How Lunar Eclipse boosts your Traffic? Seems Irrelevant? It’s not

How Lunar Eclipse boosts your Traffic? Seems Irrelevant? It’s not

If you’re still wondering what the heck Lunar Eclipse has to do with your online traffic, then you need to read this

Can lunar eclipse boost your traffic influx?

You all know the kind of an impact the Lunar eclipse has had over the minds of the people. People are quite enthusiastic about the day. This opportunity can be directed towards attracting more traffic altogether. Here’s how.

The best way to attract the traffic is going by the trends and making an issue out of it. You can create topics out of anywhere you feel like, but the only thing is if you’re going the right way or not? If it’s going to attract enough traffic or not? If it’s relevant to your website’s content or not? Well, there are ample more of these questions that I wouldn’t flush you with already. Let’s understand this thing more clearly.

google trends

So have you heard of the term trend marketing? If you’re in the marketing field for a while you’d know how important it is to be updated with all the trends happening all around. This trend leads to attention-grabbing. The attention every other brand is looking for. So how do you stay updated with all the trends? Well, there are two things here. The one I personally follow the most is Google Trends. It has a vast degree of stretch of information with all the things has been happening all around. You can navigate in accordance with the country and the specific city as well.

So what does lunar eclipse has to do with my traffic?

Well, the lunar eclipse is the current trend and is the one that you need to be thinking about. Leverage this trending situation that has been happening all around the world at this particular moment. So if you manage to make sure you create some content using the respective topic, then your result will automatically be displayed. Learn how to write great content here. But that’s not it, you also need to know how to get your content on the SERPs.

Isn’t that amazing? If you’re able to create some great topic, then your searches will also be displayed out in the results. If you’re able to make it to the first page of the SERPs then that would be enough to attract a large rate of traffic.

What should I do after finding the right topic?

As soon as you find the best topic that suits the day’s trend, now you need to make sure to use it in the most appropriate way. Go to Answer the Public page and see how every other person has been searching for the lunar eclipse. Now try and include all those answers on your page so it answers all the queries put in front. This way you’ll be able to answer all the questions raised by your viewers.


That’s not it, you need to again incorporate all these techniques into your content and make it engaging at the same time. These will go a long way in bringing your brand its own recognition.

What next?

Use all your SEO techniques in order to expand the reachability and make sure that your content has a high relevance with what the users have been searching. This will go a long way in attracting as many viewers as possible. Learn why SEO is important here.

These few viewers will eventually turn into a great traffic. This traffic in itself will eventually turn into your prospects. Again this will boost your business ahead! So go ahead and find your very own trend.


It doesn’t matter if it’s the lunar eclipse or the solar if it’s Trump’s election win or his birthday. All you need to do is find what people are engaged with and come up with that particular topic in order to return a great amount of traffic towards your website. So don’t just sit back and start working on your website as well. Here’s how you can Write Content for Trending Topics without Being Spammy.


Android P Beta 3 (Developer Preview 4) Released: Learn More

Android P Beta 3 (Developer Preview 4) Released: Learn More

Android P Beta 2

If you’re wondering what the new update Android P Beta 3 has in store for you, then you’re at the right place. Google has released the third version of Android P beta. They’ve launched the second one in the previous month. This is said to be the last one coming out. You won’t receive them any further. So, it says that major bugs would be fixed in this update. We’ll most probably not see any other version coming out. The actual version of this would be hitting the Google partnered and flagship phones in the month of October. There are certain features that the audience has been expecting in this update. But this being only a bug fixer update, you won’t be receiving any feature updates.


Which phone users would get this?

If we look closely, we understand for a fact that this version doesn’t have any major updates. It is only here to enhance your experience with Android P. Yes, it’s still Android P and us, neither anyone else has a clue as to what it’s going to be. The Android P Beta 3 is only available for Pixel phones and the Google partnered phones. This isn’t an OTA update for all those who haven’t upgraded with the developer version yet or signed up for the Android Beta Program. For all those who haven’t installed the developer version of Beta 2 can now install this the same way. If you don’t have a great clue as to how it’s done, here’s a link for you. Android P Beta 3 Installation. 

The installation isn’t a big deal, but be sure to backup all the data before installing it on your phone. The new beta will soon also debut on other devices. Including the Essential PH-1, Nokia 7 Plus, OnePlus 6, Oppo R15 Pro, Sony Xperia XZ2, Vivo X21, Vivo X21 UD, and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. These devices are partnered with Google.

