The Future Of Voice Search Technology That Leads The Market

The Future Of Voice Search Technology That Leads The Market

Voice Search has become the latest searching pattern. These days people want to search anything on the internet without wasting much time.  Here, we will discuss details about Voice Search and the future of the Voice Search technology. Voice Search is becoming very popular due to its easy access.

Similarly, due to increased usage of Voice Search, the future of the Voice Search technology seems very promising and is here to stay and make a mark in the Voice Search trends. Voice Search is a method of searching, which allows the users to search the Web using spoken voice stipulation than typing.

What is Voice Search?

voice search

Voice search is a way of searching the internet through the voice command. Hence, Voice search allows you to ask a question to find the relevant answers through the voice command.

For example, Google Voice Search, Cortana, Siri, and Amazon Echo are voice-based systems and are interactive, and are called open-domain question answering systems.

In a broader scale, voice search includes open-domain keyword queries on any searched information on the Internet. If we put in an example Google Voice Search, Cortana, Siri and Amazon Echo are voice-based systems and are interactive; such methods are called open-domain question answering systems.

However, it often involves several rounds of interaction that allows a system to ask for elucidation. To make it more precise, this is nothing but a  dialog system where you will ask for a query, and it will search for the answer. Voice search is a method of searching, which allows the users to search the Web using spoken voice commands than typing. 

How to use Voice Search?

There are three simple steps to activate voice search. It makes our task uncomplicated when used on a laptop, smartphones and any smart devices which are connected to the internet. The three methods to enable voice search are:

  • Click on the voice command icon
  • Call out the name of the virtual assistant.
  • Click on the home button or gesture on an interface.
  • Activate the virtual assistant

voice search

The examples of virtual assistants of voice search are Apple, Google, and Amazon.

  1. If you opt an Apple, then it is: Hey, Siri
  2. When you use a Google, then it is: OK, Google
  3. In case you work on Amazon, then it is: Hey, Alexa
  4. While using Cortana, then it is: Hey, Cortana.

What are the Benefits of voice search?

With voice search technology, users find it unambiguous because of its natural and mess-free search patterns. Any age group can utilize the voice search and can get the most refined results. Some of the voice search benefits include:

  • Searching with voice search is fast.
  • Quick image search
  • Easy to voice search than typing search.
  • Smart search on your apps
  • Simple to use
  • Accurate recognition of queries
  • It is Simple to use.

How to turn on Voice Search?

Voice search, is a speech recognition technology where you use your voice to search for the inquiry on the Internet. According to a study, mostly by the year 2020, over 50 percent of people use voice search. To turn on your Android, follow these simple steps.

  1. First of all, open the Google app.
  2. Towards left corner of the page, touch/press the Menu icon. Tap ‘Settings’ > ‘Voice’ > ‘OK Google’ once it detects you can go ahead.
  3. You can choose when your smartphone to listen when you say ‘Ok Google.’

How to turn on “Ok Google”?

You can use voice search for a simple search, to get route directions, or a simple reminder and many more. For example, you can ask ‘Ok Google, will it rain tomorrow?’. In the same way, in other devices, you can ask, ‘Hey Google, will it rain tomorrow? Do I need an umbrella?’. To start using ‘Ok Google,’ first of all,

  1. launch the Google app and open ‘Settings’ > ‘Ok Google’ detection screen.
  2. After that toggle from any screen and ‘Turn on’ the ‘always listening mode’ from the Google app.
  3. Then you will be prompted to say, ‘Ok Google’ three times.
  4. Now the app detects your voice and is all set to rock.

 How to download Voice Search app?

Google Voice Search is a Google product that allows users to use ‘Google Search’ by speaking on a smartphone, laptop or any other smart devices to ask a specific question they need to know. You can download voice search app, enjoy the voice search.

What is Voice search apk?

To download voice search apk, this is the latest voice search app to search your queries through voice. All the crashes solve in this version. Voice search apk is fully customizable.

What is youtube Voice Search?

We all know that youtube is a hot cake in searching trend. Many people prefer youtube search because of its natural and understandable results. You can see the latest or trending videos on any domain by simple voice. However, you need to get updated to the newest version, and you enjoy the youtube video search to the fullest.

How does Voice Search work?

Isn’t it interesting to know, Voice search is very much similar to the functioning of the brain. To put in simple words, using cloud processing power, Google can analyze a ton of patterns. In case of voice searches, these are called spectrograms.

Therefore, Google can use models and use the same to predict new trends, very much like the neurons in the brain would reconnect for further instructions or tasks.

However, there are layers in processing speech. First of all, Google tries to understand the consonants and the vowels. This the necessary step and the first layer.

Next, Google voice search make intelligent network about the words and then further goes to high level. Today, a neural algorithm started taking place in voice search and also imaging software has made a popular trend.

What is Voice Search Statistics?

Well, to put in exact numbers, it is difficult to come up in precise figures on how many Voice based searches are used. There is no such information provided by Google.

But we can say that voice searches replace the general trend of typing in search tabs. This trend is expected to increase in coming years. According to the report Internet Trends report in 2016, voice searches have raised enormously between 2008 and 2016.

Furthermore, according to Location World, 40 percent of adults use voice search results. However, the predictions by ComScore say that more than 50 percent of searches will be voice-based searches by the year 2020.

