How to Get Rid of Debt Chalked Up by Your E-Commerce Venture

How to Get Rid of Debt Chalked Up by Your E-Commerce Venture

Setting up an e-commerce business is often not as easy a task as it is made out to be. Expenses on running production lines, buying supplies, staff salaries, sales, and distribution, as well as advertising and marketing, have to be met even though there are no physical stores to be set up.

Typically, the cash flows of e-commerce business in its early days are not sufficient. So, they require entrepreneurs sometimes to borrow heavily as well as to use credit cards to nurture the business.

It is not uncommon for business revenue projections to go awry in any industry as dynamic and competitive as e-commerce leaving business owners to grapple with large amounts of debt that can cause the businesses to fail unless proper action is taken to get them back to a secure financial standing.

Some useful tips for getting out of the clutches of debt:

Evaluate the Prevailing Financial Situation and Recast the Budget

Even before, you set out to tackle the accumulated business debt; it is essential first to assess the current financial situation of the business. This will entail a detailed analysis of the business environment, the cash flows, and profitability.

From the information gathered, you should make out an operating budget that will override the existing budget that has failed. The budget will need to identify all sources of income of the e-commerce business as well as the various costs incurred on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

If you are not competent in casting a workable budget, you should ideally ask your accountant or even a professional financial consultant to help you. Some resources offer free counseling and online workshops on budgeting techniques. According to Forbes, only half of the businesses survive beyond the fifth year; among other reasons, the shortage of cash is a big reason for failure.

Eliminate or Reduce Expenses

When you need to pay back debt urgently but are not able to spare the cash, you should take a very close look to find out where all the money is going. You should try to identify expenses that are eliminated straight away. If you are having any effect on the company’s revenues or profits and try to reduce unnecessary costs.

E-commerce venture

Typically, you can make significant savings by eliminating unnecessary business travel to have meetings by using modern techniques like video conferencing. Subscriptions to magazines, professional bodies, as well as taxi rentals and entertainment are some of the expenses that can be usually eliminated to generate more surplus cash.

Even utility expenses can be slashed by keeping lights, fans, air conditioning, etc. switched off when not required. Also though staff expenses are a sensitive subject, it may be possible to tighten your belt to save on unwarranted costs.

Consolidate Your Debts

If you have loads of credit card debt, it can be a good idea to hunt out a new credit card. As it offers an extended zero-percent balance transfer facility preferably with no transfer fees.

You can also approach one of the many private lenders like National Debt Relief for a debt consolidation loan. This you can pay off all your existing debt.

You gain not only because you have only one obligation to monitor and repay. However, it can be because you can save substantially on the interest expense. As these loans are far cheaper than the average credit card APR if you have a decent credit score.

The success of your negotiations depends on several factors. That is not just you should be able to convince them that your financial difficulties are real but also that they are temporary and you are serious about repaying the debt. If you find the number of debts too large to handle, focus on tackling the ones with the highest rate of interest first.

Stop Using Credit Cards or Lines of Credit

When you are struggling to pay off debts to survive, it can often be an excellent ploy to stop using your credit cards. However, you can line the credit that has been taken out with banks and private lenders. By trying to pay for business expenses only with cash, you will be less likely to incur the costs. This may not need as having you to reach for your wallet every time will remind you of how little money there is to run the business.

e-commerce debts

By stowing away your credit cards, you are less likely to take on additional debt even as you are trying to figure out how to get out the present mess. However, in some instances, it may be better to conserve as much cash as possible. While, when you are trying to settle with lenders and using the cash reserves to prove your intent.

Communicate Regarding Your Cash Crunch to Lenders and Vendors

It is essential not to alarm lenders and suppliers of materials and services by stopping or delaying their payments. Since you will require their support continuingly, it is better to communicate clearly. Regarding your financial difficulties so that they are not tempted to pull the rug under your feet by getting to know of it from someone else.

Explain the reason why your e-commerce business is having a difficult time and try to negotiate with your lenders better terms, including a lower rate of interest and a more extended repayment period. Even banks can see as non-tractable can be arranged with for lowering the rate of interest at least until such time the e-commerce business bounces back.


E-commerce startups do require to access debt funds until such time they can go in for an IPO or get venture capitalist interested.

However, easy access to credit card debt and personal loans mustn’t create a situation. As the business inside a mountain of debt and its very existence comes under threat due to the inability of service debt. Strict financial prudence from day one and corrective steps to tackle debt before it gets out of hand are crucial to the long-term survival of the business.

Instagram’s Crackdown on fake users and included New Features

Instagram’s Crackdown on fake users and included New Features

Instagram has been reaching to priority with every passing day. After the data breach of Google+, facebook people are more turning towards Instagram. However, this year Instagram two major changes in the month of September it has released the shopping option through Instagram and earlier this month  Instagram decided to crackdown and ban the fake followers, acccounts, likes, shares, and comments. It was this Monday when Instagram made an announcement that it would crack down all those users who are doing all the illegal and inauthentic activities to increase their original account popularity and the two-factor authentication. The situation was very hard for the self-proclaimed social media marketing forum “Blackhat” went into crisis. On the contrary, it made the shoppers and the e-commerce companies happy allowing them to have a shopping cart in their Instagram business page.

We in this article will explain you everything in details about both the two major changes that Instagram brought this year.


Instagram has taken a very tough decision by implementing the two-factor authentication which helps to remove all the accounts which usually use the third party apps to increase their popularity and grow the followers in their Instagram accounts. However, people come to Instagram to have a real experience with genuine interactions. Starting from Monday Instagram has started removing all the illegal comments, likes, shares using the third party application. Instagram has built a tool which identifies these type of accounts that uses the third party application to remove these fake followers and accounts then provide followers to their actual and real page than a fake one.

