One of the oldest means of marketing; email marketing still works like a charm whether it’s to reveal a new product to your existing customers or to connect with more potential customers for the same, with an email conversion rate you can do it all.

Just write up a great one. Use a good structure and design — the right links. And SHOOT!

email marketing

If only it were all that easy.

While email marketing is just a simple term, its right implementation can get the best in a sweat.

From writing a great subject line to keeping the mail body comprehensive yet short. And then the pressure of compellability, I tell you. All of it requires some in-depth analysis, research and the right choice of words (of course).

But does it mean email success is too hard to achieve? Well, not if you go by these five tips.

5 Killer Tips to Boost Email Conversion Rates like anything

Here are the top tips for leveling up your email marketing game to earn a spate of conversions.

1. Make use of existing intel

Be it offline or online; data is an integral part of all businesses.

Gathered after several hits and trials, it helps businesses strategize and optimize better for their future projects, including email marketing campaigns.

But how exactly?

Well, it’s a lot like targeting.

The data would tell you a lot about your audience. Its likes/dislikes. Geographical locations. Age group and the gender that they belong to. The brands that they love the most. Products that they are interested in. And a lot of other stuff.

Now here you need to do is make use of this data.

Craft your emails by that. Use it to be relatable with your emails. As relatable as you can be. Do you know how a joke suddenly becomes way funnier the moment you start relating to it? The same tactic works with all forms of content “Emails too.”

This will make your prospects believe that you can feel their pain and so can help them too.

2. Refine your email list

While you might be sending out emails to some subscribers who gave you their email addresses at one point in time, turns out not all of them are receiving those emails now.


Every email list in the world has the following categories of subscribers.

  • Confirmed: Those who confirmed their subscription to your newsletter/mailing list
  • Unconfirmed: Those who didn’t prove their subscription
  • DNC list (do not contact): The ones who blacklisted you (no further contact)
  • Bounced: The file with (now) invalid email addresses

Now, this might have got you wondering,

All mailing lists are divided into four categories, three of which aren’t worth a try. But how does it matter? Why do I need to refine?

Well, I hate to break it down to you. All email service providers charge their consumers for every single email that they send.

This means that sending emails to the people who don’t want to see your emails or don’t want to respond to them or aren’t even going to receive those might be costing you $$ unnecessarily.

The solution is easy. Just take out an hour and refine your mailing lists.

Every time you shoot emails, make sure they are going to the right audience. Failing at that will cause you throwing money for nothing.

3. Create outstanding mail copies

Not to pressurize you or anything, but your mail copy can make or break your email campaign.

It’s like while we all try to persuade users with our content, there is a whole bunch of competitors trying to do the same.

A myriad of emails is sent every day, every week and every month. What magical do you think your email copy has to beat them all and be clicked on?

Well, in all cases we can still be better. Aiding to that, let us look at the four ‘U’s of email copywriting.


While the world is moving at the speed of light and everybody is super busy, getting users to click through your emails in the first go is a challenge.

But is there a way to win? Well, do we say no to any urgent calls? Highly rarely, right? That’s the key. If you can create urgency in the readers’ minds, you can win their attention that can lead to more clicks.

Still, don’t get it? This example might help.

Let us say; you want to buy an electric guitar. You visit a website reviewing the model that you want to buy. You read the reviews. I liked the product. And chose to sign-up for updates, so you don’t miss out on the latest offers or updates.

The next noon you receive an email offering a limited time discount on your favorite guitar. Wouldn’t you consider it? Well, even if you won’t, somebody else will.

Email conversion

What it does is boost the chances of the user opening up your email. The rest of the best (i.e., conversion) still depends on other factors like CTA, landing page, etc.


The next thing your email copies need to be is unique.

Just as discussed in the sections above, we receive a large number of marketing emails every day. How many do we click?

Well, if we notice carefully, it’s easy to conclude that emails that are unique and interesting make us want to know more. And for that, we generally click through.

For example, a while ago, I received this email from’s email list that I once subscribed to. First, I saw it on my phone and couldn’t just archive or delete or even ignore it (which I or maybe most of us generally do).

This is what the email’s snippet said.


Starting with the title, it’s simple and spots on. Something that every internet marketer/website owner would love to know. And then the first text in the email. As relevant and essential as it could be.

He starts with his success story. He is implying that this hack really worked for his website and so it can work for mine.

Now, here, he might have lost me if I had just read the title. But then the right next line goes like ‘Over the last 30 days, I generated 53878 visits from …’.

Who wouldn’t want to know more?

This is one excellent example, and there can be many others like this.

