What are backlinks?

Whenever a website which is external to you links with you then it is known as backlinks or external backlinks. Backlinks are one of the most important factors which are used for rankings in search engine results. The algorithm of Google always keeps on changing and evolving. As backlinks only help you to gain higher rankings in the search engines. And links are one of the top most important things required nowadays to make your SEO service rank high. If you see any page is ranking high and having a lot of followers to it then it is including a lot of links to its content because Google thinks the page is authoritative if it contains a lot of links.

Earlier by using only the relevant keywords in the content was enough whereas now those times are gone. Earlier spamming of an article was ok to be done but not now because you can be penalized if you are found to be spamming an article on your website. The procedures of link buildings have been changed a lot with every coming year but still, it is very much important in making a page score high ranking in search engine rankings.


People doing online business or marketing usually don’t know why backlinks are important to rank the page to higher. People don’t get that backlinks are the foundation or the keystone of any Search Engine Optimization services. Google rankings are moreover is based more on the backlinks only. When the surveys were done by the Google says that backlinks are very important to rank higher.

In the Search Engine Result Page if a content is ranking on the top that means it is having a lot of links to the content than the content which ranks the less. People sometimes think that by having the backlinks only they will get the top rankings whereas it is not the same case everytime spamming the contents, forums or links etc get noticed and doesn’t gather you a good amount of links. Eventually when you have different backlinks from different sites than it is very useful in ranking high. The domain link authorities are very important for any site and if these are present in a site it helps the site to rank higher. So which initially means the site would be much powerful only when it higher domain authority links so you have to give more focus on the links than the site. To get more traffic to your site link building is very important for the SEO strategies below are the important link building campaign plans that are required in 2018:

  • FOUNDATIONAL THINGS IN LINK BUILDING: The most efficient and methodological link building involves investigating original data and research which makes the site 70% more powerful. As the “content is king” in nowadays digital world than keeping the content original and specific is very important to draw the attention of a lot of people. When some write a content or blog it is very important to keep the notice and having a grip on the original research gains a lot of backlinks and references for the site. So these are important or can be called as the foundational things of any content or blog by gaining a lot of backlinks. How the research and original data are being used for backlinks is given below:
    • Always chose the topic which the viewers find it to be very valuable. As there is a lot of things people want to know about if you catch the thing in the right moment of time and develop the content and blog at the same time. It will for sure drive you a lot of organic traffic to your site.
    • Always publish all your research and findings everything that is very important for the viewers to know about. As earning the links is not so easy without publishing the relevant research.
    • Not only the contents and blog always try to add the complementary content based on your research. Make a series of blog, videos, podcast etc use everything which you think is relevant to your content.
    • Never restrict your research, findings and analysis do as much as possible and use demographics, charts, graphs, graphics whatever that is relevant for your site to rank high and make the people feel that “it is having some relevant content”.
    • Promoting your site or the blog is very important because if you understand the people choices and feel that it will tickle the people’s interest sharing or be promoting the analysis is very good.
  • BUYING LICIT LINKS: some of the SEO services try to buy the backlinks or the sites but buying the links is a very bad habit because while analyzing Google may find it illegal and penalize your site. Whereas there are some other ways which help in gaining the high backlinks that involve things like- reviews that are paid, official sponsorship, and writing the guest blogs in some renowned sites with disclosure. How to have paid links are given below:
    • Go for the organic links than paid links because while the organic and paid links are compared then paid links are too risky to be used. And still, you want to rely on the paid links always remember that it should not exceed more than 10-25%.
    • Build the links slowly and easily because nowadays SEO builds the links 1-20 links per month instead opt for 1-2 links per month because link building should be done deliberately.
    • Researching a lot about the domain page site is very important. Check the red flags like spam contents, outbound links. Check the page history, its rankings and all. Before agreeing to do the backlinking works for any of the sites.
    • Always change the keyword anchored texts because pages having the same keywords are being sent a red flag by Google for buying the links.
    • Disclose your involvement whenever you pay the sponsored site for hosting the content. And always try to gain the trust of people by making everything transparent and making them know everything about the paid links to the readers.
  • POSTING CONTENTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA: The SEO strategies nowadays think that the content sharing in the social media is very much important and efficient to gather the leads. And gives the most effective link building strategies as it is most followed strategy for link building in the SEO campaign. Some of the link building strategies that the SEO companies use are like the Broken Link building, Local Business Website. Almost any SEO company you chose for link building on your site everyone relies fully on social media for getting the desired leads. How social media helps in building links is given below:
    • Always know who is your target audience and check on which platform they are more active on. There are different tools which help you in finding this and focus mainly on that platform only because it will finally help you in gathering the leads.
    • Target the audience and chose the topic which attracts more of them. Use the tools to find patterns, engagement and likes, shares, comments etc which help gather the number of audiences.
    • Promote and share the content or blog as much as possible. And the content to free because if your content is interesting, attractive, and unique enough the viewers will only share your content.
    • Remarketing is one of the very important aspects nowadays. If suppose you tweeted it don’t stop there retweet it, if you already posted in Facebook then go in some other platform and post it there also, and give the content a small boost with every passing week. In this way, you can gather the number of leads that are new including the old one.
  • LINK BUILDING USING VIDEOS: the surveys say that 66% of the SEO companies think that the link building using videos is very much effective because people have to be very careful while building links in the Google whereas there is no such thing with the Youtube videos. And a lot of people out there think that hosting a Youtube channel is very much efficient than having a page in any site and moreover sharing the videos in different social media sites gives a lot of boosts to host page in Youtube. And it is always been a great idea to include backlinks in the video and share them on different platforms.