How do I get certified in Google AdWords Certification?

How do I get certified in Google AdWords Certification?

For every person who wants to be in the digital marketing sector, Google AdWords Certification is the very crucial thing that every Digital marketer should take it. The question that most of the time everyone gets: Whether to receive the Google AdWords certification or not? Not only this people even get confused that if they are taking the AdWords certification will be useful if accepted or not?  It is an essential credential for the individual as it is the standardized ways using this one can prove their level of knowledge, and understanding in the particular area.

What is Google AdWords Certification?

Google AdWords is a certification program which people opt or want to get certified. Usually, Google conducts a test in which it identifies the marketers in the internet platform and verifies them to be the experts in online advertising. If a person passes two Google AdWord exam, then he/ she will be provided with a personalized Google Certificate, and you get the official entry to Google AdWords Public profile page.

Similar, to other Google products which got evolved with time in the same way Google AdWords Certification is also developing gradually with time.

The Google certification program is a standalone program, and some of the certifications in earlier time you had to appear it by paying some amount but now it is not required all the certifications are free. This was a massive change in the Google AdWords partners program. It may be somewhat confusing for the new users or the students who have just stepped in the Google Ads certification. As this is available exclusively at the GoogleAdWords Partners site, so it becomes a bit tricky and confusing for all those who are new to Google Ads. However, it is easy for those people who are already present in the Google Ads.

google adword certification

Still, now the Certification works same as that it used to work before a few years back. The Google certification has become one of the primary requirement that every company looks for; even the entry-level jobs require the Certification it has become one of the condition.

Google AdWords actual gives the base level knowledge upon a topic. Having a subject matter exposure on an issue that you will get only by clearing the Google certification as it is much more precise than the usual things that you learn from the textbook because Google can tell about itself and give you more in-depth knowledge about itself than anyone else.

Overview of Google AdWords Certification

The Google Certification is only earned by those who are capable enough and can clear the Google-certified exam. An exam is not so easy only some people can make it who have that knowledge about the subject and are experts in it now and then it merely proves it that you became expert just by qualifying the test. Google certifying means setting a bar between all the people who want a chance to participate, if you have the certification it will help you in standing out in the whole crowd which provides you with much importance.

In the beginning, Google Certification was named Google Advertising Professionals. Then in the year 2010 AdWords program name was changed and called as Google AdWords Certification here some changes in the program were made. In 2013 the AdWords program was renamed once again and called as Google AdWords Partners, this name was also not stable for a much longer time at present Google Certification is known as Google Ads.

The Google Ads brought three new brands with which you can work those are the Google Ads, Google Ad Manager, and Google Marketing platform. All these three everytime double checks all the tasks done by the previous one.

The Google AdWords Certification Courses:

AdWords Fundamental exam- This includes everything that is basic and essential like the campaign management and optimization

There are few other exams also which test your creating, managing, marketing, optimizing tactics, especially for the advertisement campaigns.

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising.
google adword percentage

Source: Google

The passing score in Google AdWords is 80% which means until you 80% you have to appear the exam again and again to gain the certificate. However, the Good here is that you can perform the exam with a gap of 24hours from the previous review.

How to open a Google AdWords Account?

The most crucial and foremost thing is to create an account. The account you create will contain all the details of the exams that you have completed or pending to appear. You have to give the features like the email id for login, password just these two are the required details for account creating.

Google adword certificate

Source: Google

Voila! Your account is activated.

Then you will get policies and privacy pages by the Google Ads, which you have to check in then you find another terms and condition after accepting both the systems. You are redirected to the Google Ads page you can see multiple certification programs as shown below. You can choose any one of the programs in which you want certification.

google adword study guide

Source: Google

google adword study guide

Source: Google

Being a digital marketer, I went forward with Google Ads, where you can find the other sub-groups in Google Ads Certification courses which shown below:

  • Digital sales
  • Google Ads display
  • Google Ads mobile
  • Google Ads search
  • Google Ads video
  • Google Ads shopping
  • Programmatic
Google AdWord topic

Source: Google

When you click on any of the course, you can find more than one certification program which you have open and study one after one. The hard part here is in one certification program there will be various modules which you have read carefully understand and then proceed to next.

digital certification

Source: Google

After completion of the whole course, you have to appear for the Google AdWords certification.

AdWord modules

Source: Google

Just like the above image, you will have several modules which you have to complete, and then you have to appear for the Google AdWords certification exam.

Google AdWords Certification Study Guide

The most crucial question that comes in every person’s mind while appearing for the certification is “How do I prepare for the Google Ads Certification?” and what is Google Adwords Certification Study guide that we should follow? The answer to both these questions is below:


There is no external references and books are required if you are completing all the modules in the right way and not just skipping it and directly heading to AdWords exam. Everything that you read in the modules is significant and helps you a lot for your long run. It is better to take your time and read it concentrating on every single thing and answer all the questions asked in between all these things.