Instagram mentioned that this type of bogus accounts, likes, shares, comments are very harmful to the community and don’t abide by the Instagram guidelines and terms and uses. It also said that regular usage of the fake followers and accounts like this or a huge usage like this may lead to permanently removing the followers account from the social media site. Till Tuesday several threads were affected by this Instagram’s crackdown of the fake users and a huge chaos is being created among a lot of renowned and big names.

instagram crackdown

Source: techcrunch

Instagram is even discouraging all the followers and accounts from ever giving the users ID or login ID and all important details in any of the ways to anyone who wants to know from you because this may lead to your account being hacked and it can be used to spam other people where you will not know but someone must be using it. If you see that your followers in the Instagram account are decreased then it is not because you have offended someone instead all those users were fake and Instagram has removed them.

The restoring force for policy enforcement comes in the midst of the proceeding with the risk of foreign deception crusades on Facebook and Instagram intended to captivate communities and impact the election in the U.S. furthermore, abroad. In the meantime, Facebook has said that unauthenticated accounts are the roots to all these types of illegal activities even Facebook faced data breaching and has removed 745 million unauthenticated accounts in the last few months. All these bogus accounts should be caught and removed so that it can’t misuse someone else accounts. Initially, Instagram is removing the fake accounts since 2014 but it was the first time when it announced about this step publicly.

There are a lot of bots which are available in the online medium which helps in growing the Instagram follower for a person that takes $10 to $50 per month for doing this. The applications like Archie, InstaRocketProX, and Boost these apps usually promise to not violating the terms and policies of the Instagram however it does violate. The company name Devumi is well known between the celebrities because a lot of celebrities have approached this company for buying fake followers and accounts for them on Twitter.


Not just removing the fake followers and accounts Instagram even launched a new feature which will help immensely all the brands. This allows the followers to have a shopping experience in the Instagram Ad of that brand. It made the shopping experience for the people very easy, you can shop while you are scrolling down on Instagram. If you like a product on Instagram then you can know more about that product on Instagram you don’t have to go somewhere else and search for it.

Instagram has announced three ways to discover new products for shopping from your favorite brands’ and then keep a track of all these clothes in one place which you can see when required. So, we are summing up all the new features Instagram updates below:

Save the collection

When you see your favorite thing in your loved brand then you can save it now in your shopping collection to avail it later. You have to tap on the product tag you will get to see the price of the product all on that picture. Then you have to go in a product by the arrow beside the Price tag.

instagram show

Source: Instagram

instagram show

Source: Instagram

When you get inside the product you can see various pictures of the product similar to that you view in the e-commerce site. Below the picture, in the right corner you will find the tag if you click on that button then your product will be saved in your collection which you can review later.

Instagram save option

Source: Instagram

Below the product, you can find the description of the product and the related product of the same type which you are looking.

Business profile shopping

Whenever you go to the account or the business profile of the brand then you can find all the product images and advanced options such as shop email address and direction. Then you have to click on the shop option when you click on it you will be redirected to a page which will have all the products and the details of it that the brand is selling.


Source: Instagram

You can select any product which you like just like similar the above points you can save it and can buy it later or directly you can go the website and make a purchase. Not only the shop you can even avail the email id and direction for the store which makes the work of the people very easy and can we find the store without any confusion.

Instagram features

Source: Instagram

Feed videos Shopping

You read it right you can even shop your favorite item from the Video feeds that your brand posts on Instagram. When you see the video from any brand first click on follow and then tap on the shopping bag icon to reveal the details and price of all the items present in the video. Then you can know more about it.

instgram new feature

Source: Instagram

These are some of the important features that Instagram incorporated this year and made the task of the brand very easy and even people can get those items which they love it. However, on the other side, it even took a very tough and good decision to protect the safety of the users and abide by the Rules and regulation which it established by removing all the fake accounts, comments, likes, and share.

We hope that Instagram in future will bring some more strict laws against the spammers and new features to make users happy.

10 Last minute Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing ideas

10 Last minute Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing ideas

The holidays season is just a few days away, people have already started shopping crazily for this season. Holidays usually include celebrating with the family, friends, and relatives have mouth-watering food such as roasted turkey, baked potatoes and then, of course, a lot of shopping. Starting with the Thanksgiving which on November 22nd this year, the holiday season starts. Followed by Black Friday and then Cyber Monday so on, the holiday season starts from thankings and ends till Christmas and then may continue till the New Year.

Researches have even revealed that 8 people out of every 10 always plan to spend more on holiday shopping in the winter season. The shopping list of shoppers includes 54% of shopping for clothing and footwear items, 45% of shopping is for gift cards, and the rest 43% of the shoppers buy toys and games. On the other side, 4% of the people take a strong stand that they will not drain a lot of money for the Black Friday shopping. This was 2% in the previous year which has increased by 2%, now people are becoming a bit attentive while spending the money.

holiday shopping

When coming towards the huge spenders in the holiday season they the only name that pops up are kids. Yeah! kids are the top spenders and seriously drain all the money from their father’s account. 54% of the fathers spend more amount for buying the kid’s stuff or whatever their kids want. This year dad’s become the top spenders for the holiday season. This percentage increased by 23% than the previous year spendings. Rest percentage which is left includes: parents of the kids aged between 6-11 years, it is expected to be 49%, 44% are the people are single parents, then 44% are the men aged between 18-34 years, the final one is in total 40% these are the iGeneration people between 18-23 years.

