What are the 10 websites you must know for Digital Marketing

What are the 10 websites you must know for Digital Marketing

You must have heard of digital marketing. Though it’s like a tiny thing, you don’t understand the real depth of it until you tend to get into this. Digital marketing is one of the top requirements before establishing any business. Any business needs marketing and out of all sources of marketing, digital marketing is the most important one. Why? Because people are more connected through the internet than by the calls or television. Hence, in the current generation, it’s quite important to have a sound knowledge of digital marketing, if you ever want to be an entrepreneur. Unless the business is a monopoly and has already been established well, it always needs marketing.

Let me take you through some of the websites, that’d help you in building a good future in digital marketing. These websites are not just to help you with your basics, but to also to help you get a strong position in the world of digital marketing.

1) Neil Patel’s Blog:

If you tried looking for some information on digital marketing or SEO(Search Engine Optimization), on youtube or elsewhere, then you must have come across this man. He’s like a basic book for everyone who needs to learn digital marketing. This website would also tell you how to use different techniques to bring in more traffic to your website. More traffic means more trust and any company would be glad to do a business with you.

2) HubSpot:

It is one website that one needs to come after they’ve developed their product and are ready to launch it into the market. HubSpot offers some of the best software for you to utilize as your marketing source. It also helps with the customer service applications for your website, so it’d be easier for your customers to communicate and interact with you.

Not just this, they even offer you different blogs and guides for you to go through. This will help you in understanding how the world of marketing works. If you’re not interested in their applications and software, you can just skip right to the part where a lot of information on Digital Marketing is provided.

3) Google Inside AdWords

If you want to understand the thought process of your potential customers then this is for you. Google AdWords provides you with all the information that you need under one roof. It has the analysis of everything you need to know. If you have enough patience, you can understand everything that is to know to attract the right customer at the right time.

All the analysis has been given for making it easier for you to attract whoever you want too. Understanding the analysis isn’t a hard thing either. So do visit this once you’re done understanding the basics, as this would help you in understanding the mindset, customers have.


4) Content Marketing Institute:

Content marketing institute is a one-stop institute for all your content marketing tips. You can read various blogs on this that’d tell you how to go about content writing. Don’t underestimate the power of content writing as content writing is remarked as the most important factor in driving businesses to the company. When you write proper contents, people often start reading and sharing it. Once it’s liked by all, it’d bring more and more traffic to the website. Traffic increases the trust rate of any website. More the traffic, more is the trust generated for your website. Trust is all one needs to maintain the business.

This is the prime reason why many websites go bonkers for content writing. Hence, if you need to make your website famous, you need to learn to blog well and attract the required customers.

5) Four Dots:

Four dots is more of a website analyzer. It analyzes your website and gives your website a rating. This helps people identify the things they are lacking in. Then, the website developers are supposed to work on this as this would lead to a  better website rank. Better the website rank, better is the position on google search and traffic. This will help in getting a good number of audience to your website.

6) Buffer:

Digital marketing is not just about the blogs, but also about how you represent yourself in social media matters. Social media is one platform where you can go and publicize your product and if it’s done the right away, it’s going to spread like a rapid-fire and turn your product into an overnight success. That’s the power of social media. So never take the marketing in social media for granted and do visit this site, if you want further help or information on how to go about this. You can also analyze the results on how and from where the traffic is generated.

7) Tech Crunch:

The one-stop destination for all the information on various trending things that can push your website to the desired state. This website offers information and service on various things like Startups Apps Gadgets Events and videos related to the same. Ample of new and updated articles are written such that if you manage to follow these, you’d understand every page you need to in the field of digital marketing.

8) The Moz Blog:

If there’s another place like Tech Crunch where you can find the information to all the important things that you’d like to have for the information on how to maintain a website, then this is it. You don’t have to wait for a long time before you can get your hands on some good content and start developing your blog if you refer to this. This blog gives you information on how to maintain your website’s traffic and when and where to look for all the information you need.

9) Your Story:

One website, that is different from these all others and the one you need desperately to guide you right. It’s well said that failure is the road to success and experience is all one needs to make his/her mark. Similar is the thing with this, your story provides all that is necessary for an entrepreneur, which is about all other entrepreneur’s stories. These stories tell us the make and break of a company or an industry. All the experience these people have gained all through these years will be put in front of you with a click. What else could you ask for? Read multiple stories and take all the precautions those people failed to take.

10)Quick Sprout:

For latest and more innovative ways to drive traffic to your website, this is the right website for you. Quick Sprout is known to have one of the best ideas and tricks one needs to make sure enough traffic is generated for your website. Go through the blog of this site and you’ll understand why I said what I said.

Image result for thinking

Credits: Public Domain Pictures


These are just a few websites that you need to visit on a regular basis, to make yourself a better digital marketer. Reading all these one after the other might get you bored or might not give you a full scope of the real world scenario. So, in such cases, I’d suggest you follow few of these famous bloggers who are known experts in digital marketing.

