What is Google Analytics? How will it help in SEO strategy?

What is Google Analytics? How will it help in SEO strategy?


Google analytics is a tool by Google for Search Engine Optimization or SEO and for different online marketing purposes. It gives a free web analytics which contains all the statistics, graphs, basic tools that are required for analysis. How Google Analytics will help in SEO Strategy.

Google analytics

Features of Google Analytics:

  • It contains data visualization which means getting the whole data, statistics, and everything that is related to one screen.
  • The data which it displays gets updated with time when new trending things goes on.
  • All the data provided are segmented into a subset for easy analysis.
  • You can get the full custom report and can even share the data using emails to have an easy communication.
  • Not even that it is integrated with other tools such as the Google Adwords, Website Optimizer, and Public Data Explorer.

The websites which are small or the startups or the companies which are of medium sized Google analytics support these websites more. But on the other hand, it doesn’t provide much support to the larger websites and the websites having higher enterprises. The data that is provided in the front end when we search something is provided by the Javascript page tags inserted on the pages and the codes on that data which the user wants.

Google analytics image

The Page tags are nothing but a bug which checks on all the data that a visitor wants. Whereas, if the user has disabled Cookies the system itself can’t get all the data of the users because everything relies on Cookies. Google doesn’t analyze all the data given or available instead it does the sampling of reports.

Advantages of using Google Analytics

However, some people have raised a concern regarding the security issues while using the Google Analytics. From the dashboard of Google analytics, we can know information about those websites and people who are connected to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. And there a lot of companies who require commercials in huge number so, they want an advanced version of web analytics.

Analytics tells a lot of things about the websites that are being analyzed by the Google analytics. Below are some of the points that should be considered:

  • How much amount of traffic you can attract and where are users from?
  • What are the pages that attract the users and why?
  • How much time do the users spend on a particular page?
  • What are the pages the users mostly surf before exiting from the internet?
  • In which websites or web pages the major number of users get converted to customers?
  • What is the number of users surfing the internet using Phones, Laptops, Desktops, and tablets?
  • What is the exact location of the maximum number of users?

Below are some of the ways in which you can use the Google analytics tool which is very much helpful in SEO strategy making:


Usually the digital marketer especially the SEO’s are tested by the abilities how they are creating the website rank high in certain keywords. And every digital marketing agency rank the SEO’s on the basis of total traffic generated and the Conversions created. If your site is active in the internet platform for 13months then it is called as to be the active and well-performing website. It gives you a fair chance to showcase your talent by showing the growth chart.

With the help of Google Analytics, the full growth graph is shown, there is a comparison tool already present in it. The Executive of any company can easily access it and see the growth chart and analyze from it. And you can show the executive about the progress and growth the company got because of your efforts.

If the officials see the growth they didn’t even ask about the keywords and the relevancy and where they are being used. Because when someone sees the growth he focuses on that only, after which rest all background things becomes blur.

The main thing which matters here is the growth and the profit that the company earns. Which means you have to showcase yourself as you are the reason for growth and profit. This is the best key to make your mark in the company.

Google analytics picture


The most important thing here comes up is knowing all those pages which receive a lot of organic searches. This helps the content marketers to take the best decision. Even helps in the making the strategies strong and good. Helps in making the best strategies in comparison with the other companies.

That’s is why organic search metrics becomes so important to be checked. It’s very simple to see the statistics for it. Just you have to select the “behaviour” in the bar in Google Analytics, then select the “site content” then go to “all pages”. After which you will get the full data of the pages which are trending the highest.

How to improve landing page?

It even gives several other options such as if you want to see the search result for the particular category in the page you can easily do that even. You can also see the indexation of the top web pages which are ranking high. If there is a landing page which has various kinds of the viewing analytics. This means the page view is huge and has a lot of interest and offering its user the best experience and ranked better than any other sites.

If you have a web page and Google likes your web page that means the other sites will also know about your website and see about the website and make your website popular. This is a very essential step to boost your page and help get the backlinks and users to your site. You can then easily link your page to the other pages by giving backlinks and internal links from your and their site.

If a site ranks low in the page ranking that means the company doesn’t provide the service which it mentions to be. These people usually use keywords to drag people but don’t keep the important content when users go to the actual site. Which invites the increased bounce back rate which means users return back who are not interested.


Google analytics image

Before writing a content you can always see what the users are searching? what is trending? and what they actually want? For writing the best content the most important thing is searching the relevant queries, relevant keywords and then concentrating everything in a content and making it effective. This process is very difficult and clumsy and lengthy process. In this process, all the information can be easily received from the data collected from the Search Console.

You just have to go the “Acquisition” option then go to “Search console” and then to the “queries”. By using the Google search console you can get access to all the keywords for the particular word you searched. You can even find all the information regarding who and what they searched about you and your company? Even small things like who you are? what is your company about? what are your services? etc.

How to write content?

While creating the content it is always recommended to save the keywords that are related to the topic. This thing helps in creating your website rank higher in the Google rankings. To reach this place you always have to filter the keywords and chose those which are higher in search rankings.

After gathering all the keywords then comes the content preparation. Before that one more small thing is there. That is searching those pages which contain the relevant keywords and finding their reach. This thing makes the work very easy for the content writer because if the keyword reach is very good then the page ranking would be very good. And automatically the content will be having the highest reach.


Google Analytics is very useful if you want to see the campaigns that you ran for third parties. You can easily access it using Google Analytics. When you go to Acquisition then you will see another option such as “campaigns” and then go to “all campaigns” where you see the “full campaign list”.

Basically, this contains the information about all the promotional campaigns that you have done for other companies. And the campaigns that will showcase on their website but it will point to your site just by giving backlinks which may include things like discount codes, dedicated landing pages, articles, guest blogs etc. And each of the campaigns should contain a UTM code. As this is the code that makes the work of the Google analytics very easy while tracking for campaigns. The UTM code is basically attached to custom URL which is usually used to track the source, medium and the name of the campaign.

Performance Of Third Party

The data which is gathered from the campaigns of the third party will help to get the details of the website which is on the top and why it is? This instead helps in getting a lot of audience and clients. Links usually bring a lot of hype and weight to your web page. The more powerful the links are better the rankings of the webpage will be. Because links are the strongest things to get the best results.