Online shopping destination Black Friday

Digital shopping platform is conquering the whole offline market and all most all the brands are turning towards the digital platform to give people an easy and larger exposure. The previous year online shopping spenders were about 86%, however, this year it has increased by 5% and has become 91%.

black friday marketing

However, in the race of doing online business or e-commerce marketing, Amazon tops the chart with 73% of the people preferring Amazon for the shopping. After Amazon, the mass merchandise comes up with 70%, which is followed by departmental stores with 50%, then the footwear and the clothing stores with 51%. Amazon is considered as the top influencers for the online sales till now.

Online shopping is majorly dominated by the iGeneration with 83% of the youngsters buying everything in the digital platform. After this, the millennials people between the age group 24-41 come up with a major spending til 74%, then the generation X the age group of 42-53 spends around 70%. At last, the baby boomers aged between 54-72 years are 69%. These are actual shoppers percentage according to the age group of the people who do digital shopping in the e-commerce site.

cyber minday and black friday marketing tips

Source: Pinterest

Keeping all these things in account the brands have an excellent opportunity to use this and increase their market value. Targeting the Black Friday and generating the best Black Friday marketing strategy will for sure to increase your sales.

However, the important thing here pops is what is the best Black Friday marketing strategies that should be incorporated? To help you out from this type of dilemma we listed out the top Black Friday marketing strategies below:

Tricks and tips for last-minute Cyber Monday and Black Friday Strategy

Scarcity Marketing

Scarcity marketing is the best tactic to make the people afraid when you are just a few days away from the D-day. When you keep something in your e-commerce account and say the viewers that “if you don’t buy it soon then you will be missing out something huge” the viewers will start thinking about. This is what scarcity marketing is all about. Making viewers feel that if they miss out this opportunity then there will be no new opportunity to buy the same product.

amazon limited deals

Source: Amazon

The World’s top e-commerce company Amazon incorporated this technique to grab the attention of a lot of customers. Not just the attention even to make them buy the product by showing them the messages like “Only 1 left in stock” upon seeing this there are 70% chance that people will hurry up and buy the product.

FOMO or Fear of Missing out

This is also a type of fear that the companies try to create among the people. It is very much similar to scarcity marketing, in FOMO people get feared of missing the item and buy the item immediately.

FOMO marketing


As shown in the above example that use this tactic and show the people that the item is “out of stock”. Here, in the above AD, you can see that the is showing its customers the message “You missed it!”. This creates a sense of fear among the people and if they lose one thing then the people will be in the hurry and immediately book other options that are available. This thing increases the sales of a brand in an urgency and is considered to be the best Black Friday marketing tactic.

Give Exclusive offers

Offers attract a lot of people, grab the people’s attention and make the people buy the product. Each and every person present on this planet love exclusive offers. It is one of the old and tried tactic which is adopted by all the marketers for a long time to increase the sales. We assure you this is the best tip for the Black Friday marketing.

Giveaway the best marketing offers and deals possible and people will be attracted like anything and this will for sure increase your sales. Never and ever forget to give exclusive offers with attractive taglines and images. Below are some of the example of digital ADs on black Friday marketing.

black friday deal

Source: Pinterest


marketing deal for black friday

Source: Pinterest

black friday marketing

Source: mystery shirt

Social Media following

Social media plays a crucial role in driving people to your website. These days all the people who are using the internet are active on the social media platform which makes social media an important place to target the audience. Social media Ads works like wonders and it is a proven fact that 50% of the customers come from social media website to make a purchase. So, never forget to concentrate on the social media site, if you miss it then you miss a lot of customers.

facebook black friday ad

Source: Facebook

The above Facebook AD is for the Black Friday marketing of a hotel which is providing exclusive offers for the holiday season. However, the below one is the Twitter Ad for the Black Friday marketing deal providing some amazing deals in the social media site.

twitter black friday ad

Source: Twitter

In Instagram, you can have two ways of marketing one through the normal Instagram Ads another through the Instagram Stories. Both drive a lot of customers while Instagram stories these days are driving more customers and a lot of people are getting attracted to it. Below are the examples for it.

instagram black friday ad

Source: Instagram

instagram stories

Source: Instagram


Cross-channel Marketing

If you want to increase the per customer revenue metrics of your brand then start promoting the adjacent product now, Yes! show the adjacent product who have just clicked the purchase option. By now, you will be wondering how? this is not a rocket science.

A customer completes one purchase then showcase him/her the items related to that item. As soon as one purchase is completed and the customers view other items related there is a 50% chance that people will buy this also. Or, give an option and combine it with another item and offer it for a discount then there is a huge chance that people will buy both.

Paid Ads

While going for the last minute marketing tactics for Black Friday the paid ADs become an important aspect to rank in the top of the search page and gather the attention of the viewers who are searching for it. For all last minuters, paid ADs is a big requirement and are the rescuers which should not be neglected.

Google paid ads

Source: Google

Optimize for every device

The Application or Website that you have for your brand or company make sure that it is easily accessible in smartphones, tablets, laptop, desktops, each and every device through which people can access the internet platform. Optimizing it all devices: a marketer and the brand should not take it in ease and should check all the time whether people can access it or not.

Most importantly you should check whether it is working for all the Operating System available that is the Android and iOS. Make sure your website is working good enough and doesn’t contain any bugs and loads fastly so that people stay in your site and doesn’t go away in mid due to these problems.

Focus on the e-commerce site and flood the site with offers

As the holiday season is a week away it becomes necessary that your e-commerce site should contain all the offers, gifts, coupons etc. all those things which make people excited and come to your site for making a purchase.

You should feel as if this is your last chance, so, make it big and flood the website with all the exclusive and the best offers that you have. People love offers, discounts, coupons, gifts etc. So, never miss these things. Below we mentioned some of the top company website and their landing page offers.