1) Gary Vaynerchuk
2) Seth Godin
3) Neil Patel
4) Marketing land

Other than following these coveted experts, you can also follow these communities to have your doubts cleared on a regular basis and for ideas sharing among the other digital marketing aspirants.

1) GrowthHackers – Premier Growth Community
2) Inbound.org

All these information are for the learners. If you’d like an easy way to get all these done for you, then do visit our homepage and we’ll help you with all this in no time. Visit here.

How has FIFA’s digital marketing managed to reach every corner

How has FIFA’s digital marketing managed to reach every corner

Have you ever noticed how known it is to everyone about the FIFA world cup? Just 4 years ago, in the 2014 world cup, not all the fans had an idea when these matches are being held. But today, everyone knows about FIFA 2018 World cup. How? That’s the magic of Digital Marketing. It makes you aware of all your surroundings and helps the sponsors receive their money’s worth.

These days all of us are on some or the other social networking sites. As we swipe down the newsfeed or other social media walls, it takes a little time being acquainted with all the new things happening around. Social media is full of images and images are easily understandable and attracts the reader’s minds. Hence, people prefer going through social media rather than reading a whole article. So let’s not delay anymore and get into the different ways how big companies are expanding their market reach through digital marketing.

There are multiple ways in which FIFA managed to expand their reach. Calling out for different techniques, listening out to every single idea, FIFA managed to name itself among one of the biggest names for branding. It’s not just the marketing, but also the kind of craze football and FIFA world cup has had over the years, lead to this. Let’s look at a few different ways in which the hosts managed to get their attention on every mind.

1. Through fan events: 

These days almost every other promotional technique is implementing these, as this is the most possible viral content anyone could ever deliver/ The competitive spirit helps them have a great reach throughout. The one common trait in every human is that they love competitions, some take it lightly whereas some take it very seriously and have themselves indulged in these activities for hours and hours, just to triumph over someone else. This is the opportunity for the marketing side to get a grip on the audience and spread their brand name. Let’s see a few of these fan events that we often hear.


Developing a game in the name of the particular company helps in the recognition of the brand all over. Such games are developed and then the options of online multiplayer are introduced. This is the first step to the spread of game from one person to the other. Other required ads are placed in the available spaces for further promotions.


The game of predictions, where exciting gifts could be won seems to be like the best event, as you only have to predict a few things and if by luck, it works out, you’ll be winning some great prizes. Here, we might think that this may be a loss of money for the hosts. But in the end, it’s going to save them some millions of rupees for marketing.


This is one of those types, people indulge in betting for their players and in the end, if the players they select perform, they get a gift in the form of money. The process is simple. One has to select 11 players out of the total 22 players playing a match. If the players they select, perform better than the other 11, they start scoring points, the selector with the best 11 will be awarded the prize money. A captain can be selected as well. If the person you made the captain is the best player for the day, he’d be scoring the double points when compared to the others. Here, people tend to taste the win and a loss. But when they start winning, they crave for it even more. This makes them come to the site again and again and this leads to the traffic of the page.

Picture Uploads:

If you’re wondering what this is, then let me give you an example. You might have encountered in your social media, how different websites ask you to show your support for your favourite team. This leads to people updating their profile picture and you’ll know that FIFA is coming soon. Hence, that’s how they do it to attract a number of viewers.

Football quizzes:

Quizzes are another great way of grabbing attention, especially of the football fanatics. You might have seen on a regular basis, how different websites conduct quizzes and later ask them to share on their timeline. This leads to a broader reach of the brand name. Hence, this is one of the best techniques in order to grow your identity.

2. Through online telecasts:

Online advertisements are on a rage these days and this is the most effective way of reaching your potential customers. First, different people’s likes and opinions are recorded through various social networking data. Then these people are sorted by their likes, age and gender and they are targeted by the appropriate brands. The same is the situation with FIFA as well. They target more on the audience who seemingly are interested in football.

3. Through fan parks:

This might just seem like a waste of investment, but trust me it’s not. If you’re not a football fan, go to one of the fan parks. The cheering crowd, the supporting fans and their enthusiasm, makes your adrenaline go crazy. That’s how they make even more through events such as these. So never for even a second mistake a fan park as a waste of investment.

4. Promotions on the official website:

The official website is the one place that pops up first whenever someone searches for football. Such is the kind of following FIFA has garnered throughout the years. This makes the website more approachable and this eventually increases the traffic for the website. So whenever someone enters the website, they can watch the live streaming and as well as they can even look at all the tournaments when and where one can find.

5. Blog Posts:

The blog posts are considered to be the best way to attract the customers. When you provide everyone they’ve been looking for, when both of your fields align, that’s when the customers are attracted and start investing in you, understanding the kind of knowledge you have. In addition to this, a large amount of traffic income is seen when the blog contents are good. This is an additional way of attracting potential customers and hence, FIFA is able to attract a lot of sponsors through this.