Read all the study guide of Google you will get detailed knowledge about each and everything that is there in the advertising world. If you have the working knowledge before this, it is always recommended to read the guidelines and brush up all the things before going to take the test. These study guides are beneficial for everyone including the beginners and the advanced. So, read the study guide thoroughly.


Make your notes and don’t even depend on the other person’s records. This will help you have a better grip and knowledge about each topic. Also, try to prepare a cheat sheet which you can revise it at the time of the exam. Write down all the essential tips and tricks, formulas, alternative methods, etc. that are important at the time of the review. Not just this try to practice it as much as possible all the things and get a deep thought inside the tips and tricks which you are using.


Always make a habit of talking to all the experienced people or all those who are already in the same field and have already given the exam. Try to join as much forum as possible like the Google AdWords community, Quora, Reddit, etc. Join all those sites where you can find these experienced people and try to strick a conversation with them to know more and in-depth about digital marketing and Google AdWords.


Invest most of the time preparing for the test, and take the Google Ads Practice test. This will help you a lot in increasing the speed while you appear the exam. However, you may not be able to find the practice tests in Google Ads page but some if the Third party websites provide these practice test which you can avail and prepare well. The third-party site such as Scribd and Udemy these two website offers some of the best practice tests for the Google AdWords certification.

google adword certificate

Source: Quora

Follow all these steps and prepare yourself well enough for the exam. Appear the exam as it free of cost; previously it used to charge something now all the certifications are entirely free. After you appeared the exam and didn’t make it don’t get sad because you have to wait for 24 hours and again you can perform the test.

If you have qualified the test then you will receive the certificate from Google which will remain in your Google AdWords account, you can take a look at it whenever you want. However, the harass fact is it is valid only for a year. The certificate may be adequate for just a year, but the knowledge you gain is for your whole life.

Google’s BERT Update: How Good or Bad is This For Your Search?

Google’s BERT Update: How Good or Bad is This For Your Search?

Google has consistently been updating its Search Algorithms by prioritizing users’ persona over a few years. This year early in September, they officially announced the launch of the new Google Search Console. In no less than 50 days, another Search Algorithm update the Google’s BERT update is flashed up into the market.

If you are wondering if this revision is just like Core update, Penguin or Hummingbird, then the answer is No. This new BERT update is considered to be one of the most significant search algorithm updates after the 2015 RankBrain.

In this article, we have focused on providing you information about:

  • What is BERT update?
  • What are its features?
  • When is it used?
  • How it affects your search?
  • Should you optimize accordingly?
  • What are the Pros and cons?

All you must need to know about the update:

You probably must be wondering what this BERT is? Well, it is an abbreviation for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Now, what is this? It is what we are about to tell you.

Last year Google launched an open-sourced neural network-based approach for Natural Language Processing (NLP). This technique is called BERT. This technology is used to facilitates anyone to create their own state-of-the-art question and answer system.

That means, it is not always necessary that you or I will always search using grammatically constructed sentences. A lot of people browse using a string of words related to their query.

google search

Source: Google Search

But Google already has autocomplete feature to figure out what your query is about, then what is this update for? Let’s see what is this about.

No matter how many updates have been made in the breakthroughs, still the results of the inquiry mismatch in case of complex queries. Hence, The new update is about improving the understanding of the inquiries made and providing the user with related information.

However, this revision is the result of Google research on transformers: models which process words that are in relation to all the other words in a given sentence of search, rather than one-by-one in sequence.

Now, let us glance at the features of the revised algorithm.

What are the Features of BERT?

The revisions in the search algorithm have not been confined to updates in software alone. There were new hardware advancements too. For the first time, Cloud TPU’s have been used in breakthroughs.

The cloud TPU’s usually power Google products like Translate, Photos, Search, Assistant, and G-Mail. The TPU,s, or Tensor Processing Units have been linked up with search algorithms to serve search results and provide users with the most relevant information.

However, this update is only confined to US English and shall be implemented in other languages over time.

Let us understand it’s usage in detail.

When is BERT used?

BERT usually comes into consideration for understanding the search inquiries in a better way and give relevant results. This revision is also applicable for snippets.

However, this doesn’t mean Google’s BERT update has replaced RankBrain. This BERT Google Natural Language Processing (NLP) update is additional support for a clear understanding of your query and to provide you with relevant results.

Let us now understand how this update affects our search.

How does BERT affect search?

According to Google, the BERT update will affect 1 in 10 of the search queries of the US.