Apple ads

Source: Apple

Amazon ads

Source: Amazon

eBay ads

Source: eBay

Push Blogs

If you have some old blogs related to the topic like about the holiday season or Black Friday marketing deals or cyber Monday marketing deals then push the blogs forward. Refurbish those content according to the present requirement and keep it in front of the viewers. This will increase the number of viewers to your site and your old blogs will gather more viewers.

This is a way to make people know more things related to the same topic and to get a full brief note about their requirements, it will work as a guide for the users searching holiday marketing, black Friday deal or Cyber Monday deal.

Referral codes

Usage of Referral codes have been increased these days, people are nowadays are using these codes to grab more customers. In this, if one user comes up and makes a purchase then he will be given a privilege to avail certain amount or discount only if they use a specific code and refer to their friends or family then they have to come up and make a purchase, after which they first user can avail the coupon. This works generously because a lot of people come up like this and there will be no decrease in the graph of earning people will flood up and refer there friends to get the coupon.

referral codes

Source: Getpayroll

referral discounts

Source: Subscription box

These are some of the tried marketing deals for Black Friday for all the last minute marketers to gain the attention of the audience towards their site. We assure you will also get the best result and your sales will touch the peaks if you also apply these.

What are you waiting for? Apply these Black Friday marketing tactics and increase your sales.

If you will face any problem then feel free to contact we will help you in all possible ways.

Scarcity Marketing and FOMO tactics

Scarcity Marketing and FOMO tactics

Scarcity marketing and FOMO are a major thing that works for all those brands whoever has implemented it. People always crave for a lot of things, however, if the craving for a particular thing is more people find it is just in numbers or going to get over. Or you have only a limited period of time to buy that particular product or else you will miss the chance to buy that product. This is called scarcity marketing or FOMO. There are a lot of companies who follow this way of marketing, however, the marketer supports this way of marketing a lot. The top companies mostly the companies who are into the E-Commerce sector use this method this assures you get a lot of customer’s attention unless you do it in a particular way or strategy.

We help you know more about the scarcity marketing and how should it be implemented so that we get the desired result as we want and gain the attention of a lot of customers towards the business

What is scarcity marketing?

Scarcity marketing

Source: motive metrics

Scarcity marketing is a type of marketing which is based on the theory that normally relies on the proven theory of increasing the need of the hour and all the stuff which are difficult to obtain. This includes a vast variety of things like the price, distribution, promotion, products etc. It basically includes motivating the people to buy something urgently if they will not buy it then there is a huge possibility to lose it and the marketers also create a situation in which you will start believing that if you lose the chance now then you will not get it the whole life long.

The aim is to make people feel the need of urgency through the call to action which is aggressive. Making people scared is the trick behind it and make them feel that if they don’t buy now then it is like they will find anything in Universe except this.

Scarcity marketing basically feeds on the customers fear of losing the product if they don’t buy it immediately. The simple logic behind it is that being humans if we quantity of a product is decreasing and then it will not be available then suddenly the value of the same product increases. People in become crazy about it and try all the things possible to grab it.

People usually think the marketers trick them by giving them different discounts for various products however in the other hand marketers don’t trick them on discounts whereas they trick them by creating a chaotic situation or urgency of the discount. Marketers normally discount all those products which are in high demand or you can say are of good quality.

Here, the one thing may confuse you and a question must have popped up “if the product is so good and has a market value then why is being it sold at a discounted price?”

Only one thing I have to say “Be Unique in the way you want”. Suppose a product has already a good market and hype then marketer uses this trick to create more buzz and drag the attention of a lot of more people, then create a sense of urgency in it. Like if don’t buy the item maybe you will never able to buy it.  The truth is to keep need of scarcity without having to lower the price of the product.

Scarcity Marketing and FOMO

This Scarcity marketing can otherwise be coined as the FOMO marketing or the “Fear of Missing Out”. The fear makes the people scared out and eventually, they fight to buy the desired item. The FOMO and Scarcity marketing basically works well together. Scarcity marketing and FOMO is used nicely as well as works in the Digital platform.

Yes! you hear it right these both the things work like wonders in the Online platform. As we all know these days people are more using the digital media or the online platform for doing any kind of shopping. These days the e-commerce websites are increasing then the normal shopping malls. People are using e-commerce sites and order whatever they want just by sitting at their home because people usually like to save their time and doesn’t want to go out spend unnecessary time, that is why people these days are investing time in online shopping using the e-commerce websites.

Scarcity Marketing and FOMO is great in the digital platform because these days you can even access to the social media sites to make your branding. People these days are so much active on the internet platform like more than half of the worldwide population are using the digital platform. Digital marketing has become a part and parcel of everybody’s life. While people see these type of AD’s which say “Running out of the sale, closes now” etc viewers usually hurry and start buying the items. It is a psychological fear that people get and when viewers see the AD and start thinking if they lose this opportunity then this is the end they will not find another one.

Tactics for Scarcity Marketing and FOMO


Ping! the customers with messages and alert them with the missed out opportunities. This tactic is basically used by the online Hoteliers to showcase people that they have missed a brilliant opportunity.  Yes! you hear it right they showcase that you have missed the opportunity so that you can immediately opt the other best option.

scarcity marketing strategy


This is an example from and you can clearly see the message that you get “You missed it” also uses the FOMO marketing tactic to scare the hell out of the people. So, that next time people get alert about it and book the tickets beforehand only.

It is one of the greatest examples of FOMO marketing and scaring the people.


Scarcity and FOMO work hand in hand, creating a sense of shortage this increases the sales while creating a fear of losing the product. If something is going to run out of the stock then people fight on to get the item in any case. This is the main reason to make people awake and highlight the scarcity of the product in the digital platform.

Below you can see that Amazon is using the same Scarcity marketing to grab the attention of a lot of people and showcase the number of stock available.