And always note down those keywords which you think are relevant and are required for the future purpose. This even includes those keywords that help in attracting traffic to your website. These keywords you can find easily by going to the option “Acquisition” then go to the option “campaigns” and then to the “organic keyword”. This gives you full details of the keywords and generates new ideas for the content.


Users are the base of any company and the primary thing to remember. It is very important to have the details of the users whom you are targeting and of those who visit your web page. For example, if you have two websites one with all the statistics, well-defined profile, and higher metrics. On the other hand, you have another website with no profile information, Uncategorized, unstructured and no other information. Then which website will people opt for? The answer is the well-defined website.

So, these are all the channels or the pathways that let the users come to your website. Some people may have come randomly, some may have already visited your site, some may have seen your ads. There are a lot of possibilities in which a user can come up. But our work is to bring those people and giving them a reason to visit the website again.

When searched for the channels Google Analytics will show some of the default campaigns and channel in the first. But you can filter it out by choosing the categories and applying those things which will take you to the desired result. It even has the feature of grouping in Google Analytics which you can access by going to same option that is “Acquisition”, then you will get another option “All traffic” and after which you will get another option “Channels”.

What are the channels?

Not only that you can even create yourself a lot of channels. But, only one thing that you have to mark here is that “Is channel relevant enough?” and “Is it useful or not for the business?” And you should have every detail about it, but if you don’t know about it then the problem is with you. Instead, if you have a granular channel grouping you can get the best result as it eases the decision making. By accompanying this you will have the data that is accurate and right.

For having the best landing page- analyzing and performance of the landing page is mandatory for the channel’s performance. Planning everything in a strategized manner and having the channels those are working and which give suitable results. Not only that it should draw a lot of people to the website and increase the traffic to your website. These are some of the important things to follow.

Which is the best recommended free SEO keyword tool?

Which is the best recommended free SEO keyword tool?

Creating a top ranking website is not easy. Taking care of web design, development and SEO are just a few of things you have to tackle. And while you are taking care of all of these points, you also need to take care of the content. A content is said to be effective when it contains the relevant SEO keywords. While taking care of all this stuff one thing should be kept in mind a lot of time should be invested in finding the relevant keywords. By doing this you can get a clean and clear idea that where you want your website to be in. With the help of this, you can shape the company’s future easily.

Whereas, to make the work of finding the relevant keywords simple and easy there are a lot of tools available on the internet platform. Which helps in getting the most relevant, targeted and trending keywords in the digital platform.

The keyword finding is just like a hunting, and it may include a lot of things like SEO keywords, long tail keywords, negative keywords etc. This involves various other things like checking the best keywords which are related to your field of work. Increasing the number of searches of your website on a monthly basis. Keep all the long tail keywords aside first try to know about your competition. Use those keywords which are related to the topic and have a high search result.

Below are some of the most used and highly recommended websites to check for keywords:


It is the best place to search for the SEO keywords for any of the topic. Google keyword planner provides the result directly by checking the Google.

This website is considered as one of the top websites where you can get the relevant keywords. And is the best site when comes to the fact that “good content gives the best result”. So here preparing good content becomes very important.

This tool analyses Google inside out and give the required information that it gave from Google. It also tells about the search engine that you should target while the optimisation of the site goes on.

Just once you log in to the Google Keyword site, you will get the full details and later work accordingly. In regards to that, you will get various other keywords option which has the higher relevancy. But that is where the challenge beings hunting all the keywords and choosing those which are relevant for your work.

Google keyword planner search image(Source: Neil Patel)

Not only that you will find various other things in it like the monthly searches for a particular keyword in an average, competition for the keyword, and how much a person should bid for that particular keyword.

The work done by Google Keyword Planner is not extraordinary but instead, it just does everything in a right way.


Soovle is a tool which gives SEO keywords from multiple sources. Like from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia etc. And segregates everything just on one page.

Soovle image

Here, in the search option write the word which you want to search. It will then show various keywords from different sites and you have to choose all those keywords which are relevant according to your content.

Not only that in between all those keywords if you got the relevant keyword. You can drag that keyword and can save it in the “saved suggestions”. It is one of the best features of Soovle.

soolve result imageJAAXY

Jaaxy SEO keyword finding tool is the best tool available these days. By accessing it you can get access to various keywords.

This tool gives keywords in huge and large quantity. Mostly all those keywords which are related and even those which are not related.

Not only that it also gives all the data that is related to that particular keyword.

Jaaxy keyword tool image

It has 6 different columns which are as follows:

  • First one the average searches that take place for that keyword.
  • The second one is the traffic, how much traffic does the keyword attract.
  • The third one is the QSR or Quoted search results, which means how many websites are there which are searching for this particular keyword.
  • Forth one is the KQI or the keyword quality indicator, which tells about the keyword whether it is of poor or good quality or just normal.
  • Fifth is the traffic which is the score based on the traffic and competition for the specific keyword.
  • Sixth is the domain which tells that how many domains are there which are related to the particular keyword.


SEO chat suggestion keyword tool is a bit different. Whenever we enter an SEO keyword it gives the related keywords in a stepwise manner.

seo chat keyword image

  • In the first level, it will give the keywords which are important.
  • Considering the second level, it gives the important keywords with the sub keywords.
  • At last in the third level it gives the main keywords and sub-keywords inclusively it adds on more number of keywords.

So, it can be said that the third level is the best place to search for the required keywords. And the keywords in level 3 are linked with the keywords in level 2 and level 1. The third level keywords provide the best keywords and contain the hidden gems for your content and which will help your website to rank high in the Google listing.


Wordstream free SEO keyword tool is one of the most preferred tools to find the keywords. However, on the contrary, it is not a free SEO keyword tool. Gives free searches for first 30 keywords after which you have to pay some amount and continue using it.

It is a very user-friendly SEO Keyword tool. This is very much similar to the Google Keyword Planner. And is very much reliable and used by a lot of Content writers, SEO, and digital marketers.

Here, just like the other tools, you have to enter the word and it will show you the full list of relevant and most searched keywords and all those keywords which are related.

wordstream seo keyword search image

The aim of this SEO keyword tool is to give you the results which will make your business profitable. Not only that it even gives full guidance about how to use these keywords and where to use these keywords.

