Black Friday Marketing Strategies for Instagram

Black Friday Marketing Strategies for Instagram

November is almost coming to an end and Black Friday is approaching very fast. every marketer should be buckled up with different and unique marketing strategies. The end of November is the beginning of the holiday season as it all starts from Thanksgiving and ends up at Christmas. It is a perfect opportunity for the business person’s to complete the year in a good note and increased sales during this festive season. However, start the new year with a new zeal and positive vibes is a great idea. To promote your business one of the easiest and reliable place is the digital media. These days people are more into the internet and digital marketing than going personal. Upon that social media has become a major part of everybody’s life. So, it becomes very important to target social media for any kind of business to drive the customers.

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While we move towards social media there are a lot of trending social media sites which also give access to do business in their site like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc upon all these nowadays Instagram marketing has increased a lot and people are more relying on the Instagram marketing or Instagram Ads. In all these things we can clearly say that Instagram has raised its levels towards branding and included a lot of features which helps in easy branding and driving lots of views.

In this article, we are going to mention the best Black Friday marketing strategies for Instagram that will help you in all the ways to improve your market presence and grab the attention of a lot of people towards your brand.


Though Black Friday is around the corner you will find huge spendings and transaction in this period of time. You can get immense sales and success only in this period of time. Doing a promotion in this season of the year is very advantageous because you will get to know your active customers who will look for various deals this holiday season.

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So, it is the time to stop worrying about what has gone and what sales you made earlier and start thinking what you are going to gain now and centralize your complete concentration on only one thing that is gaining the customers’ attention. Whereas it is just the type of campaigns that vary, which usually depends on business types, but the only thing that remains same everywhere is making the profit and dragging the customer’s attention towards your business.

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You should have a very good planning and strategy which will bring you the preferred customers. It should contain every single aspect that defines about you and the product that you are selling. Prepare an eye-catching poster with all the offers, discounts and exclusive gifts that you want to give your customer.

Offers & discounts are the first things that a customer looks for during holiday shopping. It may be an age-old tactic to drive the customers but, Yes! it works. Eventually, it is you who has to make it according to this time period or generation, and make people attracted by doing something for which people crave for and will buy for sure. Promote all these things in the digital media and do digital marketing because these days digital media is the most watched place and it is a place where people most of the time stay active in. So, a proper strategy and tactics for this very much important.


Festive holidays just come once a year so concentrating on it, weeks before the holidays start always adds up as an advantage. To make it work for you it becomes very much important to take it seriously, and look it as more than just a day event. It is the time to concentrate on the whole holiday season.

For the best results start planning a few days before or you can say some days just ahead of Black Friday. This planning stays with you a longer period of time, and daily you get a certain amount of customers and the customers will keep on increasing gradually every other day. The plan should be like start posting about the offers, discounts, gifts etc. a week or a two before and increase the excitement level in the people day by day. However, also give the people a sneak peek about all those items that are discounted or have the exclusive offers.

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The motive is to create a lot of hype and buzz about the brand, offers, discounts etc. then extend it till Black Friday just by showing your hit products, biggest sales and then the discounts upon these items if any. So, that when exactly the Black Friday is arriving the viewers will be ready with their wishlist to buy it immediately.

According to the surveys, it is revealed that 62% of the shopper’s shop post the holiday. So, at this time let your brain do a brainstorming and start thinking about the offers that you can give the customers, however, which starts before the holiday days and continue till some days even after holidays.


Send all your customers the exclusive offers that you are planning to have. Whereas, keep in mind always send exclusive coupons to your loyal customers and the followers who buy from your website frequently and start following them. One important tactic to hold on these people is to give them some extra coupons or discounts or you can increase their sales day option or you can ask them to use certain coupon code so that they can avail the required discount. While creating a bit of scarcity marketing or FOMO and making the period very urgent or making it as a period of urgency.

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However, it is not necessary that everyone whom you share the promotional advertisement will turn up and make a purchase, but yes you can expect that a lot of people will turn up may be through your promotional ads or maybe from some other channel. For all these things to happen following your trusted customers is important.