Why time management is the first basic trait required

Why time management is the first basic trait required

Probably the one thing you’ve heard over and over again but still didn’t master it the way you should. We all know for a fact that this is the most essential part of the day but somehow we tend to neglect the significance of this. Jim Rohn aptly said, ” run the day or the day runs you”. Our traits of being submissive about things we can’t control have led us to get into the second category. Yes most of us are run by the day. The very reason why we waste the whole day not planning anything and in the end rushing through the things to get it done in time. As we all know anything done in rush doesn’t ripe the beautiful result. Its efficiency is lost right then when you don’t put your complete mind into it.

Credits: Sources of Insight

Putting a big glass jar on the table in front of him, he started placing large rocks in it until they had filled the top of the jar. He then asked the class, “Is this jar full?” Everyone in the class shouted, “Yes!”

The teacher replied, “Really?” He then grabbed from under the table some gravel and proceeded to dump it into the jar and then shaking it until all of the gravel had filled the spaces of the big rocks. He then asked again, “Is the jar full?”

Some nodded their head yes. But most didn’t say a word.

“Okay… let’s see.” the teacher said. He reached under the table again, this time pulling out a bucket of sand. He took the bucket and dumped all of the sand in and once more asked the question, “Is it full now?”

By this time the only response he got was from a mumble in the back that said, “Probably not.”

He said, “Good.” He then grabbed a pitcher of water nearby and dumped it into the jar until it was filled to the brim.

Then the wise teach asked, “Would I have ever gotten these big rocks in if I had started with the water, then the sand and then the gravel?” The class all shook their head, “No.”

He then taught something this youthful class would never forget. He asked, “What are the big rocks in your life that must come first? What is important?” The class was silent. He said, “They are things like the time you spend with those you love, your faith, your education, your service to others…they are the things that matter most.” He then said, “Make sure to put the big rocks in first or you will never get them all in.”

Credits: Video Excellence Productions

What are your big rocks? What are your priorities? The reality is that the only thing you will care about when it is all said and done is the big rocks. The little rocks won’t matter much then.


Treat time like you treat the money in your bank. Bit by bit it starts declining. But you’ll never know its value until you’re down to your last few pennies. Learn the importance of things beforehand rather than waiting until the last moment to get the job done. Yes, you might think doing the job in the last minute helps you cope up with the pressure in future. But for a skill to be learned could you really risk your present task for it? Wouldn’t that be an inefficient way? So if you really want to learn rather than using this excuse of honing your skills, you can set a deadline that can be pushed, but don’t. Do it as early as possible so you’ll have enough time to make improvements to it.

So let’s get deeper into this and rather than pushing you to manage your time, I’ll help you with some foolproof strategies that you can inculcate in your businesses to make sure you’re more efficient tomorrow than you were yesterday.

Catch the big fish first:

If in a day there’s some task that you think is the most difficult and annoying one, that you’re not really interested in doing, go for it first. Once you’re done with doing the biggest job first, you’re left with just the tiny things that don’t make you feel demotivated. It rather pushes you as the destination could now be easily reached.


Prepare yourself:

Have yourself prepared for this the night before. Close your eyes, think as if it’s the next day and imagine what exactly are you going to do in order to hunt the big fish. Enlist all the things in a notepad, according to the timeline with the appropriate time. If you need to have your colleagues make up their minds for something inform them right then no matter what time it is. It not only makes you enthusiastic but also shows your colleagues how serious you’re about finishing this and they understand the grave of the situation too.


Set a deadline:

Manipulate your mind in such a way that you feel the urgency of finishing the task in the stipulated time though the deadline can be pushed a little farther. Keep testing your limits and make sure with every completion of task you learn how to get things done in a lesser time.


Get a hold of emotions and pressure:

Emotions and pressure are the last things you need to get yourself engaged in. Time is elastic, whenever you start thinking how things might turn against you, you’ve already had lost your time without your notice and the worse thing is you lose all your confidence, all the energy you’ve invested in motivating yourself and planning this all out goes in vain.


Stay determined, stay focused:

You’ve prepared yourself. You have a plan, you have a goal to reach. The stage is all set and the only thing left to do is being focussed and determined and not get distracted. It’s as essential to prepare your team as it is to prepare yourself. So if it takes a while to share knowledge or motivate your team, use the time. One needs to take two steps back before taking a giant leap.

Credits: tutor4u, Youtube

Put on a watch:

Ever wondered why watch makes people look much professional than those who don’t have one? It’s because a watch is the direct indication of your time sense and there’s nothing more important than time.