Not, only the SEO keywords tools there are even lot more tools which help in making you work even better. Wordstream is a huge website for digital marketing you just have to dive in and find what is helpful to you.


ubersuggest search image

Ubersuggest is another fantastic SEO keyword tool. It provides you with the whole list of the keywords that are present or related to the same keyword.

But the important advantage of Ubersuggest is that it provides more reliable results as compared to Google Keyword Planner. It provides a list of keywords which contains all the keywords. Moreover, It provides all the keywords long, short, everything that is related to the word which is entered.

It is very simple to use you just enter the required keyword and start “search”. After analysing you will get some pages of the keyword suggestion.

It separates the keywords on the basis of “Search volume” the amount of the people searching it, “CPC” they have that is Cost-per-click, the last one is the rate of competition for the specific keyword.


MOZ SEO keyword tool is another best and widely used keyword search tool available these days. It provides various ways and different things through which we can find the most relevant keywords.

moz keyword search page

The above is the full overview of the keywords of the word that is being entered. It gives the keyword suggestion, SERP analysis and mentions of that keyword.

After which each of the options is extended where we get more suggestions. Which is shown below.

moz keyword page

It gives the full details of all the related keywords to the word that is being entered. Not only that it has advanced options which can be seen below where you can see various options. Moz suggestion image

MOZ display keyword page

This was all about the SEO keyword search. Second, comes the SERP search results. Moz keyword tool displays everything that is in SERP Analysis and it gives the full details of it.

SERP moz search image

This shows,

  • Monthly income you will get if you go for it.
  • The difficulty that you will face.
  • Organic click-through-rate that you will gather if you go for it.
  • The priority that you will get on a scale of 0 to 100.


Keywords Everywhere SEO keyword tool is a different kind of SEO tool. This tool you have to install it in your desktop or laptop you just can’t access it like the other sites. It displays the data of the top 10 sites that are trending on Google this includes the sites like eBay, Amazon, Answer the public etc. It considers everything first and then gives the result which is relevant enough.

Keywords everywhere image

The best thing about this tool is that every time you don’t need to login to the site or open the particular website. Once installed, when every time you search for something in the browser it will automatically show the relevant keywords. Whenever you search anything it gives all the keywords comparing with the top sites. Not only that you can even know the Cost per click rate and the competition for the particular keyword.

keyword everywhere google imageAnd the coolest thing is that you can see those keywords also which the customers are attracted to or searching a lot and even those keywords which are not related but still are trending.

keyword search image


Google Trends can be used for finding the SEO keywords. While you search for a particular word it gives you various options for it.

Google trends image

Suppose you entered the term “digital marketing” for the search purpose. It will not only give the result for the keywords instead it will tell about some other things such as the recent search graph, related queries of it, the mostly searched area for that particular keyword.

These are some of the important things that are being covered by the Google trends and becomes very important while the keyword search. Not only that it even shows the regions which are having the craze about the particular thing or have a high Hype for it.

google trends graph


SEMRUSH SEO keyword tool is bit a different from normal keyword finding tools. Whenever you enter a word we not only get the long list of the relevant keywords. Instead, it also shows all those keywords that give a tough competition to this keyword.

semrush image

It gives some other options like it lets you chose the country which you want to target. Then it also provides the information regarding the organic search or the paid search.

semrush image

In the organic search, you can see the two options that the volume and the number of searches. While we go to Paid search we can find the two things that are the Cost per click and competition ongoing for the keywords. The number here represents the usage of that particular keyword and the cost for the particular keyword.

semrush image

Later beside organic search, we have the cost per click distribution among all the top countries in the world. Then it shows the trending things. Which means the topic which you are searching for it tells what is the rate it is trending for.

Below that you can find the phase match and related keywords. The keywords that are trending and related are upgraded from time to time. Along with the SERP report.

semrush image

Then you get the organic search results with the links which tell where the search happened from. With the Ad copies beside it. It even provides the full history of what you searched.


KW finder SEO keyword tool is one of the trending and upgraded tool. This is a free tool and provides every information for free. This contains a lot of features just at one place.

KWfinder image

It tells the difficulty level, through the SEO Keyword difficulty tool. Which tells that how difficult it is to compete in this category. And how difficult it will be to rank higher in this category. It shows the difficulty level automatically not by extra searching.

Keyword difficulty image

Rest in the related keyword list it shows the keyword searches that are trending in the list. This depends on the PPC, CTR and the quality score of the particular keyword.

KWfinder SERP image

It even gives the SERP list that is on the top and is recently done. Which contain the Domain authority, page authority, Moz rankings, Moz trust rankings, links present in the content, facebook rankings, strength of the profile etc.


Serpstat SEO keyword tool is also one of its kind. This tool like some of the tools tried to sum up everything in one platform. The major hit for this tool is the graph which shows the competition.

serstat image

It shows the full list of the companies that are competing for the same keyword and their rankings according to the Google search engine rankings.

serpstat competitor image

You can also see the bubbles on Wikipedia, Youtube some other big websites who compete and have higher rankings, more visibility, targeted keywords.

serstat graph

Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Trends you should know in 2018 – 2019

Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Trends you should know in 2018 – 2019

Before discussing Affiliate Marketing Trends, let’s understand affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing program that is based on the company’s performance in a marketplace – the ways and means to generate Affiliate leads. Usually, the results are delivered to the merchants or advertisers. The external partners are the partners who get rewards or commission. A valid sale or a type of lead which is completed, a user who is availing a free trial or even a subscriber of the newsletter could be a few examples of the results that the merchants seek.
Learn More about Affiliate Leads. What are the ways to earn money by using affiliate marketing!

Affiliate Marketing Trends


Earlier, people were skeptical about affiliate marketing and considered it to be fake. Now, the trend has changed. It has actually become one of the widely used marketing tactics. It provides hundreds or thousands of traffic, even in scenarios with less access to traffic or authority, even for small-scale business that have a higher credibility and higher influence. Hence, it is always suggested that you focus on the key influencers of the industry your business starts with, and expand the business by hitting the target.


Following the old style of advertising, the AD banners portray the same look, style and voice. The platform on which they are being posted have eventually gotten out of site and are now in the brink of extinction. On the contrary, the social media advertising has become highly viable, leveraging the possibility of reaching out to people. As social media is widely used, the internet platform has strengthened its presence in the market, and is a potential threat to the presence made by normal advertisements.