  • Gartner predicts that 30% of all the searches will be taken by the year 2020.
  • NRP and Edison Research, says that at least one in five owns a smart speaker in America.
  • Almost 20 percent of Americans use voice search according to ComScore.
  • Emarketer shows that in the year 2017 alone, almost nearly 30 percent of people have used Google voice search.

What is the market Growth Statistics for Voice Search Devices?

There is a tremendous increase in the voice search in the year 2018. redefining the search techniques, the leading companies are coming up with the best voice search devices to make even more straightforward.

  • Apple, Google, Xiaomi, Amazon, and others shipped 16.8 million units in Quater1 of 2018 as per Canalys report.
  • The global market for voice search devices grew 187% in the Quater2 of 2018 as per Canalys.
  • Google has sold 5.4 Million Google Home models so far in 2018 according to Canalys.
  • Amazon had sold 4.1 Million Echo devices by Quater2, 2018 as per Canalys.
  • Xiaomi’ s Mini AI speaker sales were up 228% in 2018 according to Canalys
  • By 2024, the global voice smart speaker market could be worth $30 billions or above.

What are the trends in Voice Search?

The voice search is on the top-notch searching patterns and will take over the traditional search type. The voice search trends are here to stay, and it will be challenging to adapt to the changes to remain in the marketing, and the businesses should adopt these new voice search trends to face the competition in the industry. Let us go through some of the voice search trends are:

AI and machine learning:

The increasing demand and dominance of AI devices and machine learning will also force the changes to search algorithms, to process machine learning. Google should uprise the changes to its algorithm accordingly.

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are making a substantial impact on the way how to interact with the smart devices and also the internet.

The more exciting part is that when RankBrain encounters a phrase for the first time, it prepares a hypothesis to the search word and gives an apt answer. Therefore, this ability to think like similar way as the human brain makes AI devices such as RankBrain more effective.

Local Search:

It is a known fact that consumers, research the products they want to use or try will check for the reviews online. Almost 70 percent of the consumers’ research about the website and the services and the products before itself before buying online.

Recent studies show that local search among the voice search is on the high rise. Last year itself there was an increase of 58 percent of consumers have found the local business through voice search. Now, local is new global

If we take an example, Google searches for “near me” had tremendously increased last year. We can now see the same ads on television also. Moreover, there is a rise in smartphone usage and smartphone searches too. The main advantage of using local searches is all the nearby local areas is highlighted in the search results.

Voice Search Mobility:

Consequently,  voice search mobility trend is growing at a high pace with the advancements in speech recognition technology or voice search technology. Google has a 95% accuracy rate when the spoken correctly in English.

Moreover, Google voice search on smartphones is available in over 60 languages. It is not that long that in 2016 itself, 20 percent of searches are done through voice search.

Voice Search Optimization:

Voice Search Trends are used to Optimize the voice searches for Alexa, Siri, Google, and Cortana.  However, with these virtual assistants continue to grow, so is the competition.

Moreover, using natural language with direct answers to specific questions is critical. Therefore, the schema markup and rich snippets keep queries and responses in the context that is better understood by search engines.

Voice search is for local searches or informal quizzing; it has become essential for merchants to have the Google store in proper up-to-date information. Hence, the domain authority and traditional search rankings play a crucial role in the appearance of search results. Here, local SEO optimization will come into the picture.

What is the future scope of Voice Search Technology?

Now, the biggest question is, the future scope of voice search or voice search technology sustains in the search patterns techniques. There is still a lot of voice search technology predictions that will take the marketing industry and business to the next level. Implementing these voice search technology gives the best bet to improve the visibility of your website.

Personalized Responses:

We can’t deny the fact that the users want to feel personalized and have the best experience whenever they interact with the technology or a website. Personalized responses are on high demand right now, and you cannot ignore this need of the consumers.

If you are going to adopt this developing voice search technology, make sure you will provide the space and ease the customers want, and also the personalized touch.

Eventually, Google Assistant has already in the competition and seems to have clearly understood the context and the stack of the questions that come up. Since last year, it has improved to a great extent and is the most favorite of many consumers.

For example, users ask on google home “What is the weather today?” and then ask “will it rain?”, Now the google can know and guess the next question the users will be most likely to ask is about the location. So, here the google gets ready with the answer.

However, Alexa cannot understand the context to this extent as Google. Hence, Google uses more of personalized touch and can do better at guessing the next question.

Alexa relies on custom-built skills and protocols whereas the Google Assistant can understand specific user requests and can further personalize the response.

Ahead of smartphones:

In the next coming years, voice search is not limited only to laptops, home devices or smartphones. According to Steve Rabuchin, VP of Amazon Alexa says, the vision is that customers should retrieve Alexa under all environments

Eventually, which means that the customers may be able to talk to cars, lights, lamps, refrigerators, and all smart devices if you are even outside of the house.

However, one thing that the program developers should keep in mind is consistent user experience. Apart from addressing the sophisticated capabilities of all devices, it is also essential to direct the user needs and concerns in the coming years. Programmers should think ahead of smartphones.

Voice Search Notifications:

While talking about smartphone usage, voices search raises a new scope for the future of voice search technology. Developers should make sure that the voice search has better engagement time and also smooth usage.

Recently, Amazon added a notification capability to the Amazon Voice Services API. Therefore, this latest voice notifications feature allows Alexa to indicate that there is some new content, such as shopping updates, upcoming offers, shopping festival details, and many such updates. These voice search notifications will no doubt become the latest trend in the coming years.

