How to choose the best digital marketing agency?

How to choose the best digital marketing agency?

If you are confused and wondering how do marketers choose their digital marketing agency? No need to worry because there are a lot of other marketers and businesses are there also who are also confused enough about how to choose a digital marketing company!

The first thing that should pop-up in your mind while you go for an online marketing why you are choosing this digital platform? And on what digital way you are going to endorse your business? Digital marketing has become a trending way of utilizing the internet platform for the marketing or for the endorsing purpose.

Now the digital marketing platform has become so wide and is reaching to so many peoples that it has become a crucial part for every business to advertise the business and to grab the attention of a lot of people to their business websites. As the need to know the digital marketing has increased the people knowing this and establishing their own companies for the digital marketing purpose has increased. And in between all these comes the most difficult task how to choose the digital marketing company?

To make your work easy and more feasible we have written or pointed out some important steps that you should keep in mind while looking out for digital marketing agency:

EXPLAIN ABOUT YOUR EXPECTATION CLEARLY FROM THE CAMPAIGN: always make a list of all the things that you want from the marketing campaign and that you want your digital marketing agency should work upon. And include all the services that you want your digital company should work on. Before that your internal marketing team should check the list and differentiate it from what work can be done in-house and which should be outsourced. And if the digital marketing work has been distributed among the in-house and outsources you should be aware of how they are coordinating with each other. The services which a digital marketing agency usually offers:

  • Web designing and developing.
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Online advertising(PPC, Adwords, Facebook ADs)
  • Content developing or blogging

Along with all these, you should be aware of the fact that all these strategies will be successful only when they are able to reach to the audience. And to accomplish your objective it should your keen focus should be also on the following points:

  • Should attract the relevant traffic
  • Creating a brand awareness
  • Creating leads and converting them into effective customers

It is always preferred to have a long-term relationship with a digital marketing agency. As different digital agencies have their own in-house rules and regulations and tactics to accomplish the task if you keep on changing the digital marketing company it will be affecting your digital campaign. And even it takes a long time to cope-up and interacts with the new team. So, hiring the best digital marketing company becomes very important for any company as a long-term relationship can be maintained between both the companies.

As you will be working with a digital company for a long period of time then it becomes very easy for the digital firm to understand what are your needs? What do you expect? Working for long helps in getting necessary and the company would be working effectively towards your campaign to deliver the best to you. And an experienced and well trained in digital platform company will perform the best and deliver you the best by crafting the best strategy for your campaign.

Always check for your requirement and go according to that because there are a lot of agencies that are available in different sizes and shape and being specialized in a particular job. You have to check and filter it out which company you have to go for and you have to choose if you want a small group of people working on it or a big company people. It doesn’t only depend on how many people are working on your campaign you should also take into account how efficiently they are working for digital marketing is not an easy task to be done. A perfectly passionate and creative team can help you generate a lot of leads to your business.

BACKGROUND RESEARCH OF THE COMPANY: you have to dig deep to check the background of the company and to know how effectively the company works and is it able to deliver the relevant results to the customers. The furthermost important thing to check the Reviews, it is a very important step to remember while looking for a digital marketing company.

And the most trusted way for looking the rankings is the google rankings that pops-up as you search in the browser for that company. Other than Google there are numerous other sites which provide the insights, reviews, rankings, pros and cons about the company from people’s perspective. This digging into the company profile takes some time but it is good because it can give you a full view of the company other than what the company has to say about it. You can easily know the capabilities, how effective their work is, how they work, the quality of their work etc.

And even you can get to know their staff if you use LinkedIn for this purpose from which you can effectively know what is the working environment, how the company deals pressure, how the management is working etc.

Check the company sites and the social media sites of the company and check how people are following it what is the feedback they are getting. And see what the people have to say about it. Whereas it would be advantageous if you follow the company in the Twitter rather than Facebook because in Facebook there is a provision to clear all the comments that are negative but on the contrary, there are no such provisions for deleting the retweets. So it is preferred to follow their twitter sites and the customer’s comments on it.