6. Social Media:

Different social media platforms have different ways of marketing their products, when it comes to FIFA, Facebook has been playing a vital role in keeping everyone updated on the latest updates and information. After every match, some or the other page shares a story about the happenings of that particular match and makes it even interesting for the readers. This leads to a better enthusiasm from fans. The fans even share their personal opinions or criticize a few decisions which lead to a growth in interest for even an average follower.

7. Usage of Hashtag:

Hashtags are a trend everywhere. It initiated from Instagram then twitter and now it’s all over facebook. Hashtags which are usually denoted by # and the topic is followed after it, has been on a roll these days. It’s an easy way to find posts that have related topics on the internet. If you want to look for FIFA related information, you could just type in #FIFA and it shows all that’s related to FIFA and you don’t find any irrelevant topics here. So this is an easy way, like a one-shot destination to the required place.

8. Youtube: 

Youtube is one more of those few social media where a great hype could be created for a brand like FIFA. FIFA has been conducted for a long time and there are ample of incidents that could make the channel go viral. Once the videos go viral, everyone starts to hear the name. This makes the sports even more interesting. Some of them would start following the game. They like to see how the two who fought in the last match, would react when they see each other. Situations like these help people with their interests.

That’s not it, if you yourself want to witness it, you can check it here.

If you’d like to learn about football in Russia, for all the predictions, fantasy, scouting and drafting of dream XI players and other regular updates, do visit this site.

What’s new in digital marketing in 2018? Things you can’t miss

What’s new in digital marketing in 2018? Things you can’t miss

Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

1) Content


How do you make your website famous? By rushing on to the top of the google search, whenever someone tries to search for anything related to your field. This is not going to happen unless you learn every little trick of SEO.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a process wherein people tend to extend their reach towards the readers in order to grab their attention. When a content is written, one needs to make sure that the content has all that it takes to enlighten the reader. The reader must be able to easily find whatever he needs and should be directed to the appropriate links if the whole data can’t be written under the same content. Let’s dig a little deeper and learn how the search engines operate because if you need to learn the tricks you need to know its every root as well as possible.

What Actually Works for Driving Traffic from Search Engines?

You’re not alien to the fact that the most used search engine is Google. To be honest some of us don’t even know if any else search engine exists. Such is the reign of Google in the search engine field. Every search engine has a different way of positioning its websites on top. The better your keywords and other SEO tactics are the more the chances.

Doesn’t matter which search engine you use, search results are dynamic and they go on changing on a continuous basis. Google keeps on updating its methods of ranking its website. So with such dynamic process, one should never rely on any SEO software as the change is quite difficult to predict.

So how does this work? How do you think Google determines which pages to show in response to whatever users look for? How do you get this traffic that is of utmost importance towards you?

Google’s algorithm is extremely complex, and I’ll share some links for anyone looking to dive deeper into how Google ranks sites at the end of this section, but at an extremely high level:

Google basically looks for the high quality with a good amount of content that meets the requirements of the user. They determine relevance by “crawling” (or reading) your website’s content and evaluating (algorithmically) whether that content is relevant to what the searcher is looking for, mostly based on the keywords it contains.

There are numerous ways in which Google determines which website to rank first, but most of all it looks up how many websites take your website’s link as reference. To put it extremely simply: If the only sites that link to your blue widget site are blogs that no one else on the Web has linked to, and my blue widget site gets links from trusted places that are linked to frequently, like CNN.com, my site will be more trusted (and assumed to be higher quality) than yours.

Increasingly, additional elements are being weighed by Google’s algorithm to determine where your site will rank, such as: How often do users come to your sites, how engaged can you keep your readers, are they visiting any other website for further information or are they satisfied with what they find on your page. Your site’s loading speed and “mobile friendliness”

How unique is your content and how determined are you in providing a diverse kind of articles for the enlightenment of your customers? Every little thing matters in SEO. So to make it simple, being honest and humble towards your readers would be the best bet for you to receive the number of readers.

Source: https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2015/04/30/seo-basics

Links you can refer for further knowledge:

Honest SEO


In order to rank higher, you can follow tips from different websites as each website provides different innovative ways, I’ll be attaching a few of them at the end of this paragraph. Let me tell you some of the very basic things that every website is going to tell you. Make sure the keywords are entered right. You need to know the most frequent searches. Provide links to other websites if you think they have explained it better or have a different mode of explanation. Content sharing is always helpful. If you’re good enough in finding the source of the website. That is a different way in which people would love to visit your website as you’d be good not in just providing the content but also directing the readers towards the pages where you can find a better explanation.