For example, if you are searching for “2019 brazil traveler to the USA need a visa”. Your results before BERT Update and after BERT update are as follows.

google bert example

Source: Google Blog

Earlier, the search results were more focused on how the USA citizens can travel to Brazil. Later, search results are optimized and refined to how Brazilians can get a visa of the USA.

The search algorithm is now taking prepositions like “for” or “to” into account while performing a search to the search query.

Another example, if you wanted to know “do estheticians stand a lot at work.” Your results before Google BERT Update and after BERT update would be:

Source: Google Blog

Hence it can be observed that Google is now able to understand the meaning of “stand” as a different word rather than matching it with “stand-alone.”

Does Google’s BERT Update Only Effect Search Queries?

No, the Google BERT update is not just limited to search queries alone. It is globally live for featured snippets too.

A featured snippet is nothing but a brief answer to your query. It appears on top of the Google search results. It’s usually extracted from the content of a web page and includes the title and URL of the page.

featured snippetSource: Google Search

With Google BERT updates, these featured snippets are also modified, and the results would be as follows:

snippet update bert

Source: Google Blog

You can see the difference for yourself. Isn’t it huge?

So, it is observed that the update is now able to understand the usage of each preposition and provide us with results accordingly.

Now a big question for all the digital marketers is, should they optimize accordingly or not?

What is the Architecture of BERT?

BERT works on the Transformer mechanism, and this is an attention mechanism that analyses contextual relations among words (or sub-words) in a given text. The transformer mechanism is further enclosed with two separate mechanisms — an encoder which helps in reading the text input and a decoder that helps in producing a prediction for the task. However, BERT’s key focus is to generate a language model. Hence, only the encoder mechanism is necessary.

Instead of predicting the next word of the sentence in a sequence, BERT makes use of a novel technique called the Masked LM (MLM): it randomly masks words of the sentence and then tries to predict the words. Masking means the model looks in both directions. It uses the full context of the sentence, and checks both left and right surroundings, in order to predict those masked words. Unlike the earlier language models, it takes both the previous and next tokens into account into consideration at the same time. The pre-existing combined left-to-right and right-to-left LSTM based models were missing this concept of “same-time part.”

bert comparisions Source: Google Blog

In the above image, visualization of Google BERT’s neural network architecture is compared to previous state-of-the-art contextual pre-training methods is shown. The arrows indicate the flow of information from one layer to the next layer. The green boxes at the top indicate the final contextualized representation of each input word.

However, the three pre-training methods differ from one another. BERT is deeply bi-directional, OpenAI GPT is unidirectional, whereas  ELMo is shallowly bidirectional.

Should you optimize your SEO accordingly?

Google says that

“It’s our job to figure out what you are searching for and surface helpful information from the web, irrespective of how you spell or combine the words in your query ”

So, this is an effort by Google for a better understanding of the searcher’s query and to match it with more relevant results. However, this algorithm update is not intended to penalize any site.

Hence, instead of focusing on optimization, focus on writing content for users, like you usually do. However, we suggest you to keep a check on search traffic and optimize according to the search trends.

What are the Pros and Cons of Google BERT Update?

As every coin has two sides, every update has its own pros and cons. This revision helps the search results get better by understanding the natural language of the user. But, it is going to affect one in ten searches of the US. Implying 10% of the total searches shall be affected due to this update, which is huge.

This implies soon, Google will no longer focus on Keyword density but try to understand the content of the text. However, Language understanding remains an ongoing challenge for the giant search engine.

What do we suggest?

Though the methods of search have been refined, there is still an opportunity for you to rank on top. Here are a few tips for you to improve your SEO concerning BERT:

Use Long Tail Words:

As mentioned earlier, this update is a step of Google to understand searchers’ queries. The search results are based on the phrases used by the enquirer. Hence, use long-tail keywords related to the topics which match with any related phrase used by the enquirer.

If you don’t know how to generate long-tailed keywords, use tools like Semrush, UberSuggest, Keyword tool.

These tools provide you with related keywords, long-tail keywords, and their density. This will help you decide which keyword you have to focus on while doing your SEO.

Do not focus on article length:

It is an old followed tradition in digital marketing and content marketing to write lengthy articles. But, with the  Google BERT update length of the article is not as relevant as it was. This doesn’t mean long articles will not be considered. Articles which are more relevant to users concern will rank on the top of the search.

So, instead of focusing on the length of the article, focus more on human understanding, readability, and content relation.

To check your readability, you can use tools like Hemingway or Grammarly.


It is for sure that due to this update, sites will lose some traffic. Do not worry if you lost your traffic or conversion rates. Take this as an opportunity to develop content which is Super-Specific to the user persona.

Try to answer user concerns and question more in your article. If you do not know what questions you need to answer, then use tools like answer the public are Google autocomplete suggestions, FAQ, and Quora.

