Google recently conducted its annual I/O developer conference in Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California, United States. It was one of the most awaited and bigger conferences of the year so far. In the Google conference every year Google tells about its efforts to reach where it is and what are the new technologies and advancement they have brought with respect to the previous year and its efforts to push the consumer technology beyond the boundaries.

In Google, I/O 2018 conference the star of the show was of course Artificial Intelligence or AI and even the Google Assistant was one of the central parts of the conference. The new and updated version of the Android P that is used in Google Pixel mobiles was also made available to watch and was made available to people who want in their Google Pixel mobiles or the developers. And Google covered all the important advancement that is being done in the technologies, Android version, new things introduced and everything.

Below are the announcement and advancement that is being made by and told by Google in the Google I/O conference 2018:

    Making calls and booking reservations, giving appointments have become easier now with the more advanced and more smarter and natural sounding voice of the Google assistant. It can easily handle all your business calls and to and fro question and answer conversations easily it can even handle your calls like when you hate to make a call when your reservation is not confirmed Google assistant makes a call on behalf of you.
    As Google started explaining everything about Google Duplex and two calls one by the Google Assistant and the other the Human call. Both were very similar and it was difficult to identify who was human and who was not and between both only one was the real human.
    The most interesting thing about the Google Duplex was that it included “hmm” “umm“ when someone on the other side of call replied “okay. Give me one second”. And even had “uhh” behaving like it’s thinking about the answer. It was even able to answer all the twisted and turned questions and the answer that was seemed to be very natural. And it was very much unbelievable for any person to identify who is human. Even sometimes the human mess up the things but Google Duplex talk the right answer and never mess up.
    These cars are very important for the future generation and are required a lot in the future as this is the driverless or self-driving car. The working and all was shown in person to the people present in the conference. And it was even illustrated that in the coming years more than 20,000 cars would be on the roads. At present, it was being used in a taxi with no drivers on the driver’s seat. The Waymo taxi service company announced to launch this service in Phoenix, Arizona by the end of this year. The people can avail this car easily with no drivers and can travel to the local destination.
    There has been a lot of changes in the Gmail this year than the 14 years. It is using artificial intelligence or AI to make the Gmail experience even better. The main feature of the smart compose is that it by using the Machine Language it would help to create and complete the sentence in the emails automatically. As similar to that one in the mobile phone which predicts the word for you whereas in here it composes the whole sentence. As Google contains a whole lot of your data, day to day things and all, it became smart enough to show you the right autocorrect sentences.
    The biggest savior of this century for the busy people is the Google Maps which shows the people the route which is having less traffic and you can reach the destination early, which initially means it shows the people short-cuts and not so busy routes to reach the destination. It helps a lot to the people who are new to any place and want to get somewhere which initially becomes a savior for them. But that’s not it Google has updated this Google Map feature and made the best out of it.
    And one of the important flaws of the Google Maps is that you never know where the blue dot is going to or pointing to. This problem has been solved Google has made it easy. Now you can directly point your mobile to the street and the view if the street and the direction would be flashed on your mobile with the right direction to your destination. A demo on this advancement was given in the conference but when this thing will be implemented in the present Google Maps is unknowns still now.
    Android P beta has become very much accessible, and it is accessible not only in the Google Pixel mobile but also in 7 different mobiles which also includes Nokia, OnePlus.
    The Android P beta is accessible in all the Google phones starting from Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel XL and Google Pixel 2XL. Whereas this android version is not available in the Nexus 5x and Nexus 6p.
    Other than the Google mobile phones it is also available in the other brand of mobiles or the third party mobile phones that are available in the market which are mentioned below:

    • Essential phone
    • Nokia 7 plus
    • Xperia XZ2
    • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
    • Vivo X21
    • Oppo R15 Pro
    • OnePlus 6

    The saddest part of this is that it is only limited to certain devices only. Every smartphone out there won’t be getting access to it. After the testing and seeding of this Android version making it more efficient to use by the customers, it will be launched by the end of August.

    Android P is very much efficient than the Android version of oreo. The battery has become very much adaptive and battery conserving has become much more efficient than the previous versions of the android. And the app wake-ups have been reduced to 30% in which the operating system fore-predicts the apps that are being not used in a day and reduces the waking up of this type of apps.

    Adaptive brightness with your preference to change it. Google has introduced it as even if having the brightness adjusting mode people use the manual way to adjusting the brightness. Google has modified this and made the brightness be accessible according to the personal preference of the users.