Credits: WatchReviewBlog

So anything you do takes some time to master it. Take it step by step. In your day of completion of a work use these strategies one after the other. You’ll notice for yourself the progress you’ve made. That’s how you become the best in any field you’re working for.

Mobile marketing? Is that still a thing? Ask the millennials!

Mobile marketing? Is that still a thing? Ask the millennials!

Well, to begin with, I’d like to tell there’s always a reason why I chose my words the way I do. There’s a pretty good reason why I used the word millennials. It’s because people in that age gap has been ruling over every social media. Whether if it is Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat, you name it. This makes them stay longer hours over the phone and that’s where the right companies make the most of!

Image result for statistics on usage of mobile phones age

Credits: comScore

Mobile marketing is a big thing because it’s something that one can’t get easily rid of. So when you see an ad on tv, you can just skip the channel or go, do something else. But on a mobile phone, it’s like you’re stuck to it. You hold them with both your hands and enthusiastically watch whatever you wanted to. A few seconds of ads wouldn’t make you skip to some other app. So, you tend to stick with the same application! That makes mobile marketing one of the most efficient one.

So, what are the different types of mobile marketing that we usually see around?

SMS Marketing:

Image result for text sms

Well, I don’t think anyone is alien to this kind of marketing. Every mobile user is familiar with all those annoying texts we get. Sometimes they cross the line and set multiple texts that we can’t really take. But what do we do? We still read all those messages in fear of missing out on some important messages. Haha! that’s a win for the advertisers and that’s how SMS marketing is still a big thing in the marketing industry. According to a survey, about 68% of the major companies still think that SMS marketing is a huge boon for the marketing of any company. It’s also an easier mode of communication between a company and its customers. So yeah, it’s here to stay!

MMS Marketing:

Well, this kind of marketing is quite popular in the western and north Asian countries but not really in countries like India. Does that make it any less important? Nope! It’s still as important as advertising on websites for multiple companies. Marketing through image, videos and audio is better than a text any day, so would you really expect brands to stop utilizing this easy to access and straight to the customer feature? A strict no! So this is one of the great ways of brands to endorse their new features and updates.

Advertisements on applications:

One more annoying thing in our daily lives but still can we resist? Almost 80% of the applications are filled with such kind of advertisements. Sometimes they block the work you’ve been doing and sometimes they don’t. These are usually found in the applications where you’re not asked to paid or if you’re using a free version of the application. It’s a way for developers to encash and get a good ROI(Return On Investment).

Advertisements on games:

Image result for in game advertisement

Have you ever played a game on your mobile phones and once you finish a level or your character gets killed somewhere and suddenly an advertisement pops up! It takes about a minute or less of time but feels like ages. In that boring moment, all you could do is wait for the advertisement to finish. That is when they catch your eye and make you download the application.

QR codes:

You must have been to inox or PVR. If you have, you must have noticed some black and white rectangle boxes in the front of your seat. It’s the QR code. It’s an easy way for someone to visit a website and make a purchase. This feature is essential as one can’t go on typing the whole link.

Proximity-based Marketing:

The balance messages you get or momentary telecommunication ads you get as a pop up on your phone, come under this kind of marketing! These are not as annoying, as they don’t stay on your screen for long but yeah they could pop up while you’re in the middle of something important. Hence, these kinds of advertisements are not fondly encouraged.

Voice Mail:

This again isn’t found often in Indian marketing but western countries get a handful of these. To be honest I’ve never experienced one of these but in my knowledge, reading from other sources I’ve come to understand that this can get annoying but still is quite productive for the advertising companies.

Telephonic Marketing:

Remember a few years ago when the advertising companies had the similar number as that of any phone number in India. Those were one irritating time in the field of telephonic marketing. You expect someone to call in order to talk something important and all of a sudden all you get is a call from a customer marketing executive. Since then the rules have changed and the marketing agencies had to stick to a certain pattern of numbers that could be easily figured out by the customers and would refuse to pick up or just cut the call.


What are its benefits?

These days a large fraction of the population has been accessing the contents over the internet through mobile phones. The portability helps us in using the internet anywhere and anytime. Increasing number mobile users lead to an increase of usage of internet and other contact modes. This eventually leads to the hike in Mobile marketing. Here are some reasons that would explain the importance of mobile marketing in these days:

1. On the go services:

People love to do things that are done in no time. They often look for service providers who could meet their needs and help them fulfil their requirements. A company can contact a user via mobile marketing techniques. Even a customer can easily send his/her feedback instantly.

2. Mobile is an undetachable part of us:

The only thing that we hold with us all the time is our mobile phone. For every little thing, the first thing you take out of your pockets is your mobile phone.