We hope that this article was of excellent help for you in understanding the BERT update.

We would love listening to your view about how this Google Update. So, do write to us in the comment section below or contact us.

What are the New upcoming Bing Ad Extensions updates?

What are the New upcoming Bing Ad Extensions updates?

Paid Search Advertisers are always on the pursuit of making their ads more engaging. To make it easy for the Bing Ads users, we present the tips and tricks to Bing Ads extension. Most of the people will now have turned towards the ads extension to boost the AdWords click-through rate. The fascinating thing here is Google benefitted by these ad extensions as the part of Ad Rank Formula and Bing Report.

New Bing Ads Extension

Bing Ads has recently unwrapped the new ads extension that will help you utilize the call to action buttons in the text ads.

These new action extensions will help all the advertisers achieve an increase in the click-through rate at least to 20%. This extension is made available in all the Bing Ads Worldwide. Bing Ads action is global, and it is supporting in all the languages, it is available from Wednesday in all the desktop and mobile devices. The featured extension involves one of the 70 predefined calls to action.

In details, if we would discuss then, we can integrate the action extension to the accounts, campaign or the ad group level, with the lowest level of precedence. You will be allowed only 20 action extensions per level.

The action extension only supports in the web UI; it is web bulk account managing tool. However, the campaign manager in Bing Ads service only to API and bulk API. You will have the option for setting the URL for an extension.

This is the new Ad extension feature that Bing has recently introduced. To know more about the Bing Extension tips and tricks follow the whole article.

Location Extension

The location extension allows all the advertisers to include the business address, phone number, and direction to the workplace or store in the AD. When the searchers click on the link, then it will redirect to Bing Maps Page with the address showing already populated.

Bing Location extension

Source: Bing


What is the use?

If you want to drive the audience to your storefront, then you must add the location extension. This helps in boosting the traffic to your business; it makes you stand out in the Search Engine Ranking Page. According to Bing Reports, Bing Ads Extension produce 7%-10% of increased Click Through Rates than those who don’t have.

SiteLink Extension

The SiteLink Extension allows the advertisers to include links to their various other pages in site just below the Ad. You can even enhance the page links by adding a few lines of description to it for each connection.

site extension

What is the use?

Every advertiser gets benefitted from it, instead of just one link advertisers can add more than one link with a description. When the site links double the opportunities of the AD surface doubles, that makes the Ad visibility of Ad prominence higher than that of smaller ads. As a result of this, the announcement yields up to 30% more profit and profile than the regular ads.

The key here is providing links to only those sites which are very relevant for your business which includes a landing page, useful links to the store. If you mention something that is out of topic then there are huge chances that it will derail the users, distract them from actual thing that you want to show. When you are setting up the extension, do the background digging and check what people are looking for and try to enhance their experience.

App Extensions

With the App Extensions, the advertisers can include a link asking the people to download the application directly from their text ads. Once the user clicks on the link, Bing recognizes the type of device and the Operating system and then redirects to the correct app store to complete the installation process.

What is the use?

If your business has the app, this means you have invested a significant amount of time in building the original app-so you will surely want that people should use it! App extension is one the best way to introduce people to your app and encourage them to download it and use it.

According to a leading person from Microsoft, one from every four people across the world downloads the app from App extension or through app searching in the browser. As apps are more sophisticated and delicate than the other mobile websites, apps draw more conversion rates. If you have a perfect app then never hesitate to promote.

Image Extension

In Image Extension, the advertiser can add image alongside the ad. Usually, one can upload up to six images (Per campaign) and have a unique URL for every picture. This gives the advertisers a chance to point the users to some other websites also.

image extension

Source: Bing

Until now the extension can only be displayed on the desktop and the tablets. However, now ads are showing just one image in the advertisements. Bing even announced that they would testing other image formats in the forthcoming months. Will initially bring such a potential option to Ads extension.

What is the use?

The first thing that might come into your head, Why should you use the image extension you can use the standard product extension? Answer: Images attracts people more than that of words. On the other hand, Product Ads yields the best result, but the image extension has proven beneficial where ads are not present.

image extension

Source: Bing

These are best for service-based businesses such as hotels, spas, restaurants, bakery, e-commerce to showcase product ads. All these industries show the image extension.

Call Extension

call extension

Source: Bing

It is one of the beneficial ad extension, and the advertisers can use the Call extension to display the contact number in the Ad, with a button to click-to-call, all in the ad copy. There are two types of Bing Ads Extension:

  • The display on all the Devices: The primary use of this option is to enable the call tracking for all kind of devices, to attain the in-depth data like call type, duration, etc. for the calls generated from the ads. To do this Bing improved a dynamic forward calling option that will appear on your ads.
  • Display only on smartphones: This is a type of customized calls, with this option your phone number will be appearing in the click to call format. However, clicks to this calls are always recorded, while no in-depth data is present.

