5 signs to detect if your PC has malware & is it malware infected

5 signs to detect if your PC has malware & is it malware infected

What is malware?

Malicious software is known as the malware and computers are called malware infected. Which can infect your computer directly and can take all your personal data and misuse it this arise to malware infected computer. It can even hold a control on the system, software your important work-related things etc and do scams which are known as malware scams. They even have the malicious websites whenever a customer visits the site, the hackers install the malicious software into the user computer. And the user usually downloads the software thinking it is legitimate.
The scammers then with help of this software get easy access to the personal data the customers which they have in their computers.

Malware Infected site detection:

The term malware defines itself as the malicious software whose aim is to harm and your computer malware infected and do scams which are usually denoted as malware scams. These dangerous and the sites which are infected get installed in the user’s site. Later gather all the important information of the user after which they build a stronghold on the user computer and start attacking other computers. The customers usually download these sites thinking to be lawful and legitimate sites whereas they, later on, turn on to be the infected sites. Some of the times they are downloaded by the user without their knowledge. The most common type of malware includes Ransomware, spyware, viruses, trojan, worms.

Statistics for sites hosting malware:

google malware statistics
(Source: Google transparency report)

Below are some signs to detect malware in the desktop:

malware reasons


    If your desktop slows down frequently and takes a lot of time to load time to start then your computer is malware infected. And it is one of the main and important acts of the malware to slow down the computer and its operating system. While you are surfing something on the internet or just accessing the local application.
    The first and the furthermost thing is to find out where the real problem is?

    • Sometimes it may be due to low RAM memory and using high and number of applications. Which you have to manage to make the desktop work fastly.
    • Your hard disk may don’t have much space for storage for which checking of the files and removing unwanted ones is the only solution.
    • If the desktop slows down while using internet only then it may be due to browsing history which needs to be cleared.

    If all these possibilities are solved then your computer is being infected by malware.


    While you work on your desktop you randomly get the pop-ups and the advertisements on the screen of your computer. Then it is also a type of malware infection which is known as spyware. Whose main motive is to gather all the information of the user without their knowledge.
    To keep your desktop from this malware it is better to take some safety measures such as:

    • Avoid clicking on random pop-ups.
    • Avoid replying to unsolicited emails and messages.
    • Pay attention while downloading the free applications from unknown sites.

malware infected


    Suppose you are watching something Youtube, Facebook, Games or some other applications or using social media. Suddenly the apps crash showing a blue screen or mobile getting rebooted. This may be caused due to the two issues:

    • It may be due to the technical glitches caused in between software and the hardware.
    • The malware issue.

    If it is due to a malware issue it is always advised to have a good antivirus. Scan all the documents and the whole computer if required.


    When you open your laptop and see suddenly that your homepage changes every time you open it. And even find out that every time new toolbar pops up and you are redirected to new and different web address every time it could be due to malware infection.
    This normally happens when you surf something on the internet and mistakenly click on some pop-ups. Which redirects to some other place and even can download some malicious software without your knowledge.
    In this case as soon as possible run a security scan from the trusted software for the whole desktop.


    If you always get a message saying “You are running out disk space on windows”. Which initially means there no space left in the computer hard disk. For this first, you have to check whether physical storage is really occupied or not. If yes then delete all the unnecessary software and files from the PC.
    This is another way of malware infection as it downloads very unnecessary files and software without the user’s consent. Which initially leads to fill up of the storage data.


Why Conversion Rate Optimization is a KPI for every Business?

Why Conversion Rate Optimization is a KPI for every Business?

The one thing that every other business needs to gauge while making any changes is the Conversion Rate Optimization. This is the one that decides the fate of any business. The CRO is the measure of the number of businesses made to the number of people viewing the product. This is the conversion rate of optimization for any online or offline products.

What is Online Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is an analysis of the number of businesses made to the number of customers visiting the website. This gives a clear picture of how efficiently your business is operating and your product is faring at the market. If the conversion rate optimization is below the expected range, you need to understand that there’s a dire need for you to make changes in the way you’ve been doing your business. Read more about the conversion rate optimization.

How can I measure the Conversion Rate Optimization for my Website?