Make sure to not go with the black hat tricks and stick to your ethics. Using black hat techniques will not only lead you to lose your potential customers but would also have your contents at risk. The key things to follow in SEO are mentioned below:

1) Follow the trends and stay updated all the time
2) Attract customers by showing the kind of exposure you have on what you do.
3) Be ethical and don’t follow black hat tricks like backlinking or keyword stuffing.
4) Make sure when the readers read your content they don’t have to find anything else out of your page.


Infographics are the most feasible and easy way to express some good information. People get attracted to the brighter version of explanation and they tend to understand the pictorial representation when compared to the usual generic typed information. So putting the norms of cliched text aside try and decorate your content with some efficient and easy to understand infographics so that as soon as a reader enters your website he gets a vibe of interest because as long as the vibes in a website are positive, people learn better. It is a known fact that pictures are way better modes of information understanding.

There’s a wonderful theory behind the same. Whenever you read something the chances of you understanding and retaining in your hand is relatively very lower when compared to a situation where someone explains you a story. Our imagination skills work far better when it comes to storytelling or understanding something through pictures. Hence, if you inculcate the habit of using infographics in your pictures, you tend to attract a number of customers as it makes easy for them to understand whatever you’re trying to sell.

According to research compiled by 3M, the corporation behind Post-it Notes, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, which means you can paint a picture for your audience much faster with an actual picture. It’s no surprise then that HubSpot’s social media scientist Dan Zarrella found tweets with images are 94% more likely to be retweeted than tweets without.

Source: https://www.fastcompany.com/3035856/why-were-more-likely-to-remember-content-with-images-and-video-infogr

Some of the tools through which you can create infographics are: Canva, Edrawsoft, and Venngage

Have you ever observed how your eyes are directly attracted when some funny face or other funny picture comes in front of you? Let us put 3-4 pictures in front of you. One with a written content, next with infographics and third with an image attached immediately above? I’m sure your eyes would dwell first on the image attached here. It’s human eyes’ basic tendency of finding the things that provide delight to their eyes or something which enlightens their mood.

When the emotion is already expressed it only takes your reading skills as you already understand the situation by the things present in the picture. This is something that hasn’t been used much because of the impression that it doesn’t sound very professional. But has proved to have some really good result, reason? Ask yourself which one would you be delighted to read?

So in this generation of informal knowledge transfer, I personally prefer even a business website to be as informal as needed. At the end of the day, a website has to publish some brain soothing things too in order to have a better reach towards all genres of their customers.

Pictorial Representation:

Unlike the points mentioned above, if you aren’t able to brainstorm a good idea or a good infographic picture to help you with the pictorial part, you could just put up some relevant picture that shows the exact similar situation and make sure that the picture represents the content and its information in the best possible way.

b) Social Media

Live video and stories:

Image result for instagram live stories
Credits: Wired

This is the first most important part of this year’s marketing trend. Just a couple of minutes on live video would grab millions of fan’s attention and occasional things like these tend to stack up in our brains for a long time. You don’t need to pay huge amounts of money to the celebrities as this could just be done by them sitting right at home. You can also use the fame of insta-celebrities, one moment of their time could grab you some great number of viewers or customers. Scroll down to the next point to read further about this.

Influenced marketing:

Image result for instagram celebrity marketing selling jazzypooo
Credits: Jazmine Garcia

Source: https://stories.buffer.com/the-simple-guide-to-monetizing-instagram-c2b0bab3c242

Just as mentioned earlier, the same way in the picture above you can see this insta-celebrity Jazmine Garcia posing with a product that she has been paid to promote, this is how small or medium scale industries could go about if they really want to increase the reach of their products.

Multiple people around the world who basically are famous on social media tend to use their fame as an opportunity and promote market of various products. These people have some really good potential followers and would charge way times lesser than the celebrities. So your product reach will be high and similarly, you would get to spend a relatively very low amount.


Youtube is the second most used search engine after Google and you know how many of us tend to visit the website on a daily basis. These days whenever someone hears about anything, all they do is go to youtube rather than Google, because it’s no hidden fact that video explanations are less stressful, less time consuming and easy to understand. You can just post your advertisement before the video begins. People have no better option than to go through these videos to get into the part they actually came for as there is no possibility of forwarding them. This might seem like a force-feeding but people are so addicted to youtube that they don’t even care about it. Youtube is not going to go extinct any time sooner, hence youtube ads are another better way of attracting and letting the potential consumer or client learn about your business.

c) Giveaways:

Who wouldn’t enjoy some free stuff? People go and create multiple accounts if there’s a possibility of earning even as low as a 20 rs when there’s a signup bonus. If the amount is large you can still garner a lot of popularity. So rather than spending millions on celebrities, you would rather just use different ways of attracting the consumers towards you by offering them so giveaways.

Let me give you a strategy for the same. Ask people to like and share your Facebook page wherein you sell your products or do your business and let them know that first certain number of customers would be awarded a certain amount. That’d attract some good number of customers and users to your page and in order to keep the customers from unliking the page, offer them a scheme of a certain number of lucky people winning gifts in the form of cash or products.