What is the use?

For the maximum number of business, the number of leads comes from the conversation or calls than directly going to the landing page. The Call extension usually, cuts down the middle man and gives you direct contact to the team.

If we take it in another way, building a landing page that attracts every audience is a bit difficult. And the same landing page pushing the leads to convert to users is a difficult task. Even if you have a beautiful landing page but the people turning cannot be anticipated. On the flipside, in Call extension, there is direct contact between the user and the business.


There are few more ads extension that is coming soon in Bing Ads that will make your work more exciting and accessible.

Action Link Extension

The Action Link Extension allows the advertisers to add the call to action button along with their ads that are linked to the landing page. Usually, Bing provides a pre-approved list of actions for the button the activities include buy now, sign in, reserve, contact us. It also offers a possibility for the users to submit a review for CTAs.

Since it is not yet there in the market, all those advertisers who want to avail it should apply Microsoft for this fantastic feature.

What is the Use?

Based on the recommendation it is made, it can be seen that the extension has been designed keeping e-commerce business in mind while it is useful for others also. Typically, we can see that when people have a clear directive, they will mostly flow in action. Given that the extensions will highlight the call to action and will make it easy for them searchers to do it. This will undoubtedly yield a higher click-through rate.

However, the feature is very identical to Facebook CTA button. A lot of advertisers have reported positive reviews for Facebook CTA. We can hope the same for bing also.

Review Extension

This extension is very beneficial and allows the advertisers to include the third party link in your business ad. However, the review must be from a reputable source rather than any customer or a proposal review. It must be a reflection of the whole business.

review extension

Source: Bing

What is the Use?

You may have a bunch of happy customers! Who will show a lot of positive feedbacks to your work? Review extensions are super useful for your business if you are small or starter. Even, if the advertisers have the best ads, the searchers are less likely to engage if you have no good one recommending you, searchers start thinking if you are trustworthy or not. Including a known third party will build trust upon you and makes your presence more powerful.

Callout Extension

Callout Extension allows the advertisers to add the four emphasized product keys selling below the ad. Unline the SiteLinks these are not clickable links. The sole purpose is to add more content to your ad.

callout extension

Source: Bing

What is the Use?

It is the best chance to add more content to your paid ads in Bing, which will include more useful keywords. Callout Extension is those that will provide you this opportunity to add more content. Regardless! of the industry, it is helpful for any business. You have to check the unique selling points, then plug them to account, campaign or ad group. These extensions are new in Bing and very similar to AdWords Callout Actions.

Video Extension

The Video Extension will allow the advertisers to append 15-30 Videos to text ads. This is limited to specific users. The Bing Account managers should talk with Bing to enable this service.

Bing is the first platform to release something as Video Extension. We see the growing popularity of Video Ads, and Content Bing introduced this amazing Video Extension.

What is the Use?

This extension is useful for any business, even though the searchers don’t directly connect with it. If we add a video along with Ad will increase the Search Engine Ranking Page, this helps to stand out against the competitors ads.  According to psychology, people tend to attract to images more than that of words. This makes the ads colorful and grabs the vision of the searchers at a once.


There are a lot of Extensions that Bing has added to make the work of Advertisers easy, attractive and grabbing traffic. Additional to this the new ad extension also brings some new advertisers to bing making it innovative.

Maybe some of the Extension you have to ask Bing for using, but it is worth taking if you want your ads to be the best.

We hope you came to know more about the Bing Ad Extensions and its uses. If you have any queries regarding Bing feel free to talk to us.


Email Marketing Principles Made Easy For Small Business

Email Marketing Principles Made Easy For Small Business

Email Marketing is an effective tool to promote your brand and company. The traditional ways of communication are still email marketing. There are email marketing principles which when followed drive good results to your website. However, the future of email marketing is very promising and can build a good relationship with customers and the company.

email marketing

By following proper email marketing principles, you can get noticed in the competition with many email marketing tips. Staying well connected with the existing customers, thereby generating the leads for new customers. In fact, there are many free email marketing software you can use to attain the expected outcome.

Is Email Marketing Effective?

Of course, yes. Email marketing is as effective as the present social media platforms. Therefore, is very essential for small scale business.

For example, if we can an email. What do we do? We either readjust the outlines or mark as spam. It seems that they do not feel like opening the email. The emails do not shout out “open me” or “read me”.

Consequently, email marketing principles include all the email marketing strategies where it strengthens customer- client relationships by reminding you to send emails regarding the existing offers, upcoming events, not to miss clearance sales and many more.

