5 Tips for Finding Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

5 Tips for Finding Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

Many businesses now have seen the value of keeping up with the times, that is, having a visible digital marketing agency and maintaining that presence to gain more audience. It is almost rare nowadays to see businesses with very little online activity. At most, they have beautiful websites with complex graphics with multiple pages. At the least, they have a social media page like Facebook or Instagram.

There are many factors how this came to be. One, and quite obvious, is the immense boom of the internet in recent decades and the subsequent transformation in human lives that resulted after. Global telecommunication network made improvements at an exponential level. This, in turn, made accessing online all the more available to a larger population.

Effects in Business

A significant sector of our society that greatly benefitted from the astronomical rise of the internet is the business sector. It paved the way to so much more possibilities never achieved before like online banking, faster money transfers, and greater support for electronic money. For this reason, many companies have been able to expand their reach and services in a number of the way through the internet. But this also requires that they jump in the bandwagon and increase their visibility online.

The Rise of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing became even more critical when the internet gained more traction. Now, most businesses have partnered with an excellent firm to help them grow their company. If you want to start building your online presence and achieve success for your business but don’t know how to do it, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

1. Determine Your Goals

Before you consider hiring a marketing agency, you first have to determine what you want to achieve. This means setting your goals such as:

  • Do you want to increase traffic?
  • Do you want to increase revenue?
  • Do you want more engagement with your customers?
  • Are you offering a new product or service that you want people to know?

Setting your goals could benefit you and the potential marketing firm you will hire. For one thing, it will make it easier for them to plan something if the goal you have given is clear. It can also make lots easier to implement the plan and to track the progress. For the business owners, it could save them money having already known what they want.

2. Do Your Research

I can’t strain the excellence of research enough. With how much the internet has permeated daily human activity; there is no excuse not to be informed. And like all research, you begin with Google. Some keywords you can use include “digital marketing,” “search engine optimization,” “organic traffic,” “increasing conversions,” and many more.

The industry is saturated digital marketing agencies all claiming that they offer solutions to your problems. These claims might be right, or they could be unfounded. The only way to find out is to know more about these agencies. Things to consider while deciding on an agency include:

  • Services offered
  • Past projects and clients
  • Online review and referrals
  • Years in operation

Note down your list of potential agencies to three or four. This way you can align your goal with the services they offer before getting in contact with them.

3. What Are Their Strengths

Many agencies specialize in the type of digital marketing service they provide. Some might be good at paid advertising while others are good at search engine optimization. Make sure that the agency is well-versed when it comes to what you want to achieve with your business. It’s often very common for agencies to over promise on some of their services yet unable to deliver results. This is something you want to avoid. It is not only a waste of time but a waste of money as well.

A real experienced and professional firm will do things different more than agree and promise you. They should be creative and offer their expert opinion when you present them your plan. They should also do their research about your product or field. Some clients prefer not to partner with a firm that has been marketing in a specific area for too long.

4. Let’s Talk about Price

Now we are at the point where most people would consider a sensitive topic, money. This is, however, one crucial aspect when looking for outside help or third-party contractor for the business to grow. It is always essential that you as a client set a budget for digital marketing and that the firm you decide on can work with your budget. There wouldn’t be any point in pursuing the services of an agency if it is above your set budget.

In most cases, the final price will be determined through negotiation before any contract will be signed. What is important to remember is to give yourself some flexibility. It’s very rare for any agency to meet your exact budget, but with some smart negotiation practices, you can even come out of the deal paying less than what you expect.

5. Ask Questions

The last phase on deciding on a marketing firm usually involves a face to face meeting to flesh out the small details of the plan. Take this opportunity to voice out any remaining questions that were left unsaid. While doing your initial research of the company and you saw some points of interest about them, this is the time to clarify and for them to supply you with the answer.

Some past practices that you’ve discovered could be clarified at this point. You can ask them about the number of employees that will be assigned to your project. You can even ask them to give you more details on other projects similar to yours that they have done in the past. This could include:

  • Negative reviews in their history
  • Feedback from previous clients
  • Certificates and awards
  • Seminars and conventions attended
  • Years of experience in handling a similar product or field

Think of it as a job interview with the firm as a potential employee and you the employer. You will be spending some time and resources with them so it is only right that all your unease should be put to rest.

Selecting the best digital marketing agency to help your business improve is not easy. It is a huge endeavor, one that requires a lot of planning and decision-making. But what would greatly help you is if you come in prepared with as much information as you can get your hands on? Remember that at the end of the day it is your business on the line. Any mistakes, whether on your part or their part will inevitably affect what you have built up.


Nowadays, running a business is never easy. There are more tools available at our disposal than ever before, more methods and theories and style to help us make it successful. While many may consider this a good thing, there are some drawbacks associated with it. They can’t all be used and expect to get good results. What is important is to learn how to use these tools, methods, theories to our and our business’ advantage.