Always cross check the agencies with the trade associations, Google comes as a savior to you for this as you can easily check about the company in Search engine and even you can check their website and can see how effective it is what are the portfolios they are working for and what are the companies they have already served for. And what are the reviews given by the customers about their work? And how it has improved their work. And while going through the website the important thing to keep in mind is how they have designed their website and what the unique thing that you can see in their website, not in any other websites and how they have maintained their blog who are the guest writers in it. Are the blogs and all write-ups on the blog are catchy and unique.

Check out for their competitive companies and then what is the difference between both the companies and what is the specialties of this company that is not there in their company. What is the difference in the ideas and the strategies that are incorporated by this company and not by all other company? And what makes this company stand where it is and why others are not there.

Check all the portfolio’s and the assignments completed by the company and compare what is the uniqueness and the catchy thing they have done to it. Because portfolios are the proof which tells us about the capabilities of the company and the potentiality of the company.

The recommendation is something which tells that the company is the has great reach and a lot of talent in it. Recommendations or the referrals basically mean your customer loves your work and recommend you to some other company to accomplish their works. Which shows you how effective is your work.

What are the tools and the certification they have got because most of the companies will have google and bing logo if they have the certification from the both! Whereas some agencies will have the logos of the paid tools. Which shows what are the advanced tools they are using.
Check for the clients who also hail from the same business background or from same business as you do. Cross check with them how they got the service and was it worth it or not. And was the business strategy was a success or not and helped them in gaining the profits.

ASK THE REQUEST FOR PURPOSE(RFP): Then comes the most important step ask them to send the Request for Proposal (RFP). This is the next step after you chose your right company for yourself, it basically tells more about their company and about the objectives that you want from them and the financial investments that you need to do in your business. It should keep a very realistic scope because you know the best what your company is all about and what the people you are targeting and what is the demographic regions. A good RFP includes the following things:

  • The positioning of your business and background
  • A summary of the works that have been accomplished.
  • Target customer details
  • Budget
  • Timelines by when they can complete the task
  • Details of the contacts for more clarification

Whereas the process of choosing the best digital marketing agency for your work to accomplish is really a great hectic task and which requires a lot of patience to research a good digital marketing agency. And even follows certain procedures to accomplish all the task. Patience is the only answer to all these.


What are the best Backlink Strategies for the year 2018?

What are the best Backlink Strategies for the year 2018?

What are backlinks?

Whenever a website which is external to you links with you then it is known as backlinks or external backlinks. Backlinks are one of the most important factors which are used for rankings in search engine results. The algorithm of Google always keeps on changing and evolving. As backlinks only help you to gain higher rankings in the search engines. And links are one of the top most important things required nowadays to make your SEO service rank high. If you see any page is ranking high and having a lot of followers to it then it is including a lot of links to its content because Google thinks the page is authoritative if it contains a lot of links.

Earlier by using only the relevant keywords in the content was enough whereas now those times are gone. Earlier spamming of an article was ok to be done but not now because you can be penalized if you are found to be spamming an article on your website. The procedures of link buildings have been changed a lot with every coming year but still, it is very much important in making a page score high ranking in search engine rankings.


People doing online business or marketing usually don’t know why backlinks are important to rank the page to higher. People don’t get that backlinks are the foundation or the keystone of any Search Engine Optimization services. Google rankings are moreover is based more on the backlinks only. When the surveys were done by the Google says that backlinks are very important to rank higher.

In the Search Engine Result Page if a content is ranking on the top that means it is having a lot of links to the content than the content which ranks the less. People sometimes think that by having the backlinks only they will get the top rankings whereas it is not the same case everytime spamming the contents, forums or links etc get noticed and doesn’t gather you a good amount of links. Eventually when you have different backlinks from different sites than it is very useful in ranking high. The domain link authorities are very important for any site and if these are present in a site it helps the site to rank higher. So which initially means the site would be much powerful only when it higher domain authority links so you have to give more focus on the links than the site. To get more traffic to your site link building is very important for the SEO strategies below are the important link building campaign plans that are required in 2018:

  • FOUNDATIONAL THINGS IN LINK BUILDING: The most efficient and methodological link building involves investigating original data and research which makes the site 70% more powerful. As the “content is king” in nowadays digital world than keeping the content original and specific is very important to draw the attention of a lot of people. When some write a content or blog it is very important to keep the notice and having a grip on the original research gains a lot of backlinks and references for the site. So these are important or can be called as the foundational things of any content or blog by gaining a lot of backlinks. How the research and original data are being used for backlinks is given below:
    • Always chose the topic which the viewers find it to be very valuable. As there is a lot of things people want to know about if you catch the thing in the right moment of time and develop the content and blog at the same time. It will for sure drive you a lot of organic traffic to your site.
    • Always publish all your research and findings everything that is very important for the viewers to know about. As earning the links is not so easy without publishing the relevant research.
    • Not only the contents and blog always try to add the complementary content based on your research. Make a series of blog, videos, podcast etc use everything which you think is relevant to your content.
    • Never restrict your research, findings and analysis do as much as possible and use demographics, charts, graphs, graphics whatever that is relevant for your site to rank high and make the people feel that “it is having some relevant content”.
    • Promoting your site or the blog is very important because if you understand the people choices and feel that it will tickle the people’s interest sharing or be promoting the analysis is very good.
  • BUYING LICIT LINKS: some of the SEO services try to buy the backlinks or the sites but buying the links is a very bad habit because while analyzing Google may find it illegal and penalize your site. Whereas there are some other ways which help in gaining the high backlinks that involve things like- reviews that are paid, official sponsorship, and writing the guest blogs in some renowned sites with disclosure. How to have paid links are given below:
    • Go for the organic links than paid links because while the organic and paid links are compared then paid links are too risky to be used. And still, you want to rely on the paid links always remember that it should not exceed more than 10-25%.
    • Build the links slowly and easily because nowadays SEO builds the links 1-20 links per month instead opt for 1-2 links per month because link building should be done deliberately.
    • Researching a lot about the domain page site is very important. Check the red flags like spam contents, outbound links. Check the page history, its rankings and all. Before agreeing to do the backlinking works for any of the sites.
    • Always change the keyword anchored texts because pages having the same keywords are being sent a red flag by Google for buying the links.
    • Disclose your involvement whenever you pay the sponsored site for hosting the content. And always try to gain the trust of people by making everything transparent and making them know everything about the paid links to the readers.
  • POSTING CONTENTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA: The SEO strategies nowadays think that the content sharing in the social media is very much important and efficient to gather the leads. And gives the most effective link building strategies as it is most followed strategy for link building in the SEO campaign. Some of the link building strategies that the SEO companies use are like the Broken Link building, Local Business Website. Almost any SEO company you chose for link building on your site everyone relies fully on social media for getting the desired leads. How social media helps in building links is given below:
    • Always know who is your target audience and check on which platform they are more active on. There are different tools which help you in finding this and focus mainly on that platform only because it will finally help you in gathering the leads.
    • Target the audience and chose the topic which attracts more of them. Use the tools to find patterns, engagement and likes, shares, comments etc which help gather the number of audiences.
    • Promote and share the content or blog as much as possible. And the content to free because if your content is interesting, attractive, and unique enough the viewers will only share your content.
    • Remarketing is one of the very important aspects nowadays. If suppose you tweeted it don’t stop there retweet it, if you already posted in Facebook then go in some other platform and post it there also, and give the content a small boost with every passing week. In this way, you can gather the number of leads that are new including the old one.
  • LINK BUILDING USING VIDEOS: the surveys say that 66% of the SEO companies think that the link building using videos is very much effective because people have to be very careful while building links in the Google whereas there is no such thing with the Youtube videos. And a lot of people out there think that hosting a Youtube channel is very much efficient than having a page in any site and moreover sharing the videos in different social media sites gives a lot of boosts to host page in Youtube. And it is always been a great idea to include backlinks in the video and share them on different platforms.


How to make your presence felt in Social Media and increase the engagements?

How to make your presence felt in Social Media and increase the engagements?

Social media and SEO work hand in hand and are becoming more interdependent on each other. Basically, these two things are the main reasons because of your which your business will be getting success. The strategies of the Search Engine Optimization and the capability of reaching people through social media gives a lot of boosts your business campaign. Social media is a very powerful tool, if an online business doesn’t get optimized on social media then the business is losing a lot of their effective customers. Whereas social media doesn’t directly hamper the rankings of a business page but instead acts as an important aspect of the ranking of the page.
High Rankings in the search engine is what every online business is dependent upon or every business wants to gain from the Social Media Campaign. And there are various ways to improve the rankings and engagements for your business campaign in the Social Media. And having the positive social media influence on the business is very important. It is possible to improve your rankings and engagement of people to your social media site.