FOMO tactics


You can see that in red letters it is written “Only 1 left in stock” this is what scarcity marketing is that brings out the FOMO inside the people. Even if the product is not that many worthy people will jump over to buy it at any cost.

The also uses these techniques to drive the attention of a lot of people to its online website and make people rush and grab it as soon as possible.

scarcity in


“In high demand! Booked 13 times in the last 24 hours” this is actual fear that the marketers try to create in the people to generate leads.


This is the major trick in which the users usually fall for, increasing the need of the hour and value for the product automatically increases. It is used for creating an urgency to buy a particular product. The trick is to trigger the loss aversion or the in layman language we can say to generate the FOMO in audience.

If a person who watches it thinks that there is a total chance to miss out the great deal then he/she will for sure reach out their virtual wallets and buy the product. To make it easy for you we show you some of the FOMO examples below:

zomo tricks


This the image of showcasing all the FOMO marketing tactics in it, most importantly it showcases the number of people looking for the same hotel. That is the main tactic used by digital marketers most of the time they showcase the customers how many people are searching for it which automatically make the viewer feel that: Yes! this is the best hotel and should go for this hotel only.

We also showcase you another example in Amazon how they are showcasing the same aspect in a different way.

limited tricks


Here, you can see a yellow line below which you can see the percentage of the people claimed the product. In Amazon, the deals of the day offer you this facility with help of which you can see the number or you can say the percent of the people who have claimed. When a user sees this he/she will feel attracted and will think that so many people have already bought it means it would have been a great product. That too it is obtained with the required discounts that increases the customers’ engagement.

REVIEWS review


amazon review


Driving viewer’s to your website is just one part of the job. However, transforming those viewers to customers’ is the next step and a crucial step. This is the turning point when the reviews help you make your viewers into customers.

Well, Yeah! the customers most of the time trust the previous buyers and the reviews which they leave, it is like their trust indication. If a customer already bought that item and gave a review of the item, the process of buying was easy or not, product quality, deliver process everything. This gives the viewers a brief idea about how their journey will be from selecting and buying the product to get it delivered.

The important thing people get to know here is the product and its quality after which it depends whether to buy that product or not. A digital marketing agency and an e-commerce service should always take care of this minutely.

flipkart review

Source: Flipkart

Above are some of the reviews of the people in the popular sites like the,, Flipkart etc. Companies should manage it nicely because more than 50% of the people rely on reviews and make a purchase after looking at it.


These are some of the tricks and tips or tactics which should be implemented to get the best results using the scarcity marketing and FOMO which means Fear Of Missing Out. Marketing these days made huge in the digital platform using the fear of the people and make their place in marketing. This is one of the best tactics one can include in their marketing strategy to gather a number of customers’.

To more about Scarcity Marketing and FOMO or topics related to trending marketing strategies and tactics. Please write back to us we will be happy to help you!

What are the best holiday marketing ideas to make shoppers crazy?

What are the best holiday marketing ideas to make shoppers crazy?

“It is the HOLIDAY season, and the fun has begun!” To make everything easy for the marketers we bring you the best holiday marketing ideas which include all the social media marketing for holidays that will make customers go buoyant.

The onset of festive season fills everyone with ecstasy and frenzy. People wait for the season, loosen their purse strings and go on a shopping spree. Similarly, the marketers crave for the best holiday marketing ideas which make the users crazy. Shopping, these days is nothing less than a marathon. All the brands – big or small vie for this and compete, trying their best to make the marathon easy for the people by making everything available to the customer in the easiest possible ways. People, being shopaholics, find it difficult to resist their urge to buy the products and easily succumb to the fanfare and influence of advertising campaigns, that is so very enticing, they just can’t be ignored.


Online marketers are gearing themselves up as the two major festivals – the Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. The opportune time to grab the chance, become a maniac and make some money.

In this article, you will get to know some of the most alluring and insane ideas to drive a lot of traffic to your website and increase the sales of your brand. Do every possible thing that will bring you profit and propel the customers to buy exclusively from your brand. Who knows, maybe this is your chance to make your mark in the market!!!

After conducting a thorough research, we made a list of marketing ideas – tried and tested, which, if implemented in your business, are sure to usher in immense business and positive result:


If you have an e-commerce business and everything works online for your business, the most important thing in a festive or holiday season is the landing page of your website. Yes, because this is the first thing that a customer will see after logging into your site.

landing page


First and foremost, having a long and amazing landing page transforms your viewers to customers and your customers to loyal subscribers. Customizing your website according to the viewers and subscribers is very important. Always keep yourself at the place of your customers, view things from their perspective and design everything as how they would want it to be. Check for all those things which a customer would need in this festive season; giveaway all the deals on those products and flash out the items on your landing page.

langing page


However, when it is the holiday season, the landing page must be very attractive for showcasing all the discounts, coupons etc., being offered on various brands. It is also important to remember that the landing should be decorated or made according to the festive day. For the upcoming holidays, i.e. the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, which are knocking at our doors, these ideas will work wonders.


online marketing for holidays

(Source: Pinterest)

An email consisting of some gift guides to customers is bound to increase the sales by 48%. Woo! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the cards, it is a great chance to lure the attention of people to your brand. Unmissable, Isn’t it?

online marketing for holidays

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To add a boost to the already existing subscribers’ list or the already existing list of trusted customers, go for this technique. Try to create a scenario of urgency among the people and make them feel that if they lose this opportunity, they might not get another one. “Buy it from us…Buy it Now” kind of an email marketing. This will induce them to buy the products immediately from you. In an analogous way, improve the offerings for your brand by creating this feel in the minds of your customers. Whenever they have a look at your offers, they would feel “Oh My God! What an amazing offer. I cannot afford to miss it.”

best holiday marketing ideas

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Boosting the subscriber’s list or already the trusted customer list is very important. Always create an urgency among the people and make them feel that if they lose this they will not be able to get another. Show the urgency to people and make them feel they will lose something if they don’t buy from you, in a similar way improve the offerings for your brand through when the customer will take a look at it they will feel “How can they miss it!!!”

best holiday marketing ideas

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You can use emails to target various people in various methods. For example, if you run a clothing, cosmetics or footwear business, you can target separately for both genders. Like, you can send discount coupons on cosmetics, clothes, accessories, footwear etc. to women, or provide discounts on brands – exclusively the brands’ women go crazy for. Similarly, for men, you can offer discounts, coupons on products like clothing, footwear etc. If you concentrate specifically according to the customers’ choice, the results will be quick, huge and profitable.