53% of the customers view native ads, rather than the normal ads. 75% of the ad revenues are generated by these people who focus more on the native ads.


Affiliate marketing includes all possible ADs such as video, voice, display and ads using other technologies. Statistics prove that 82% of the traffic can be generated through video ads. This is envisaged to increase by 15% each passing year. Voice based ads have become very popular. The publisher should always keep an eye on where the advertisement leads to, and the number of leads it can draw to the website? This is considered one of the finest digital marketing strategies.

The aim should be to keep the name of your company in the top notch when it comes to advertisements. Coming out with catchy ads is thus highly important.

Not only display ads, but also the visibility in other ad channels, from where you can draw huge traffic and convert these leads to potential customers.


There are a lot of big and high-profile brands and companies which are being examined for not disclosing the advertisements they are doing by the paid process. This mainly involves the new GDPR regulation, that has started. This Increases the focus on the FTC which will lead to more transparency and compliance. Affiliate Marketing also enhances business standards.


With a 50% growth in people buying and using mobile phones, the statistics have gone up.
The main aim of affiliate marketing is to connect the mobile and people using it and transforming them from mere leads to loyal customers. Who else can understand the pulse of customers better than the Advertisers? All that needs to be done is to engage the customers and align them according to their needs – this would avoid the toil that goes in re-targeting them.
Smart way of marketing is the other name of affiliate marketing. Hence, it has acquired a very significant place in the 2018 marketing world – Grabbing customers just by using and analysing the new technologies that are available, and using this as a magic wand.


Having the best measuring devices to measure and the best technologies to analyse lead to better reporting. Gaining access to real-time data is the need of the hour for the publishers.
Most of the affiliate marketing brands lack transparency- one of the important factors of affiliate marketing, which spreads the type of business you are doing and the opportunities being provided To get a 3-dimensional overview of Affiliate marketing, it is better to rely on data that is significant.


Assimilating the technology in the older applications and adopting newer technology is better than starting everything anew. Making changes to =the existing technology, thereby customizing the whole system to suit your needs is cost effective.Many companies follow this, for example, RiiP is a mobile advertising company that advertises for McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, BMW etc. It builds on a new technology on the existing model, instead of starting from the scratch.
People normally rely on tried and tested methods and replace it with newer technology.
For More Tips & Strategies for Affiliate Marketing, Visit this site.

Why Conversion Rate Optimization is a KPI for every Business?

Why Conversion Rate Optimization is a KPI for every Business?

The one thing that every other business needs to gauge while making any changes is the Conversion Rate Optimization. This is the one that decides the fate of any business. The CRO is the measure of the number of businesses made to the number of people viewing the product. This is the conversion rate of optimization for any online or offline products.

What is Online Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is an analysis of the number of businesses made to the number of customers visiting the website. This gives a clear picture of how efficiently your business is operating and your product is faring at the market. If the conversion rate optimization is below the expected range, you need to understand that there’s a dire need for you to make changes in the way you’ve been doing your business. Read more about the conversion rate optimization.

How can I measure the Conversion Rate Optimization for my Website?

Conversion Rate Optimization: Thinking

Conversion rate optimization is measured by placing the number of businesses made on the numerator. Then dividing the same by the number of customers or the sessions. This gives you the percentage of the people visiting your website in doing a business with you.

It is the process of conducting an AB or multivariate test to increase the website’s conversion rate. This gives us a chance to assume the customer’s behavior who visits the website. A good CRO task strives to increases your website’s revenue one time after the other, this leads to an overall desirable performance for the whole year.

It optimizes your current website traffic and calls for an appropriate action. This goes a long way in stabilizing the respective businesses. This conversion rate is differently measured for the different kind of businesses if intended to measure effectiveness.

Conversion Rate Optimization for different businesses:

The conversion rate optimization as mentioned above is different for different businesses. Hence, there must be a different way of analyzing the different businesses. Let’s look at a few of them to understand how it is measured for their respective businesses.

For E-Commerce:

Conversion Rate Optimization: E-commerce

E-commerce is one field that has been rapidly growing. With the establishment of multiple e-commerce industries, it has become necessary to understand what attracts a customer. This understanding will help in attracting and generating better revenue. So, how can we calculate and assume what attracts an e-commerce business the most? Nah, it’s not your gut feeling. The gut is something that a businessman should never go with. The gut feeling kills all the possibilities of thinking logically and then, in the end, you’re driven emotionally. Hence, one needs to make sure to avoid the gut feeling as much as possible. This helps them get the desirable results through analyzing the numbers. Hence, let’s get to know how you can calculate the CRO for an e-commerce organization.

For e-commerce, you need to consider the number of sessions the customers visited and made the purchase. If the customer purchases 3 products at once, it’ll still be considered to be a single purchase. This can’t be considered to be 3 different products. Learn how the e-commerce business has been leveraging the emotions for better sales.

Let me explain this to you clearly:

If the customer A visits the site but doesn’t make any purchase, that would be the session 1. If the customer visits the site and makes 2 purchases, then the session would be the second one. The business done would be just one. So now on a whole, the customer has had two sessions and the number of purchases made is one. Even though the products purchased are two.
So now, you need to place the purchase made in the numerator and the sessions in the denominator. This gives us Purchase/Session= ½= 0.5. Hence when taken in percentages, the answer would be multiplied by a 100. Hence the answer is 50%.

For Service-Based Organizations:

Conversion Rate Optimization: Services

For the services based firms, the methodology changes completely. This is quite different from the ones that you usually see. Services need to have a good cumulative calculation on the conversion rate. This gives a brief view on how their services are being appreciated by the users. So let’s see how to calculate the conversion rate for the service based firms.

Service-based organizations have a different way of calculating the conversion rates. One needs to count the number of times a customer visits the site before being converted into a customer. So the method would be to place the services received on the numerator. The number of times a visitor visits the site should be in the denominator. Here, one must not consider the other times a customer visits the page. As it would be for any enquiry or other similar purposes. Although sometimes the customers who intend to gain other services also visit the page. This part is overlooked until another service is obtained by the client. This leads to an inefficiency in this type of calculation.