The basic things to keep in mind before you implement all these things:

1) Do what you say, say what you do, because any business is always all about trust. Until you prove your efficiency no one’s going to invest in you.
2) Be ethical and honest. This might lead to a slow growth but eventually, this would lead to a great respect in the society and respected people are always chosen first.
3) Be a critic, yes, but choose not to be something that spreads hate or negativity. Treat every single person even if a client or not with all due respect. You will be returned the favor one way or the other.
4) Don’t let them see you like you’re all about business.
5) Concern for the customer’s or reader’s need should be your first priority.
6) Empathize more, know about your circle and reach of your customers a bit more

How to choose the best digital marketing agency?

How to choose the best digital marketing agency?

If you are confused and wondering how do marketers choose their digital marketing agency? No need to worry because there are a lot of other marketers and businesses are there also who are also confused enough about how to choose a digital marketing company!

The first thing that should pop-up in your mind while you go for an online marketing why you are choosing this digital platform? And on what digital way you are going to endorse your business? Digital marketing has become a trending way of utilizing the internet platform for the marketing or for the endorsing purpose.

Now the digital marketing platform has become so wide and is reaching to so many peoples that it has become a crucial part for every business to advertise the business and to grab the attention of a lot of people to their business websites. As the need to know the digital marketing has increased the people knowing this and establishing their own companies for the digital marketing purpose has increased. And in between all these comes the most difficult task how to choose the digital marketing company?

To make your work easy and more feasible we have written or pointed out some important steps that you should keep in mind while looking out for digital marketing agency:

EXPLAIN ABOUT YOUR EXPECTATION CLEARLY FROM THE CAMPAIGN: always make a list of all the things that you want from the marketing campaign and that you want your digital marketing agency should work upon. And include all the services that you want your digital company should work on. Before that your internal marketing team should check the list and differentiate it from what work can be done in-house and which should be outsourced. And if the digital marketing work has been distributed among the in-house and outsources you should be aware of how they are coordinating with each other. The services which a digital marketing agency usually offers:

  • Web designing and developing.
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Online advertising(PPC, Adwords, Facebook ADs)
  • Content developing or blogging

Along with all these, you should be aware of the fact that all these strategies will be successful only when they are able to reach to the audience. And to accomplish your objective it should your keen focus should be also on the following points:

  • Should attract the relevant traffic
  • Creating a brand awareness
  • Creating leads and converting them into effective customers

It is always preferred to have a long-term relationship with a digital marketing agency. As different digital agencies have their own in-house rules and regulations and tactics to accomplish the task if you keep on changing the digital marketing company it will be affecting your digital campaign. And even it takes a long time to cope-up and interacts with the new team. So, hiring the best digital marketing company becomes very important for any company as a long-term relationship can be maintained between both the companies.

As you will be working with a digital company for a long period of time then it becomes very easy for the digital firm to understand what are your needs? What do you expect? Working for long helps in getting necessary and the company would be working effectively towards your campaign to deliver the best to you. And an experienced and well trained in digital platform company will perform the best and deliver you the best by crafting the best strategy for your campaign.

Always check for your requirement and go according to that because there are a lot of agencies that are available in different sizes and shape and being specialized in a particular job. You have to check and filter it out which company you have to go for and you have to choose if you want a small group of people working on it or a big company people. It doesn’t only depend on how many people are working on your campaign you should also take into account how efficiently they are working for digital marketing is not an easy task to be done. A perfectly passionate and creative team can help you generate a lot of leads to your business.

BACKGROUND RESEARCH OF THE COMPANY: you have to dig deep to check the background of the company and to know how effectively the company works and is it able to deliver the relevant results to the customers. The furthermost important thing to check the Reviews, it is a very important step to remember while looking for a digital marketing company.

And the most trusted way for looking the rankings is the google rankings that pops-up as you search in the browser for that company. Other than Google there are numerous other sites which provide the insights, reviews, rankings, pros and cons about the company from people’s perspective. This digging into the company profile takes some time but it is good because it can give you a full view of the company other than what the company has to say about it. You can easily know the capabilities, how effective their work is, how they work, the quality of their work etc.

And even you can get to know their staff if you use LinkedIn for this purpose from which you can effectively know what is the working environment, how the company deals pressure, how the management is working etc.

Check the company sites and the social media sites of the company and check how people are following it what is the feedback they are getting. And see what the people have to say about it. Whereas it would be advantageous if you follow the company in the Twitter rather than Facebook because in Facebook there is a provision to clear all the comments that are negative but on the contrary, there are no such provisions for deleting the retweets. So it is preferred to follow their twitter sites and the customer’s comments on it.

