Icons are the most important part on any page. Whether it could be an application or a user interface or a webpage. Icons are the most attracting part of any page. This shows how important an icon is. When the icons are attractive, you usually see people being lured to it and tend to visit it more often. Such is the power of an icon. So if you want to build a webpage and attract the customers, then this would be one of the first things you need to consider. Let’s look at the different guidelines, that would show how you could develop icons in a way that it attracts the viewers.

Brighter icons attract:

It’s a known fact that brighter things are often the ones that grab the most attention. It couldn’t be truer for icons. Icons being the basis of any information, tend to be the attracting factor. When you look at a brighter image, you are most effectively attracted to it. Hence brighter the picture, more attractive is the icon.

Cute ones lure the most:

The attributes of “cute” changes from time to time. Though one thing is common, it changes with the kind of trend running around. All you need to do is be updated with the norms going around. But brighter versions have always been the delight for any eye.

Quality is the most important part:

The quality is measured by the amount of time and creativity you spend on your icon. The time taken usually changes from one person to another. Depending upon their expertise. Be creative and make the best one that you can. It might take a while but the results are always sweet.

Don’t duplicate :

Do not try or not even intend to mime someone else’s logo as this would not only get you in trouble but will lead to a loss of reputation, especially when you use it for your brand logo. Make it simple and sweet and draw your own logo, I’m sure everyone has their own vision.

Use vector type:

Don’t forget to use the vector format when designing an icon. Using the vector format prevents the icon from pixelating when zoomed upon. This helps the icon to be used in multiple locations without the issue of having it blurred.

Avoid words as much as possible:

Try and avoid using words in your icon as it might harness the charm of the icon. Don’t try to over complicate the icon, rather, keep it simple and that’ll make it easily understandable. Anything that is easily understandable is often acknowledged by the audience. This gives an instant popularity.

Go with the flow, in style, but be unique in design:

If you’re dwelling between using an icon that’s more attractive than the one that’s relevant then go for the relevant one any day. That should be the kind of choice you need to make. Never go for the irrelevant ones unless you’re as famous as the Snapchat is.

Make sure design matches the device or the website:

The icon you’re creating must be relevant in design to the device or page in some way or the other. It makes the icon look more authentic and specially designed. This leads to the attention of viewers and slowly they tend to get used to it. The best part about any good icon is you look at it 2 or 3 times and still remember it for a long time. This is what the main aim of any logo is. Such should be the presence of the brand among the audience.

Do follow these tips to make a good icon. Use websites like canva in order to make a logo with predesigned graphics.