So, to be precise, it would be calculated as services requested/the number of sessions before taking the service. If the customer comes 3 times before getting the service and gets the service at the 4th time and then revisits the site later for 2 times, then those two times wouldn’t be considered and the conversion rate would be calculated as ¼=0.25. Multiplying with 100 would give us the percentage. Which would be 25%.

How Conversion Rate Optimization percentage be improved?

Let’s look at the few factors that could help in improving the conversion rate.

A Visible and Attractive Call To Action button:

Conversion Rate Optimization: CTA

A good visible and attractive call to action button is the source to any business with the client. If you fail to help customer visit your purchase page, then the user would choose to leave. In this generation, where everything is available at the knock on the door, people would hardly take a bad CTA. Every page needs to be aware of the situation as to where the customer would feel like doing the business with them. They need to be navigated to the appropriate section without any difficulty.

An Interactive Web page:

An interactive webpage an interactive webpage is the root to attracting customers to your page. If your page is attractive, then even the clients would find it delightful in doing the business with you. Hence, one needs to be really careful when it comes to designing their webpage. It could make or break your deals with your valued clients or customers.
An interactive webpage also enables a user to sift through the different sections of the page easily. This allows them to go to the place they want to. Hence, keep your page clear and interactive and help your customers accordingly.

Show off your Testimonials:

Conversion Rate Optimization: Testimonials

Testimonials show the kind of an efficient work you industry gives to your customers. The testimonials are the reviews or the feedbacks provided by the ones who have already experienced your services. Testimonials from these peoples help your firm grow and build a reputation that would last longer.
Testimonials are supposed, to be honest, and genuine. It’s easy to figure out if the testimonials are given by the heart or just because of someone’s request. Keep the best testimonials on your page and leave the rest. You are not supposed to flush your whole page with these testimonials either.

Easy to reach Customer Support:

When the customers make purchases, they also have the authority to be supported when needed. You need to make sure that the customer has all their questions answered.  They shouldn’t find it difficult in finding the resource.
Make sure you get a chatbot for your own website. This allows to interact with the customers and get the required details for further information.

Keep Testing for the Broken Pages:

Conversion Rate Optimization: 404

Broken pages are always undesirable while you’re sifting through any website. It shows your website’s quality which eventually affects your reputation. Hence, always look out for the broken pages on your website. Make sure even if the website is broken, your customer would be directed to the appropriate pages accordingly. There are a number of tools that could help you in achieving this. Hence, helping you in delivering your customers a good experience.

Create Urgency with your offers and deals:

This is one important thing that the customers of e-commerce come across almost every time. The online pages show that there’s a deal running out, which creates a sense of urgency in the users. This urgency helps in a quick and not-much-thought-after decision of the customer. Finally, the customers end up purchasing the product.


Allow your visitors to make the micro-commitments even though they don’t really make any purchases. Request them to enjoy your free services and opportunities. Allow them to take advantage of these services at no cost. This way you can gain their trust, bond and also their contact for future purposes.

Respond to Criticism and Appreciation alike:

Conversion Rate Optimization: criticism

Criticism and appreciation are common in almost every industry. You can never really predict as to when you can have a negative review coming your way. But when you do, don’t be afraid to answer them. Accept the mistake as your own and request them to allow you to serve better. Here, people would start to gain the trust back. Always make sure to avoid these negative reviews from appearing first.

Try and feature the High-Revenue Products first:

High revenue products are certainly the ones that bring you a great amount of money. So, that’s where your key concentration should be. Place all your high revenue products on the top and let the other be placed a notch below. Selling out all these high revenue products will get your industry in a better position. Although this doesn’t mean that you neglect all those low-profit faring products. Make sure they get the similar opportunity to sell themselves.

Be Specific to the different class of audience:

Don’t generalize every class of audience into one. There are people who have different choices of products and items. Don’t emphasize one particular product. Rather make sure you provide all kinds of products that reach multiple class of audience. This will help the customers choose according to their preferences and budget.

Use Attractive Media:

Conversion Rate Optimization

Attractive images or videos always pull us towards the products more. Didn’t you ever feel like having a burger from McDonald’s after it has been advertised deliciously? That’s the kind of impact media have over us. Hence, use the similar kind of media that attracts the audience the most. This will most probably see a good rise in the customers purchasing the product.

Add Bonuses or Cashback for your products:

Bonuses and cash backs are like free cupcakes. People don’t say no to these. This, in fact, attracts the customers to purchase the products. Remember the Cheetos chips that used to come with these Pokemon gifts? Children used to buy Cheetos for the very same purpose.

Offer a few Free Services every now and then:

Free services act as a token of a bond. If people start using your bonuses, they’ll get to understand the kind of work you’ve been delivering. This also helps in the enhancement of customer’s bond with the seller. This might be a little investment. But trust me, this goes a long way in building the relationship and publicizing your brand name. Hence, never back out from making a few investments on this. Here you can find some useful free services.

Highlight the Product or Service Warranty:

Conversion Rate Optimization: Free services

The warranty is a sign of trust for any product. If your product has the warranty that you wanted, then you would be certain to buy it. It’s like an added assurance of using the product for the desired period of time. Hence, always provide warranty as it earns you the much-needed trust. Also, don’t forget to highlight the warranty period on your product page. These are the things that shouldn’t be but can be overlooked once in a while. This happens due to an inappropriate display.

Be Straight to the point and clear:

If you’re selling a product be specific about it. It helps not only the customers in understanding but also the audience searching the product through the Google. If you’re specific enough, Google would display your product right on the top of the search results. This will help the product gain the popularity that gives your industry enough revenue.

Be Precise about the Statistics you mention:

Conversion Rate Optimization: Statistics

Statistics are something that’s never to be played around with. You need to display accurate and precise statistics for your customers before they make the purchase. If you think the statistics aren’t good enough to be displayed then don’t. But never misguide your customers with the fake ones. Most of the audience is educated enough to figure it out.

Optimize your website for Mobiles:

Mobile phones are the key products in terms of sales in America. About 51% of the Americans use mobiles to make their online purchases. This statistic is apparently going up day by day. This shows the importance of the mobile phone in the world of sales. Mobile optimization was just an option in the past but now, it’s a necessity. Hence, always make sure that your mobile is efficient enough to make the sales with ease. Know how to measure your mobile speed score here.

