Why are most of the technologies dependent on Artificial Intelligence?

Why are most of the technologies dependent on Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence or AI also known as machine intelligence or MI and this is the reverse of natural intelligence which includes humans and other living beings, as everything fully depends and demonstrated by machine. Which, basically means the area which gives full emphasis on creating the intelligent machines that work very similar to human beings. Some artificial intelligence activities involved in the computer are as below:

  • Speech recognition
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving


Artificial intelligence or AI can be classified in various ways but important are the two ways. Artificial intelligence first classification is either weak AI or strong AI also known as narrow AI which is designed and trained for only a particular task. Personal assistants which are virtual like the Apple iPhone’s Siri are the form of weak AI.

The strong AI is just like the human brain and its cognitive capabilities whenever there is an unfamiliar task given it is capable enough to find the solution.

The work that is associated with artificial intelligence is very technical and needs specialization. However, there are some problems you get while working on computer coding for some important traits which includes:

  • Learning.
  • Reasoning.
  • Perception.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Language.


There are different forms of learning included in artificial intelligence and the simplest form is the trial and error one. For example- a simple program to solve the problems in computer chess game it tries the moves in a random manner until the mate is found. The program usually stores the moves or the position so, that when the next time the computer encounters the position it can declare the result accordingly. The memorizing of the simple items and procedures is called as rote learning which is very easy to carry out on the computer. And the most challenging one is the generalization. Which basically means applying past experience in the new incidents.


This means drawing or summing up the appropriate inference according to the situation. And inferences are basically of two types that are inductive or deductive. For example, if we consider “George who went to the restaurant or to the airport. He is not in the airport so must be in the restaurant” similarly, “similar type of accident was caused previously due to the failure of the instrument, so this accident was caused due to the failure of the instrument”. So, the most important difference between inductive and deductive is that. In deductive the premise truth is being guaranteed by the truth of conclusion whereas in case of inductive the truth of premise is supported by conclusion truth without giving absolute assurance. In science, there is a lot of use of inductive reasoning the models are developed after the collection of tentative data to describe and predict the future behavior. While going to the deductive reasoning is common for mathematical or logical where the elaborate structures which are undeniable are built up with small sets of axioms and rules.
It has considerably gained a lot of success and draws an inference from computer programming, especially the deductive reasoning. Generally, the true reasoning always doesn’t contain the drawing inference, it includes something more than like drawing inference which related and relevant to the solution of the particular task or work. This is one of the difficult tasks that is done in the Artificial Intelligence.


To reach a particular goal or target the systematic search done for it including a certain range of possible action is called as problem-solving which is an important aspect of artificial intelligence. There are two types of problem-solving methods general purpose and special purpose. For every specific tailored problem and gets exploited for any specific feature of the situation and the problems get embedded in it this is called a special purpose method. Whereas in case of general purpose it involves a wide variety of problems. This includes means-end analysis or the step-by-step and reduction of the difference present in the current state and final goal is called the general purpose technique. There are lists of means allows the program to select its action- this majorly includes the words which are for a simple robot that are PICK UP, PUT DOWN, MOVE FORWARD, MOVE BACK, MOVELEFT, MOVERIGHT until the desired goal is reached.

A lot of different problems have been solved by using this artificial intelligence. For examples, sequential moves in a board game, composing different mathematical proofs and manipulating virtual objects in the computer-generated world.


The environment is scanned by different sensory organs, real or artificial and the scene gets into different objects for different spatial objects this is known as perception. The analysis is always complicated and can’t deny with the fact that every object appears different from the different angle of view depends on the direction and illumination intensity in the scene and how the object gets contrast from the surrounding scene.

Nowadays artificial intelligence has become very much advanced and optical sensors can be enabled to identify the individuals, on the open road the motorcycles can drive at a moderate speed and robots can roam easily collecting the soda cans from building to buildings. The first system that implemented the perception and action was named as FREDDY, this robot has a television eye which was moving and pincer hand but the robot was stationary. It was constructed during the year the 1966-73 in Scotland. It was able to identify a variety of objects very easily and could assemble simple artifacts like toys and random heap components.


A system containing signs with a conventional meaning was called as Language. The language is just not confined to the words we write or speak. We have mini-language the traffic signals which delivers the message of having the hazard ahead. These are very distinct languages that the convention of the linguistic language posses and linguistic here means very different from the original one. A productive and successful language can result in unlimited and variety of sentences.
It would be very easy to write a program in human understandable language so that the responses, comments, queries can be easily understood. Although the machine doesn’t understand the language there are certain principles like the commands which are stored allows them to understand or distinguish between human understandable and non-understandable languages. Then evolves a genuine understanding where the computer even getting the commands fails to acknowledge the language. This thing still doesn’t have a permanent solution. And it depends upon a lot of factors, one’s behavior and history etc. can be trained and to take place in linguistic communication and by making it interactive.


How is the Growth of Voice Search in 2018-19?

How is the Growth of Voice Search in 2018-19?

Speaking to someone and getting the answers is easier and time-saving than typing it. Voice search is one of the trendings and the biggest searched topics in the SEO platform and the searches on the internet are mostly dominated by the voice. And every digital marketing campaign needs the voice search to be incorporated into their work.

The way people using the internet has been changed a lot and the mode of searching also changed & the voice assistance has become very much reliable, convenient to talk and most importantly getting the results quickly.

It was announced in the year 2008 during Summer’s at the Inside Google Search event that it would include the voice search on Google in the coming days. Now it has become one of the most used and best voice assistance tools in the market used by almost everyone who has a smartphone. According to the year 2017 statistics, there are approximately 33 million voice search enabled devices in which 40% of the people do only voice searches. And the search queries increase up to 35% every year. And in the year 2017, Google added more Indian languages which include Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali etc.