Now, let us see to send email marketing principles depending on the type of emails you are sending. Eventually, each organization needs different email marketing tips.

What is Email Marketing Tips?

Email Marketing tips are critical to consider the main structure of the email. Major targets are achieved by thoroughly following the email marketing tips. You should follow certain tips to impress the customers on a single go that guarantee good success rates. Let us look at the main aspects of email marketing.

Content is king:

Whatever email you are trying to frame, the main hero in the email is the content. Plan the content carefully. However, by segmenting your email lists through the reader demographics makes your work easy. Provide with the simple and plain content. Always the simplicity wins. Do not overdo the content and confuse the customers.

email marketing principles

Keep it entertaining and traditional:

Keeping emails the same traditional way is equally important to keep your emails interesting and distinctive as well. However, you should sound that you create an email as if it real. It should not sound like an automated message. Keep it entertaining. Email marketing tips should not sound that your email is forwarded by a marketing machine. If here, you made a difference, then you won half of the battle.

Irresistible subject lines:

You should make sure that your emails are personalized. Sending a high volume of emails every day is no easy work. First, speak to the readers and then tell them you are sending an email to their inboxes. This way, your sent email will not go unnoticed and will take out time to read and respond.

However, these above mentioned key points are the main deciding aspects of successful email marketing. Always encourage the readers to respond to your emails. Listen to what your subscribers have to say.

What is a Free Email Marketing Software?

With free email marketing software, you can send emails in bulk for a certain limit or a limited number of subscribers. Each free email marketing software has a specific limit for the number of emails to be sent to the list.

Below given are the well -known free email marketing software used to develop your small business. However, each free email marketing software is different from each other.

Mail Chimp:

MailChimp, after its major breakthrough in 2014 is back in action with a podcast marketing campaign. However, MailChimp is the most widely used free email marketing system for small businesses. There is an estimation of over 16 million users. In a recent email marketing survey of 60 small scale business owners, it has received rave reviews.

However, MailChimp free plan is for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. MailChimp integrates well with WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Magento, Salesforce, Google Analytics and many more.


As the name suggests, it is going to work fast. The company head office is in Paris and operates in more than 150 countries. In short, Mailjet is a one-stop solution for email marketing. Its free plan includes 6,000 emails per month or 200 emails per day, for unlimited contacts.

However, there are no limits in contact list even for a free plan. The user interface is anyway simple and user-friendly.


SendPulse is a newcomer to this email marketing industry. Since 2015, SendPulse has received a lot of positive feedback. However, it offers a very generous free plan. SendPulse also offers SMS text messages and web push notifications for an additional charge. Therefore, it will offer 15,000 emails per month for less than 2,500 subscribers for emails.


Benchmark was found in the year 2004. This focuses on basic email marketing and works best for creative people. The best part is Benchmark is available in 8 languages. In Benchmark, free plan is available as a life plan for up to 2000 subscribers and 14,000 emails per month. You can add additional features like automation, A/B testing and list verification. Benchmark is a clean template email marketing service with user-friendly interfaces.


SendinBlue is a truly a colorful email marketing service from France. Therefore, SendinBlue has been in this industry since 2010. It also offers services in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. However, 9000 emails per month, 300 emails per day to unlimited subscribers. SendinBlue offers very simple automated text messages.

What is Email Marketing Example?

Well, there are many success stories for email marketing which shows that with proper planning and email marketing principles, you can do wonders in the targetting the audience.
One of the best and simplest examples of email marketing is Charity.

charity: water

This is an Email Marketing Campaign for donation Donation Progress Update. When you talk about email marketing, often forget about the transactional emails. However, these transactional emails are automated emails in the inbox after a series of actions on a website. This would include filling a form, to purchase a product, or even updating on an order. These are nothing but text emails sent by email marketers.

Well, coming to the email marketing example Charity: water has taken an innovative step towards the amount of donation you give.
Suppose, when some X donates to a charity which is a water project. This money will obviously take a long journey until its purpose is fully filled.

Most of the charity organizations will take the amount and just leave. On the contrast, this Charity took an initiative and uses the automated emails to show the X (donors) how the donated money is making a journey and impact on thousands of lives.

However, with the emails and the timeline emails, you will know where you are in this whole process and can move on with things once reading the track of your hard earned money.

charity: water took an alternate route. Once someone donates to a charity: water project, the money takes a long journey. Most charities don’t tell you about that journey at all — charity: water uses automated emails to show donors how their money is making an impact over time.

With the project timeline, you don’t even really need to read the email. You know immediately where you are in the whole process so you can move onto other things in your inbox.

What are the Principles of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is not just merely blasting out emails to a bunch of email addresses. But, it is a process which involves email marketing principles to make each contact list as the asset to the company.