Scale Up Your Digital Campaigns by Integrating MailChimp Automation

Scale Up Your Digital Campaigns by Integrating MailChimp Automation

Let’s be honest, maintaining a business can be incredibly challenging especially for small business owners that have to stay connected with their customers and still keep up with their business processes. If this sounds like your situation, it’s time to adopt automation and free up some of your valuable time and resources. An excellent place to start is marketing automation – a set of activities that, if conducted properly, can enhance how you engage with your market and also enable you to build your brand.

Unlike in manual marketing campaigns, automation tools help you run your activities in the background while eliminating repetitive tasks that derail efficiency in a business. In some cases also, automation directly engages your customers thereby minimizing your day-to-day interactions to tend to consume your already constrained time and other resources. Put just; it’s like having another business partner who works round the clock.

Are you looking to automate your email marketing and scale up your digital campaigns? You may want to consider MailChimp which is easily the most popular tool for sending bulk emails and setting up autoresponder sequences.

Read on to understand how you can leverage this software to grow your client base and ultimately increase business sales.

Before that though.

How does MailChimp automation work?

Picture this – you’re in the process of setting up a new campaign to introduce your newly launched product or service to your mailing list. With a few hundred or even thousands of subscribers to reach, it would be practically impossible to make significant sales contacting each manually. How many emails can you (or even your team) send in a day if you were to do this?

This is where an automation tool like MailChimp comes in. For starters, this software comes with pre-set automation based on common shopping events such as order notifications and abandoned cart series. And if the pre-built options don’t offer what you’re looking for, MailChimp allows you to create custom automation based on your unique preferences.

MailChimp also helps you buy, run and manage ad campaigns across multiple platforms like Facebook and Google. This way, you can target an even wider audience that goes beyond your mailing list and organic web traffic.

Automation supports every phase of your customer’s journey


Understanding the process of converting a lead into a prospect, and finally to a buying customer will help you provide the right information at every stage of your users’ journey. To be able to do this, you need to personalize your marketing campaign using automation software. No one wants to receive generic content that hardly solves their unique problems or meets their needs. This is why tools like MailChimp enable you to segment your email list so you can send relevant offers and solutions to different audiences based on their exact needs and preferences.

For example, if the marketing aim is to connect with newly acquired prospects, you can use Mailchimp’s data-based and welcome message automation to reach and welcome them onboard. On the other hand, if you want to make more sales, consider using the abandoned cart and product follow-up automation. You can also set up a customer re-engagement automation to bring back old clients by sparking their interests in your products.

Tracking your campaigns

Monitoring the performance of your email campaigns is probably one of the most comfortable and most exciting parts of email marketing. After you send out your bulk email, the first thing you need to monitor the number of subscribers who successfully received your email. You also want to know the name of recipients who opened it as well as the types of links that attracted the most clicks.

Campaign tracking

From here, you can track your conversions, purchase details, and total sales from MailChimp’s reports section. With this information, you can rethink your campaign’s strategy and probably look for ways to make it more productive. Tracking helps you identify the behavioral patterns of your subscriber base to improve on future mailings.

Also, apart from Mailchimp’s inbuilt tracking feature, you can track your campaigns by adding e-commerce integrations or third-party tools such as Google analytics in the tracking section. This way, you can compare your reports and gather extra data that you’d otherwise have not acquired using one tool alone.

Re-engage past customers

Mailchimp’s re-engagement campaign provides a perfect opportunity to identify subscribers that are not responding to your emails. Even better is the fact that the tool also facilitates easy reconnection with them as you aim to win back their attention.
Here’s how you do it – using information from your MailChimp’s reporting tool, create a listing of subscribers who have not been opening your emails during a particular period. Once you have this list ready, send an enticing email hoping to give them a reason to come back and check what you have for them.

If after a few more reconnections attempts a section of the dormant subscribers still can’t seem to react, the best idea henceforth is to remove them from your mailing list and assume they’re no longer interested in hearing from you.

Run ad campaigns on social media

social media

Let’s talk this out – social networking has played a significant role in the success of much online business. Indeed, this is one channel you should be targeting if your digital marketing is to scale up and reach a broader market. An effective way to maximize social media reach is by creating paid ads and running them across significant platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

MailChimp and various email marketing tools permit you to build and run social media ads with an added advantage of reaching your email listings. Another advantage is that you can quickly reconnect with people who have in the past unsubscribed from your list through social media ads run through these tools.

Leverage the power of MailChimp integration.

One of the simplest ways to get the most out of MailChimp (and pretty much many other tools) is by integrating it with compatible tools and extensions. For example, MailChimp seamlessly integrates with numerous tools, most which you possibly use daily to run your online business. Do you use PayPal, a CRM software, or run an e-commerce site using Shopify? You’ll be glad to know that all these syncs with MailChimp.

This Pipedrive integration is one such utility that allows you to send highly-targeted and personalized emails to a specific group of customers. All you need is to define your segmentation criteria in the Pipedrive CRM, scroll to the bottom of your list, and hit the Mailchimp button to export these contacts. As a result, you’re able to save on time, minimize spamming, and more importantly, boost your sales and conversions!