Security is the main focus:

As this is the start of the voice search technology, many major setback trends are to see. The companies will have to start spending the amount on the security to interact with their customers. Adding voice search will enhance the user experience and makes the work dull.


However, voice payments will become secured to make voice payments. Another next challenging task is to provide high security and privacy. Make sure to keep the consumers’ information safe and private on all circumstances.

In 2019, voice search and voice search technology are not only about just saying but how you are telling the context matters. Security should be the main focus for these voice search technology.


There is no doubt that the voice search in the year 2019 will reveal the future of voice search technology. Voice search technology will be a milestone for the searching techniques. However, it takes time for a transition but prepares for its growth.

Therefore, by understanding linguistics importance and paying close attention to smart device usage and advertising, we can surely gain insights to improve online marketing strategy. If you want to promote your business right away, then this is the time you should start making considerations to voice search and SEO as these two are big things as of today.

Local SEO: How it will help your company grow?

Local SEO: How it will help your company grow?

Local SEO basically means targeting the audience in the local platform. It is one of the most trending things nowadays and the most effective way to promote your business on the local platform. 46% searches done on the internet are the local searches and the percentages are increasing every year. And an online business should always have a local SEO or else it would miss a great amount of traffic on the local platform. It is the optimization of the businesses in the local online platform you that you can be found easily on the local platform. Having your audience nearby you is a big plus point for your business.

Websites not only give attention to local audiences even as it connects to the audiences internationally. It would be an undeniable journey for anyone or business to begin their local SEO journey with an optimized on-page and off-page strategies for SEO.


Normal SEO and local SEO both are the same only difference is the geographical region it is targeting. If you want to go to the top then going step by step is very good, first aiming locally then being global will benefit a lot to your business and help it grow in the SERPs or search engine result pages.

If suppose you are having a restaurant locally in Visakhapatnam if your it ranks high in Hyderabad there is no point in having such type of SEO services. People should find it in locally and it should be effective for people living in the same place not far away, increase in organic traffic is very much important for any local business.

The address, city, and region should be very much proper to optimize the local SEO in the easiest way. Content also plays a very vital role in local SEO campaigns the things like including the details, its speciality, about your business, how it is reaching to the local people, even including the nearby towns etc. if you include all these things people moreover get attracted to it and people from the towns nearby will also want to know about your business. Which gradually helps in growing your business. And all these things can only be accomplished by a proper optimization of the best SEO strategies.


  • CREATE AND OPTIMIZE YOUR WEB PAGE: creating a web page or website is very important for any online business. Creating web pages in Google My Business and Facebook page if you are targeting the global audience helps a lot.
  • For the local promotion of the business creating web pages in Sulekha, Justdial, Quikr will help you gain a lot of leads. Not only this the optimization of the web pages is also very important that too by following the right SEO strategies. Because the right strategies only help you let go to the top in the Search Engine Result Page or SERP. Detailed information is what people require nowadays, and providing them this is your work the details should include:NAP: the name of your company, correct address, and the right phone number.
  • Don’t forget to mention the right opening and closing time of your company, because if it is wrong then the people may come and return if your company is closed and you will be losing your valuable customers.
  • If suppose you have 4-5 branches of your company it is always recommended to give the full details like the address of every branch, the contact numbers of every branch with including the names.
  • The phone numbers which you provide should be in working condition because if a client calls you and your number is not in working condition then it will lead to losing the potential customer. If you provide the number as the clickable one than it is the best service you can offer to your clients. Searches say that 76% of people prefer calls in the local searches whereas 30% result in location-related local search.
  • Not only adding address but adding location or map has also become very important nowadays. Because people want themselves to be navigated straight to the spot without including the in-between search works involved. And more than 80% of people look for Google maps location which can navigate them easily to their destination.
  • Adding reviews is also very important because people nowadays believe more the reviews and comments given by the users who already experienced it. They are the trust building signals for the users.
  • Including schema which means creating the common language or the most understandable language and targeting it every search engine like the Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, Bing etc. which makes your website to be easily get noticed and understood by the search engines. This helps a lot in increasing the rankings of your website and most important tells the search engine that you are a local business, not the big brands. Which initially increases the leads and attract a lot of people which also improves your rankings.
  • CREATE ONLINE PROFILES: having your business website is not enough for your business, if you want your business to be known by a lot of local audience’s then you must have a page in the local search websites like Sulekha, Justdial, Quikr. And also create a page in the social media platform like the Facebook, Instagram etc and most importantly having an account in the Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow pages, Bing increases the visibility of your business page a lot.
  • But when it comes to the search in local areas people moreover rely on the reviews and websites that gives true reviews. The local websites here includes Sulekha, Justdial, Quikr etc. for any business those are targeting local people having a page in these sites is very important. Even Google also follows and posts the reviews about the local searches that are given by the local search websites.
  • Google my business is very important for any business whether it is small or big, it helps you manage your business page and lead it to the top ranks and makes the presence of your business be known to people. And ranking high in google page is very important because the ratings only ensure were your business and how much visible and reliable your business is on the online platform. As we know that 86% of the people rely on Google maps for the navigation to the right place of the company.
  • Ranking high in the local listing is also important as there is always a competition between every similar type of business, the local reviews by Sulekha, Quikr, Justdial helps a lot to make your business stand out in the competition.
  • Reaching out to people using social media is always been a great idea because social media has now become very huge and almost 70% of the population is active on social media. Which brings you a great platform to promote your business and attracting leads to it.
  • Whatever platform you may be using but the information given should be the same and correct one. And should always check who is your relevant customers or the target demographic so that you can target those group of people easily. Maintaining the same consistency in the business will surely help you to excel.
  • CREATING BLOGS OR CONTENTS: Every online business having the websites or web pages should have their blogs for sure. Because it lets the people know what is your business about? What are the things you are providing them? How are they working? And how these services are important to them? Which attracts a lot of leads to your website.
  • Having the links which draw more links to your website is the relevant one. Because links only help your business website to rank high and the links are the furthermost factor for any page to rank high. And a simpler link will always help improve the rankings of your blog and web page also. The blog should always contain information about the locality, local things, neighborhood, the neighboring cities and towns, the terms that localities usually search for. Always try to sponsor local events, functions, organization which makes your presence in the local. And all the blogs posted by you should always help the audience and be informative to them.
  • Link building is very much important to build the strong bond with the audience’s it can be done by joining with the local business blogs and can participate in the conversation going on the blog. Which firstly enhances the local presence of your business in the people. By this, even you can know who are your competitors and can avoid direct competition with them. And always gives some comments and mention their links to your blog which help people to get to your blog easily. And building links and increasing the links helps in building a very good base for the business.
  • For any business, it is important to know which demographic you are targeting for or which group you are targeting for as you are writing for that group of people only. You should always know what your audience want not you want because people least bother what you want they only care what they will get from you.
  • Mistakes made while writing a content is very common it should be taken a lot of care while crafting the contents. There are a lot of tools available online which will help to omit these type of errors or mistakes. And never directly copy the content from different websites and paste it in your blog because people can easily know about it and doubt on your business and its uniqueness which will decrease your business rankings and business also.