Conversion Rate Optimization: Thinking

Conversion rate optimization is measured by placing the number of businesses made on the numerator. Then dividing the same by the number of customers or the sessions. This gives you the percentage of the people visiting your website in doing a business with you.

It is the process of conducting an AB or multivariate test to increase the website’s conversion rate. This gives us a chance to assume the customer’s behavior who visits the website. A good CRO task strives to increases your website’s revenue one time after the other, this leads to an overall desirable performance for the whole year.

It optimizes your current website traffic and calls for an appropriate action. This goes a long way in stabilizing the respective businesses. This conversion rate is differently measured for the different kind of businesses if intended to measure effectiveness.

Conversion Rate Optimization for different businesses:

The conversion rate optimization as mentioned above is different for different businesses. Hence, there must be a different way of analyzing the different businesses. Let’s look at a few of them to understand how it is measured for their respective businesses.

For E-Commerce:

Conversion Rate Optimization: E-commerce

E-commerce is one field that has been rapidly growing. With the establishment of multiple e-commerce industries, it has become necessary to understand what attracts a customer. This understanding will help in attracting and generating better revenue. So, how can we calculate and assume what attracts an e-commerce business the most? Nah, it’s not your gut feeling. The gut is something that a businessman should never go with. The gut feeling kills all the possibilities of thinking logically and then, in the end, you’re driven emotionally. Hence, one needs to make sure to avoid the gut feeling as much as possible. This helps them get the desirable results through analyzing the numbers. Hence, let’s get to know how you can calculate the CRO for an e-commerce organization.

For e-commerce, you need to consider the number of sessions the customers visited and made the purchase. If the customer purchases 3 products at once, it’ll still be considered to be a single purchase. This can’t be considered to be 3 different products. Learn how the e-commerce business has been leveraging the emotions for better sales.

Let me explain this to you clearly:

If the customer A visits the site but doesn’t make any purchase, that would be the session 1. If the customer visits the site and makes 2 purchases, then the session would be the second one. The business done would be just one. So now on a whole, the customer has had two sessions and the number of purchases made is one. Even though the products purchased are two.
So now, you need to place the purchase made in the numerator and the sessions in the denominator. This gives us Purchase/Session= ½= 0.5. Hence when taken in percentages, the answer would be multiplied by a 100. Hence the answer is 50%.

For Service-Based Organizations:

Conversion Rate Optimization: Services

For the services based firms, the methodology changes completely. This is quite different from the ones that you usually see. Services need to have a good cumulative calculation on the conversion rate. This gives a brief view on how their services are being appreciated by the users. So let’s see how to calculate the conversion rate for the service based firms.

Service-based organizations have a different way of calculating the conversion rates. One needs to count the number of times a customer visits the site before being converted into a customer. So the method would be to place the services received on the numerator. The number of times a visitor visits the site should be in the denominator. Here, one must not consider the other times a customer visits the page. As it would be for any enquiry or other similar purposes. Although sometimes the customers who intend to gain other services also visit the page. This part is overlooked until another service is obtained by the client. This leads to an inefficiency in this type of calculation.

So, to be precise, it would be calculated as services requested/the number of sessions before taking the service. If the customer comes 3 times before getting the service and gets the service at the 4th time and then revisits the site later for 2 times, then those two times wouldn’t be considered and the conversion rate would be calculated as ¼=0.25. Multiplying with 100 would give us the percentage. Which would be 25%.

How Conversion Rate Optimization percentage be improved?

Let’s look at the few factors that could help in improving the conversion rate.

A Visible and Attractive Call To Action button:

Conversion Rate Optimization: CTA

A good visible and attractive call to action button is the source to any business with the client. If you fail to help customer visit your purchase page, then the user would choose to leave. In this generation, where everything is available at the knock on the door, people would hardly take a bad CTA. Every page needs to be aware of the situation as to where the customer would feel like doing the business with them. They need to be navigated to the appropriate section without any difficulty.