There is always a strong interrelation between Search Engine Optimization and Social Media as your activities in social media decides your rankings in the search engine.

Have you ever wondered how you get the desired answer when you search something on the internet? It’s all because the Google and other search engines check the contents and post the best content only.

When your post or the content get shared a lot of time it is one type of indication that you have a great blog or content which attracts the people. The search engines always think that the content or blog which are shared or viewed a lot will have a very good content as people will share those blogs or contents only which will have the great contents. It’s ultimately like people are the decision makers what they love the most will get served as the best.

As in an organic search what is the most influencing factor is your content is able to reach to people? And how much is your post is being searched? Not the social signal you get. Social signals include the number of likes you get, the re-tweets, the comments etc. it entirely depends upon the number of shares you get. And sometimes people think that they have great followings on social media so they will rank high in the search engines then you are mistaken the rankings doesn’t depend on it.

Below are some of the ways which help you in gaining the engagement on the social media platform:

  • CUTTING DOWN THE WORDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA: the contents you write on social media should not contain a lot of words. As social media is a platform of entertainment for people so they don’t want a lot of words. As less the content is with more information and keyword, the more the people get attracted to it. The surveys conducted says that in facebook the click-through rates on the long paragraphs are 2-4% slower than on the contents having fewer word likes 40-50 character long sentence. But you should use all the words or keywords that are important and keep the content short.
  • ENGAGE PEOPLE IN WHAT YOU WANT FROM THEM: Requests always works out, audience sometimes requires requesting them which helps in connecting more with the content. The keywords like “comment”, “like”, “share”, “retweet”, “checkout” etc are the commonly searched words or the most clickable words by the audience in the social media. When you want your audience’s to do something for you always be requesting and concise. Never and ever give a chance to people to leave your page without commenting, liking, sharing, retweeting etc on your post.
  • ATTRACT PEOPLE TO YOUR CONTENT: The most important thing to remember is never sell something to your audience instead check what they require and help them with that. Always remember to answer each and every question which may be some of their queries, important points, doubts, problems that pop up in the mind of the audiences. And add all the links to these question answer to your main blog in the social media, which the people can find easily.
  • MAKE YOUR PRESENCE FELT AND INCREASE VISIBILITY: Creating your presence felt in the social media platform is very important for any business. Because the ranking given by the search engines is always done by the checking your social media presence, keywords used, and how effectively you are reaching to the people these all can be done by a well crafted SEO service. Whereas the links which you provide on your content doesn’t add up directly to your rankings in the search engine. These are considered only when the posts receive a “no follow tag” which means the origins of the post are being ignored by the search engine.
  • PAY ATTENTION ON THE KEYWORD: the keywords which are very relevant to your topic are to be chosen and these important SEO keywords are to be incorporated into everything like the headlines, taglines, links, summaries etc. even it can be incorporated in the social media bio’s and can include the keywords as the caption and include the pictures on the blog. People who are searching for these keywords will always come across your blog and you have relevant content then you can make them to your customers. As they can know about your strategies, business plans, ideology etc. which will at the end of the day help you gather a lot of leads to your blog.
  • OPTIMIZING YOUR KEYWORDS: the keywords which you post are to be chosen carefully and then to be posted on your blog as similar to the links, and hashtags you chose which helps you to amplify your search ranking in the social media result and increase your discoverability in the social media platform.
    To know whether the content is effective is not by the ability it is reaching to the people and the ability in which it is gathering the following of the people and established it is to gather more and more new audience to its blog. The social media has a great contribution to the SEO also as the content not only gets attention in the social media but also gets the high rankings in the search engine results.
  • USE KEYWORDS TO IMPROVE VISIBILITY: To increase the visibility of your content or blog in the social media platform it is very important to come up with new and creative thoughts each and every time you write a blog or a content. And should apply the best SEO strategies and with the relevant keywords involved. The searches should be so efficient that whenever people search for something your business should pop-up in the first.


Local SEO: How it will help your company grow?

Local SEO: How it will help your company grow?