Always cross check the agencies with the trade associations, Google comes as a savior to you for this as you can easily check about the company in Search engine and even you can check their website and can see how effective it is what are the portfolios they are working for and what are the companies they have already served for. And what are the reviews given by the customers about their work? And how it has improved their work. And while going through the website the important thing to keep in mind is how they have designed their website and what the unique thing that you can see in their website, not in any other websites and how they have maintained their blog who are the guest writers in it. Are the blogs and all write-ups on the blog are catchy and unique.

Check out for their competitive companies and then what is the difference between both the companies and what is the specialties of this company that is not there in their company. What is the difference in the ideas and the strategies that are incorporated by this company and not by all other company? And what makes this company stand where it is and why others are not there.

Check all the portfolio’s and the assignments completed by the company and compare what is the uniqueness and the catchy thing they have done to it. Because portfolios are the proof which tells us about the capabilities of the company and the potentiality of the company.

The recommendation is something which tells that the company is the has great reach and a lot of talent in it. Recommendations or the referrals basically mean your customer loves your work and recommend you to some other company to accomplish their works. Which shows you how effective is your work.

What are the tools and the certification they have got because most of the companies will have google and bing logo if they have the certification from the both! Whereas some agencies will have the logos of the paid tools. Which shows what are the advanced tools they are using.
Check for the clients who also hail from the same business background or from same business as you do. Cross check with them how they got the service and was it worth it or not. And was the business strategy was a success or not and helped them in gaining the profits.

ASK THE REQUEST FOR PURPOSE(RFP): Then comes the most important step ask them to send the Request for Proposal (RFP). This is the next step after you chose your right company for yourself, it basically tells more about their company and about the objectives that you want from them and the financial investments that you need to do in your business. It should keep a very realistic scope because you know the best what your company is all about and what the people you are targeting and what is the demographic regions. A good RFP includes the following things:

  • The positioning of your business and background
  • A summary of the works that have been accomplished.
  • Target customer details
  • Budget
  • Timelines by when they can complete the task
  • Details of the contacts for more clarification

Whereas the process of choosing the best digital marketing agency for your work to accomplish is really a great hectic task and which requires a lot of patience to research a good digital marketing agency. And even follows certain procedures to accomplish all the task. Patience is the only answer to all these.



Why having a great Digital Marketing service is a significant factor?

Why having a great Digital Marketing service is a significant factor?

We are staying in the era where the normal broadcasting has been taken up the digital world. And people are always in a need of a good and more easier form of technology which eventually eases their work. And the idea of being digital has been changed a lot of people preferring internet that in smartphone, tablets, desktops have increased a lot than the traditional ways of advertisement. But there is always a debate between the digital platform advertising and television advertising. And if digital marketing then, how to become an expert in it?

The tough competition between digital advertising and television advertising has been increased a lot. If we go on with the recent survey conducted in the USA the digital and TV revenue collected were both same and it was established that digital is working similarly as the television does. However, if we swap up to India here people watch and believe more on television than the digital. Whereas there has been individual growth in both the digital and television sectors.


The first and the furthermost importance of digital marketing is that it is very much cost-effective than any type of traditional marketing. Survey leads to say us that 34% of the companies have already started implementing digital marketing and it has been increasing year by year and day by day. And more than 72% businessman believes that the digital platform is much more effective than traditional marketing techniques and can enhance the business by 30% profits to it. And continuing the ad management and promotion in the digital platform helps the business to get more than 80% of the profit.

In a survey conducted by Hubspot, we found out that the cost per lead for across 350 companies the average was being determined to be approximately $200. And all the statistics shown depends on the type of industry, the size of company and revenue generated. And much larger the company is more investment they do in generating leads. The companies and their investments in digital marketing campaigns in Million Dollars are listed below:


The electronic channel has nowadays become very broad and wide and is being used by everyone. If we take the case of USA where the people viewing TV and people using mobile phones are the same but it is a bit different scenario in India. Here there approximately 183 million homes in which 900 million people watch TV and the total household would be approximately 243 million which means the future of Television in India is very bright which may increase up to 65 million more. Similarly, when we jump towards present day’s digital scenario in India there 650 million mobile users out of which 300 million are the smartphone users and 350 are feature phone users. And these feature phone users are also converting to smartphones according to the statistical review as there a lot of provisions provided to people who have smartphones can access it like cheaper data packages, unlimited calls, 1GB data per day etc.

However, in India, it is always a tough competition between TV and digital platforms and from past few years it has been seen that there is a huge increase in digital marketing campaigns in India. Which, initially creating a very good market base for digital marketing in India. And experts say that in coming future there will be a huge increase in the digital marketing campaign and people will turn more towards digital media than television.

And the advertisers have started using Television campaigns and digital platforms equally from past few years the investment of the digital media platform has increased a lot. Considering an example below:

One of India’s top rate retailer Future Group who has 250+ stores in all over India in 120 different cities and towns and has been investing a huge amount in the digital marketing campaign and believes that marketing of digital platform will increase the endeavoring chances of their business.