An Interactive Web page:

An interactive webpage an interactive webpage is the root to attracting customers to your page. If your page is attractive, then even the clients would find it delightful in doing the business with you. Hence, one needs to be really careful when it comes to designing their webpage. It could make or break your deals with your valued clients or customers.
An interactive webpage also enables a user to sift through the different sections of the page easily. This allows them to go to the place they want to. Hence, keep your page clear and interactive and help your customers accordingly.

Show off your Testimonials:

Conversion Rate Optimization: Testimonials

Testimonials show the kind of an efficient work you industry gives to your customers. The testimonials are the reviews or the feedbacks provided by the ones who have already experienced your services. Testimonials from these peoples help your firm grow and build a reputation that would last longer.
Testimonials are supposed, to be honest, and genuine. It’s easy to figure out if the testimonials are given by the heart or just because of someone’s request. Keep the best testimonials on your page and leave the rest. You are not supposed to flush your whole page with these testimonials either.

Easy to reach Customer Support:

When the customers make purchases, they also have the authority to be supported when needed. You need to make sure that the customer has all their questions answered.  They shouldn’t find it difficult in finding the resource.
Make sure you get a chatbot for your own website. This allows to interact with the customers and get the required details for further information.

Keep Testing for the Broken Pages:

Conversion Rate Optimization: 404

Broken pages are always undesirable while you’re sifting through any website. It shows your website’s quality which eventually affects your reputation. Hence, always look out for the broken pages on your website. Make sure even if the website is broken, your customer would be directed to the appropriate pages accordingly. There are a number of tools that could help you in achieving this. Hence, helping you in delivering your customers a good experience.

Create Urgency with your offers and deals:

This is one important thing that the customers of e-commerce come across almost every time. The online pages show that there’s a deal running out, which creates a sense of urgency in the users. This urgency helps in a quick and not-much-thought-after decision of the customer. Finally, the customers end up purchasing the product.


Allow your visitors to make the micro-commitments even though they don’t really make any purchases. Request them to enjoy your free services and opportunities. Allow them to take advantage of these services at no cost. This way you can gain their trust, bond and also their contact for future purposes.

Respond to Criticism and Appreciation alike:

Conversion Rate Optimization: criticism

Criticism and appreciation are common in almost every industry. You can never really predict as to when you can have a negative review coming your way. But when you do, don’t be afraid to answer them. Accept the mistake as your own and request them to allow you to serve better. Here, people would start to gain the trust back. Always make sure to avoid these negative reviews from appearing first.

Try and feature the High-Revenue Products first:

High revenue products are certainly the ones that bring you a great amount of money. So, that’s where your key concentration should be. Place all your high revenue products on the top and let the other be placed a notch below. Selling out all these high revenue products will get your industry in a better position. Although this doesn’t mean that you neglect all those low-profit faring products. Make sure they get the similar opportunity to sell themselves.

Be Specific to the different class of audience:

Don’t generalize every class of audience into one. There are people who have different choices of products and items. Don’t emphasize one particular product. Rather make sure you provide all kinds of products that reach multiple class of audience. This will help the customers choose according to their preferences and budget.

Use Attractive Media:

Conversion Rate Optimization

Attractive images or videos always pull us towards the products more. Didn’t you ever feel like having a burger from McDonald’s after it has been advertised deliciously? That’s the kind of impact media have over us. Hence, use the similar kind of media that attracts the audience the most. This will most probably see a good rise in the customers purchasing the product.

Add Bonuses or Cashback for your products:

Bonuses and cash backs are like free cupcakes. People don’t say no to these. This, in fact, attracts the customers to purchase the products. Remember the Cheetos chips that used to come with these Pokemon gifts? Children used to buy Cheetos for the very same purpose.

Offer a few Free Services every now and then:

Free services act as a token of a bond. If people start using your bonuses, they’ll get to understand the kind of work you’ve been delivering. This also helps in the enhancement of customer’s bond with the seller. This might be a little investment. But trust me, this goes a long way in building the relationship and publicizing your brand name. Hence, never back out from making a few investments on this. Here you can find some useful free services.

