The majority of businesses follow digital marketing or print media. But, upon all these things one thing is very important that is the segmentation. Lead Segmentation helps you determine who are the effective leads and you can pay attention to convert those leads to high engaging customers.

You can call it as a part or a type of audience segmentation. Here, segmentation means subdividing your customer or the leads into small groups. All the leads having a similar kind of interest will be grouped together. Which means people with a different interest will be in different groups.

This lead segmentation is a whole lot of big process which should have a perfect roadmap that will provide an insight to your customer.

What is Lead Segmentation?

As explained above segmentation is nothing but subdividing the leads and the customers according to their interests. This means all the people with similar interest, charateristics, needs and requirements will be one group. And everyone in this group will get same type of purchase request.

What is the basic type of leads segmentation?

There is basically two types of segmentation those are:

Explicit Segmentation

In this type of segmentation, the characteristics of the leads would already be there with you. It may be either through the lead generation, customer purchase history or by the conversation.

This involves segmentation features such as:

  1. What a customer is buying for 6 months?
  2. All those leads who have selected the B2B type in their company landing page.
  3. Customers who live in a specific area.

Implied Segmentation:

Here, in this segmentation, the characteristics of the leads are not known to you directly. However, you have to pretend it through the Purchases made, demographics, actions.

This involves segmentation features such as:

  1. All those leads who downloaded the guidelines pages and may be looking for a service from you.
  2. Leads who have viewed your pricing page more than twice in two days, are most likely to buy your product just you need to do is remarketing.
  3. If a customer has purchased a lot of t-shirt from your website maybe he is interested in clothing the most.

Why you need to careful while doing explicit segmentation?

While you should be very careful while dealing with the explicit segmentation because people are varied and the lifestyle differs from one other. Maybe people are in the same age group and same gender but still, there choices and lifestyle can vary.

To support this instance take a look at the below situation:

leads segmentation in digital marketing

In this situation, you can see both the people are a woman in the same age group with the same amount of income. While coming to lifestyle both are working but one stays alone and other with family. Not just the lifestyle even the needs and the attitude also vary from one another.

This is where you have to be careful enough while segmenting the leads. As there are people are there who have the same demographics but there needs and requirements may differ. The digital marketer should take care of all these things while segmenting all the customers.

It clearly suggests that dig deeper in the customer profiles so as to get the best result and get customers filtered more than basing on there requirements.

What you can achieve through the lead segmentation?

Before going up in the marketing and business the foremost thing that has to be done is Segmentation. Every digital marketer and even digital marketing strategies involve segmentation as an important thing to be accomplished.

However, this segmentation will be useless if you don’t have the perfect marketing strategies. Here are few points which you should consider about the segments once they are categorized.

  • Make the customers aware of your brand, create a belief and trust about your business in the customers.
  • Check what your competitors are doing, and see what factors are dragging your customers to buy your competitors product, not yours. Try to overcome it and make them trust you not them
  • Have a checklist of all the products which is loved by your customers a lot. While check this also minute what is that one thing that is making your customers attracted to buy it.
  • Search for all the marketing channels which will provide you the effective way to target your customers.
  • Gather all the details of the model that are easier than the present using model. Which means ask the leads with explicit characteristics more about this.

What are the possibilities on which segmentation depends?

There a lot of lead segmentation possibilities upon which the segmenting of the customers depends on. It should always be kept in the record while going for a segmentation.

segment leads


It includes all the things such as:

  • Age, gender, marital status.
  • Education, background details, Institution went, Income, Job.
  • Cultural background, ethnicity, nationality.


There are few things which are included in the Geographic:

  • Where the lead lives?
  • Opts Metropolitan area or rural area.
  • Society lead is living.
  • Land and region.


This involves the basic characteristic or attitude of the user like:

  • Lead Behavior
  • The intensity of the purchase made and product used.
  • How loyal the lead is to the brand?


These are basic needs and requirement of the user:

  • What is the lifestyle of the user?
  • How is the lead maintaining the personal life?
  • What is the social status?