How is the Growth of Voice Search in 2018-19?

How is the Growth of Voice Search in 2018-19?

Speaking to someone and getting the answers is easier and time-saving than typing it. Voice search is one of the trendings and the biggest searched topics in the SEO platform and the searches on the internet are mostly dominated by the voice. And every digital marketing campaign needs the voice search to be incorporated into their work.

The way people using the internet has been changed a lot and the mode of searching also changed & the voice assistance has become very much reliable, convenient to talk and most importantly getting the results quickly.

It was announced in the year 2008 during Summer’s at the Inside Google Search event that it would include the voice search on Google in the coming days. Now it has become one of the most used and best voice assistance tools in the market used by almost everyone who has a smartphone. According to the year 2017 statistics, there are approximately 33 million voice search enabled devices in which 40% of the people do only voice searches. And the search queries increase up to 35% every year. And in the year 2017, Google added more Indian languages which include Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali etc.

Voice search or digital assistants include the following:

Virtual Assistants

  • Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home

Mobile Assistants

  • Ok google for android phones
  • Siri for Apple iPhones
  • Cortana for Microsoft phones

TV/ Remote assistants

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Roku


According to the researchers over the past years, it was found that there is an increase of 20% of voice search queries in Google mobile app which all includes Google home, Siri in Apple iPhone, Amazon Alexa etc. Recently Google Home also extended features like appointment booking with voice, for more information check in Google I/O 2018. As soon as the language processing and machine learning behind the engines get advanced and become more accurate. The advanced as data in machine learning gets more trained it will, of course, attract a lot of people. In near future people using voice, assistants are going to be increased as more people are going to use this voice search for browsing.

And the surveys estimate that by the end of 2020 more than half of the searches would be done through the voice searches only. People are opting for the voice-based searches more than the traditional search for typing the words, voice searches mainly save a lot of time and are more precise than the words being typed. People of the young age group use the voice search a lot of statistics says that 57% of teens and 24% of adults use voice search while they are with their friends, 23% couples use while cooking, 59% teens use while watching TV and most interestingly 22% teens and 15% adults use voice search while they in bathroom.

Below is the statistics based on the age group and the percentage usage of the voice search:

voice search

Optimizing the voice search in the SEO or search engine optimization is one of the best ideas. SEO services basically include attracting traffic or grabbing the customers towards your business. For a business to be successful and gain profit increasing traffic to the business website is a very important aspect.

And using more and advanced technology which eases the work of customers gather the business website more people. For More Information about How voice search will change in 2018 SEO trends click here.

Below are the four ways to optimize your website with voice search:


The most interesting thing about Google home or Google Assistant is that where it gives an answer to a question it itself cites the website name or the source of the information which is also called as featured snippets and then sends the link of the source to Google home app.
And the featured snippets that are read by Google home and Google Assistant are the sites which are ranked in position zero.

That is why optimizing featured snippets in voice search for SEO services is very important as more and more people are turning towards it. People searching for “how to optimize featured snippets” has been increased to 178% from the past year.

The voice queries are very easy to understand and it helps to know the query types that surface the featured snippets. And for the most common featured snippets, the marketers can invest time nicely to provide the best answers to the customers. This also even helps the marketers as the better answers get noticed by Google very easily. And the best answers get the greater credibility and your brand gets recognized, and by potentially attracting a lot of traffic toward to the Google Home app.

Initially Google Home gets a lot of benefit from this because best answers drive a lot of customers to Google. Due to which the people will build a trust upon Google Home or Android devices and finally this will lead to an increase in the sales.