Highlight the Product or Service Warranty:

Conversion Rate Optimization: Free services

The warranty is a sign of trust for any product. If your product has the warranty that you wanted, then you would be certain to buy it. It’s like an added assurance of using the product for the desired period of time. Hence, always provide warranty as it earns you the much-needed trust. Also, don’t forget to highlight the warranty period on your product page. These are the things that shouldn’t be but can be overlooked once in a while. This happens due to an inappropriate display.

Be Straight to the point and clear:

If you’re selling a product be specific about it. It helps not only the customers in understanding but also the audience searching the product through the Google. If you’re specific enough, Google would display your product right on the top of the search results. This will help the product gain the popularity that gives your industry enough revenue.

Be Precise about the Statistics you mention:

Conversion Rate Optimization: Statistics

Statistics are something that’s never to be played around with. You need to display accurate and precise statistics for your customers before they make the purchase. If you think the statistics aren’t good enough to be displayed then don’t. But never misguide your customers with the fake ones. Most of the audience is educated enough to figure it out.

Optimize your website for Mobiles:

Mobile phones are the key products in terms of sales in America. About 51% of the Americans use mobiles to make their online purchases. This statistic is apparently going up day by day. This shows the importance of the mobile phone in the world of sales. Mobile optimization was just an option in the past but now, it’s a necessity. Hence, always make sure that your mobile is efficient enough to make the sales with ease. Know how to measure your mobile speed score here.

Use Mobile Heatmaps:

Mobile heatmaps are nothing but the display of where the customers have been touching the most while using your website. This gives you an idea, on what feature does the customer enjoy the most. It also tells you which features the customers are missing out on. With these statistics, you can understand where to work on. So always keep a track of the heatmaps. You can find one of such heatmaps here.

Guest Purchases:

Conversion Rate Optimization: Login

Most of the online stores request the users to login in order to make any purchases. These requests sometimes don’t go right with the users. Especially when it comes to searching for some important products. Also when it comes to a new website, people usually try to see how the user experience is. If even for the new site, you request for a login information, this makes them leave right away.

A Friendly Communication once the deal is made:

This is more of a confirmation mail that plays as a friendly communication as well. Always make sure you send out this mail to your customers after they make their purchase. If you don’t people fall into the dilemma as if the order has been placed or not. This confirmation page allows you to build your relationship with the consumer better. Hence, communication is something you can’t overlook ever.

If you’d like to go through more points as such, do give this article a read.


The points mentioned above are not the only ones, there are other miscellaneous things one need to be aware of in order to make sure the customers request for the services from your end and don’t look elsewhere for the same. So, always try new things if you want to stay in the race. Also, keep checking for the changes on the CRO as it is arguably the KPI for any industry.

How Blockchain can change the fate of Digital Marketing completely?

How Blockchain can change the fate of Digital Marketing completely?

Blockchain and Digital Marketing – How are these two related? Let’s read about it.

What is blockchain digital marketing?

We are all aware of the fact as to how in the name of digital marketing, our data is left in the air. Our private data is being exposed to external agencies and are we worried? No, not as much as we should be. Recently, even Facebook had to face the brunt for exposing user details out to the public. Hence, your data is not safe even with these reputed giants. So, how would you like it if you were to enjoy the digital world with all your data protected? Wouldn’t you want to see such a kind of change? Well, I definitely would!

In order to deal with such situations and such insecurities, there’s a new concept introduced along with Blockchain. With blockchain, you yourself will be armed to protect your data.

Let’s read further about this probable feature and future of digital marketing.

What exactly is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a source of financial exchange, where transactions are done on a transparent digital level. This allows an enhancement of transparency in the transactions. The blockchain is not trusted by many, because of lack of awareness of the same, but if a proper awareness is created, one would be glad to go with this mode of transaction. The transactions are more transparent and the data can’t be modified, once it is registered in the database.
You can further read about the blockchain here.

What does blockchain have to do with the Digital Marketing?

From all the exposures of personal data out in the public and some firms going to the extent of sharing customers’ personal data with other firms, there’s a dire need for the protection of customer data. Some might be pretty careful about their data, but the same data can be spammed through multiple mediums. Important information can easily be stolen, if proper measures are not taken.
There are two reasons behind using the Blockchain:

  1. The fact that it decentralizes the medium between two parties and allows a smooth and secure transition of payments.
  2. Every payment or transaction made, is always documented and saved. It gives you a clear idea of what transaction has been made and when.

