Google! What do we think of it?

You think Google is always right? Have you ever noticed, people when asked a question and if they don’t know the answer, they say I’ll Google it! Are we really sure that Google pops out the right answers for you? Are you certain that the result displayed can’t be just a “version” or a “perception” of that particular author? Can you claim with certainty that the author is a professional in that particular field? Most of them are sure about it. That’s the sad truth about our perception of Google.

There’s also another phase to it. I’ve seen people who, when asked a question, Google it and show some blog article as a proof. They show off some content that was posted by some random author, who we don’t even know about. How can we be sure that what they’ve written is right? Can you just blindly go with a statement to be right, when it claims something? Is every result that pops up on your search engine result is supposed to be true? Let’s find out what the Google executive himself has to say.

is google always right

So what does Google have to say?

A Google executive admitted that what you always see on Google is not true. No one can say with a certainty that the answers displayed are the actual facts. He exclaimed one thing and I think that’d be enough to enlighten all those souls that think that the Google is the ultimate dictionary of truth. “We’re not a truth engine”. Yep, that’s what he said and he’s certainly right about it. Google isn’t an artificial intelligence filled bot or neither it’s your answering bot. It only provides you with different sources to search for your answers. The answers might vary from page to page.

There are multiple instances where Google shows some of the most hilariously fallible results that might crack you up for the moment. But it would also make you think about all those times you trusted Google for your result and the saddest part is, you actually believed it without a sigh of a doubt.

The only problem with people is that they refuse to put their judgement on the line. Some people consider themselves to be inferior to all the information that Google provides and go with a delusion that Google is smart and always right. Although it’s not Google that answers you. Google just searches the relevant options for you and what you see on Google are just different answers from different people.

So the one, take away from this is that you can’t just blindly trust the search engine for your answers. Search engines do the job of searching for you. After the search part is done, it’s you who needs to analyze it and refer with something else and then finally pass a judgement. So, the next time you search for an answer on Google, analyze it rather than clinging to it.

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Siva saikumar

Working as Digital Marketing Manager at Softscripts