Local SEO basically means targeting the audience in the local platform. It is one of the most trending things nowadays and the most effective way to promote your business on the local platform. 46% searches done on the internet are the local searches and the percentages are increasing every year. And an online business should always have a local SEO or else it would miss a great amount of traffic on the local platform. It is the optimization of the businesses in the local online platform you that you can be found easily on the local platform. Having your audience nearby you is a big plus point for your business.

Websites not only give attention to local audiences even as it connects to the audiences internationally. It would be an undeniable journey for anyone or business to begin their local SEO journey with an optimized on-page and off-page strategies for SEO.


Normal SEO and local SEO both are the same only difference is the geographical region it is targeting. If you want to go to the top then going step by step is very good, first aiming locally then being global will benefit a lot to your business and help it grow in the SERPs or search engine result pages.

If suppose you are having a restaurant locally in Visakhapatnam if your it ranks high in Hyderabad there is no point in having such type of SEO services. People should find it in locally and it should be effective for people living in the same place not far away, increase in organic traffic is very much important for any local business.

The address, city, and region should be very much proper to optimize the local SEO in the easiest way. Content also plays a very vital role in local SEO campaigns the things like including the details, its speciality, about your business, how it is reaching to the local people, even including the nearby towns etc. if you include all these things people moreover get attracted to it and people from the towns nearby will also want to know about your business. Which gradually helps in growing your business. And all these things can only be accomplished by a proper optimization of the best SEO strategies.


  • CREATE AND OPTIMIZE YOUR WEB PAGE: creating a web page or website is very important for any online business. Creating web pages in Google My Business and Facebook page if you are targeting the global audience helps a lot.
  • For the local promotion of the business creating web pages in Sulekha, Justdial, Quikr will help you gain a lot of leads. Not only this the optimization of the web pages is also very important that too by following the right SEO strategies. Because the right strategies only help you let go to the top in the Search Engine Result Page or SERP. Detailed information is what people require nowadays, and providing them this is your work the details should include:NAP: the name of your company, correct address, and the right phone number.
  • Don’t forget to mention the right opening and closing time of your company, because if it is wrong then the people may come and return if your company is closed and you will be losing your valuable customers.
  • If suppose you have 4-5 branches of your company it is always recommended to give the full details like the address of every branch, the contact numbers of every branch with including the names.
  • The phone numbers which you provide should be in working condition because if a client calls you and your number is not in working condition then it will lead to losing the potential customer. If you provide the number as the clickable one than it is the best service you can offer to your clients. Searches say that 76% of people prefer calls in the local searches whereas 30% result in location-related local search.
  • Not only adding address but adding location or map has also become very important nowadays. Because people want themselves to be navigated straight to the spot without including the in-between search works involved. And more than 80% of people look for Google maps location which can navigate them easily to their destination.
  • Adding reviews is also very important because people nowadays believe more the reviews and comments given by the users who already experienced it. They are the trust building signals for the users.
  • Including schema which means creating the common language or the most understandable language and targeting it every search engine like the Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, Bing etc. which makes your website to be easily get noticed and understood by the search engines. This helps a lot in increasing the rankings of your website and most important tells the search engine that you are a local business, not the big brands. Which initially increases the leads and attract a lot of people which also improves your rankings.
  • CREATE ONLINE PROFILES: having your business website is not enough for your business, if you want your business to be known by a lot of local audience’s then you must have a page in the local search websites like Sulekha, Justdial, Quikr. And also create a page in the social media platform like the Facebook, Instagram etc and most importantly having an account in the Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow pages, Bing increases the visibility of your business page a lot.
  • But when it comes to the search in local areas people moreover rely on the reviews and websites that gives true reviews. The local websites here includes Sulekha, Justdial, Quikr etc. for any business those are targeting local people having a page in these sites is very important. Even Google also follows and posts the reviews about the local searches that are given by the local search websites.
  • Google my business is very important for any business whether it is small or big, it helps you manage your business page and lead it to the top ranks and makes the presence of your business be known to people. And ranking high in google page is very important because the ratings only ensure were your business and how much visible and reliable your business is on the online platform. As we know that 86% of the people rely on Google maps for the navigation to the right place of the company.
  • Ranking high in the local listing is also important as there is always a competition between every similar type of business, the local reviews by Sulekha, Quikr, Justdial helps a lot to make your business stand out in the competition.
  • Reaching out to people using social media is always been a great idea because social media has now become very huge and almost 70% of the population is active on social media. Which brings you a great platform to promote your business and attracting leads to it.
  • Whatever platform you may be using but the information given should be the same and correct one. And should always check who is your relevant customers or the target demographic so that you can target those group of people easily. Maintaining the same consistency in the business will surely help you to excel.
  • CREATING BLOGS OR CONTENTS: Every online business having the websites or web pages should have their blogs for sure. Because it lets the people know what is your business about? What are the things you are providing them? How are they working? And how these services are important to them? Which attracts a lot of leads to your website.
  • Having the links which draw more links to your website is the relevant one. Because links only help your business website to rank high and the links are the furthermost factor for any page to rank high. And a simpler link will always help improve the rankings of your blog and web page also. The blog should always contain information about the locality, local things, neighborhood, the neighboring cities and towns, the terms that localities usually search for. Always try to sponsor local events, functions, organization which makes your presence in the local. And all the blogs posted by you should always help the audience and be informative to them.
  • Link building is very much important to build the strong bond with the audience’s it can be done by joining with the local business blogs and can participate in the conversation going on the blog. Which firstly enhances the local presence of your business in the people. By this, even you can know who are your competitors and can avoid direct competition with them. And always gives some comments and mention their links to your blog which help people to get to your blog easily. And building links and increasing the links helps in building a very good base for the business.
  • For any business, it is important to know which demographic you are targeting for or which group you are targeting for as you are writing for that group of people only. You should always know what your audience want not you want because people least bother what you want they only care what they will get from you.
  • Mistakes made while writing a content is very common it should be taken a lot of care while crafting the contents. There are a lot of tools available online which will help to omit these type of errors or mistakes. And never directly copy the content from different websites and paste it in your blog because people can easily know about it and doubt on your business and its uniqueness which will decrease your business rankings and business also.