Let’s take an instance from our daily experiences.

In SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Google acts as a middleman between the advertiser and the website. When the advertiser sees the Google logo, he/she gains a sense of trust and starts to invest. Here, Google takes a cut out of the profit. If blockchain comes into the picture, the advertiser doesn’t have to pay Google anything. He/she can consult the website directly without any middlemen and perform his/her transactions through blockchain.

Do we need this change?

Yes, this is the need of the hour – with so much of data being exposed and Google taking advantage of all the profits. Now, the consumers’ details can’t easily be taken out. The concerned website needs to take appropriate permissions. The consumers can even charge the websites for keeping their personal information.

Would you like to leave even a few bucks that rightfully belongs to you? I think, you shouldn’t. This charge will not only benefit you, but will also lead to large firms stepping back from having consumer information. Now, the websites can’t just take your personal information, but they will have to ask for it.

Having blockchain for the digital marketing purposes would go a long way in enhancing the transparency. The users can have a good understanding of all the transactions. These transactions can’t be modified in the database as discussed earlier. This is what exactly most of the firms have been craving for. So, who would deny a profitable and secure transaction system?

How will it impact the current trend?

The current trend as we all know, is run by the search engine giant, Google. Google allows access of all the advertisements to its trusted partners. The advertisers would pay Google and it would, in return, pay the website users for posting their respective advertisements. These advertisements are then portrayed to the viewing audience. The relevancy in this scenario is lesser than what the Blockchain has to offer. The users’ likes would be considered in a wide range and the relevant advertisements would be posted, even though these advertisements might not be completely relevant to the viewers. This decreases the efficiency for which the ads are shown.

However, the case is completely different in the case of Blockchain. In this, you’re not forced to watch any other advertisement that’s displayed. You’ll be taken to a certain platform and from there, multiple options will be displayed. These options can be chosen. You’re not forced to do anything. Here, you will be choosing the ads based on your preference and relevance; the ad will be portrayed to you. For this, you’ll also be paid a certain amount.

What are the measures taken for it?

The Blockchain powered software, BAT, concentrate on taking this ahead. BAT, an abbreviation of Basic Attention Token, is said to be developing a platform, where users or viewers can choose what to see.
Let me take you through the process of how it functions. As a first step, the users are taken to the platform of BAT.

  1. Here, the user can navigate through different advertisements that he/she wants to see.
  2. For the particular advertisement chosen, there’d be a certain amount of money that the viewer would be paid.

This is how the whole process would take place and here, both the websites and the users would tend to benefit. During these times, where even Facebook can’t be trusted, it might be a good option to get over Google’s way of advertising and tread on newer paths.

ORM: What is it and how can it be achieved?

ORM: What is it and how can it be achieved?

What is ORM?

ORM is an abbreviation for Online Reputation Management. That in itself should’ve given you the idea of what it is. Experts say that the future is all dependent on the Reputation and reviews that a brand has. Their business would depend not only on the services they’ve provided but also how they’ve provided it and how the clients appreciated their work. So if you’d like to have a reputation for yourself in any field, ORM is to look out for.

It’s always good as long as you receive good reviews for your product. But there’s going to be a time when you start receiving the negative ones. As it’s no rocket science that negative things are always highlighted first, you must do everything in your power to avoid that situation. As even if you get 5-star reviews from 4 of your customers, one single star will drop your rating to a 4 star and another one star, your rating would be in 3 stars. People usually don’t go with the businesses lower than a 3-star rating. Don’t be in a delusion that they won’t be observing. As a matter of fact, they will.


There are usually 3 different situations in which negative ORM affects your business:

You already have a good reputation for yourself:

When your business already has a good reputation, then you need to protect it. You’ve built this reputation striving to be the best and those efforts should never cease. You need to keep checking for your ORM and make sure there isn’t a scenario where there’s a chance of having a negative feedback.