With modern tools like email marketing software, it’s easier than ever even for non-techies to automate business processes and streamline their digital campaigns. Putting it all together, sales and marketing automation brings you three essential benefits for fast business growth;

  • Allows you to find and close better deals.
  • Enables you to deliver the right messages to the right people on time.
  • Helps you cut on administrative tasks so you can focus on other more critical business processes.

There is always a whole new world of possibilities for both small businesses and large enterprises that integrate powerful automation technologies like MailChimp in their processes. Make the switch today if your goal is to start roaming with the big boys!

Why is Lead Segmentation so important in Digital Marketing?

Why is Lead Segmentation so important in Digital Marketing?

The majority of businesses follow digital marketing or print media. But, upon all these things one thing is very important that is the segmentation. Lead Segmentation helps you determine who are the effective leads and you can pay attention to convert those leads to high engaging customers.

You can call it as a part or a type of audience segmentation. Here, segmentation means subdividing your customer or the leads into small groups. All the leads having a similar kind of interest will be grouped together. Which means people with a different interest will be in different groups.

This lead segmentation is a whole lot of big process which should have a perfect roadmap that will provide an insight to your customer.

What is Lead Segmentation?

As explained above segmentation is nothing but subdividing the leads and the customers according to their interests. This means all the people with similar interest, charateristics, needs and requirements will be one group. And everyone in this group will get same type of purchase request.

What is the basic type of leads segmentation?

There is basically two types of segmentation those are:

Explicit Segmentation

In this type of segmentation, the characteristics of the leads would already be there with you. It may be either through the lead generation, customer purchase history or by the conversation.

This involves segmentation features such as:

  1. What a customer is buying for 6 months?
  2. All those leads who have selected the B2B type in their company landing page.
  3. Customers who live in a specific area.

Implied Segmentation:

Here, in this segmentation, the characteristics of the leads are not known to you directly. However, you have to pretend it through the Purchases made, demographics, actions.

This involves segmentation features such as:

  1. All those leads who downloaded the guidelines pages and may be looking for a service from you.
  2. Leads who have viewed your pricing page more than twice in two days, are most likely to buy your product just you need to do is remarketing.
  3. If a customer has purchased a lot of t-shirt from your website maybe he is interested in clothing the most.

Why you need to careful while doing explicit segmentation?

While you should be very careful while dealing with the explicit segmentation because people are varied and the lifestyle differs from one other. Maybe people are in the same age group and same gender but still, there choices and lifestyle can vary.

To support this instance take a look at the below situation:

leads segmentation in digital marketing

In this situation, you can see both the people are a woman in the same age group with the same amount of income. While coming to lifestyle both are working but one stays alone and other with family. Not just the lifestyle even the needs and the attitude also vary from one another.

This is where you have to be careful enough while segmenting the leads. As there are people are there who have the same demographics but there needs and requirements may differ. The digital marketer should take care of all these things while segmenting all the customers.

It clearly suggests that dig deeper in the customer profiles so as to get the best result and get customers filtered more than basing on there requirements.

What you can achieve through the lead segmentation?

Before going up in the marketing and business the foremost thing that has to be done is Segmentation. Every digital marketer and even digital marketing strategies involve segmentation as an important thing to be accomplished.

However, this segmentation will be useless if you don’t have the perfect marketing strategies. Here are few points which you should consider about the segments once they are categorized.

  • Make the customers aware of your brand, create a belief and trust about your business in the customers.
  • Check what your competitors are doing, and see what factors are dragging your customers to buy your competitors product, not yours. Try to overcome it and make them trust you not them
  • Have a checklist of all the products which is loved by your customers a lot. While check this also minute what is that one thing that is making your customers attracted to buy it.
  • Search for all the marketing channels which will provide you the effective way to target your customers.
  • Gather all the details of the model that are easier than the present using model. Which means ask the leads with explicit characteristics more about this.

What are the possibilities on which segmentation depends?

There a lot of lead segmentation possibilities upon which the segmenting of the customers depends on. It should always be kept in the record while going for a segmentation.

segment leads


It includes all the things such as:

  • Age, gender, marital status.
  • Education, background details, Institution went, Income, Job.
  • Cultural background, ethnicity, nationality.


There are few things which are included in the Geographic:

  • Where the lead lives?
  • Opts Metropolitan area or rural area.
  • Society lead is living.
  • Land and region.


This involves the basic characteristic or attitude of the user like:

  • Lead Behavior
  • The intensity of the purchase made and product used.
  • How loyal the lead is to the brand?


These are basic needs and requirement of the user:

  • What is the lifestyle of the user?
  • How is the lead maintaining the personal life?
  • What is the social status?


While there are some other possibilities upon which the lead segmentation should depend, to deliver the best customer segmenting.

  • What is the type of corporation the lead is working? whether it is Public sector or private.
  • Is the lead intermediator or the final buyer in the chain?
  • What is the total size of the corporation that the lead is working?
  • Industry the lead is working.
  • What is the common interest of all the leads?

