance, it gives the advertiser the benefit by targeting competitive keywords, but the success doesn’t usually depend on it. Before appearing beside search results all the ad’s have to pass through a process called AD’s auction. Which basically get focus on Google Adwords ad auction.


Our team will first check the keywords required for your business and then bid on it to enter the Ad auction. This ad auction occurs for those keywords that the users search every single time in Google. After bidding advertiser has to check how much they are willing to spend for per click on the Ad’s if they appear online on Google.

Your ads will be entered only when it is determined by Google that the keywords are contained by the user’s search queries.


Every keyword we see doesn’t have the required commercial intent to display it beside the results. Even while determining the Ad placement in SERP it takes a lot of factors into account. From this we can say that it is not easy to get into the search engine it requires lots of factors to get into it.

Maximum bids and quality score are the two major factor that Google checks while evaluating your AD.

The maximum bid is the amount you bid for your ad, quality score is the total quality metrics of your ad. These two things are calculated during the Google Ad auction for the placement of the Ad.


We are a team of experts we eat, sleep and breathe search engine marketing. We provide you all the best SEM campaign irrespective of what you are either a newcomer or a professional.

We totally manage your search engine marketing campaign by both the ways organic medium SEO ads or paid medium PPC ads. And letting you invest your valuable time in something effective like your business.

As the new technologies come up everyone bounces on the new trends leaving behind the old one. Similarly, in the digital world the Search Engine Optimization SEO and Pay Per Click PPC keeps on changing. Understanding and implementing it in your business is the very important thing. Experts who keep themselves always updated with all these things can only help you out, and choosing us would be your best idea which you can ever think off.

The research of keywords, optimization of the marketing campaigns, tracking the audience, controlling the speed, etc. Everything which is included and required in a digital campaign for your online business would be done by us. Your company would be having a lot of exposure in the digital market in the paid way as well as in an organic way but at the meanwhile, you will be having all the control over how much you want to spend for the campaign! Which at the end of the day allows you and your company to rank high in the SERP or Search Engine Result Page.