The holidays season is just a few days away, people have already started shopping crazily for this season. Holidays usually include celebrating with the family, friends, and relatives have mouth-watering food such as roasted turkey, baked potatoes and then, of course, a lot of shopping. Starting with the Thanksgiving which on November 22nd this year, the holiday season starts. Followed by Black Friday and then Cyber Monday so on, the holiday season starts from thankings and ends till Christmas and then may continue till the New Year.

Researches have even revealed that 8 people out of every 10 always plan to spend more on holiday shopping in the winter season. The shopping list of shoppers includes 54% of shopping for clothing and footwear items, 45% of shopping is for gift cards, and the rest 43% of the shoppers buy toys and games. On the other side, 4% of the people take a strong stand that they will not drain a lot of money for the Black Friday shopping. This was 2% in the previous year which has increased by 2%, now people are becoming a bit attentive while spending the money.

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When coming towards the huge spenders in the holiday season they the only name that pops up are kids. Yeah! kids are the top spenders and seriously drain all the money from their father’s account. 54% of the fathers spend more amount for buying the kid’s stuff or whatever their kids want. This year dad’s become the top spenders for the holiday season. This percentage increased by 23% than the previous year spendings. Rest percentage which is left includes: parents of the kids aged between 6-11 years, it is expected to be 49%, 44% are the people are single parents, then 44% are the men aged between 18-34 years, the final one is in total 40% these are the iGeneration people between 18-23 years.

Online shopping destination Black Friday

Digital shopping platform is conquering the whole offline market and all most all the brands are turning towards the digital platform to give people an easy and larger exposure. The previous year online shopping spenders were about 86%, however, this year it has increased by 5% and has become 91%.

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However, in the race of doing online business or e-commerce marketing, Amazon tops the chart with 73% of the people preferring Amazon for the shopping. After Amazon, the mass merchandise comes up with 70%, which is followed by departmental stores with 50%, then the footwear and the clothing stores with 51%. Amazon is considered as the top influencers for the online sales till now.

Online shopping is majorly dominated by the iGeneration with 83% of the youngsters buying everything in the digital platform. After this, the millennials people between the age group 24-41 come up with a major spending til 74%, then the generation X the age group of 42-53 spends around 70%. At last, the baby boomers aged between 54-72 years are 69%. These are actual shoppers percentage according to the age group of the people who do digital shopping in the e-commerce site.

cyber minday and black friday marketing tips

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Keeping all these things in account the brands have an excellent opportunity to use this and increase their market value. Targeting the Black Friday and generating the best Black Friday marketing strategy will for sure to increase your sales.

However, the important thing here pops is what is the best Black Friday marketing strategies that should be incorporated? To help you out from this type of dilemma we listed out the top Black Friday marketing strategies below:

Tricks and tips for last-minute Cyber Monday and Black Friday Strategy

Scarcity Marketing

Scarcity marketing is the best tactic to make the people afraid when you are just a few days away from the D-day. When you keep something in your e-commerce account and say the viewers that “if you don’t buy it soon then you will be missing out something huge” the viewers will start thinking about. This is what scarcity marketing is all about. Making viewers feel that if they miss out this opportunity then there will be no new opportunity to buy the same product.

amazon limited deals

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The World’s top e-commerce company Amazon incorporated this technique to grab the attention of a lot of customers. Not just the attention even to make them buy the product by showing them the messages like “Only 1 left in stock” upon seeing this there are 70% chance that people will hurry up and buy the product.

FOMO or Fear of Missing out

This is also a type of fear that the companies try to create among the people. It is very much similar to scarcity marketing, in FOMO people get feared of missing the item and buy the item immediately.

FOMO marketing


As shown in the above example that use this tactic and show the people that the item is “out of stock”. Here, in the above AD, you can see that the is showing its customers the message “You missed it!”. This creates a sense of fear among the people and if they lose one thing then the people will be in the hurry and immediately book other options that are available. This thing increases the sales of a brand in an urgency and is considered to be the best Black Friday marketing tactic.

Give Exclusive offers

Offers attract a lot of people, grab the people’s attention and make the people buy the product. Each and every person present on this planet love exclusive offers. It is one of the old and tried tactic which is adopted by all the marketers for a long time to increase the sales. We assure you this is the best tip for the Black Friday marketing.