The Digital head of future group Mr. Pawan Sarda says, “ digital platform is the best for any company to connect with people and mostly when the languages are different. If we have to connect to Telugu or Tamil or Marathi people at a time then digital media is the best thing to connect with people easily where we face a language barrier”. Because of all the significant reasons Future Group has started investing more in digital marketing. At first, before 2-3 years they used to invest 2%-3% only in online marketing whereas now it has increased to 18%-20% investment.

And they are investing as much as possible until the digital media works as a relevant gateway for the ad campaign. They even conducted FBB’s “ World Shorts Day” in digital media for the customers under the age of 30 which was a huge success and was repeated several times. Similarly, “National Jeans Day”, “watch now buy now” initiate where also a big success on the digital platform.


  • GIVING EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES TO ALL BUSINESS: digital marketing offers equal opportunities for every business. Now everything has become very advanced it’s not more like the old system where only big companies and businesses were able to embrace the marketing opportunities. The digital marketing platform is now open for all it irrespective of whatever the type of business is it helps in promoting the business and driving the traffic towards it.
    • Now the small-scale industries and startups can easily do marketing of their business through the digital platform that too which is very cost effective.
    • The most important thing of digital marketing is the ability to manage and provide the correct digital marketing service with customer care services.
  • DIGITAL MARKETING MORE EFFECTIVE THAN TRADITIONAL MARKETING: there has been a 40% growth in the sales of the companies those who did promotion for their business on the digital platform. Digital platform allows everyone irrespective of what business they are doing and whether it is a small or big or startup company to do online marketing. And online marketing is the cheapest one whereas traditional marketing is the costliest medium of marketing which moreover could be afforded by the big companies or industries only.
    And as the survey did by DemandWave shows that email marketing tops the position by generating the highest amount of leads followed by organic search and social media. And all this at a very less cost.
  • DIGITAL MARKETING GENERATES HIGHEST CONVERSION RATES: the main aspect of any digital marketing campaigns is to drive the maximum number of people to your website and generate leads. This is not that end converting those leads into effective customers is the important task for any business. If there will be no conversion from leads to customers then the digital marketing strategies and the amount will of no use. That’s why every company who chose the digital platform for their marketing purpose run behind conversion rate optimization or CRO. According to the recent survey conducted by Ascend 2’s it was found that the leads generated by producing effective content to get highest conversion rate is shown below:
  • GENERATES REVENUES AND HIGHEST ROI LEAD: along with the best conversion rates generating highest revenues on the investment made in the digital marketing is also an important aspect. Because it’s not that just invested in a marketing strategy generating highest returns is also very important because that is where a company relies on and knows whether it is in profit or in the loss. The business person can know whether the company is in profit or loss and if profit then by what percentage. And by using the digital platform a company can easily have 3.3 times better revenues than the previous one.
    Digital marketing provides a wide variety of better and bigger strategies and targeting every place both the nearby localities and abroad. And it will work as a rocket fuel for the development of small-scale and medium ventures. Below is the survey conducted by DemandWave about the channels which produce highest ROI :

There are always a lot of important factors which makes the digital marketing campaign a profitable one these includes the Search engine optimization (SEO) services, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, pay per click, email marketing, social media marketing (SMM) etc. The answer to how to become a digital marketing expert? The only answer is by making everything transparent and showing the straightforwardness, which is the only way to track and monitor your business with increasing the number of customers and profits to your business.


How to chose the best Digital Marketing course?

How to chose the best Digital Marketing course?


There would be no saying no if we say that the marketing strategies in the digital platform are growing like anything from the past 10-15 years there has been a huge increase in the online marketing platform. The businesses are more opting for the online platform than following the traditional marketing format. Traditional marketing platform is usually very expensive and costly which was not easy for every company to afford. Moreover, the digital marketing platform is cost-effective and open to all irrespective of what and how big their company is.

It has opened a lot of channels and routes for marketing so that the customers get spoilt by the different choices provided to them. These services have brought a lot scope for the people in professional aspects creating a lot of job opportunities for experienced and as well as for freshers. The posts like the digital marketing executives/managers/ associates, social media marketers/executives/ associates etc.

As everyone is turning towards the digital marketing side the requirement of the employees in digital marketing is very high. And learning the digital marketing course is very useful for anyone who wants to explore in digital media and it is the most trending and booming jobs nowadays. For any individual who wants a career in this digital background will surely have a bright future.


Usually, people watch other people on the social media and think that its very easy to go trending and viral on the digital platform. Then you are mistaken it is one of the difficult tasks for completing these task people come to the digital marketing service providing agencies which eases their work and helps in building a trending content for them in the digital platform.

Sometimes people do research about “Digital marketing” and its Tool in the Google like the Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Webmaster etc and do a thorough research on the digital marketing tactics by readings some blogs, articles, watching youtube videos etc. and they feel like now they became experts in digital marketing field which is the biggest misconception of anybody if he/she thinks like that.