Use Mobile Heatmaps:

Mobile heatmaps are nothing but the display of where the customers have been touching the most while using your website. This gives you an idea, on what feature does the customer enjoy the most. It also tells you which features the customers are missing out on. With these statistics, you can understand where to work on. So always keep a track of the heatmaps. You can find one of such heatmaps here.

Guest Purchases:

Conversion Rate Optimization: Login

Most of the online stores request the users to login in order to make any purchases. These requests sometimes don’t go right with the users. Especially when it comes to searching for some important products. Also when it comes to a new website, people usually try to see how the user experience is. If even for the new site, you request for a login information, this makes them leave right away.

A Friendly Communication once the deal is made:

This is more of a confirmation mail that plays as a friendly communication as well. Always make sure you send out this mail to your customers after they make their purchase. If you don’t people fall into the dilemma as if the order has been placed or not. This confirmation page allows you to build your relationship with the consumer better. Hence, communication is something you can’t overlook ever.

If you’d like to go through more points as such, do give this article a read.


The points mentioned above are not the only ones, there are other miscellaneous things one need to be aware of in order to make sure the customers request for the services from your end and don’t look elsewhere for the same. So, always try new things if you want to stay in the race. Also, keep checking for the changes on the CRO as it is arguably the KPI for any industry.

How brands have been leveraging Love Island’s trend!

How brands have been leveraging Love Island’s trend!

What is Love Island?

Love island is a game show hosted by Caroline Flack in which good-looking young singles come and try out their summer love luck in the show. The winning couple would be winning 50,000 pounds. The whole show revolves around the love interests and how they react to a certain situation. The best part about this show is the moment where people try out their lucks with the other.

How the show has been trending since its inception: 

This is the 4th season for the show and this season was able to record the highest growth in the audience than ever. The show is trending everywhere. Especially in the UK and Australia, the response it has been getting is beyond imagination. The best part about this show is the moment where people try out their lucks with the other.

Let’s look at the statistics on how trending this issue has been over the past 3 years in the UK which will tell you why you hear about this show a lot.

love island

Source: Google Trends

You can clearly see here the way the trend has been increasing. In this year, the trend has been more than it ever has been.

Let me give you a few statistics that might just blow your mind:

The reality show has had about 72.2m Facebook impressions
-It’s had around 22m Facebook video views
-A whopping 30m Twitter impressions and 6.5m Twitter video views
-It’s had a 13m Instagram video views

This is quite enough to claim this show to be the biggest one in the history for the 16-29 age group.

How has love island been able to attract such a huge audience?

Love island has its own way of attracting the audience towards it. Although the show is undoubtedly addictive and interesting, but not very interesting TV series has been able to make it through in the long run. What exactly has been Love Island doing to fill this marketing gap that all shows have been having? Well, it’s easy. It’s just the brand engagements and being active on social media. Yes, that’s enough to get this show such a huge attention.

The channel in which the show is being hosted has been making some continuous efforts in order to popularise the show. It has been making sure that it’s responding to a number of tweets or other social media engagements to spread the popularity. It’s always a big deal when a popular channel replies to your tweet. Isn’t it? That’s how the channel has been able to carry the weight of marketing the show.

Which age group is influenced by this the most?

facebook audience

Source: The AdStage Blog

As per the statistics, the show has already has seen a 78% growth in 16-34 age viewers. It’s been said that this show has the highest of an audience in that particular age group. It doesn’t mean that the other age groups don’t enjoy the show. But, the ones in this age group find it more appealing than the others.


Well as you all know this is the age group most of the youngsters imagine about their love lives or relationships too. That’s one reason. The other reason being that the people on the show are of the same age too. They share the same kind of mindset and would relate a lot to them. Though most of the people pretend not to watch the show if you peek down into their history, you’ll know that they’re the ones addicted to it. Well, it’s common for every person to know what’s happening in someone else’s life but no one wants to say it out loud is all.

How it’s paving way for the Influencer Marketers?

Well, it’s no wonder that once these participants come out of the show, they’d realise that they are already a celebrity. Imagine the kind of response they’re going to get. A few of these participants already have more than a million followers. You can check the Instagram of Dani Dyer and see how she’s been able to get 1.8m followers while still in the show. Here’s how you can use social media to promote your own product.

Dani Dyer is one of the participants, while even the rest of the contestants have been getting a great response, still, hers seems to be the most happening account out of all. This is the best way of getting plenty of followers. Let’s see how it might help them in the future.

The best way to leverage your followers is by the Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing is a way in which the Instagram celebrities tend to promote various products online. As a return from this promotion, they are paid heftily. though they aren’t paid as much as the actual Hollywood celebrities, still they get a great amount for promoting it on the social media.

How have different brands been leveraging this trend?


Missguided is an online retail store concentrating upon the apparels for ladies. This online platform has apparels for the ladies of the ages of 16 to 35 years. This is one store that has been having a great season. Since the start of the show for 2018, Missguided’s revenue has reached new heights. There has been about a 40% hike in the sales while the show is airing live. Well, how do they do this? How’s it even possible just for Missguided to be able to reach such a stage? Let me tell you. Meanwhile, you can also learn how a few websites use your emotions for your sales.

Missguided has been calling in every opportunity by cloning the outfits displayed on the show within a week. Yes, within a week. They have been able to make all the lady’s apparels displayed on the show available for the fans. This lead to a high purchase of the similar or cloned apparels. Here’s how Missguided has been taking this trend as an advantage.


Image result for samsung

Source: Wikipedia

Samsung is one another brand that has been leveraging their opportunity to make their brand as famous as possible. They’ve been taking every opportunity to make themselves happening too. There’s a part of the show where the participants are supposed to take selfies. While in the process, the camera is turned in such a way that the brand clearly appears on the screen. This is like a great brand promotion from the people while taking selfies on the show.

This trick has probably gone a long way in showing that Samsung has been one of the sponsors of the show as well. That’s how they’re keeping their brand engaged and trending.


Kellogg’s is another brand that has been taking advantage of the show’s trend. The show’s viewership made Kellogg’s to come out and market its own product in its own way. Kellogg’s offered to gift three tickets to the Love Island and the lucky ones are going to win this.

Although not everyone could take advantage of this for all those fans who don’t want to miss an opportunity to appear on this trending show, this might be the best bet they’ve got. They can participate and try their luck out.