3. Your contact details are used by the stores:

Multiple stores that you might visit on a daily basis. They tend to use your mobile phone details to make sure they’re connected with you. This increases the customer brand relationship too.

4. Mobile search index is a primary choice of rankings:

Google makes website search engine rankings based on the mobile searches. More than the system based search results, mobile-based are preferred. This makes sure the users get a better view on both the kind of devices.

5. Importance of Mobile advertisement

Advertising on mobile sites or directly to mobile seems more effective in marketing.


So I guess this is quite enough why mobile marketing is still the most burning way of marketing and is going to hold its fire on for quite some time!

The only icon design guidelines you ever needed to know

The only icon design guidelines you ever needed to know

Icons are the most important part on any page. Whether it could be an application or a user interface or a webpage. Icons are the most attracting part of any page. This shows how important an icon is. When the icons are attractive, you usually see people being lured to it and tend to visit it more often. Such is the power of an icon. So if you want to build a webpage and attract the customers, then this would be one of the first things you need to consider. Let’s look at the different guidelines, that would show how you could develop icons in a way that it attracts the viewers.

Brighter icons attract:

It’s a known fact that brighter things are often the ones that grab the most attention. It couldn’t be truer for icons. Icons being the basis of any information, tend to be the attracting factor. When you look at a brighter image, you are most effectively attracted to it. Hence brighter the picture, more attractive is the icon.

Cute ones lure the most:

The attributes of “cute” changes from time to time. Though one thing is common, it changes with the kind of trend running around. All you need to do is be updated with the norms going around. But brighter versions have always been the delight for any eye.

Quality is the most important part:

The quality is measured by the amount of time and creativity you spend on your icon. The time taken usually changes from one person to another. Depending upon their expertise. Be creative and make the best one that you can. It might take a while but the results are always sweet.

Don’t duplicate :

Do not try or not even intend to mime someone else’s logo as this would not only get you in trouble but will lead to a loss of reputation, especially when you use it for your brand logo. Make it simple and sweet and draw your own logo, I’m sure everyone has their own vision.

Use vector type:

Don’t forget to use the vector format when designing an icon. Using the vector format prevents the icon from pixelating when zoomed upon. This helps the icon to be used in multiple locations without the issue of having it blurred.

Avoid words as much as possible:

Try and avoid using words in your icon as it might harness the charm of the icon. Don’t try to over complicate the icon, rather, keep it simple and that’ll make it easily understandable. Anything that is easily understandable is often acknowledged by the audience. This gives an instant popularity.

Go with the flow, in style, but be unique in design:

If you’re dwelling between using an icon that’s more attractive than the one that’s relevant then go for the relevant one any day. That should be the kind of choice you need to make. Never go for the irrelevant ones unless you’re as famous as the Snapchat is.

Make sure design matches the device or the website:

The icon you’re creating must be relevant in design to the device or page in some way or the other. It makes the icon look more authentic and specially designed. This leads to the attention of viewers and slowly they tend to get used to it. The best part about any good icon is you look at it 2 or 3 times and still remember it for a long time. This is what the main aim of any logo is. Such should be the presence of the brand among the audience.

Do follow these tips to make a good icon. Use websites like canva in order to make a logo with predesigned graphics.

How has FIFA’s digital marketing managed to reach every corner

How has FIFA’s digital marketing managed to reach every corner

Have you ever noticed how known it is to everyone about the FIFA world cup? Just 4 years ago, in the 2014 world cup, not all the fans had an idea when these matches are being held. But today, everyone knows about FIFA 2018 World cup. How? That’s the magic of Digital Marketing. It makes you aware of all your surroundings and helps the sponsors receive their money’s worth.

These days all of us are on some or the other social networking sites. As we swipe down the newsfeed or other social media walls, it takes a little time being acquainted with all the new things happening around. Social media is full of images and images are easily understandable and attracts the reader’s minds. Hence, people prefer going through social media rather than reading a whole article. So let’s not delay anymore and get into the different ways how big companies are expanding their market reach through digital marketing.

There are multiple ways in which FIFA managed to expand their reach. Calling out for different techniques, listening out to every single idea, FIFA managed to name itself among one of the biggest names for branding. It’s not just the marketing, but also the kind of craze football and FIFA world cup has had over the years, lead to this. Let’s look at a few different ways in which the hosts managed to get their attention on every mind.