This is a digital world and social media is an indispensable platform that plays a key role in building up the reputation of your site in the digital world. You only need to make judicious, effective and wide use of this platform to reach out to most of the people, thus enhancing your outreach and getting in a lot of positive clients.

80% of the consumers active in the digital media are always on the lookout for the latest trends. They keep a constant eye on the discounts, coupons, etc. is offered. It is quite easy to catch their attention and attract them to your website.


social media marketing for holidays

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Facebook for holiday marketing

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Facebook for holiday marketing

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The above are just a few of the examples of the Facebook campaigns. These ideas can be adapted to draw the attention of your valuable audience. Video content is another feature that can work magically in Facebook marketing, because people, rather than browsing the contents of the offers, easily get attracted to video content that is much more appealing to the eye. You can personally reach out to your exclusive customers, who, you feel are the main target audience of your business and draw in a lot of business.


social media marketing for holidays

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Instagram for holiday marketing

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“Pictures speak a thousand words”. The best place to promote your brand using pictures is Instagram. Gif’s, pictures work like magic on Instagram, and Instagram stories are not only easy to upload but help a lot in improving your brand and spread the word. People these days are much fascinated by Instagram stories, which are a rage, especially with the younger generation and a great tool for improving business. Summing up everything we can say that Instagram helps imporving the business.

Instagram for holiday marketing

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social media marketing for holidays

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twitter for holiday marketing

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Twitter is an online news and social networking service, wherein people post and interact with one another through messages. These messages or so called “tweets” surface around a lot of topics ranging from entertainment to news, from sports to politics. People browse twitter hashtags to get complete stories on the latest news, events or trends, and even to find people, photos and hashtags on any topic under the sun.

This is the best place where you can flaunt your advertisements for free. Contests and campaigns in twitter reach out to a huge audience base. People’s tweets and retweets reach all over the world and most importantly, you can target the people you want.


social media marketing for holidays

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Pinterest for holiday marketing

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It is another social media platform which has been gaining popularity, with a lot of users turning towards it. According to statistics, the maximum number of users on Pinterest are women and it is also found that before buying anything on the e-commerce site or elsewhere, people visit this social media site and then decide to make a purchase from any of the places.

Pinterest for holiday marketing

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Hashtags are very important in social media campaigns. Use hashtags that are related and try to create your own hashtags. The hashtags you create will have a wide outreach. Hashtags help in getting your advertisements and contents across to your viewers and are very popular on Twitter and Instagram. Using hashtags is highly beneficial for the growth of your business.

twitter hashtags twitter hashtags  twitter hashtags

The popular hashtags that you may use are #BlackFriday #BlackFriday2018 #CyberMonday #Christmas #Christmas2018 #wishlist #HolidayShopping etc. These hashtags are used by a lot of audiences during the holiday season and if used well, can promise to gather a lot many viewers.

instagram hashtags       instagram hashtags        instagram hashtags


Hourly deals in the e-commerce platform give thumping results. People like to shop a lot during these short periods of time and the rush is huge when offers are made on an hourly basis. For example, you can offer three different deals in three different timeframes. Like, in the first hour, you give deals for electronic goods, then the next hour, you give deals on clothing and then, on the third hour, you give deals on kitchenware. This works like magic and paves way for a drastic increase in sales. The crucial thing to remember here is to offer this facility to your exclusive subscribers. In this way, you can increase your subscribers, as well as your sales. The number of sales is sure to touch the sky.

hourly deals


You should also make sure that you connect with your subscribers at regular intervals of time and make them aware, using emails. Preserving the mails of the subscribers and users comes in very handy here, as, during the holiday season, you can convert these leads to customers and the customers to subscribers. This will immensely help you extend the horizon of your business.

hour deals

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Extending the deals past the holidays is a tried and tested method and gives the best results. For example, if your deal is until Cyber Monday, try to extend it for a few more days, not necessary until Christmas. All the same, it can be extended by a day or two. This way, you would extend your reach to customers who have missed the deals and the deadlines and are thus left disappointed. They would only be too glad to grab the second opportunity. Thus, your business is also happy

extended deals

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Usually, there is always a huge rush during the festive season. If you extend the deals by one to two days, the customers would feel happy and you can get customers post-holidays too. People normally skip a lot of things just because of the festive rush and their busy schedule, if they find deals lasting long, this will add a lot in converting the leads to subscribers or loyal customers.

This will help you maintain the scarcity and exclusivity of your promotions and people will feel the difference and consider you to be unique and exclusive. Give the stress and make it look catchy on the days which you have extended.

deal extension

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Thus, the customers who have missed the sale and the amazing deals can still shop. This would make the customer feel they haven’t lost the chance to buy the products with the same deals, discounts etc. As mentioned this, will make you the talk of the town and make your brand a known brand in the mindsets of the viewers, and people will remember you for a long time.