Image result for superdrug

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Superdrug is one more brand that has been gathering people’s attention. Wonder how? Try and notice all those Beauty products set behind these contestants. The brand has apparently been sponsoring the health as well as the beauty products for the contestants.

Using this as their USP, Superdrug has been grabbing a lot of attention even though if it’s not the way they expected it to be all the time. People have also started trolling Superdrug for subtly placing their products behind the contestants. The camera is well placed in such a way that the product looks quite well on the screen. This is an indirect way of marketing. Here’s how Superdrug brand has been taking advantage of the series.

Where can I watch?

If you’d like to catch up too, you can watch this addictive show on ITV2


It always needs a great deal of foreseeing and good observation of where your brand could take off. All these brands have been able to leverage their way into this trendy show. The opportunities as such shouldn’t be taken for granted if you want your product to be established in the respective market!

What is virtual and augmented reality? Could it change our future?

What is virtual and augmented reality? Could it change our future?

Virtual and Augmented Reality are the two words that might have been ringing in your ears since a time. It isn’t something that you can escape from. Such is going to be the future as well. Let’s get in deep about these two!

Augmented Reality

What is the augmented reality and what does it do?

A digitalised image represented to interpret as a real-life object for the easy understanding of the viewer is called Augmented reality. Augmented reality enables users to have the real-time experience of the objects. These AR  creates a computerized object to be displayed in front. This representation would go a long way in experiencing different objects and products. Hence this has a great scope in the field of technology and sales.

Who invented augmented reality?

Ivan Sutherland was the one who made the equipment and fed it with the computer design to make out an augmented reality. He hanged a device out from the ceiling and the device was put over the head. Although the Augmented Reality was invented by Ivan Sutherland, Tom Caudell was the one who coined the term “Augmented Reality”. This augmented reality was expected to be a huge thing but wasn’t in talks as much. But now, with the implementation of new things day by day, augmented reality is back in talks again and has quite a promising future.

Who uses and benefits from augmented reality?

Augmented Reality is an invention, that still has a really broad scope and has a number of places to implement it on. The augmented reality gives us an experience of a non-existing object. These objects might cost us millions or might consume a lot of time to try on. But with the AR, that has become a not so tough job. Hence, there’s a dire need for every industry to upgrade their equipment towards AR. Let’s just read further about this in order to have a good view on the advantages of AR.

Who are all investing and working on augmented reality?


The e-commerce industry that is still the giant in selling products, has been trying hard to keep its place in the market. How does an industry survive in the competition? Yes, by updating themselves again and again. That’s what these industries are trying to do as well. If you operate an E-commerce and deliver products to your customers, and they don’t like it. What are you going to do? Accept their return! Yes, in order to fulfil their needs, you need to have those products returned back to you and send the new ones. This causes a huge loss for these industries.

What if the customers can try on the products sitting at home itself? Wouldn’t that be amazing? It not only saves the time but also E-commerce industries will save a lot on all those pickup and delivery charges. I wouldn’t say that the concept of returning the products will be wiped out completely. But I’m pretty sure that it’s going to go down to a great extent. Read more about how e-commerce attracts the customers here.

Image result for facebook marketplaceSource: Wikipedia

Facebook has also introduced their own version of AR marketplace to make the purchases right there. The users have the liberty to see how the product suits them using the AR experience. There’s a large scope for this ahead of this. You can experience it live after logging in to the facebook here.


Pokemon Gopokemon-go

2 years back from now the idea of Augmented reality was so oblivious to people but with the introduction of pokemon go, augmented reality took a great leap in connecting with the audience. The audience started playing the game as if it was the task of their life. They made it a part of their lives, traveling as far as possible in the anticipation to find their favorite pokemon. Not just that, with the announcement of iPhone X, there were a few other sets of applications launched. Few of those were the AR games. These AR games, though haven’t garnered as popularity as the pokemon go could, still they have a long way to go in the future of gaming.



Image result for app augmented reality

Source: Wikimedia Commons

AR applications also came out with the IOS 11 last year. A few of the games that would display your star position in the sky. All those zodiac signs that can be interpreted through the stars could be navigated easily. Not just that, Google, in their i/o conference 2018, explained how they are going to incorporate AR in their maps. It’s going to be displayed in their Android P once it comes up. You can read about the Android P features here. If you’d turn your camera on, you can actually see a digitalized creature that would guide you to your destination. It’s just like having a travel guide but even more interactive and fun to watch.


IKEA Augmented-reality

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is another field that has been trying really hard on the Augmented Reality. The architects have a great vision, but the vision is not as easy to express as it is to think. In this case, augmented reality comes to the rescue. With augmented reality, one can have a real-time experience of the object that an architect is trying to show. The person can, in fact, put the digitalized object at the right place and the suitability can be experienced as well. Not just that, a good understanding would require the measurements too. Augmented reality also offers you the feasibility of showing the dimensions of the products. Can you imagine, putting a furniture of your choice digitally, to see if that suits the corner of your bedroom? Yep, that’s possible and has brought to use as well. Houzz, DecorMatters, Homestyler are few of that kind of applications.

Surgical Purposes: 

Image result for surgery augmented reality

Source: Flickr

A new device ARveo Augmented Reality microscope helps the doctors with the surgery with AR. It generates some visual overlays that help the surgeons during brain and spinal surgeries. The Uconn health hospital in Connecticut was the first to incorporate such kind of technology into their field. You can read further about it here.

Advertising and Promotions:

Well, this is the age of Marketing. No matter how you market, all that you need is a proper marketing technique to be able to reach your customers. The marketing can be easily done and even more sophisticated techniques can be incorporated into AR. You can make your viewers see how those glasses from Ray Ban would fit you or how the luxury from Zara would suit your newly purchased top. That’s not it, you can actually feel their presence looking at your front camera while they do their cheapest and the most efficient way of marketing. So if you think the augmented reality might not grab the attention through these ads, then you got to wait and see.

What devices does augmented reality support?

augmented reality

Augmented reality currently supports the mobile phones. The mobile phone with the cameras are the ones where you can experience this AR for yourself. Although AR is a great experience, still it doesn’t excite the millennials as much due to its battery consumptions. the applications use a great amount of your phone’s juice to be able to show what you see on the screen. This would cause a great deal of battery to drain.