How is the Growth of Voice Search in 2018-19?

How is the Growth of Voice Search in 2018-19?

Speaking to someone and getting the answers is easier and time-saving than typing it. Voice search is one of the trendings and the biggest searched topics in the SEO platform and the searches on the internet are mostly dominated by the voice. And every digital marketing campaign needs the voice search to be incorporated into their work.

The way people using the internet has been changed a lot and the mode of searching also changed & the voice assistance has become very much reliable, convenient to talk and most importantly getting the results quickly.

It was announced in the year 2008 during Summer’s at the Inside Google Search event that it would include the voice search on Google in the coming days. Now it has become one of the most used and best voice assistance tools in the market used by almost everyone who has a smartphone. According to the year 2017 statistics, there are approximately 33 million voice search enabled devices in which 40% of the people do only voice searches. And the search queries increase up to 35% every year. And in the year 2017, Google added more Indian languages which include Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali etc.

Voice search or digital assistants include the following:

Virtual Assistants

  • Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home

Mobile Assistants

  • Ok google for android phones
  • Siri for Apple iPhones
  • Cortana for Microsoft phones

TV/ Remote assistants

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Roku


According to the researchers over the past years, it was found that there is an increase of 20% of voice search queries in Google mobile app which all includes Google home, Siri in Apple iPhone, Amazon Alexa etc. Recently Google Home also extended features like appointment booking with voice, for more information check in Google I/O 2018. As soon as the language processing and machine learning behind the engines get advanced and become more accurate. The advanced as data in machine learning gets more trained it will, of course, attract a lot of people. In near future people using voice, assistants are going to be increased as more people are going to use this voice search for browsing.

And the surveys estimate that by the end of 2020 more than half of the searches would be done through the voice searches only. People are opting for the voice-based searches more than the traditional search for typing the words, voice searches mainly save a lot of time and are more precise than the words being typed. People of the young age group use the voice search a lot of statistics says that 57% of teens and 24% of adults use voice search while they are with their friends, 23% couples use while cooking, 59% teens use while watching TV and most interestingly 22% teens and 15% adults use voice search while they in bathroom.