Even there are agencies who sway people by giving false hopes and fraudulent promises to make people experts in digital marketing and portray themselves as the best digital marketing service or course provider instead they are the digital marketing impostors they show the access to the tools, templates, website etc. which is all useless because there are a lot of free tools available in the internet and are very simple and easy to use. That is when you should understand that it is a trap and you should not fall for it.

Communicating is one of the important factors of the digital marketing service because whatever you may be knowing and working in Google analytics until you communicate you can’t get the audience’s and all your services would be crushing. And be updated with the present trends, patterns, and insights no matter whatever data or companies you are working with which helps you to enhance the leads in business.

And a best digital marketing course providing tutorials will make sure and keep in mind to avoid all these kind of mistakes instead will give right guidelines, do time to time reality check, most importantly keeping grounded.

How to achieve it? Only by having a strong foundation in digital marketing fundamentals.

In any digital marketing course which provides the best coaching will always start from the basics, concepts explain them nicely and then goes to expand those concepts in the vast arena of the digital marketing. By this exposure, you get to basics of digital marketing easily not only that but you will get to learn all the shades involved in digital marketing which will help you in applying these techniques in the longer run and larger framework. And all this can be achieved in the longer run when trained by an expert trainer in digital marketing field, who would be able to incorporate the best course material and lacing a lot of real-life examples and should access a lot of practice examples and real-life live works undertaken because from real-life examples only people get to know what is deep inside the campaign and can know how the actual digital marketing strategies works.

When you will get to know the correct strategy to accompany the digital marketing campaign you will be the king of your specialized sector. And moreover will maintain the conceptualized and glory of your digital marketing campaigns.


The most important thing to remember there is no secret formula to learn digital marketing or there is no 2-3 days digital marketing course. If you think that you will land you somewhere, where they will provide you with some digital marketing secret tricks then you are in a big misconception.

There are always certain steps which are required to be followed to achieve something. And below are some of the major things so should check on while choosing a digital marketing course providing institution:

  • REPUTATION OF THE INSTITUTION: this is where everything starts from the reputation of the institution you are willing to go for because a reputed institute will always focus on the course provides, want you to gain knowledge and would also want you to perceive candidature in the market.
    Below is some question which should pop-up while choosing an institution:

    • How old is the institution? What are achievements of the institution? What is its journey?
    • How wonderfully has it been grown?
    • What is the profile of the institution? What the alumni have to say about the institution?
    • Does this institution have license and accreditation to run the coaching class?
  • REVIEWS: ALWAYS CHECK BEFORE JOINING: digital marketing it self-means going online on the internet platform. In digital platform people always have to maintain their business reputation and online platforms allows the users to give reviews, comments, suggestions and the ad makers always have to maintain their reputation. Because they can the bad reviews and negative comments on the online platform which may lead to bouncing back of the customers. Because people nowadays rely more on reviews and comments then what they see.
  • FACULTY OF THE COURSE: the most important thing for any type of course not only the digital marketing, whatever course you may go for always check how good are the faculties because they are the only medium from which the students gain the knowledge. Everything falls apart when the time comes to chose the faculty the institute may be the top class, with well-crafted courses provide, and nicely templated syllabus provided everything tears apart if you don’t get those best trainers who can make everything easy for you. Doing a background verification with the alumni is the best thing to resolve it. Because good indicators can show you a clear path to achieve what you want.
  • DIGITAL MARKETING CURRICULUM OR SYLLABUS: what is the syllabus and curriculum the institution is providing is very important because of know because everything should be well versed and crafted and very closely be being examined. Everything should be in an order like the basics first then expanding the whole topic of the digital marketing. And should always know how important are the topics? And are all the topics being covered nicely in stipulated time? And are real-life examples being linked with the topics or not?
  • CERTIFICATION PROVIDED: certification is very important if you go for the job in any digital marketing firm certification is the important thing what the companies ask for. You always have to check on are the certifications provided are relevant or not? Because of there a lot of certification available out there. Should always check how the certification is going to help you? What is the important certification you need? And are these certification provided by the institution?
  • PLACEMENTS: placements are very important for everyone who completes their education. Basically, you should know does the institution provides placement facilities or placement support? What are the companies it has tied up to? How many people are getting placed? What is the average package being given to the students? What are the job profiles the companies hire for?
  • PAYMENT PROCESS: you will be able to start a course only when you pay the fee. Knowing the fee structure is always an important thing to keep in mind. You should always check what is the fee structure? And are they providing courses and facilities according to the money they are charging? And are the multiple stage payment procedure available? And are the installments procedure easily available? What is the ROI you expect or get from the fee paid?

These are all just the guidelines to select a good institute for the digital marketing course. Rest it all depends on you how much you are keen to take in the knowledge given to you. This is just to keep you on track and help you in decision making. But at last, the decision has to be taken by you.