    One more important features are the App action in which in the afternoon you may be searching for the movie tickets in BookMyShow. And in the evening you forget about your evening routine then Google will ping you and alert you to the evening workout with different and effective workout sessions.

    Developers coming up with new apps can keep the parts of their app in the different operating system which is called as the app slice. If you want to search something like MakeMyTrip and you get a drop-down button with only home and work including the prices beside it. If you are searching the “Goa” and get some pictures from Gallery that are recent. And this technology would be advanced in the near future making it accessible for videos and checking-in in hotels.

    The navigation system in the new Android P enabled smartphones have been made easy and clean in order to make the multitasking process very easy to understand. And has replaced the home and recent buttons with a horizontal bar. To bring everything out there in the single screen only Google has implemented this technique.
    It has a swipe up screen which when swiped up can see the excessively used app and the recently opened apps or the pages and in addition when swiped twice you can see all the apps present. This has made the work of the users very easy and accessible easily and can have everything readily available in one gesture.
    The smallest change yet but one of the exciting one. The volume keys which are usually used to be on the outside of the mobile and where the hardware buttons. Whenever you want to play any video and turn the volume button low and high and later find out the ringer to be silent or to very very loud. This usually happens a lot with the people. To omit this problem Google has made the media volume on the phone itself on the screen right side where usually the volume keys are meant to be. Where you can manually set the volume by increasing or decreasing and with a bell icon above to turn on and off the ringer.
    Google has introduced a dashboard in Android P where you can find all the details of every single minute of yours like how and where you spent your time on which site or page or app. For example how much time you spent on facebook from the phone and from desktop not only facebook every other site you are using.
    You will be getting all the details of the time spent by you on the internet. This can help the people using it cut it down and minimize the usage it is something like the self-imposed limits on the social sites.
    In reply to Amazon Echo Alexa, Google has started with the excellent and very nice smart speakers and touted screens. It is implemented with the Google assistant and smart displays. Not only that Lenovo Smart Display, LG, Sony, JBL are working for hand on with Google to deliver the best Google smart display. Which is anticipated to be released in the month of July.
    Google has promised to implement the Google Assistant and remote free Android TV build on in it. Google assistant will be infused in the soundbar with 4 way HDMI 4k passthrough in the soundbar and would go on for a very slim and handy profile. And it is yet to be implemented in the real model.
    The Google Assistant would be taking in the form of the visual experience when you swipe for the Assistant. Every day it comes up to you with the reminders, notes, directions saved or day to day ways or having the interactions Google Assistant. It’s something like Google is renewed with all the specialties that are required to simplify the work of the user mostly the business persons. Which is most probably estimated to be released in July or August this year.
    The wearable devices like the watches will be having the inbuilt Google I/O Assistant which would be helping the users in all the ways just by being on the wrist.
    If you are in the airport and want to the next flight or the whole schedule that is where the Google smart wristband becomes very useful with all the available things on your wrist that too a voice guiding you. Not only that you can switch on your A.C without the use of the remote and make your LG vacuum cleaner work just by commanding to Google Assistant on your wrist.
    The new refurbished Google news is somewhat maintaining the site similar to Apple News like designs making it a bit easy for the user to access to the important updates and news and is broken down into two different parts as the newscast and the Google call briefings. And even provides you the links to the source which helps you to subscribe easily.
    Machine language is the base of this updated Google news, as its main aim is to provide people the original and quality and time to time news. The smarter of Google News version will show the most relevant news and goes down likewise and will be updated on every Android phone within the week.
    Google nailed it with coming up with 6 different voice and accents and even with the voice of the celebrities.
    For example, the musician John Legend has also lent his voice for the Google assistant you will be hearing it soon in your mobiles, headphones, wristband, smart displays etc.
    Not only him there are other 5 celebrities who have to lend their voice to Google assistant which will be coming in front of you by the end of this year.
    Not only the common people but also the specially abled people are being benefited with the new Google I/O advancements. Google has used the Machine Language to make the display captioning even more effective while two people are talking. It would help the hearing-impaired people by separating the relevant words and information and even identifies the different people voices and separates accordingly.
    For future, it is thinking to build up a Gboard with the Morse code for the specially abled peoples.
    Google has improvised its lens with the inbuilt object recognizing software used in the camera lens. Which will be made available in all the new phones coming not only in the Google mobiles. It is aiming to target all the smartphones out there. Artificial intelligence has been used which will lead to Google assistant if you click once and will lead to Google lens if you click twice.
    The work beyond this is yet to be done and will be in front of the users soon.