Below is the statistics based on the age group and the percentage usage of the voice search:

voice search

Optimizing the voice search in the SEO or search engine optimization is one of the best ideas. SEO services basically include attracting traffic or grabbing the customers towards your business. For a business to be successful and gain profit increasing traffic to the business website is a very important aspect.

And using more and advanced technology which eases the work of customers gather the business website more people. For More Information about How voice search will change in 2018 SEO trends click here.

Below are the four ways to optimize your website with voice search:


The most interesting thing about Google home or Google Assistant is that where it gives an answer to a question it itself cites the website name or the source of the information which is also called as featured snippets and then sends the link of the source to Google home app.
And the featured snippets that are read by Google home and Google Assistant are the sites which are ranked in position zero.

That is why optimizing featured snippets in voice search for SEO services is very important as more and more people are turning towards it. People searching for “how to optimize featured snippets” has been increased to 178% from the past year.

The voice queries are very easy to understand and it helps to know the query types that surface the featured snippets. And for the most common featured snippets, the marketers can invest time nicely to provide the best answers to the customers. This also even helps the marketers as the better answers get noticed by Google very easily. And the best answers get the greater credibility and your brand gets recognized, and by potentially attracting a lot of traffic toward to the Google Home app.

Initially Google Home gets a lot of benefit from this because best answers drive a lot of customers to Google. Due to which the people will build a trust upon Google Home or Android devices and finally this will lead to an increase in the sales.


Business information related to voice searches are very high which is estimated to be 39%. So voice search is the best option for the local SEO service. And your business site should always be updated with your correct details like the right address, contact details and the perfect opening and closing time.

Eventually, when a customer searches for the “cake shop near to me” you website should pop-up to the first position. In the same manner, you should always provide the right information to your customer most importantly the contact number, address and the opening and closing time. Suppose you give a wrong time customer appears after it then you may end up losing a valuable customer.
According to the information and service provided the people will review your business which helps the others to know about your service and either drives more customers or deprives customers.


Mobile phones nowadays have everything inside it the voice search in mobile phones is being used extensively that’s why optimizing your website in the mobile phone is very necessary. Because if this doesn’t happen then users will simply return back which hampers your business and Google rankings a lot. And the pages which take a lot of time to load will always suffer more bounce backs of customers than the pages which load in less time.

If you have slower loading page on mobile phones then the customer returning back rate are quite higher in case of mobile than the customer using the desktop. According to the records the smartphone users especially the people using voice search which is approximately 9.65% that is higher than that of the desktop users are more keen to bounce back.
So, maintaining the speed of the website is always an important aspect of the business websites to drive the customer attention towards your business.


As Google already told it monitors everything that comes up on Google even the voice searches. With the idea that there will separate keyboard queries for mobile phones and desktop search data. This thing was not being implemented early because of the main reason like the voice modulation as the voice searches become the longer trail searches and due conversational problems like speaking loud sometimes, speaking low sometimes and the sound of any query should have a specific sound or else it will exclude it automatically.

Voice search is always gathering a lot of traction from the audience but still, the future can never be predicted still can say that the trend of voice search is not going get down this soon. And it is very good for the marketers who use digital platform for their business works it helps to drive a lot of people to the website. Following the trend and using it effectively will bring profit to any company.

Optimize for Voice Search in Search Marketing:

If you need your content to appear on the SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages), then you need to think in the command’s perception. How the commands are made, how its questions are phrased. You also need to have a good understanding of what different ways the command can be formed. This way you can include such phrases in your content to appear right when the user searches for the same.

This might seem to be a big deal, but trust me, using the right tools will show you the way. With the websites like answer the public, you can understand what a person usually searches for. Like if you type a keyword, all the questions related to the keyword will be displayed out in front. Such is the beauty of this website. Not just that, you can even use Buzzsumo to see which topics are socializing more.

Voice Shopping:

Do you know? According to the statistics, people would start shopping just through their voice commands. They’d ask for a product and if the product is relevant enough, they’d place the order right away. Yes, it wouldn’t take much time before this facility comes to your doorstep. Hence, even when you’re selling a product, you need to be pretty sure, the keywords they’re going to use.

Not just that, as the facility of tracking and date of delivery is already on the phones, you need to take every measure to make it as purchase friendly as possible. One shouldn’t face a hard time shopping for the products they desire.