Giveaway the best marketing offers and deals possible and people will be attracted like anything and this will for sure increase your sales. Never and ever forget to give exclusive offers with attractive taglines and images. Below are some of the example of digital ADs on black Friday marketing.

black friday deal

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marketing deal for black friday

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black friday marketing

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Social Media following

Social media plays a crucial role in driving people to your website. These days all the people who are using the internet are active on the social media platform which makes social media an important place to target the audience. Social media Ads works like wonders and it is a proven fact that 50% of the customers come from social media website to make a purchase. So, never forget to concentrate on the social media site, if you miss it then you miss a lot of customers.

facebook black friday ad

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The above Facebook AD is for the Black Friday marketing of a hotel which is providing exclusive offers for the holiday season. However, the below one is the Twitter Ad for the Black Friday marketing deal providing some amazing deals in the social media site.

twitter black friday ad

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In Instagram, you can have two ways of marketing one through the normal Instagram Ads another through the Instagram Stories. Both drive a lot of customers while Instagram stories these days are driving more customers and a lot of people are getting attracted to it. Below are the examples for it.

instagram black friday ad

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instagram stories

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Cross-channel Marketing

If you want to increase the per customer revenue metrics of your brand then start promoting the adjacent product now, Yes! show the adjacent product who have just clicked the purchase option. By now, you will be wondering how? this is not a rocket science.

A customer completes one purchase then showcase him/her the items related to that item. As soon as one purchase is completed and the customers view other items related there is a 50% chance that people will buy this also. Or, give an option and combine it with another item and offer it for a discount then there is a huge chance that people will buy both.

Paid Ads

While going for the last minute marketing tactics for Black Friday the paid ADs become an important aspect to rank in the top of the search page and gather the attention of the viewers who are searching for it. For all last minuters, paid ADs is a big requirement and are the rescuers which should not be neglected.

Google paid ads

Source: Google

Optimize for every device

The Application or Website that you have for your brand or company make sure that it is easily accessible in smartphones, tablets, laptop, desktops, each and every device through which people can access the internet platform. Optimizing it all devices: a marketer and the brand should not take it in ease and should check all the time whether people can access it or not.

Most importantly you should check whether it is working for all the Operating System available that is the Android and iOS. Make sure your website is working good enough and doesn’t contain any bugs and loads fastly so that people stay in your site and doesn’t go away in mid due to these problems.

Focus on the e-commerce site and flood the site with offers

As the holiday season is a week away it becomes necessary that your e-commerce site should contain all the offers, gifts, coupons etc. all those things which make people excited and come to your site for making a purchase.

You should feel as if this is your last chance, so, make it big and flood the website with all the exclusive and the best offers that you have. People love offers, discounts, coupons, gifts etc. So, never miss these things. Below we mentioned some of the top company website and their landing page offers.

Apple ads

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Amazon ads

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eBay ads

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Push Blogs

If you have some old blogs related to the topic like about the holiday season or Black Friday marketing deals or cyber Monday marketing deals then push the blogs forward. Refurbish those content according to the present requirement and keep it in front of the viewers. This will increase the number of viewers to your site and your old blogs will gather more viewers.

This is a way to make people know more things related to the same topic and to get a full brief note about their requirements, it will work as a guide for the users searching holiday marketing, black Friday deal or Cyber Monday deal.

Referral codes

Usage of Referral codes have been increased these days, people are nowadays are using these codes to grab more customers. In this, if one user comes up and makes a purchase then he will be given a privilege to avail certain amount or discount only if they use a specific code and refer to their friends or family then they have to come up and make a purchase, after which they first user can avail the coupon. This works generously because a lot of people come up like this and there will be no decrease in the graph of earning people will flood up and refer there friends to get the coupon.

referral codes

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referral discounts

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These are some of the tried marketing deals for Black Friday for all the last minute marketers to gain the attention of the audience towards their site. We assure you will also get the best result and your sales will touch the peaks if you also apply these.

What are you waiting for? Apply these Black Friday marketing tactics and increase your sales.

If you will face any problem then feel free to contact we will help you in all possible ways.

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