What are the digital marketing strategies in Lead Generation for providing a better User experience?

The digital marketing strategies and the SEO techniques should be implemented in lead generation to provide the best user experience. For Strategy building there are a few questions which will act as your strategy and you should ask it.

Why is lead segmentation so crucial?

Every present on this earth is different, but to satisfy everyone and provide individual advertisement is very difficult. Although the technology these days is offering a vast platform to explore and target individual. However, still, the old school segmenting of the leads and customer is the only effective way. Make small groups of leads with similar interests.

This is really helpful, just like a life and business saver strategy. Because if you divide all the people and make a group of people with similar interests, demographics, region, needs then it will be very easy to concentrate on everyone and everyone needs.

Segmentation will provide you with the economies of the sales made, which will help you to implement all your marketing tactics and R & D work.

The first step is to understand your customer and their needs. For instance, if you have an organization that makes beauty products, like lipsticks, foundation, compacts and all. You want to promote it in the digital media, while here your concentration will be the women. Promoting beauty blogs, fashion magazines will draw your customers. If you post it in the science and technology blog it will never drive you, anyone.

lead segmentation

Source: Hubspot

Analysis of Segmented leads

After this lead segmentation analyzes the segmented leads this will help you find the leads those who are highly engaged and have heavy focus. There one framework which is used to analyze and segmented leads that is RFM: it stands for Reference, Frequency, and Monetary.

Eventually, there will be few questions that may arise here. How frequent the purchase is made in a particular segment? And how frequently does the segmented lead group engage with you for a purchase? What is the total average purchase of the group?

By answering these type of question you will get a brief about the whole segment and its behavior. This makes your work easy and you can understand which segment is highly engaged and which is less. While it makes you clear where to invest more and where to invest less. In addition to this, you will get an idea about where to invest efforts and resources for future marketing and customer retention purpose.

How should any body segment customer and leads?

While the toughest and the time taking part in this because this requires a lot of background work to be done. As I have already mentioned above this takes into account the demographic, geographic, interest, background, attitude. People think it is very exhaustive and segmenting categories are not manually exclusive.

To make a group of ideal segments start by collecting all the data. The data may include anything such as retail store analysis, any web traffic generated, customer profiles, purchase history, social media platforms, surveys, and quizzes are taken part.

In the end, what did you find? you will uncover some of the segments that are known and some of the groups which are unknown.  People can be divided on the basis of the area or place they live, some may be in the metropolitan area some in rural. Maybe you and your friend have different interests can be in different segments.

Once, you decide which segment is worth the attention, start your business. You can use all the channels to reach them.

How to leverage the Digital media to customize your offer?

It is always better to have a website in the online media for a better business. If you want to give your customers a customized experience through your campaign, then take the full advantage of the technology and personalize the whole information on your web pages. So, we consider Lead Segmentation in digital marketing is the best way.

Take down a simple example, segmenting the website traffic will provide you with engaging web traffic. Start producing different advertisements which will target certain segments that will take down all the customers to a webpage which is specifically being created for them.

Suppose there are few segments for segment one you can take those customers from Facebook to the Landing Page 1. On the other hand, for the second segment customers, you can take them from maybe LinkedIn to Landing Page 2. Utilize technology and Social media and the result will be more than your expectation.


As we have explained above Leads segmentation is a most and required if you are starting the Business and want to promote your brand. If you want to make your brand visible it is vital to have segmentation.

There are few strategies or the ways of the segmenting that will make your work easy and effective. Following it will provide you with the best results.

For any queries or issues regarding segmentation email or comment us below!

Audience Segmentation Tools in Digital Marketing-A Complete Guide

Audience Segmentation Tools in Digital Marketing-A Complete Guide

These days advertising is not so easy because these days all the consumers are hyper and dig deep into the products. The companies now have to deal with a much-empowered audience. Nowadays the viewers are more into digital marketing, social media and like to be more live in the online media. So, it becomes vital for the audience segmentation in digital marketing. Digital marketers have also become aware of the fact and started implementing audience segmentation for the target users.

By segmenting the audience according to the needs of the clients. Which will deliver the right message at the right time is all the work done by a digital marketer. The job of the digital marketer is not so easy it indulges the tactical thinking. As you require to pinpoint the audience based on their requirement, expectations, and needs.

Why is audience segmentation important?

Audience segmentation is essential to have better communication and connection with the people. However, different segments of people have different types of needs and requirements.

As PR has progressed a lot from all the days of mass communication. The digital marketers importantly should concentrate on the target messages so that it should reach the right customer at the right point of time.


Audience Segmentation means dividing or segmenting the audience or the users in smaller groups according to the needs, requirements, and choices. Which eventually helps in establishing a good connection between the user and the brand. It is based on the assumption that different people have different likes and dislikes. This thing majorly influences the branding of a company or a product.

You must know each audience needs, likes and dislikes are very important to know whom to target. With Audience Segmentation tools, you can quickly identify which group of user to focus on which product or brand.