Business information related to voice searches are very high which is estimated to be 39%. So voice search is the best option for the local SEO service. And your business site should always be updated with your correct details like the right address, contact details and the perfect opening and closing time.

Eventually, when a customer searches for the “cake shop near to me” you website should pop-up to the first position. In the same manner, you should always provide the right information to your customer most importantly the contact number, address and the opening and closing time. Suppose you give a wrong time customer appears after it then you may end up losing a valuable customer.
According to the information and service provided the people will review your business which helps the others to know about your service and either drives more customers or deprives customers.


Mobile phones nowadays have everything inside it the voice search in mobile phones is being used extensively that’s why optimizing your website in the mobile phone is very necessary. Because if this doesn’t happen then users will simply return back which hampers your business and Google rankings a lot. And the pages which take a lot of time to load will always suffer more bounce backs of customers than the pages which load in less time.

If you have slower loading page on mobile phones then the customer returning back rate are quite higher in case of mobile than the customer using the desktop. According to the records the smartphone users especially the people using voice search which is approximately 9.65% that is higher than that of the desktop users are more keen to bounce back.
So, maintaining the speed of the website is always an important aspect of the business websites to drive the customer attention towards your business.


As Google already told it monitors everything that comes up on Google even the voice searches. With the idea that there will separate keyboard queries for mobile phones and desktop search data. This thing was not being implemented early because of the main reason like the voice modulation as the voice searches become the longer trail searches and due conversational problems like speaking loud sometimes, speaking low sometimes and the sound of any query should have a specific sound or else it will exclude it automatically.

Voice search is always gathering a lot of traction from the audience but still, the future can never be predicted still can say that the trend of voice search is not going get down this soon. And it is very good for the marketers who use digital platform for their business works it helps to drive a lot of people to the website. Following the trend and using it effectively will bring profit to any company.

Optimize for Voice Search in Search Marketing:

If you need your content to appear on the SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages), then you need to think in the command’s perception. How the commands are made, how its questions are phrased. You also need to have a good understanding of what different ways the command can be formed. This way you can include such phrases in your content to appear right when the user searches for the same.

This might seem to be a big deal, but trust me, using the right tools will show you the way. With the websites like answer the public, you can understand what a person usually searches for. Like if you type a keyword, all the questions related to the keyword will be displayed out in front. Such is the beauty of this website. Not just that, you can even use Buzzsumo to see which topics are socializing more.

Voice Shopping:

Do you know? According to the statistics, people would start shopping just through their voice commands. They’d ask for a product and if the product is relevant enough, they’d place the order right away. Yes, it wouldn’t take much time before this facility comes to your doorstep. Hence, even when you’re selling a product, you need to be pretty sure, the keywords they’re going to use.

Not just that, as the facility of tracking and date of delivery is already on the phones, you need to take every measure to make it as purchase friendly as possible. One shouldn’t face a hard time shopping for the products they desire.



Top Digital Marketing Conferences 2019 to Attend

Top Digital Marketing Conferences 2019 to Attend

Global Digital Marketing Summits and conferences in 2019

digital marketing conference 2018


List of the important conference related to digital marketing going to be held in the month of February.

Digital Summit Phoenix- Phoenix

Date: February 11-12

Field:  Digital Marketing

Location: Pheonix, Arizona

Price of Pass: US $355 – $995

About: It is a definitive digital marketing gathering. Here the top digital marketers and businessperson’s will be talking about digital marketing. The conference will have the speakers from top companies such as Nike, Microsoft, Airbnb, Cisco, Zapier and so on.

Source: Click Here

Mobile Growth Summit- San Francisco

Date: February 13- 14

Field: Mobile growth and optimization

Location: San Francisco, California

Price of Pass: It starts from the US $595 and extends till $1995, while you can even get group entries with $4,910 for 4 people and $5,595 for 5 people.

About: It is a 2-day Mobile growth and optimization program in San Francisco that will help mobile growth and brand marketing in different areas such as acquisition, engagement, monetization, and so on. All those things which will help you be a digital marketer using mobile.

Source: Click Here

Traffic and Conversion- San Diego

Date: February 25-27

Field: Generating traffic to a website.

Location: San Diego, California

Price of Pass: US $1,295 – $2,595

About: As it is a fact that digital marketing changes every month. Therefore, this conference is very important you can find 80+ speakers at this conference talking about new techniques and hack to get more traffic to the website.

Source: Click Here

Digital Summit Seattle

Date: February 26-27

Field:  Digital Marketing

Location: Seattle, Washington

Price of Pass: US $295- $995

About: Yet, another digital marketing summit this time in Seattle. You can find some amazing speakers from Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, Snapchat and will get to know a lot more.

Source: Click Here


Below you can find the list of the important digital marketing conferences going to be held in the month of March.

Engage Conference- Portland

Date: March 2-8

Field: How to engage people to a website?

Location: Portland, Orlando

Price of Pass: US $579- $699

About: You can find some of the passionate search marketers in this conference in the country and will be sharing their ideas, techniques in this event.

Source: Click Here

LeadsCon- Las Vegas

Date: March 4-6

Field: Generating Leads

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price of Pass: You first have to register then will get to know about the price details.

About: This is the world’s and biggest performance marketing conference. More than 2700 tickets have been booked till now you can gain the latest information and techniques from the top people of digital marketing.