Gift voucher

VIP Discounts are for those who are your Pro-Subscribers or who make a lot of purchases from your online websites. These are your most prized, valued and loyal customers. Make them feel more special and provide them with extra discounts. This can make them feel much exclusive and, there is an increased chance of such customers buying more than the quantity they had planned in their minds – maybe even double, for personal use or for gifting purposes.

VIP discount

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Give such exclusive discounts only to the top-end buyers and not to everyone. This would make them feel special and stick to your brand out of loyalty.

You can even surprise the top buyers with gift cards – virtual, physical or even both. This works like wonder. Not only do you gift them, but instead motivate them to gift to their near and dear ones in the festive season. Make them realize that these are the best gifts which they can gift to their family, friends or anyone special to them in these holidays.

Gift card

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Who says we can’t apply the offline tactic online? Of Course, we can. Other than normal coupon codes for discounts, you can go a step forward and gift a holiday trip. You can make a list of your active customers and encourage them to buy and grab a chance to win holiday tickets. Holiday season and holiday tickets? What more would one want? You can even select your top loyal customers and offer them a free holiday trip, with a written personalized note to make them feel even more special. This might not show an immediate result but would be cherished by them for a long time and thus give you a long-lasting output in the long-run.


More than these, the human touch – a peppy greeting, a wish from the heart, and a beautiful smile would go a long way. Don’t forget to greet them or wish them this festive season. It will delight them. Always try to make your customers happy with your creative ideas. By this, not only would you make your customers happy and gay, you yourself will stand to be benefitted and gain profits. Make sure to implement all the ideas wisely.

Happy Holidays!!!!
Enjoy it with loads of Fun, Laughter, Celebrations, Gifts, and Smiles. ?

Instagram Algorithms: How to use Instagram stories for business?

Instagram Algorithms: How to use Instagram stories for business?

Do you, want to create an Instagram Story to give a kick start or boost your business? Are you curious to know how Instagram Algorithms work?

Well! Here, you end up with a full guide which will help in every essential aspect for a successful Instagram Story for business. Now, the time has come for people to think about Instagram, and using Instagram stories for the purpose of business.

Instagram Stories are not just random stories developed for fun and adding creative stuff. These stories should be efficiently used for promoting a business brand, engaging people, grabbing their attention towards your brand. It is even helpful in impacting the sales for any e-commerce site.


This is one of the features offered by Instagram, in which people can upload images, videos, gifs etc., that appears as a slideshow. This slideshow disappears 24 hours after the images get posted. You can even say that the Instagram story is a brand new and authentic way of grabbing customer attention. There is no denying that the regular feed is also very good and amazing for creating wonderful and long-lasting or authentic posts.

Stories create a feeling of togetherness and intimacy, the reason why people love Instagram stories. They bring in enormous results while you have some events going on, or some business functions s coming up. Taking a video of your viewers or behind the scenes or about the brand or the event going on is always a great idea. Showing these behind the scenes sneak-peeks always help to connect with your audience. This attaches the feel of importance to them and they feel distinct and enjoy the sense of exclusivity. The audience also get a chance to know who you are as a person, in your personal lives, apart from on-screen and projected images.

Social media statistics

Why should we opt for Instagram stories to promote business?

This new feature of Instagram got updated last year in August. In fact, almost all the people using the Instagram, were shocked when they found this feature. How did Instagram efficiently copy it from SnapChat? This was the thought that first popped-up in everyone’s minds. Whereas, people were under the impression that it was just a trick to steal the market value of the SnapChat. Instagram made its presence felt in the market much more than the then prevailing SnapChat.

While looking at the above Statistic, we can sum up that Instagram is not just a copy of SnapChat. In fact, it is a much better version of SnapChat. This transient tool for posting photos, videos and gifs can be effectively used for any business purpose. It maintains the customer and brand relationship , ithout ruining the joy and enjoyment of people.

Instagram stories a wide opportunity that contains the themes and tools which never bore the people. The channels make it interesting both for business segment and the common users. It equally supports both the groups. You can use Instagram in myriad ways, for enjoyment, for its light-hearted content, or for any business purpose viz. branding of the business, e-commerce sales etc.. All this, and more, is being done with with the help of Instagram Stories.

How to use Instagram Story For Business?

You can get a lot of features in the Instagram story. These useful features, help compile your posts, and these enable you to generate the content in a hassle free manner in the editor. Not only, this you can upload the data that is present somewhere else too.

instagram story instagram story instagram story

Steps to use Instagram Story:

  • When you open your profile, click on the camera icon or the ‘+’ symbol present of the profile picture. It can be clearly seen, when seen in the option “Your Story”.
  • You just have to tap the ‘+’ symbol, it will directly take you to your gallery. From here, you can share photos, videos, gifs – anything you want to share. You only have to choose it from the list of your gallery.
  • It will even show an option of editing where you can choose different editing features.
  • Post editing, you can post your story but here also you will get two options, one is public, which means you can showcase it to all the people. The other option is the private mode, which means your story can be shared with only a limited number of people whom you have selected.

This is much different from the profile picture or the pictures that you upload. It doesn’t have the standard Instagram box, where you can post the stories which are vertically shot. But in this, you can store miscellaneous images, videos or photos, but the mandate is it should be having 1080 pixels width and 1920 pixels height.

After this, in March 2018, Instagram updated its version and released in the market. With the new upgrade, one could pinch the mobile screen and resize the photos, videos etc according to one’s choice.
Keeping aside posting of photos and videos, there are a lot many features present in the Instagram.

