November is almost coming to an end and Black Friday is approaching very fast. every marketer should be buckled up with different and unique marketing strategies. The end of November is the beginning of the holiday season as it all starts from Thanksgiving and ends up at Christmas. It is a perfect opportunity for the business person’s to complete the year in a good note and increased sales during this festive season. However, start the new year with a new zeal and positive vibes is a great idea. To promote your business one of the easiest and reliable place is the digital media. These days people are more into the internet and digital marketing than going personal. Upon that social media has become a major part of everybody’s life. So, it becomes very important to target social media for any kind of business to drive the customers.

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While we move towards social media there are a lot of trending social media sites which also give access to do business in their site like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc upon all these nowadays Instagram marketing has increased a lot and people are more relying on the Instagram marketing or Instagram Ads. In all these things we can clearly say that Instagram has raised its levels towards branding and included a lot of features which helps in easy branding and driving lots of views.

In this article, we are going to mention the best Black Friday marketing strategies for Instagram that will help you in all the ways to improve your market presence and grab the attention of a lot of people towards your brand.


Though Black Friday is around the corner you will find huge spendings and transaction in this period of time. You can get immense sales and success only in this period of time. Doing a promotion in this season of the year is very advantageous because you will get to know your active customers who will look for various deals this holiday season.

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So, it is the time to stop worrying about what has gone and what sales you made earlier and start thinking what you are going to gain now and centralize your complete concentration on only one thing that is gaining the customers’ attention. Whereas it is just the type of campaigns that vary, which usually depends on business types, but the only thing that remains same everywhere is making the profit and dragging the customer’s attention towards your business.

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You should have a very good planning and strategy which will bring you the preferred customers. It should contain every single aspect that defines about you and the product that you are selling. Prepare an eye-catching poster with all the offers, discounts and exclusive gifts that you want to give your customer.

Offers & discounts are the first things that a customer looks for during holiday shopping. It may be an age-old tactic to drive the customers but, Yes! it works. Eventually, it is you who has to make it according to this time period or generation, and make people attracted by doing something for which people crave for and will buy for sure. Promote all these things in the digital media and do digital marketing because these days digital media is the most watched place and it is a place where people most of the time stay active in. So, a proper strategy and tactics for this very much important.


Festive holidays just come once a year so concentrating on it, weeks before the holidays start always adds up as an advantage. To make it work for you it becomes very much important to take it seriously, and look it as more than just a day event. It is the time to concentrate on the whole holiday season.

For the best results start planning a few days before or you can say some days just ahead of Black Friday. This planning stays with you a longer period of time, and daily you get a certain amount of customers and the customers will keep on increasing gradually every other day. The plan should be like start posting about the offers, discounts, gifts etc. a week or a two before and increase the excitement level in the people day by day. However, also give the people a sneak peek about all those items that are discounted or have the exclusive offers.

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The motive is to create a lot of hype and buzz about the brand, offers, discounts etc. then extend it till Black Friday just by showing your hit products, biggest sales and then the discounts upon these items if any. So, that when exactly the Black Friday is arriving the viewers will be ready with their wishlist to buy it immediately.

According to the surveys, it is revealed that 62% of the shopper’s shop post the holiday. So, at this time let your brain do a brainstorming and start thinking about the offers that you can give the customers, however, which starts before the holiday days and continue till some days even after holidays.


Send all your customers the exclusive offers that you are planning to have. Whereas, keep in mind always send exclusive coupons to your loyal customers and the followers who buy from your website frequently and start following them. One important tactic to hold on these people is to give them some extra coupons or discounts or you can increase their sales day option or you can ask them to use certain coupon code so that they can avail the required discount. While creating a bit of scarcity marketing or FOMO and making the period very urgent or making it as a period of urgency.

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However, it is not necessary that everyone whom you share the promotional advertisement will turn up and make a purchase, but yes you can expect that a lot of people will turn up may be through your promotional ads or maybe from some other channel. For all these things to happen following your trusted customers is important.

These days the ADs on Instagram can be more personalized for a specific customer by using his/ her place that person is residing and using their linguistic factors in the ADs according to the region where they live. This way it helps to connect to the customers from all the background and this increases the chances of the purchase.

Warm up, and start planning according to the region, customer’s language, place, habits likes etc. and start showcasing your potential advertisements to the customers.


At present, there are 6.7 million hashtags comments being used until now under the #blackfriday hashtag and it is expected to rise till the end of the holiday. To avoid your posts and advertisement from getting faded in the crowd in between all the post. It becomes crucial to have a great Black Friday Marketing strategy is mandatory with your customized hashtag.

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A customized hashtag for black Friday will make your unique and stand out in the crowd and ask your customers and the followers to use this hashtag. While keeping all your attention centralized on Black Friday and the upcoming events. Hashtags play an important role in drawing you loyal customers and you also get a clarity about your customers.


The holiday season gives you more customers and produces you a lot of engagement in Instagram people before buying anything online believe in the updates of the Instagram. Create a lot of posts, and make the people engage to your page on the Instagram page this is one of the best Black Friday Instagram marketing tactics. Schedule everything beforehand and flood your social media site with Black Friday posts as soon as the holiday arrives.

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Maximize the posts per day and create more events to drag the attention of a lot more people and it will initially increase the followers. At the end of the holiday, you will find that your followers will increase so as your sales.


Have a killer and the stronger caption aways while including the call-to-action which was not so important earlier for the Instagram caption however it is considered to be the most important thing these days. There are different kinds of shoppers out there first one who shops a lot during the Black Friday and the other are those who may not even cross your shop fence or check your website before and will think a lot before making a purchase.

So, it is you who have to make sure that your posts convert these type and normal viewers to the customers and they buy things from you. The captions you mention on the image should be the strongest which will drive the more customers.

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The CTA that is present asks your customers to view all your products and shop the collection, then comment on the post and give them a promo code which the customers can use while checkout etc. All these little efforts will drive you a lot of customers for sure and increase your sales.


In the year 2017, a whopping 13 billion sales happened in the Black Friday day. So, you can even find out that your Instagram account may be flooded with a lot of comments and DM messages which may include a lot of things like people enquiring about a product, about any discount, any query etc. all these may be the possibilities that a customer may require a reply for.

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Make sure you and your team are fully ready with all the expected question and answers for it. Especially, when you are releasing your sale, discount, promo code in the Black Friday holiday time. If you will make the work of the customers easy and smooth then the possibility of the purchases will increase. People always liked to be answered quickly and in a polite manner which makes them feel good and 70% of the time they will make a purchase.


These are some of the major and important Instagram Black Friday marketing ideas, which not only fits in for the Black Friday it can be incorporated for all the holidays and festivals. Similarly, it can be incorporated for some other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc, these tactics are considered to be top tried methods to increase the sales and viewers and then convert them to the customers.

If facing any problem in incorporating these tactics feel free to contact us!

Have great and happy holidays!

Varshita Muddana

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