While there are some other possibilities upon which the lead segmentation should depend, to deliver the best customer segmenting.

  • What is the type of corporation the lead is working? whether it is Public sector or private.
  • Is the lead intermediator or the final buyer in the chain?
  • What is the total size of the corporation that the lead is working?
  • Industry the lead is working.
  • What is the common interest of all the leads?

What are the digital marketing strategies in Lead Generation for providing a better User experience?

The digital marketing strategies and the SEO techniques should be implemented in lead generation to provide the best user experience. For Strategy building there are a few questions which will act as your strategy and you should ask it.

Why is lead segmentation so crucial?

Every present on this earth is different, but to satisfy everyone and provide individual advertisement is very difficult. Although the technology these days is offering a vast platform to explore and target individual. However, still, the old school segmenting of the leads and customer is the only effective way. Make small groups of leads with similar interests.

This is really helpful, just like a life and business saver strategy. Because if you divide all the people and make a group of people with similar interests, demographics, region, needs then it will be very easy to concentrate on everyone and everyone needs.

Segmentation will provide you with the economies of the sales made, which will help you to implement all your marketing tactics and R & D work.

The first step is to understand your customer and their needs. For instance, if you have an organization that makes beauty products, like lipsticks, foundation, compacts and all. You want to promote it in the digital media, while here your concentration will be the women. Promoting beauty blogs, fashion magazines will draw your customers. If you post it in the science and technology blog it will never drive you, anyone.

lead segmentation

Source: Hubspot

Analysis of Segmented leads

After this lead segmentation analyzes the segmented leads this will help you find the leads those who are highly engaged and have heavy focus. There one framework which is used to analyze and segmented leads that is RFM: it stands for Reference, Frequency, and Monetary.

Eventually, there will be few questions that may arise here. How frequent the purchase is made in a particular segment? And how frequently does the segmented lead group engage with you for a purchase? What is the total average purchase of the group?

By answering these type of question you will get a brief about the whole segment and its behavior. This makes your work easy and you can understand which segment is highly engaged and which is less. While it makes you clear where to invest more and where to invest less. In addition to this, you will get an idea about where to invest efforts and resources for future marketing and customer retention purpose.

How should any body segment customer and leads?

While the toughest and the time taking part in this because this requires a lot of background work to be done. As I have already mentioned above this takes into account the demographic, geographic, interest, background, attitude. People think it is very exhaustive and segmenting categories are not manually exclusive.

To make a group of ideal segments start by collecting all the data. The data may include anything such as retail store analysis, any web traffic generated, customer profiles, purchase history, social media platforms, surveys, and quizzes are taken part.

In the end, what did you find? you will uncover some of the segments that are known and some of the groups which are unknown.  People can be divided on the basis of the area or place they live, some may be in the metropolitan area some in rural. Maybe you and your friend have different interests can be in different segments.

Once, you decide which segment is worth the attention, start your business. You can use all the channels to reach them.

How to leverage the Digital media to customize your offer?

It is always better to have a website in the online media for a better business. If you want to give your customers a customized experience through your campaign, then take the full advantage of the technology and personalize the whole information on your web pages. So, we consider Lead Segmentation in digital marketing is the best way.

Take down a simple example, segmenting the website traffic will provide you with engaging web traffic. Start producing different advertisements which will target certain segments that will take down all the customers to a webpage which is specifically being created for them.

Suppose there are few segments for segment one you can take those customers from Facebook to the Landing Page 1. On the other hand, for the second segment customers, you can take them from maybe LinkedIn to Landing Page 2. Utilize technology and Social media and the result will be more than your expectation.


As we have explained above Leads segmentation is a most and required if you are starting the Business and want to promote your brand. If you want to make your brand visible it is vital to have segmentation.

There are few strategies or the ways of the segmenting that will make your work easy and effective. Following it will provide you with the best results.

For any queries or issues regarding segmentation email or comment us below!

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