So, think of creating unique subject lines and useful opening texts like these. Chances are, your conversion rates will be boosted.


Just as mentioned in the very first tip, you need to make use of the data that’s available to you. The aim is to know your consumers better. Understand their needs and then craft emails with that intel.

You need to know their problems the best and then address those in your emails. If you can do that, more of your emails will be read.


Why waste a sentence saying nothing? – Seth Godin.

Brownie points if you feel that the above quote makes sense.

The thing with the content that you create is that it has to be useful at all costs. Because, what’s the point of creating any content at all if it doesn’t help its audience?

Also, if you aren’t helpful to the audience, why will they subscribe to you? Or buy your product? Or even listen to your words at all?

So, keep this in mind and try to create useful content for your audience.

While writing great email copies will require brainstorming and more time, it’s highly crucial. Coming up with perfect email copies is how you can compete with other businesses sending emails to your prospects.

Also, you can use a good video to charm up your emails. Emails with visual content get higher CTR.

4. Work on your CTAs and Landing Pages

You might have spent hours and hours brainstorming the right design, layout, text copy and everything else for your entire email, but right before you send it out, two things matter.

CTA and landing page.

Getting users to click through and read your email is a tough bet; we all agree. But what’s more robust is to convert them. And basically, that’s what every other step in the process comes down to.

So, how to do it right? How to optimally pick and design your CTAs and landing pages?

Well, let’s start with the CTAs first.

One common mistake that marketers generally make is generic with their CTA copies.

While writing a CTA saying ‘Read more’ or ‘Fill form’ might seem like a good idea to some, turns out it isn’t!

CTAs that are too generic can bore the reader. And CTA copies that impose work turn them off. I mean, who likes extra work on their desk?

CTA image

In cases like these, saying ‘Read more’ will make the user imagine huge blocks of text which he/she’ll have to go through.

Solution? Come up with better CTAs. Better here means actionable. Something that makes the user go through your CTAs smooth. A CTA that offers the users something of their interest.

For example, instead of using “Read More” as a CTA, try out options like “Find out more.”

We might like finding new useful stuff, but we aren’t always in a mood to read, are we? Just take it like that. And save yourself from repelling readers.

Once you have created the right CTA copy, you should start getting more clicks, leading the users to your landing page. Just what we need to focus now.

While you are trying to craft your perfect landing page, the following tips will help you.

Create great headlines

The first thing that an average internet user will see in your landing page is your headline.

If you fail to make an impression with that, chances are, you’ve lost the user.

What you need to do is create headlines that grab the reader’s attention — telling them about your product or service. And not exceeding 20 words at max (preferable limit is 10).

And once that’s done, move on to optimizing your landing page further.

Be persuasive with subheadings

Another characteristic of actionable content is persuasiveness.

And right after you’ve crafted a good headline, you need to work up your subheadings similarly. But how can you make it happen? Well, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Give details in your subtitles. A subheading is supposed to be more informative/in-depth than the main heading.
  • Make it have information gaps. How does it work? Make a point that you’ll discuss later in your content. Maybe at the end of your content.

This will keep the user intrigued till the end of the piece.

Use visuals

The next thing you need to keep in mind is the right use of visuals.

No matter how great your textual content reads, without the right visuals, it’d still not be thoroughly optimized. While picking the right one for your landing page, keep the following points in mind.

  • Everything your landing page pictures need to be.
  • Large in size.
  • Highly relevant to your product/service.
  • High quality.
  • Highly intriguing and attention-grabbing.

Your best bet would be to use fresh, converting and actionable infographics for your landing pages.

The right images on landing pages can boost overall conversion rates by up to 89%.

5. Fine tune your offer

While you might have tried anything and everything possible to acquire conversions with email marketing, it might not still work for you. Reason can be your offer.

It’s like even the copywriting experts like David Garfinkel say that a fair copy with a reasonable offer can work wonders for all marketing campaigns. Like, also if your grammar isn’t correct or you’ve made spelling mistakes, your drive can still sail with a reasonable offer.

Do you see how it works?

It’s like we need to get into our prospects’ shoes. When planning on making a purchase, would you go for a great offer or good grammar?

It’s all simple. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

email conversion rate

Final words

Email marketing is an excellent way of driving in bundles of conversions for your business. The problem which catches marketers cold is the right optimization.

In this post, I tried to share some useful tips for boosting email conversion rates. Hopefully, this helped you.

Still, have doubts? Share and discuss this piece with your marketing friends. It will help.

Varshita Muddana

Varshita works as Content Writer at Soft Script Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She writes about e-commerce, market trends, social media trends, and SEO. Her interests outside work are Exploring, Travelling, and Reading