Voice search or digital assistants include the following:

Virtual Assistants

  • Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home

Mobile Assistants

  • Ok google for android phones
  • Siri for Apple iPhones
  • Cortana for Microsoft phones

TV/ Remote assistants

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Roku


According to the researchers over the past years, it was found that there is an increase of 20% of voice search queries in Google mobile app which all includes Google home, Siri in Apple iPhone, Amazon Alexa etc. Recently Google Home also extended features like appointment booking with voice, for more information check in Google I/O 2018. As soon as the language processing and machine learning behind the engines get advanced and become more accurate. The advanced as data in machine learning gets more trained it will, of course, attract a lot of people. In near future people using voice, assistants are going to be increased as more people are going to use this voice search for browsing.

And the surveys estimate that by the end of 2020 more than half of the searches would be done through the voice searches only. People are opting for the voice-based searches more than the traditional search for typing the words, voice searches mainly save a lot of time and are more precise than the words being typed. People of the young age group use the voice search a lot of statistics says that 57% of teens and 24% of adults use voice search while they are with their friends, 23% couples use while cooking, 59% teens use while watching TV and most interestingly 22% teens and 15% adults use voice search while they in bathroom.

Below is the statistics based on the age group and the percentage usage of the voice search:

voice search

Optimizing the voice search in the SEO or search engine optimization is one of the best ideas. SEO services basically include attracting traffic or grabbing the customers towards your business. For a business to be successful and gain profit increasing traffic to the business website is a very important aspect.

And using more and advanced technology which eases the work of customers gather the business website more people. For More Information about How voice search will change in 2018 SEO trends click here.

Below are the four ways to optimize your website with voice search:


The most interesting thing about Google home or Google Assistant is that where it gives an answer to a question it itself cites the website name or the source of the information which is also called as featured snippets and then sends the link of the source to Google home app.
And the featured snippets that are read by Google home and Google Assistant are the sites which are ranked in position zero.

That is why optimizing featured snippets in voice search for SEO services is very important as more and more people are turning towards it. People searching for “how to optimize featured snippets” has been increased to 178% from the past year.

The voice queries are very easy to understand and it helps to know the query types that surface the featured snippets. And for the most common featured snippets, the marketers can invest time nicely to provide the best answers to the customers. This also even helps the marketers as the better answers get noticed by Google very easily. And the best answers get the greater credibility and your brand gets recognized, and by potentially attracting a lot of traffic toward to the Google Home app.

Initially Google Home gets a lot of benefit from this because best answers drive a lot of customers to Google. Due to which the people will build a trust upon Google Home or Android devices and finally this will lead to an increase in the sales.


Business information related to voice searches are very high which is estimated to be 39%. So voice search is the best option for the local SEO service. And your business site should always be updated with your correct details like the right address, contact details and the perfect opening and closing time.

Eventually, when a customer searches for the “cake shop near to me” you website should pop-up to the first position. In the same manner, you should always provide the right information to your customer most importantly the contact number, address and the opening and closing time. Suppose you give a wrong time customer appears after it then you may end up losing a valuable customer.
According to the information and service provided the people will review your business which helps the others to know about your service and either drives more customers or deprives customers.


Mobile phones nowadays have everything inside it the voice search in mobile phones is being used extensively that’s why optimizing your website in the mobile phone is very necessary. Because if this doesn’t happen then users will simply return back which hampers your business and Google rankings a lot. And the pages which take a lot of time to load will always suffer more bounce backs of customers than the pages which load in less time.

If you have slower loading page on mobile phones then the customer returning back rate are quite higher in case of mobile than the customer using the desktop. According to the records the smartphone users especially the people using voice search which is approximately 9.65% that is higher than that of the desktop users are more keen to bounce back.
So, maintaining the speed of the website is always an important aspect of the business websites to drive the customer attention towards your business.


As Google already told it monitors everything that comes up on Google even the voice searches. With the idea that there will separate keyboard queries for mobile phones and desktop search data. This thing was not being implemented early because of the main reason like the voice modulation as the voice searches become the longer trail searches and due conversational problems like speaking loud sometimes, speaking low sometimes and the sound of any query should have a specific sound or else it will exclude it automatically.

Voice search is always gathering a lot of traction from the audience but still, the future can never be predicted still can say that the trend of voice search is not going get down this soon. And it is very good for the marketers who use digital platform for their business works it helps to drive a lot of people to the website. Following the trend and using it effectively will bring profit to any company.

Optimize for Voice Search in Search Marketing:

If you need your content to appear on the SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages), then you need to think in the command’s perception. How the commands are made, how its questions are phrased. You also need to have a good understanding of what different ways the command can be formed. This way you can include such phrases in your content to appear right when the user searches for the same.

This might seem to be a big deal, but trust me, using the right tools will show you the way. With the websites like answer the public, you can understand what a person usually searches for. Like if you type a keyword, all the questions related to the keyword will be displayed out in front. Such is the beauty of this website. Not just that, you can even use Buzzsumo to see which topics are socializing more.

Voice Shopping:

Do you know? According to the statistics, people would start shopping just through their voice commands. They’d ask for a product and if the product is relevant enough, they’d place the order right away. Yes, it wouldn’t take much time before this facility comes to your doorstep. Hence, even when you’re selling a product, you need to be pretty sure, the keywords they’re going to use.

Not just that, as the facility of tracking and date of delivery is already on the phones, you need to take every measure to make it as purchase friendly as possible. One shouldn’t face a hard time shopping for the products they desire.