Source: Click Here

Pubcon Florida

Date: May 5-7

Field: Full digital marketing

Location: Lauderdale, Florida

Price of Pass: US $299 – $1149

About: Here the audience will get to know a lot of new techniques in SEO, PPC, social media, Content development, local search, mobile, and video, from the top people of the sector.

Source: Click Here

SoundBoard- Athens

Date: March 21-22

Field: Online marketing

Location:  Athens, Greece

Price of Pass: US $225

About: Every year all the experts from companies like Google, Moz, Apple, Hubspot, Mailchimp collaborate at a place and give information about the new digital field.

Source: Click Here

Conversion CXL Live

Date: March 27-29

Field: Conversion Rate Optimization

Location: Austin, Texas

Price of Pass: US $1899

About: It is a 3-day optimization and experimentation program. You will get to know about more business challenges and the ideas that will help them to tackle it.

Source: Click Here


The complete list of the conferences related to digital marketing going to be held in the month of April.

eTail Connect- Miami

Date: April 1-3

Field: eCommerce

Location:  Miami, Florida

Price of Pass: You first have to register then will get to know about the price details.

About: The only invited to this summit are the B2B marketing executives to share their bonds and expertise. Will tell you more about e-commerce and can meet the senior business person.

Source: Click Here

Content Tech Summit- San Diego

Date: April 8-10

Field: Content Marketing

Location: San Diego, Calfornia

Price of Pass: US $1,099- $2,399

About: Content marketing experts, will give you deep insights into the technology, strategy to increase the marketing of the company. It’s is one of the biggest evolution in content marketing.

Source: Click Here

Search Con- Breckenridge

Date: April 11-12

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

Price of Pass: US $349 – $739

About: In order to face the challenges against the different scenarios in digital marketing, experts would address all their information and expertise.

Source: Click Here

Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

Date: April 29- May 1

Field: Digital marketing

Location: San Diego

Price of Pass: US $3,275- $3,950

About: This being different from other summits, doesn’t charge for the entrance. There are different people around you get on the stage and share their own personal experiences with the crowd.

Source: Click Here


List of the famous digital marketing conference to be held in the month of May.

Next10x- Boston

Date: May 2

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Boston, Massachuttes

Price of Pass: US $450- $695

About: This is a one-day event that would include founders who can share their own expertise. You can know more about digital marketing and new techniques.

Source: Click Here

Digimarcon East- New York

Date: May 9-10

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: New York

Price of Pass: US $197- $1297

About: A must visit, marketing conference for technologies. Not just a conference it is the biggest exhibition and hub for the top digital marketers.

Source: Click Here

Marketing Analytic Conference- Atlanta

Date: May 15-17

Field: Market Analytics

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Price of Pass: You first have to register then will get to know about the price details.

About: A large conference for the well-established retailers for sharing their expertise. You will learn more about marketing analytics and improve your business.

Source: Click Here

Incite Brand Marketing Summit- San Francisco

Date: May 30-31

Field: Brand Marketing

Location: San Francisco, Calfornia

Price of Pass: US $1,545- $2,845

About: A digital marketing summit for all the senior leaders in the field of marketing. You can implement this in company marketing and can drive engagements.

Source: Click Here


Record of the major conference related to digital marketing going to be held in the month of June.

SMX Advanced- Seattle

Date: June 3-5

Field: SEO and SEM

Location: Seattle, Washington

Price of Pass: US $149- $3,495

About: An annually held conference that includes more than 100 professional speakers sharing their best practices related to SEO or search engine optimization, and SEM or search engine marketing.

Source: Click Here

Email Innovation Summit- Las Vegas

Date: June 18-19

Field: Email marketing

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price of Pass:  US $697- $1,347

About: Personalization and customization updates for all the email marketing techniques and increase the branding and sales of the organization.

Source: Click Here

The definitive Digital Marketing gathering- Denver

Date: June 25-26

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Denver, Colorado

Price of Pass:  US $195- $245 and $25 off for 3 group passes.

About: Another retail experience summit for all the retailers out there. This will provide you a full insight about the digital marketing and how to implement in the marketing.

Source: Click Here


List of the important conference related to digital marketing going to be held in the month of July.

Moz Con- Seattle

Date: July 15-17

Field: SEO, growth marketing

Location: Seattle, Washington

Price of Pass:  US $200

About: A summit which would deal with all the digital marketing tactics including SEO, growth hacking, mobile marketing, content marketing. In Moz con, you get an amazing opportunity to connect with an industry specialist.

Source: Click Here

Digital Summit Philadelphia

Date: July 24-25

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Price of Pass: US $245- $995

About: Similar to the one conducted in Washington, this also deals with the best practices in Digital marketing.

Source: Click Here


A complete record of the big digital marketing conferences going to be held in the month of August.

IMPACT Live- Hartford

Date: August 6-7

Field: Inbound Marketing

Location: Hartford, Connecticut

Price of Pass: US $450- $700

About: It is best for the inbound marketers and brand marketers to build the business.

Source: Click Here

eTail East- Boston

Date: October 17 – 18

Field: e-commerce

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Price of Pass: US $999- $4,499

About: An expert summit on how to convert online traffic into sales and conversions.

Source: Click Here


Below you can see the digital marketing conference that is going to be held in the month of September

GlueX- Phoenix

Date: September 15-17

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Price of Pass: You have to register to know the price of passes.

About: Another personalization and customization in digital marketing going to be live in Phoenix.