What is the Target Audience Segmentation?

Target Audience Segmentation is nothing but dividing the people according to needs and choices to increase the sales and deliver the best results. The Target Audience can be described in many ways possible this involves a lot of background research in it. Different digital marketing agencies use different types of digital marketing strategies so that they can highlight the target users.

audience segmentation

source: bluetext

Digital marketers use various tools and disciplinary ways to identify target audiences. We mention a few and general domain upon which the marketers segment the audience is:

  • Demographic values.
  • A lifestyle of the users.
  • Use sensitivities of the viewers for a specific brand or ad.
  • Sociocultural trends following.
  • Behavior with the media.
  • Political Interests.
  • Social media sites mostly used.
  • Online brands following.

How does the audience segmentation work?

Audience Segmentation tools involve some of the critical work to be done before. which will eventually drive you a lot of users and customers to the brand. Regardless of the type of campaign or the brand you promote or market these background work should be done for sure.

Below we mention some of the essential points which should be taken into account while going for branding and audience segmentation:

Record Audience full detailed persona

Start by knowing your audience. First thing here comes up is the demographics which means the age, location, ethnicity, religion, family background. These are good indicators to start working upon the marketing of the brands and advertisements. This information is the foundation upon which you need to gather more data with useful insights, behaviors, preferences.

Combine all these personas of a person, and it will deliver you required and best-targeted results possible. There are many ways to identify person demographics. Digital Agency usually uses tactics like poping users with a random quiz that will include all the questions that you want to ask with options if possible. As this type of questionnaires will help you in gaining the information of the customers including the customer choices.

Customer journey map to know more about your audience

When the customers get two options of the same product but from different companies. then he will choose the one which will fulfill his needs and requirements. Understanding these all things and delivering the best result is the key to the advertising campaigns in the digital media and social media.

customer mapping

While you are digging into the customer information, don’t check the background also have some knowledge about the present and the current analysis. So, that you can better understand and anticipate what your consumer can take as a next big step. If you have already mapped out the whole things that a customer needs and plan, it will work wonders for you.

Make your data personalized

If you have the data of the customers, then this means the audience segmentation can be done in a very refined and customized way.

You have to combine the qualitative data and quantitive behavior data it defines more of the actionable audiences. Doing this kind of audience segmentation in SEO or Search Engine Optimization for your content then it will resonate you some highly engaged customers.

Segment the Audience according to needs and deliver the custom messages and experiences at various stages is nowadays an essential requirement.

Dig into the usage and the needs for more exploration

The customer segmentation should be based on the usage and needs of the audience so that you can quickly get to the heart of the customers. And accordingly, you will get to the audience and can similarly differentiate the offers.

Mostly the brands and the companies have a different type of offerings for all the different customers, and the various uses customers require from your product. This is considered a great way to do the audience segmentation.

This is a very reliable and helpful method as you can even identify a new audience with may be similar kind of requirements and needs.

Find out what engaged your audience!

To increase the reach and customers for the brands, you should need to know what is engaging your audience segment. Including this, you also keep a record of how people behave in various channels.

In the industries such as travel, food, restaurants, retails and so on in these industries peer recommendations and the customer reviews work like a miracle and prove to be highly influential.

While you are in a market you can get to know different types of people with different characteristics, finding out what works for the audience is the marketers’ job. Suppose you are dealing with the mothers then the tags such as free delivery, customer reviews, and door delivery will drag the attention.

All these insights will bring you more customers and help to build an engaging campaign that will make you reach new heights.

What is the segmentation tools or strategy in digital marketing?

While both customers and digital marketers have become smart enough and know the importance of Segmenting audience to deliver the right message to the right person. However, for all these things you need the right digital marketing strategy to be executed successfully to provide the best result. Have a look at the Audience segmentation in digital marketing strategies below:

Be digital to deliver the best

The audience that you target are more than just the age, gender, location, community there a lot of more stuff that you may be missing about a person. The digital marketers also need to know about there choices, preferences, behavior and so on not just this you need to know about the customer and the personal social media sites.

If you fulfill all these things, you will land up giving the best experience to your audience. The social media and the onlines platform is these days flooded with the random quizzes about your self.

Well, this is on the best strategies got by any brand because if you have a business, to generate the traffic the company is creating random quizzes asking people questions related to the core of the business. In this way, you can know about the audience and their needs.

audience segmentation in digital marketing

Source: slideshare

This process is beneficial and eventually draws you more customer than you think. It even helps in gaining more customers those will love to engage in your products and the campaigns.

Building a customer persona is the best way to avoid irrelevant marketing content for consumers. For instance, if you consider the people who like yoga, meditation, living peaceful and soulful life will not be interested in living in a VIP or 5 start hotels or want to go to clubs and party.

Maybe they would be searching for a deep and silent place if they travel, this how it is going to work only if you segment the audience according to the needs.

A unique experience for real-time consumer journey

Being a digital marketer, you should give emphasis beyond the regular and known data of the users and instead start thinking “what may be the customers is thinking and what is his next step?”.