How can augmented reality be used in the future and how can it change the world?

Augmented reality has a great future. You must have understood by this time looking at all the industries craving to have it. This is just the beginning, there’s still a lot to come in this field and we’re all waiting what wonders can it pull. With the introduction of Pokemon go itself, everyone was in awe of what AR could do. But let me assure you one thing, Pokemon Go is just the beginning. There’s still a lot of this to come and you can be pretty sure it will. New advances that would change the way we do things will change and yes, it’s for good.

Virtual Reality

virtual reality

What is the Virtual Reality and what does it do?

A 3-dimensional environment created, by wearing a headset where the person could feel the environment is called virtual reality. A reality experience that’s created virtually to be interpreted as real. This experience can be created by creating a digital environment that would appear as real for the viewer. Although many of you might have already experienced it one time or the other, still it’s always a delight to have such experiences.

Who invented Virtual Reality?

Morton Heilig, who is known as the “Father of Virtual reality” for his works and research on this field was the innovator. He innovated the “Experience Theatre” also known as Sensorama Stimulator, as a first step towards the progression of Augmented reality. This theatre would show the digitalized objects on the screen when put over the head. So that’s how the great step towards the augmented reality was taken.

Who uses and benefits from Virtual Reality?

Multiple industries are already investing in virtual reality. It has started as a gaming experience and now is expanding to multiple fields. These fields are trying their best to make the most out of this and provide their own share of virtual experiences. This helps them stand out from the rest. With virtual reality talks being everywhere, a number of industries are willing to use this feature.

Who are investing and working on Virtual Reality?


FIFA World cup: Russia 2018:

Image result for fifa world cup 2018 vr

Source: FIFA.com

The FIFA world cup app had the VR feature in it to allow the fans to have a real-time game experience. The virtual reality application has the feature of displaying a 360 view of every game. This not only helps the viewers have a great experience but will also cheer all those who couldn’t make it to Russia in order to watch the game live. You can read further about it here.

Google Earth

Image result for google earth

A number of application developing agencies are using this feature in their own special way to offer an exquisite experience to their customers or clients. The applications can be used to help the users experience the real-time situation of a location or an area. This would give them a practical understanding of what they are getting into. t’s like helping them see the real version of it, without having to change their respective locations. They can stay right at home and enjoy the experience of saving both their time and energy.


Batman Arkham VR

Image result for batman arkham vr

Source: Flickr

The gaming world is going to change completely with the initiation of this virtual reality. Almost every game that has come out recently have this features in them. Even in the recreational and fun parks, you can see a number of stores helping you experience their own virtual reality games. Have you seen people wearing those headsets and moving every possible way? Some of them tend to shout and get startled by what they see on their device. Some of these games could include roller coaster or have an experience of a dangerous ride. There are a number of computer games as well that give a real-time environment to take the game experience to a new level. You can get your hands on or read more about this game here.



Image result for youvisit vr

Source: Flickr

The travel industry is booming and hence no one wants to back out from all the technological advances that they can make. SO the travel industry is going down the same path as well. Incorporating VR into their applications. How would you feel if you can give your customers a glimpse of what they can see in after traveling there? Instead of pictures, it would be more like a real visit and experience. that’s what the travel industry has been doing to help their customers see all these things. Not just that, recently a ziplining agency, used the VR to give the users a feeling of ziplining at very high altitudes. These guys have made a 30-second ziplining feel like a 3 minute one. mark my words, VR is a big deal when it comes to creating delusions.


Image result for augmented reality applicationsSource: Wikimedia Commons

This is the best part. When you come home from all that long day of work, what would you need the most? A little time in the mountains? Experience a beautiful sunset? Watch and count the stars in the sky? Well, that isn’t really an all-time happening thing but you can make that happen. With VR, you can experience these things in the real time and keep the stress away from yourself. You can also surround yourself with all the funny jokes and positive people in order to calm yourself and find some new faces.

The virtual reality is also being incorporated in the field of surgery to take this to a next level and help the people in their surgeries. This will also prepare the doctors on their surgical advances.

Real Estate:



Source: Smart2VR

This has changed the life of many people who are looking for a new home. The virtual reality feature has been utilized by a number of organizations to show their own homes or by the broker industries that want to sell their client’s properties. It saves time and the buyers don’t even have to visit the home. They can have a real-time walkthrough of that respective flat and can explore it the way they want. They can walk and switch from room to room and understand the kind of ambience they have there. Thre are a number of real estate brokers incorporating this into their applications.

What devices does Virtual Reality support?

Virtual reality is supported in almost every mobile phone that has a wide screen. Though you need to have a smartphone in order to see these things. If your phone has the gyroscope sensor, then you’re good to go. Get yourself a good headset that is comfortable to you and has a good view capacity. Make sure the headset fits your phone. Now put the phone in the headset and you’re good to go. Find yourself a good cardboard video which is frequently available on youtube in order to experience this.

Which is the best headset for Virtual Reality?

Well, there are a number of devices have this feature. From cheapest of the headset starting at $1-2 to one of the costliest in the field, you can find the right headset based upon their specifications. But do understand that there might be the different headset for different phone sizes. The most reputed and one of the first VR headset to come into the market is the Oculus Rift. It has been purchased mostly by the gamers for a great gaming experience.

How can Virtual Reality be used in the future and how can it change the world?

Virtual reality has a number of applications. They have already been used in a number of applications, games, devices etc., and there’s a lot of need to explore its limitations. As a matter of fact, there are a number of new ways that have been coming up and been surprising us with its innovation. Just like AR, VR has its own innovative ways to amuse us.

Mixed or Hybrid Reality:

The mixed reality often referred to as Hybrid reality, is the mixture of both the augmented reality and virtual reality. This will be a great step towards the digitalization of experiences. The early mixed reality experiments were practised at the US Air Force Laboratory. This feature was developed in order to provide a flight simulation for the pilots.

Key Take Away:

All these reality devices are on the verge of becoming something really big in the near future. There is a constant need for the betterment of all these practices in order to see a better-digitalized world. But one thing is not to be forgotten, though there’s a great need for this to be incorporated, still, you need to make sure the usage is up to the limits and doesn’t go beyond the permissible usage.