Source: Click Here

Insight Marketing conference

Date: September 26

Field: Digital marketing

Location: Lancaster, PA

Price of Pass: US $95

Estimated Attendees: The best in the industry delivering speeches on digital marketing, with a lot of digital marketing experts speaking in the conference.

Source: Click Here


List of the important conference related to digital marketing going to be held in the month of October.

Digital Summit Charolette

Date: October 2-3

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Price of Pass: US $245- $995

About: This summit will help you prepare for the future customer-facing business.Estimated Attendees: 3000

Source: Click Here

The transformation of Search Summit

Date: October 25

Field: digital marketing

Location: New York

Price of Pass: US $449- $1,195

About:  A great summit held in anticipation to support the e-commerce sector professionals. Estimated Attendees: 250 Estimated

Source: Click Here


Below you can find the list of the important digital marketing conferences going to be held in the month of November.

State of Search

Date: November 5-6

Field: digital marketing and SEM association

Location: Dallas, Texas

Price of Pass: US $400- $700

About:  This is the biggest summit to be held in anticipation to support the digital marketing sector professionals. You can learn a lot from the actual practitioner and experts in the digital field.

Source: Click Here

Internet Summit Raleigh

Date: November 13-14

Field: digital marketing

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Price of Pass: You have register first to go through the pass price.

About: This summit is like a full combo you will get to know about digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, UX designs, content strategies and so on. So, don’t risk to miss it.

Source: Click Here


The end of the year December is also having a list of the important digital marketing conferences. So, buckle up your seat belts and start preparing to gain a lot of knowledge.

Digital Summit Dallas

Date: December 3-4

Field: digital marketing

Location: Dallas, Texas

Price of Pass: You have register first to go through the pass price.

About: This is an important summit in Dallas, where you can get to know about digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, UX designs, content strategies and so on. So, don’t risk to miss it.

Source: Click Here

Growth Marketing Conference

Date: December 10-11

Field: Growth marketing

Location: San Francisco, California

Price of Pass: US $807- $3007

About: Growth is important for any company that is online, and make it happen to know the right tricks and tips is much more important. This conference has all the big people from Growth marketing. So, book your tickets as soon as possible.

Source: Click Here

What are the top Google My Business mistakes to avoid?

What are the top Google My Business mistakes to avoid?

While you are searching for something locally for any business place, shop or mall etc. Usually, where do you turn up? First, you will choose either the recommendation from friends and family or will go for the online media and go to a search engine for searching the place. The most loved search engine all over the world is “Google”.

According to Google Statistics, one-third of the Google searches are related to local searches and 90% of them are using mobile phones for searches. There are more than 500 million people searching for the local places using the online platform every day.

The local searches are increasing 50% faster than the other searches in the Google. Local searches are making its presence felt in the search results and showing how important the local businesses have become and how people are searching for it.

Google my business is cost effective and perfect for the local SEO business, it can be used effectively to increase the presence of the business in the Google search engine rankings. If you notice everything closely while searching anything in Google you will also know that there will be a “snack pack” results displayed on the right side of the screen. All these things are controlled by Google My Business.

Listing in the Google My Business and enrolling a company in Google My Business is very easy moreover, it is free of cost and is pretty straightforward. It is for all those also, who find that Google My Business is very difficult to handle or those who don’t know what is Google My Business is or those who don’t at all hail from the technical Background.

To help you in all those types of situation and difficulties that you may feel. We list out some of the important points that you should take care while you are going through Google My Business or opening an account in Google My Business:

How to start to Google My Business?

It is the best tool for marketing in the online media and is the perfect tool those who have limited resources but want to make it big in the market. However, this tool is fully free you don’t have to pay any charges for anything.

This is not a rocket science you have to first go to the Google My Business page then directly sign in with your account details. After the sign up you will be redirected to the Google My Business dashboard here you have to enter your business name, phone number, the category of the business that you are doing, website link etc. I would suggest you fill up all the things that are mentioned and are asked about, avoid to skip even one parameter. This will help you in all the way because while you complete it Google will make the suggestion to other users regarding your company if you include all these things this will give the viewers a broader aspect of your work.

When you go the Google My Business official website you will have to sign in directly. The page will be like the below one. To know about Google My business you can also check the option How it works in the front page only. It gives you brief information.

Google my business

(Source: Google My Business)

The picture below shows the sign in page where you have to enter the business name that you have of your company, shop, place etc.

GMB sign in page

(Source: Google My Business)

After the sign in you will get the verification information about the business. It will showcase you various options which you have to abide by.

GMB terms

(Source: Google My Business)

As soon as you abide by the terms and conditions you will have to choose a verification way like through the mobile numbers that you have given, or email ids. You can choose the ways you are comfortable for verification. Google carry on this verification process as it is very important to know that whether your company is genuine and eligible or not.  It is usually done using the postcard in the emails if you are new to Google my Business. Or else it can be done using the phone calls if it is being transferred to previously using a person.


verification page

(Source: Google My Business)

That’s all you end up having your account in Google My Business. Then you have to update, post all the things that go on in your business and all those things that will enhance your Business presence in the Google search engine.

If you are still getting confused about how to use the Google my Business then you can go to Google My Business help where you can find in details about how to get through.