Your reputation has just taken a toll:

In certain unforeseen scenarios, there’s a possibility of having someone offended. It may be just one person or a stream of audiences who could be pissed off just with a false rumour or if you’ve made some major error. This is a situation where a lot of criticism can be expected coming from all the directions.

You haven’t been receiving the deserved reputation since inception:

You have been working really hard and helping your clients with their situations. Even after providing some of the excellent services in your expertise but still couldn’t receive the kind of reputation that you deserve.

What can you do about this?

ORM: Think

Maintain Transparency:

For businesses, the key issue arises when people start doubting their credibility. The rumours spread fast, especially in this world of social media, negative things go viral. It doesn’t take much time before it lands before everyone’s knowledge. The similar issue took place with Appy Fizz as well. This drink that was getting all the hype, started to see a decline in its sales, due to the rumour that it’s causing some sort of disease. KFC also had the same issue with them and since then KFC now and then offers anyone to come to their kitchen and have a look at how the chicken is made. This kind of transparency raises the trust bar and the customers don’t feel the need of doubting anymore.

Leveraging the testimonials:

The testimonials that you receive from your previous customers or the customers or clients you’ve been dealing with are the most assured reviews that anyone would like to take. As the user has already experienced the same and would understand the service they would provide. You must have seen the amazon’s review section. You can find that they are two types of comments. One from regular ones and the other from the verified buyer.  Which review would you like to go with? Of course, the one who’s already a verified buyer.

Responding to the feedbacks asap:

The feedback that you receive, no matter if they’re positive or negative you must respond. Responding isn’t the only thing, you need to respond for it quickly. This not only builds a bond between both the parties but also creates a familiar situation for the customer to come and purchase or make business with the same service again. Also, accept the negative comments with grace and politely. Assure the customer that the same error would never take place again after apologies.

Taking the criticism and without deleting the comment:

The worst-case scenario in an ORM is deleting the negative comments. This will eventually have a really bad influence on the company’s reputation. There’d be a time when people start to understand that you’ve been deleting all the negative feedbacks and then at that particular point they’d be even more pissed off. There’d also be a certain place where the customers would be putting all the comments and that’s where it’ll be evident, what kind of a reputation your company carries.

Taking the responsibility and damage control:

Take all the responsibility even if it’s an honest mistake. Explain your version on a different occasion or a different platform. First, make your attempts at cooling their rage and then see if they understand your explanation. Give them proper space and time to empathize with you. Slowly they’ll try to understand your version of it as well. If it was an honest mistake then they’ll start having a softer side for you.

An approachable service team:

So how would you like it when there’s something terribly wrong and you don’t have anyone to express it to. That’s when the customer’s or client’s anger level raises. They start to throw words and reviews everywhere they could and that’s when you’ll see a high rate of negative ratings. This would kill the reputation that you’ve carried on for so long. So always make sure your services team is up for their job.

Take a good care of illegitimate attackers:

Illegitimate attackers are the ones that try to attack your business with an ill intention. They strive to pull you down either because of the competition you give or because of unpleasant experiences from you in the past. This situation can be handled by understanding the root of the situation. Make appropriate announcements if required for the people to hear you out.

Keep a track on how the reviews change with time:

Change in the quality of reviews is directly proportional to the quality of work you deliver. Hence, always keep a track on the quality of the reviews to have a better understanding of your performance. Dedicate a certain time of the week for this or assign the appropriate authorities to take care of this data. As reviews should never be taken lightly in the world that completely depends on other’s opinions.


Be genuine and honest in whatever you do. Admit it whenever you’re at fault. Negative feedbacks are inevitable, never be too pissed off or depressed when you have to see these comments. Face them with the right spirit and make it up for your mistakes. It’ll go a long way in building your future.

If you’d like to understand a better way of having a good relationship with your client/customer, do give this article a read.

For further more tips on ORM, you can visit here.

How will “Mobile Speed Score” effect the different websites?

How will “Mobile Speed Score” effect the different websites?

Google has always tried to improve the user experience for mobile phones. Even the recent algorithm updates have been concentrating upon the mobile phone usability. So what does this score mean? What does it have to do with the website’s reputation? Let’s find out here.

What’s a “Mobile Speed Score”?