Customers usually come to a brand in various channels and from different stages like some customer may be you, regular buyer, some may be there to make a purchase and while others may be there to gather the information. It is you who have to make sure that you offer the best experience to the customer so that they make a purchase.


Source: Simplaex

This brand to the consumer helps the companies to gain a real-time consumer journey. If a consumer is in the buying cycle, you should make sure that you have to make the cycle to purchase.

Here, a great help would be the Content curation and great and engaging Content will drive you the best customers. Not just the content even having the best SEO techniques that will make the advertisements and the brand come in the top of the page search will make the work done.

But, keep all these offerings to be pertinent and related to the customers. Like what the customers want that will generate a unique experience for both customer and the brand.

Have an omnichannel approach for the segmentation

The audience at various stages opens their doors for the brands and the purchases. If you do a content marketing that is utility focused on the best audience segmentation tools in your strategies. Then you can find previously unknown avenues that you can use to interact with the consumers.

Tracking the targeted content allows all digital marketers to check when the audience get activated. This is the building block for new customers. The content marketing even generated an incredibly be a user-generated content campaign.

Having holiday guides, email marketing, retargeting the customers is very significant to increase web traffic. While in making all these things successful in the digital media and social media platform omnichannel is a most required.


Eventually, when we came to an end audience segmentation is very required for the digital marketers and even for the marketing team. Because of this you can segment the audience according to their preference and make the product grow more.

There a lot of Audience Segmentation tools and Audience Segmentation in digital marketing strategies are also involved. I feel if you read the full article you must have understood it better.

If not feel free to contact us, at any time or you can even leave a comment below, We will help you for sure!

Why do we require Empathy Mapping in Digital Marketing?

Why do we require Empathy Mapping in Digital Marketing?

People usually think the marketing professionals can’t work naturally are very mechanical. This is not the case because marketers also get connected to people and deliver the results basing on it. Connecting with the audience and the clients is the primary job of marketers. The first step that every marketer takes is to make or design an empathy map. This empathy map is a crucial thing for digital marketers because empathy map is something that makes the clients know that businesses are connected.

Empathy Map is something that articulates all the information about the client or the person’s needs collectively. It categorizes the person’s requirement so that it helps in driving the desired results. This article is like a step by step guide what exactly Empathy diagram or Empathy map is and used.

Empathy Map shows but doesn’t sell

Below you can see the basic structure of empathy map.

Empathy mapping

Empathy usually is something that the customers need, and which we should as marketers fulfill it. It is a type of marketing which shows it doesn’t sell while just fulfilling the requirements.

But for a marketer, it is imperative to know that facts and figures are a significant part of the marketing but should never forget how these facts and demographics are coming and who is behind it. All the events and surveys are the most important and valuable market search that can be imagined as the outcomes here are genuine and real.

Whenever we talk to a client and know about their requirements at the same time, we should always keep in mind the needs of the audience or the customers. It always motivates you to get the same emotion and express every single detail in your advertising work. Empathy mapping should be there for every work it is like a foundation or bedrock for any advertising.

Empathy mapping in Digital Marketing

There is always arguments and counter-arguments while coming to empathy mapping because social media sites use this empathy mapping more often in their work. Social media immediately connect to people or the users, this is why the argument comes up.

Different mappings

People use to think it is ages old method, on the other hand, it is not instead it is most important. In one line we can say “Empathy is not reducing it just became digital.”

Usually, reaching out to people becomes very important. The only way through which you can reach the millennials is through social media. A huge amount of people that is more than 70% people rely more on social media mostly on YouTube and videos in it. While almost half of the millennials in the online platform for different issues and goals to solve and achieve.

The surveys say that:

40% of the Millennials in the modern and divisive world started looking the world around them as the new light after getting insipired from social media and mainly YouTube Videos.

This what the marketers have to do to gain the trust of the people by acquiring the confidence of the users. The millennials always empathize with every single click, video, share, and comment. Here the principal task of the marketer is to capture the intensity of the people and present them something that pleases them.

What are Do’s and Don’ts in Empathy Mapping?

While you are working on an Empathy mapping always remember these below do’s and don’ts:


  • Still understand what your user needs, and try to fulfill it one way or the other. Make them feel that you are concerned and that’s why this is the result.
  • Teach the audience, make them realize that they should use a specified product.
  • Inspire the audience, or show them that you got inspired and inspiring others too.
  • Connect to the users emotionally. Use all the emotional tactics such as Nostalgia, Group hooking, Relationships, anger, fear, love, happiness, and triumph.
  • In the end, do have a goal and try to achieve it.


  • Never let your ads speak as if it is addressing a gathering.
  • Don’t make a mistake of using the standard call to action. Always let the crowd or the users decide it and make conclusion according to it. While the most important thing is to allow the product to speak on behave of itself.
  • As a people say ” actions speak more than words” so let your product and the advertising speak more than you do.
  • Never focus on the competitors’ shortcomings instead focus on the positive aspects of your brand.
  • Set, one goal and achieve, but if you simultaneously set up more than one goal, it will for sure ruin the whole work.