Let us look at some of the email marketing principles for effective small business growth.

In the right way to the right audience:

You should be completely clear in the mind that, what audience to target at the specified right time.
Suppose, take a real estate agency. Now, the agency will have to send emails for both the buyers and sellers along with the prevailing offers, the homes nearby, the shops nearby and much more.

You can reach more audience, by sending out emails and can get more response. Weekly emails or bi-weekly emails should be sent to make customers remember and make a CTA.

Communicate as if you are on Social Platform:

If you treat email as a simple flyer, then even the customers will just ignore as spam. Therefore, to make a difference in how the customers react to the emails, keep them to the relevant topic. Specify the actual reason to communicate in the description.

free email marketing

Plan the content in such a way that the customers should go through the whole email. Don’t forget to add taglines like “call us on”, “for an easy explanation, give us a call” so that the customers revert to you.

You can also add, customer testimonials as advertising emails. Thereby, creating trust and reliability.

Add relevance to the content:

Whenever you are composing an email, always make sure that set your words straight out in a polite way. Readers feel it bore to go through the long emails and sometimes they mark as spam.

The emails you send out should be clear and reach the audience in a timely manner. Also, do not overdo the emails. You should plan in such a way that, the emails you send are informative.

Building relationships with email marketing:

You can build good customer – client relationships with email marketing. As a medium of communicating, email has remained in the top. Write a personalized email, and touch all the topic you would like them to know. Always be welcoming. You can compose an email kile you normally talk to your customers. This way, the customers will feel interested to go through the email and thus have a healthy relationship with the

Segment the audience:

After days of email marketing, you will see a group of readers who will actively participate and respond to your emails. Target them and funnel the conversion rates in favor of your company.

email marketing tips

However, you will also come across a few groups who will read but do nothing. This is the right time to target them and convert them into the customers. Segmentation at this stage is very important at this stage, to rule out which segment of customers expect changes for betterment.

Data Etiquette:

The major concern today is the privacy of the data. Make sure you follow data etiquette so that the customers will be delighted to listen from you. Give them a chance or mention them that, they can unsubscribe to email anytime. This phrase is strong enough that they will feel secured to receive an email from you and to read and respond to it.

Final Keywords:

Finally, all these email marketing principles and email marketing tips when followed according to a proper plan and execution will fetch outstanding results. However, marketing is a tricky beast. Everything in email marketing principles is trial and error methods. By eliminating the process that didn’t work and coming up with new ideas is what business is all about.

Google new alerts: All the New features in Google 2019

Google new alerts: All the New features in Google 2019

While the year 2019 is rolling out so as the Google new alerts and updates to its already existing applications and software for the users, marketers and the advertisers. While in this updates the first thing that everybody noticed is the Google New alerts related to Ads, a very new publishing platform for local news, Google new alerts for the mappings, and integrating the Google Adwords Campaign with Google ads platform.

Read the full article to know in details about the Google new alerts.

Search News in Google

The most important and surprising changes that Google brought in is for the Local writers and in the Google search news. Below you can know more about it.

Google testing Mobile SERPs with ADs

The Google Search Engine Ranking Page is never the same it keeps on changing, and advancements keep coming up. It was found that 14 ads one after other was present on the first page. This means the advertisements occupied the first page of the Google search engine.

At the top of the page, first, four advertisements came up followed by the organic searched advertisements after that seven more paid advertisements again came up then reached six organic advertisements.

Eventually, in the end, the research page ends with three more advertisements before the more results pop up. This means the page had a total of 14 advertisements and then eight organic results. Which means it is twice as many as the usual number of ads.

While we can expect that the fact behind it is maybe Google is testing the ads in a mobile SERPs or Search Engine Ranking Page. However, it even shows that Google is pushing the company’s and making it monetized in the search results. This is an excellent sign to the digital advertisers, but not for the SEO specialist.

Google’s three pack local listing

This is a new type of Google local listing which you can see in Google maps. Previous it was seven pack page rollout, but now it is a three pack page roll out. Due to this, the SEO related people all are shaken to know what will be the result? And now it became a more tough task for SEO persons to optimize the Google maps for their clients.

Not just that & pack where cut to 3, while previous the user was able to see the address and phone number with the name but now no address and phone number will be visible.

3 pack listing

Google not removed the Phone number and the address it even disabled the !-click access and removed all those links which redirect to Google My Business. All the previous cards got hidden now if click on listing open page you will be redirected to the Google Map where you will find the list of 20 competitors just like the older one.

3 pack listing

In the above image you can that first comes the paid companies, then you get a list of all the electrical companies. It is one of the best tricks that Google used because at a go you can see 20 competitors list. People will get to know about their competitors at a site on one page.

