Social media and SEO work hand in hand and are becoming more interdependent on each other. Basically, these two things are the main reasons because of your which your business will be getting success. The strategies of the Search Engine Optimization and the capability of reaching people through social media gives a lot of boosts your business campaign. Social media is a very powerful tool, if an online business doesn’t get optimized on social media then the business is losing a lot of their effective customers. Whereas social media doesn’t directly hamper the rankings of a business page but instead acts as an important aspect of the ranking of the page.
High Rankings in the search engine is what every online business is dependent upon or every business wants to gain from the Social Media Campaign. And there are various ways to improve the rankings and engagements for your business campaign in the Social Media. And having the positive social media influence on the business is very important. It is possible to improve your rankings and engagement of people to your social media site.


There is always a strong interrelation between Search Engine Optimization and Social Media as your activities in social media decides your rankings in the search engine.

Have you ever wondered how you get the desired answer when you search something on the internet? It’s all because the Google and other search engines check the contents and post the best content only.

When your post or the content get shared a lot of time it is one type of indication that you have a great blog or content which attracts the people. The search engines always think that the content or blog which are shared or viewed a lot will have a very good content as people will share those blogs or contents only which will have the great contents. It’s ultimately like people are the decision makers what they love the most will get served as the best.

As in an organic search what is the most influencing factor is your content is able to reach to people? And how much is your post is being searched? Not the social signal you get. Social signals include the number of likes you get, the re-tweets, the comments etc. it entirely depends upon the number of shares you get. And sometimes people think that they have great followings on social media so they will rank high in the search engines then you are mistaken the rankings doesn’t depend on it.

Below are some of the ways which help you in gaining the engagement on the social media platform:

  • CUTTING DOWN THE WORDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA: the contents you write on social media should not contain a lot of words. As social media is a platform of entertainment for people so they don’t want a lot of words. As less the content is with more information and keyword, the more the people get attracted to it. The surveys conducted says that in facebook the click-through rates on the long paragraphs are 2-4% slower than on the contents having fewer word likes 40-50 character long sentence. But you should use all the words or keywords that are important and keep the content short.
  • ENGAGE PEOPLE IN WHAT YOU WANT FROM THEM: Requests always works out, audience sometimes requires requesting them which helps in connecting more with the content. The keywords like “comment”, “like”, “share”, “retweet”, “checkout” etc are the commonly searched words or the most clickable words by the audience in the social media. When you want your audience’s to do something for you always be requesting and concise. Never and ever give a chance to people to leave your page without commenting, liking, sharing, retweeting etc on your post.
  • ATTRACT PEOPLE TO YOUR CONTENT: The most important thing to remember is never sell something to your audience instead check what they require and help them with that. Always remember to answer each and every question which may be some of their queries, important points, doubts, problems that pop up in the mind of the audiences. And add all the links to these question answer to your main blog in the social media, which the people can find easily.
  • MAKE YOUR PRESENCE FELT AND INCREASE VISIBILITY: Creating your presence felt in the social media platform is very important for any business. Because the ranking given by the search engines is always done by the checking your social media presence, keywords used, and how effectively you are reaching to the people these all can be done by a well crafted SEO service. Whereas the links which you provide on your content doesn’t add up directly to your rankings in the search engine. These are considered only when the posts receive a “no follow tag” which means the origins of the post are being ignored by the search engine.
  • PAY ATTENTION ON THE KEYWORD: the keywords which are very relevant to your topic are to be chosen and these important SEO keywords are to be incorporated into everything like the headlines, taglines, links, summaries etc. even it can be incorporated in the social media bio’s and can include the keywords as the caption and include the pictures on the blog. People who are searching for these keywords will always come across your blog and you have relevant content then you can make them to your customers. As they can know about your strategies, business plans, ideology etc. which will at the end of the day help you gather a lot of leads to your blog.
  • OPTIMIZING YOUR KEYWORDS: the keywords which you post are to be chosen carefully and then to be posted on your blog as similar to the links, and hashtags you chose which helps you to amplify your search ranking in the social media result and increase your discoverability in the social media platform.
    To know whether the content is effective is not by the ability it is reaching to the people and the ability in which it is gathering the following of the people and established it is to gather more and more new audience to its blog. The social media has a great contribution to the SEO also as the content not only gets attention in the social media but also gets the high rankings in the search engine results.
  • USE KEYWORDS TO IMPROVE VISIBILITY: To increase the visibility of your content or blog in the social media platform it is very important to come up with new and creative thoughts each and every time you write a blog or a content. And should apply the best SEO strategies and with the relevant keywords involved. The searches should be so efficient that whenever people search for something your business should pop-up in the first.