Marketing these days is not just the advertisements, it has become much more than that, Advertisements have to reach the internet and maintain the standards of the users here also. However, these days marketing of a product provides much more value even before the product is being launched.

How can we build Empathy Mapping?

Empathy Map is very important for any Digital marketing agency, in similar while building an Empathy Map people usually, get confused regarding how to construct an Empathy Map and what should be included and so on. Below we mention everything that will solve your problem.

Explain your Goals

Which user map you are going to sketch?

First, you have decided will you map for a single user or persona. While starting always remember the empathy map should be of 1:1 mapping which means one user per empathy map. Only it says there is more than one user than the empathy map for each one would be different.

Describe your purpose for empathy mapping.

This directly means describe your goal. If you have a team of marketers, then align everyone on each user and make sure everyone is present in the empathy mapping planning. Even set a clear scope and transcript with a deadline and the targets to achieve.

Discuss with the team

Your goal should indicate the medium you use to fulfill the aspect of empathy mapping. It is always better to interact with everyone in your group and gather all the pieces of information everyone has, or everyone gathered. The empathy mapping and the discussion alone makes the system creative which will work for you.

empathy map

Collect information

Gather all the information that will be used effectively to fuel up your empathy map. As empathy map is a very qualitative method so you should always pay attention to all the quality requirements such as Case studies, interviews, User discussion, field works, surveys, and facts.

Know everyone’s perspective on each block

Once you and your team have all the search inputs, it is the right time to proceed to Empathy mapping. If you have a whole group of more than two people, then it is better to have a big board and let everyone write down according to them what is essential. And make sure everyone fill in the four quadrants with the data that is efficient for the work.

Combine all the efficient data

After each member of your team write their version of the empathy map. Then pick the most efficient data and combine everything that is relevant and bring out the desired plan. While in this process it may be difficult for you to chose, but it is always advised to differentiate by the names and then at the end make it as a single component.

In between this clustering, you may face a lot of confusion and discussion on why to chose this, not that. It is always better to discuss as it will give a perfect reason to include one and exclude the other. In the discussion may be new ideas can strike.

Polish the whole plan

If you still feel that something is missing and need to adapt it to get more results, it is always advised to have a new quadrant to add extra things in it. Or you can even exceed the specificity of the existing quadrant. Depending upon your target plan accordingly and polish it whenever it is required.

Make sure that you add the user in the middle of the map with some of the withstanding questions, the date, and version. And always remember to get back to empathy mapping whenever you get new User-inspired information.


The empathy maps help to build empathy in the users basing on the real data and combining the mapping methods. While corporate companies teach to give more importance to the brands and keep them in mind and later align the customer’s needs.

But, according to me, the marketing goal must be to break down all the barriers and reach the audience in the most diverse and impossible way that is possible. Empathy is just a grammatical and English term in the marketing field. If people start empathizing with one another, then they can combine to deliver the main message and shared a set of strength.

If you and your marketing team is facing any difficulties while making an empathy map, then do contact us at any time.

Google new alerts: All the New features in Google 2019

Google new alerts: All the New features in Google 2019

While the year 2019 is rolling out so as the Google new alerts and updates to its already existing applications and software for the users, marketers and the advertisers. While in this updates the first thing that everybody noticed is the Google New alerts related to Ads, a very new publishing platform for local news, Google new alerts for the mappings, and integrating the Google Adwords Campaign with Google ads platform.

Read the full article to know in details about the Google new alerts.

Search News in Google

The most important and surprising changes that Google brought in is for the Local writers and in the Google search news. Below you can know more about it.

Google testing Mobile SERPs with ADs

The Google Search Engine Ranking Page is never the same it keeps on changing, and advancements keep coming up. It was found that 14 ads one after other was present on the first page. This means the advertisements occupied the first page of the Google search engine.

At the top of the page, first, four advertisements came up followed by the organic searched advertisements after that seven more paid advertisements again came up then reached six organic advertisements.

Eventually, in the end, the research page ends with three more advertisements before the more results pop up. This means the page had a total of 14 advertisements and then eight organic results. Which means it is twice as many as the usual number of ads.

While we can expect that the fact behind it is maybe Google is testing the ads in a mobile SERPs or Search Engine Ranking Page. However, it even shows that Google is pushing the company’s and making it monetized in the search results. This is an excellent sign to the digital advertisers, but not for the SEO specialist.

Google’s three pack local listing

This is a new type of Google local listing which you can see in Google maps. Previous it was seven pack page rollout, but now it is a three pack page roll out. Due to this, the SEO related people all are shaken to know what will be the result? And now it became a more tough task for SEO persons to optimize the Google maps for their clients.

Not just that & pack where cut to 3, while previous the user was able to see the address and phone number with the name but now no address and phone number will be visible.

3 pack listing

Google not removed the Phone number and the address it even disabled the !-click access and removed all those links which redirect to Google My Business. All the previous cards got hidden now if click on listing open page you will be redirected to the Google Map where you will find the list of 20 competitors just like the older one.