GBM help

(Source: Google My Business)

Images in the listing page is a must and should because:

  • First of all, Google checks your Internal and External view of the office and verify your workplace, it is like a business verification. So, if you include the image of the building, internal workplace image, staff, signage etc. It will assure Google that you are far more unique.
  • Secondly, Users, these days check the place, area, the company after which they will think whether to invest time or not. It is mandatory to add the necessary and only the relevant images which gives an overlook of your business and company. Assure that all the images are of High Definition or HD quality.

Once all the things are done and set up nicely then you can get into Google my business whenever you want and can make the changes.

How to fix outdated and wrong information?

The information that you give in the online media should be up to date. While having a consistency in the information that you give in the Google My Business is important, this includes the things like NAP which includes Name, Address, Place- this is considered as an integral part when someone is searching about you or found about you.

With the help of your Google My Business account, you can change everything like- your time of opening and closing, the holiday dates etc. One of the biggest mistakes that people usually do is forgetting to keep all these things in Google my Bussiness listing which becomes a black mark to the company whenever a user is searching about it. People while searching something expect to get all the information about the company or the place that want to get to. If they don’t get all these information it upsets them or on the contrary if you don’t mention anything and the customers show up in your office while you are close it will create a bad impression about you in customer’s point of view. There is a 100% possibility that they will never turn up for your services.

To avoid this type of future situation it is important to have an updated information in your Google My Business account from time to time. So, that whenever a customer searches about you and your services he will land up in the right page with correct information.

Handing over your work to an agency a big NO!!

If you think like “this is a very tough task and I can’t take it and it is better to hand over some agency” then for this situation the straight answer is a big NOO!!!!! because it is not at all tough to be handled. Once you have an account you have to update it only when there are some changes in your business profile.

Google My Business provides all the means through which you can connect with the users just by having the relevant keywords related to your business. It helps in all means to make it easy for you. At last, it is you who knows about your work and services, whereas no other person can describe yourself better than you do.

As you the right person who knows all about your business it is just you who can handle the business page. While coming towards maintaining the business listing it is not necessary because you just have to update all the things and changes that you made in your business and add the innovative thing that you are incorporating presently in your work, that’s all, however, it is not a rocket science or brain surgery.

Rather than the keywords, the local search results get influenced by a lot of other things also like having backlinks for your website, reviews that have all the target keywords related to your work, click- through rate and a lot more. This provides a lot of positive results and turns out to be most effective if you incorporate the search engine marketing strategy.


Wrong Pinnings

While updating the Google My Business one of the crucial points which people usually forget is the map pinnings. This is considered to be more important because these days digital marketing has taken over the world. People use digital media for every purpose. Customers want to go those place’s where they can easily reach through the help of Google maps who shows the direction to reach the place without any trouble.

Google map pins

If you are missing this simple point then it is the biggest mistake that you are doing. Google maps pinnings are important and it is the one on which most of the people rely on. Without the mapping, consumers will not take the trouble of searching you here and there and maybe getting lost in unknown places. Time is a pretty valuable thing and no one wants to waste it. Customers will think it is worthless or you are not up to date according to the budding technology and will not consider you in any way.

There are some cases found in which the businesses pin their location but the pinning ends nowhere. Like the Google map pinning is wrong, sometimes it shows as if the place in on the middle of the street or on the other side of the place or somewhere else. This is completely wrong pinning or it is like giving an unknown person a wrong address to go for. Here, also either the customer has to search you everywhere and get irritated at the end and will start thinking as if you don’t know the normal basic thing in the online channel, so you are worthless in their point of view.

It is advised to Pin in the right place, in the right direction exactly where your- company, shop workplace is there. This saves people’s valuable time and they will for sure appreciate you.

Located In

google location

(Source: Google)

Google recently has added this feature through which the users can edit the location or the exact place of the business in the Google My Business. For example, if you have a business listing in Google my Business, however, the information in it like the opening and closing hours are missing and the address is wrong. You just have to perform a google search to check the exact hours and the address. Or else you can even say the users that you have moved from that place and you are in some other place. Users can even post this on your business site through which the other people as well can be benefitted. You can even tell them that you have located to a particular place, location, shop, mall etc. this extra effort makes the users happy and make them think that you care them and your priority is the users.

Reviews in Google

The business owners usually get confused and get into a spider web while coming to the Reviews. Most of the business person ignore or don’t give any reply to the reviews whether it is positive or negative. A business only works when you talk to people or communicate with people. If you don’t reply to them then people will think you are rude and don’t care about them in any way, this will make you lose your target customer.

It is advised to reply to each and everyone who send you the review whether it is a positive or negative one because people will attract to it and Yes! this works like wonders in dragging people’s attention towards your business.

Eventually, reviews are of two types positive and negative. Replying to a positive one is good and joyful. If someone comments like he “enjoyed with you and your company and would like to visit again” it is great you should message him personally and acknowledge his interest. It becomes very difficult while coming to negative reviews most of the time it is seen that business people lash out the negative comments and answer in a rude way. This is not at all recommended you can answer them say like- This is not what we want our trusted customers to feel or We will acknowledge it and make sure that this will not happen in future or You can feel free to contact us so that we can discuss clearly.

These are some of the important things that should be kept in mind while going for a Google My Business listing. As previously mentioned it is easy for the even the non-technical guy and is open for everyone. Try to avoid the important mistakes that people usually do to deliver the best result to the customer.

Still found any issue while using the Google My Business you can feel free in contacting us or you can leave a comment below.

Thanks for your valuable time!!