1. Through fan events: 

These days almost every other promotional technique is implementing these, as this is the most possible viral content anyone could ever deliver/ The competitive spirit helps them have a great reach throughout. The one common trait in every human is that they love competitions, some take it lightly whereas some take it very seriously and have themselves indulged in these activities for hours and hours, just to triumph over someone else. This is the opportunity for the marketing side to get a grip on the audience and spread their brand name. Let’s see a few of these fan events that we often hear.


Developing a game in the name of the particular company helps in the recognition of the brand all over. Such games are developed and then the options of online multiplayer are introduced. This is the first step to the spread of game from one person to the other. Other required ads are placed in the available spaces for further promotions.


The game of predictions, where exciting gifts could be won seems to be like the best event, as you only have to predict a few things and if by luck, it works out, you’ll be winning some great prizes. Here, we might think that this may be a loss of money for the hosts. But in the end, it’s going to save them some millions of rupees for marketing.


This is one of those types, people indulge in betting for their players and in the end, if the players they select perform, they get a gift in the form of money. The process is simple. One has to select 11 players out of the total 22 players playing a match. If the players they select, perform better than the other 11, they start scoring points, the selector with the best 11 will be awarded the prize money. A captain can be selected as well. If the person you made the captain is the best player for the day, he’d be scoring the double points when compared to the others. Here, people tend to taste the win and a loss. But when they start winning, they crave for it even more. This makes them come to the site again and again and this leads to the traffic of the page.

Picture Uploads:

If you’re wondering what this is, then let me give you an example. You might have encountered in your social media, how different websites ask you to show your support for your favourite team. This leads to people updating their profile picture and you’ll know that FIFA is coming soon. Hence, that’s how they do it to attract a number of viewers.

Football quizzes:

Quizzes are another great way of grabbing attention, especially of the football fanatics. You might have seen on a regular basis, how different websites conduct quizzes and later ask them to share on their timeline. This leads to a broader reach of the brand name. Hence, this is one of the best techniques in order to grow your identity.

2. Through online telecasts:

Online advertisements are on a rage these days and this is the most effective way of reaching your potential customers. First, different people’s likes and opinions are recorded through various social networking data. Then these people are sorted by their likes, age and gender and they are targeted by the appropriate brands. The same is the situation with FIFA as well. They target more on the audience who seemingly are interested in football.

3. Through fan parks:

This might just seem like a waste of investment, but trust me it’s not. If you’re not a football fan, go to one of the fan parks. The cheering crowd, the supporting fans and their enthusiasm, makes your adrenaline go crazy. That’s how they make even more through events such as these. So never for even a second mistake a fan park as a waste of investment.

4. Promotions on the official website:

The official website is the one place that pops up first whenever someone searches for football. Such is the kind of following FIFA has garnered throughout the years. This makes the website more approachable and this eventually increases the traffic for the website. So whenever someone enters the website, they can watch the live streaming and as well as they can even look at all the tournaments when and where one can find.

5. Blog Posts:

The blog posts are considered to be the best way to attract the customers. When you provide everyone they’ve been looking for, when both of your fields align, that’s when the customers are attracted and start investing in you, understanding the kind of knowledge you have. In addition to this, a large amount of traffic income is seen when the blog contents are good. This is an additional way of attracting potential customers and hence, FIFA is able to attract a lot of sponsors through this.

6. Social Media:

Different social media platforms have different ways of marketing their products, when it comes to FIFA, Facebook has been playing a vital role in keeping everyone updated on the latest updates and information. After every match, some or the other page shares a story about the happenings of that particular match and makes it even interesting for the readers. This leads to a better enthusiasm from fans. The fans even share their personal opinions or criticize a few decisions which lead to a growth in interest for even an average follower.

7. Usage of Hashtag:

Hashtags are a trend everywhere. It initiated from Instagram then twitter and now it’s all over facebook. Hashtags which are usually denoted by # and the topic is followed after it, has been on a roll these days. It’s an easy way to find posts that have related topics on the internet. If you want to look for FIFA related information, you could just type in #FIFA and it shows all that’s related to FIFA and you don’t find any irrelevant topics here. So this is an easy way, like a one-shot destination to the required place.

8. Youtube: 

Youtube is one more of those few social media where a great hype could be created for a brand like FIFA. FIFA has been conducted for a long time and there are ample of incidents that could make the channel go viral. Once the videos go viral, everyone starts to hear the name. This makes the sports even more interesting. Some of them would start following the game. They like to see how the two who fought in the last match, would react when they see each other. Situations like these help people with their interests.

That’s not it, if you yourself want to witness it, you can check it here.

If you’d like to learn about football in Russia, for all the predictions, fantasy, scouting and drafting of dream XI players and other regular updates, do visit this site.