A mobile speed score is introduced in order to calculate the efficiency with which a site loads. Not just that, it also ranks a website based on its webpage load time. Though a few websites load quickly still some of the pages tend to take more than the average time, which eventually is an unpleasant experience for a viewer and is uncalled for. Hence, Google has taken this additional measure for websites to concentrate upon their internal pages as well.

The more time a website takes to load, less is the score given to that particular site. According to a statistic, around 51% of the users have been using Mobiles for their internet needs. In such cases, Google had to introduce this feature to enhance the viewer experience. Though there’s a rapid growth in usage of mobile phones, still the site load time is at an average of 15 seconds. While it should be less than 3 seconds. Hence, there’s a high need for this.

The slow load time of the mobile phone has other reasons to be worked upon. When a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds, the bounce rate increases rapidly. This is the reason why most of the advertisers back out from advertising on the mobile sites. They also show a lack of interest in using such websites for their marketing purposes. This update would not only help the websites receive enough advertisers but also would help them provide a great site experience.

Mobile speed score

What can be done?

Google has suggested for all these websites to use the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) version that has been having a great response if they would like to increase their mobile speed score. These AMP pages load the mobile sites in about a second. That is almost a negligible time for any user. These AMP pages refuse to use the javascript which the usual websites use and load them just with the AMP elements. These custom AMP elements can be made of javascript at the core. They have to be specially designed to make sure that it doesn’t cause any changes in the core part of the website.

How should I go about this?

If you’d like to gauge your mobile site speed, click here.

If you’d like to compare your site to other pages, visit here.

After this, if you’d like some insights on your page, do click here.


What are the advantages?

  • With Mobile speed score, websites would have a significant increase in load time
  • individual page performance can be increased
  • There would be a recognition for people who work harder on their website’s mobile performances
  • Users will have a better experience and will have an idea about which site to visit
  • Time and effort of the viewer is saved
  • Advertisers would know which website to invest in
  • Google ranking would be enhanced for the ones working for this and their efforts won’t go unnoticed.
Is Google always right? A sad truth about our perception of Google

Is Google always right? A sad truth about our perception of Google

Google! What do we think of it?

You think Google is always right? Have you ever noticed, people when asked a question and if they don’t know the answer, they say I’ll Google it! Are we really sure that Google pops out the right answers for you? Are you certain that the result displayed can’t be just a “version” or a “perception” of that particular author? Can you claim with certainty that the author is a professional in that particular field? Most of them are sure about it. That’s the sad truth about our perception of Google.

There’s also another phase to it. I’ve seen people who, when asked a question, Google it and show some blog article as a proof. They show off some content that was posted by some random author, who we don’t even know about. How can we be sure that what they’ve written is right? Can you just blindly go with a statement to be right, when it claims something? Is every result that pops up on your search engine result is supposed to be true? Let’s find out what the Google executive himself has to say.

is google always right

So what does Google have to say?

A Google executive admitted that what you always see on Google is not true. No one can say with a certainty that the answers displayed are the actual facts. He exclaimed one thing and I think that’d be enough to enlighten all those souls that think that the Google is the ultimate dictionary of truth. “We’re not a truth engine”. Yep, that’s what he said and he’s certainly right about it. Google isn’t an artificial intelligence filled bot or neither it’s your answering bot. It only provides you with different sources to search for your answers. The answers might vary from page to page.

There are multiple instances where Google shows some of the most hilariously fallible results that might crack you up for the moment. But it would also make you think about all those times you trusted Google for your result and the saddest part is, you actually believed it without a sigh of a doubt.

The only problem with people is that they refuse to put their judgement on the line. Some people consider themselves to be inferior to all the information that Google provides and go with a delusion that Google is smart and always right. Although it’s not Google that answers you. Google just searches the relevant options for you and what you see on Google are just different answers from different people.

So the one, take away from this is that you can’t just blindly trust the search engine for your answers. Search engines do the job of searching for you. After the search part is done, it’s you who needs to analyze it and refer with something else and then finally pass a judgement. So, the next time you search for an answer on Google, analyze it rather than clinging to it.

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