3 pack listing

In the above image you can that first comes the paid companies, then you get a list of all the electrical companies. It is one of the best tricks that Google used because at a go you can see 20 competitors list. People will get to know about their competitors at a site on one page.

Google new alert platform for Local News: Google Newspack

Google went into partnership Automattic and WordPress, even invested $ 1.2 million in the new project named to be Newspack. This new NewsChannel will have a portfolio in Google as Newspack; this portfolio will have services such as the fast, secure and meager cost for the publishing news. You can even be able to post the different and small local newsroom.

However, with the help of this platform, the local journalist and reporters get easy access who are struggling to bring up the local news. All those journalist and reporters who don’t understand about the Digital Marketing strategies and the business problems will all be solved now and can tell the story about the community and locality in the Google Space. Here, you don’t have to worry about the website design, building with an e-commerce system and configuring the CMSs.

While if you are thinking about the aim of the Google newspack is one-platform fitting all the size of the news. However, the focus of Google is to help the small business person to raise high and succeed in the online media. Google named Newspack as “an opinionated CMS” because according to Google it is a very right thing even if publishers never did it.

As per our experts, we came to know that Google will start the development process on this project soon. The platform will be available for the users after a few months.

No need of Physical Presence for registering in Google My Business

Recently Google introduced a new feature for the service areas in Google My Business platform. It is best for the small businesses owners without the street address, or a proper address can now share the address of local service and the other information related to business on the Google maps and search engine pages.

The present GMB users can now edit all the information of the business straightly from the Dashboard of the GMB. There you can find the separate options for editing “storefront address” and “service area.”

While for the businesses who have not yet registered in Google My Business and are new to it, will be guided by the Google bot through the whole setup process starts. At last, Google says that “It hopes the business will grow and better connect with the potential customers in different locations.”

Featured snippet for PDFs

Yes! You heard it right Google will now consider the content in your PDF and show as a featured snippet. Previously the featured snippet used to pull out only the content from the website HTML. However, it is the first time anything like this thing is going to happen. If we see it from an SEO techniques point of view, a PDF contains much more information than the typical contents. It is happy news for all those who are writing PDF which a lot of information but were never got rank for it.

pdf snippet

Google maps speed camera warning

In Google maps, you can see a new feature which will showcase you the speed limits as warnings. In the mobile application device, it will show the driver the speed limit while the driver would be driving it. That’s, not the end; it will even show the hidden speed trap cameras on the corner of the streets.

When you open the app on the left side down corner, you will find the speed being displayed, and the camera would be shown as a small camera icon or option on the visible area of the map.

The camera icon is will also be enabled by the time you reach near the speed trap cameras. Nevertheless, the sources even say that this feature is available only in fewer countries. People expect that this feature will roll out just in US, UK, and Denmark also if countries such as Australia, India, Brasil, Russia, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada have the speed trap cameras.

We can expect that shortly after release in the US, the UK and Denmark Google will soon launch in these companies while it is still unknown when it will roll out in all over the world.

New Google Tools

Not just that Google new alerts were there for the software and the application it is even there for the Google Tools. To know more take a look below.

Access to nonskippable ads

Usually, in Google, the Video creators get only limited access to creative actions in this platform. At the end of January Google gave access to all the advertisers to take all the benefits and make all the original works that they can make, and regardless of how they are buying it, whether it has advanced, through the Google auction for ads, or the reservations.

Google now brought this on the Google platform a 15-minute unskippable ad which was earlier only present in the youtube, and if you want to have it in Google, you had to you the YouTube reservation now you can directly do with Google reservation or aution.

To ensure how many users are coming up, Google will be capping the number of users who are watching the Video it makes it more user-friendly simultaneously having the record of it. In the end, it is a very intuitive and flexible way which makes the work of advertisers easier.

Adwords Express combined with Google Ads

Google has integrated Adwords Express with Google Ads; now you can find both the things in one place. The digital marketers can now see the Adwords Express in Google Ads as an option “Smart Campaigns.” Don’t you will not lose any of the benefits all the benefits that you enjoyed before will remain and nothing will exploit. While you can find new interests and features coming up such as:

  • Creating a digital ad quickly in a more natural way.
  • They are attracting more customers to your ad by using Google Maps.
  • I am paying only when someone clicks on the ad.
  • Google will make your work easier by running ads on behave of you.
  • You can review the effectivity of your ads on the dashboard.

Not the effectiveness of the campaigns people can even be able to watch the campaign overview, alerts for the critical account, Google analytics, maps listing, scheduling the ads and so on.


As of we came to an end, these are some of the new features that we will, and we have seen in the Google system this year. We are looking to get some more unusual features like this. Most importantly the Google new alerts in Google maps is what everyone is excited.

We expect that everyone presents all over the globe gets it as soon as possible. Until it comes if you find any other new updates and want us to include it in our article leave a comment below we will update it.

Hope you enjoyed reading!