Extra features of Instagram

  • Typing Post: The posts that are typing based. While you can also give different backgrounds, that may be colourful or designed per your taste.
  • Boomerang: These are looping videos which last for 1 second.
  • Instagram Live: This is the live streaming on Instagram. It is the in-moment real-time streaming. Here, your viewers can comment on your posts instantaneously, when the streaming starts, and you can answer them in the videos. You can, later post the live stream as your story.
  • Hands-free recording: Without having to hold the record button, you can record the video hands-free.
  • Super Zoom: From far away ,you can zoom in easily on the focused object. There are various humourous filters which you can use like Paparazzi or Suprise.
  • Focus: You can find one of the most required filters that is Portrait. Using this, you can take the picture in which the main picture gets focused and the rest of the picture stands blurred out. The subject focuses only on your face and nothing else.
  • Rewind: This means playing everything in a backward motion.
Tools for Instagram content

Using these all options is very helpful in creating content that is not only catchy, but adds to the fun. There are some tools available on the online platform like Canva which helps in creating these wonderful cards for different social media platforms.

Canva Social Media templates

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There are a plethora of ready made templates to choose from. All you have to do is select a template of your choice and edit at your end. After editing, you can post it on Instagram. This serves as an introduction, or call to action or acts as a single slide in the story. All these features make the viewer feel exclusive and special. They look and feel unique.

You can wear your thinking hat and get as creative as you want in the Instagram Stories. You can even experiment a lot of things by using all these creative ideas in the Instagram story and bring life to your Instagram Campaign. Combine all the texts, pictures, videos, boomerang, doodles etc to attract people’s attention.

How do the Instagram Algorithm works?

Instagram had a huge hype during the early years of its release and during the Instagram story upgrading. After this, the hype of Instagram gradually decreased. The exposure, even in the Instagram Field has been decreasing. Statistics now say that only 10% of the people show interest in brand promotion using Instagram stories.

This condition is very frustrating as people are keen on viewing the posts uploaded by their family, friends, loved ones, celebrities etc. This badly impacts on the Business people, as their aim is to reach a lot of people. Just because of the reducing exposure, the business people are getting badly impacted.

As we all know on Instagram, the algorithm basically depends on engagement and we get that from the Likes, Shares, Comments, Direct Message, posting different things like Videos, pictures, Gifs etc. All those ways which help in interacting with the people and engaging the people on your Instagram page.

When the news of the New Instagram Algorithm came up, it said:

Order of the Videos and the photos in the Instagram Profile will depend on your likelihood. Like the interesting option will come up first. It will also check the connection with the person and the timeline of the post.

Below are some of the tips and tricks that will help in engaging people in the Instagram story.


Posting Instagram stories is one way of engaging and grabbing the attention of people. Instagram Stories have dominated the 2018 digital strategy and has become a crucial part in a successful Instagram campaign building. It has more than 300 Million active users in Instagram and looks for good Instagram Story which is twice as popular as snapchat.

This Instagram Algorithm keeps changing with the time and creates an impact on user engagement. Whereas, a number of users spend their time on Instagram Stories, not checking the feeds. The algorithm checks all the details present in your account -all the interactions, Instagram stories, messages sent etc.

More the people interact with your Instagram stories, the more frequently the feeds will show up on the user’s profile.

At times, the Instagram Algorithm even rewards you for interacting with more number of people. Not only is it good to note that the posts with higher engagement get priority in Instagram, but also the fact that It checks everything and can even restrict the users based on their engagement with the people.

Year by year, the number people getting engaged in Instagram is increasing and it becomes very important for the businesses to stay on the top. Especially in the first hour of posting, it reaches the people, else the post visibility may gradually decrease.


Know the best time to post things, because that is when you will have a huge crowd on the platform. To overcome these things, there are a lot of tools available which will help you in the Instagram Marketing Campaign like iFluenz, Instabrand, AspireIQ


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Source: AspireIQ


Source: iFluenz

All these tools calculate the time and select the best time when the users are online. These indicate the right time to post something on the social media. These tools are very helpful.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram also checks the time that a user takes to interact with the people. Else, we can say, it calculates the time taken by the marketers to interact with the users. It determines the popularity of a brand by checking the time spent by a user in viewing a post.


Having a great and attractive Instagram caption is what makes the people stay in your post and help you beat the Instagram Algorithm. If the cation that you give is more engaging, then there is a 100% chance that people will click on the more option.

That extra second which people spend on your post has the potential to break or make your Instagram Campaign successful, so it is always recommended to spend time on making of the Caption. The above-mentioned tools will also help in writing captions.

My suggestion is to use the human brain because it is more creative. Write the caption for the post. You can even write the captions manually before posting anything as it will save you time.

Instead of opting for Caption, you can even go for the Videos because people find it more interactive and connecting. And people spend a lot of time watching a Video.

Instagram Algorithm rates you on the basis of Hashtags used. This is important, because the hashtags play a crucial role in improving the people engagement. The Instagram algorithm always bears in mind the hashtag and gives more relevance to the hashtags.

Recently, Instagram has removed the hashtags following. Instead, it came up with another aspect in which,

People can mark your content or the hashtags that they don’t want to see in future. They will have an option that they can opt which says “Don’t show for this Hashtags”.

All this throws a challenge to the marketers and makes the work difficult. So, this indicates that the Instagram marketing should be carefully done.


People caption more hashtags then just giving normal sentences. The tools mentioned above makes it easier for you. As it adds the Instagram posts all by itself and you just ave to add the scheduled Instagram post. Rest everything is taken care of by the bot. There are a lot of templates available with mostly used hashtags. Just select the hashtag that suit your content and post it.

Instagram campaign


These are the effective hashtags that should be according to the campaign you are running. We can even consider another example given below:

instgram campaign


The hashtags should vary according to the campaigns used. Instagram rules keep on changing and the main aim of it is to improve the engagement for a certain post. Whereas, the Instagram Algorithm is present to check such things only.

Now Instagram is considering putting an end to the automated messages like the “Nice Pic” “great” “Very good” etc. All these feed come from an automated bot.