Google new alert platform for Local News: Google Newspack

Google went into partnership Automattic and WordPress, even invested $ 1.2 million in the new project named to be Newspack. This new NewsChannel will have a portfolio in Google as Newspack; this portfolio will have services such as the fast, secure and meager cost for the publishing news. You can even be able to post the different and small local newsroom.

However, with the help of this platform, the local journalist and reporters get easy access who are struggling to bring up the local news. All those journalist and reporters who don’t understand about the Digital Marketing strategies and the business problems will all be solved now and can tell the story about the community and locality in the Google Space. Here, you don’t have to worry about the website design, building with an e-commerce system and configuring the CMSs.

While if you are thinking about the aim of the Google newspack is one-platform fitting all the size of the news. However, the focus of Google is to help the small business person to raise high and succeed in the online media. Google named Newspack as “an opinionated CMS” because according to Google it is a very right thing even if publishers never did it.

As per our experts, we came to know that Google will start the development process on this project soon. The platform will be available for the users after a few months.

No need of Physical Presence for registering in Google My Business

Recently Google introduced a new feature for the service areas in Google My Business platform. It is best for the small businesses owners without the street address, or a proper address can now share the address of local service and the other information related to business on the Google maps and search engine pages.

The present GMB users can now edit all the information of the business straightly from the Dashboard of the GMB. There you can find the separate options for editing “storefront address” and “service area.”

While for the businesses who have not yet registered in Google My Business and are new to it, will be guided by the Google bot through the whole setup process starts. At last, Google says that “It hopes the business will grow and better connect with the potential customers in different locations.”

Featured snippet for PDFs

Yes! You heard it right Google will now consider the content in your PDF and show as a featured snippet. Previously the featured snippet used to pull out only the content from the website HTML. However, it is the first time anything like this thing is going to happen. If we see it from an SEO techniques point of view, a PDF contains much more information than the typical contents. It is happy news for all those who are writing PDF which a lot of information but were never got rank for it.

pdf snippet

Google maps speed camera warning

In Google maps, you can see a new feature which will showcase you the speed limits as warnings. In the mobile application device, it will show the driver the speed limit while the driver would be driving it. That’s, not the end; it will even show the hidden speed trap cameras on the corner of the streets.

When you open the app on the left side down corner, you will find the speed being displayed, and the camera would be shown as a small camera icon or option on the visible area of the map.

The camera icon is will also be enabled by the time you reach near the speed trap cameras. Nevertheless, the sources even say that this feature is available only in fewer countries. People expect that this feature will roll out just in US, UK, and Denmark also if countries such as Australia, India, Brasil, Russia, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada have the speed trap cameras.

We can expect that shortly after release in the US, the UK and Denmark Google will soon launch in these companies while it is still unknown when it will roll out in all over the world.

New Google Tools

Not just that Google new alerts were there for the software and the application it is even there for the Google Tools. To know more take a look below.

Access to nonskippable ads

Usually, in Google, the Video creators get only limited access to creative actions in this platform. At the end of January Google gave access to all the advertisers to take all the benefits and make all the original works that they can make, and regardless of how they are buying it, whether it has advanced, through the Google auction for ads, or the reservations.

Google now brought this on the Google platform a 15-minute unskippable ad which was earlier only present in the youtube, and if you want to have it in Google, you had to you the YouTube reservation now you can directly do with Google reservation or aution.

To ensure how many users are coming up, Google will be capping the number of users who are watching the Video it makes it more user-friendly simultaneously having the record of it. In the end, it is a very intuitive and flexible way which makes the work of advertisers easier.

Adwords Express combined with Google Ads

Google has integrated Adwords Express with Google Ads; now you can find both the things in one place. The digital marketers can now see the Adwords Express in Google Ads as an option “Smart Campaigns.” Don’t you will not lose any of the benefits all the benefits that you enjoyed before will remain and nothing will exploit. While you can find new interests and features coming up such as:

  • Creating a digital ad quickly in a more natural way.
  • They are attracting more customers to your ad by using Google Maps.
  • I am paying only when someone clicks on the ad.
  • Google will make your work easier by running ads on behave of you.
  • You can review the effectivity of your ads on the dashboard.

Not the effectiveness of the campaigns people can even be able to watch the campaign overview, alerts for the critical account, Google analytics, maps listing, scheduling the ads and so on.


As of we came to an end, these are some of the new features that we will, and we have seen in the Google system this year. We are looking to get some more unusual features like this. Most importantly the Google new alerts in Google maps is what everyone is excited.

We expect that everyone presents all over the globe gets it as soon as possible. Until it comes if you find any other new updates and want us to include it in our article leave a comment below we will update it.

Hope you enjoyed reading!