These days the ADs on Instagram can be more personalized for a specific customer by using his/ her place that person is residing and using their linguistic factors in the ADs according to the region where they live. This way it helps to connect to the customers from all the background and this increases the chances of the purchase.

Warm up, and start planning according to the region, customer’s language, place, habits likes etc. and start showcasing your potential advertisements to the customers.


At present, there are 6.7 million hashtags comments being used until now under the #blackfriday hashtag and it is expected to rise till the end of the holiday. To avoid your posts and advertisement from getting faded in the crowd in between all the post. It becomes crucial to have a great Black Friday Marketing strategy is mandatory with your customized hashtag.

black friday strategy

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A customized hashtag for black Friday will make your unique and stand out in the crowd and ask your customers and the followers to use this hashtag. While keeping all your attention centralized on Black Friday and the upcoming events. Hashtags play an important role in drawing you loyal customers and you also get a clarity about your customers.


The holiday season gives you more customers and produces you a lot of engagement in Instagram people before buying anything online believe in the updates of the Instagram. Create a lot of posts, and make the people engage to your page on the Instagram page this is one of the best Black Friday Instagram marketing tactics. Schedule everything beforehand and flood your social media site with Black Friday posts as soon as the holiday arrives.

instagram black friday strategy

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Maximize the posts per day and create more events to drag the attention of a lot more people and it will initially increase the followers. At the end of the holiday, you will find that your followers will increase so as your sales.


Have a killer and the stronger caption aways while including the call-to-action which was not so important earlier for the Instagram caption however it is considered to be the most important thing these days. There are different kinds of shoppers out there first one who shops a lot during the Black Friday and the other are those who may not even cross your shop fence or check your website before and will think a lot before making a purchase.

So, it is you who have to make sure that your posts convert these type and normal viewers to the customers and they buy things from you. The captions you mention on the image should be the strongest which will drive the more customers.

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The CTA that is present asks your customers to view all your products and shop the collection, then comment on the post and give them a promo code which the customers can use while checkout etc. All these little efforts will drive you a lot of customers for sure and increase your sales.


In the year 2017, a whopping 13 billion sales happened in the Black Friday day. So, you can even find out that your Instagram account may be flooded with a lot of comments and DM messages which may include a lot of things like people enquiring about a product, about any discount, any query etc. all these may be the possibilities that a customer may require a reply for.

black friday instagram marketing

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Make sure you and your team are fully ready with all the expected question and answers for it. Especially, when you are releasing your sale, discount, promo code in the Black Friday holiday time. If you will make the work of the customers easy and smooth then the possibility of the purchases will increase. People always liked to be answered quickly and in a polite manner which makes them feel good and 70% of the time they will make a purchase.


These are some of the major and important Instagram Black Friday marketing ideas, which not only fits in for the Black Friday it can be incorporated for all the holidays and festivals. Similarly, it can be incorporated for some other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc, these tactics are considered to be top tried methods to increase the sales and viewers and then convert them to the customers.

If facing any problem in incorporating these tactics feel free to contact us!

Have great and happy holidays!

5 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate on Instagram Stories

5 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate on Instagram Stories

If used properly, Instagram Story can be a powerful weapon in the advertising world, but if not, all your efforts can go down the drain with a single tap. It takes a user less than a second to tap on your story, which means, if you don’t get their attention instantaneously, your story and all the resources you’ve invested in it, will be pointless. Here are a few tips which will help reduce the bounce rate on Instagram stories.

The plus side of Stories is the possibility of getting a whole new audience, boosting your brand awareness, and ultimately improving your business. However, this might not be as easy as it sounds. It’s not like, you can just upload Stories or run Story Ads without any guidelines or, without much effort and expect great results.

Instagram Stories aren’t magical

Even so, Stories can work magic for your business, but only if done right. You can’t overdo it, but you can’t slack on it as well. There is a fine line which you have to delicately balance if you want people to really see your Story and to see it through till the end. Today, let’s see where exactly that line is.

Wordpress theme generator

Run Story Ads

The first thing here is to run Story Ads. Even though, you can simply use your business profile to upload Stories, ads are a great way to build a stronger follower base and drastically upgrade your business.

At first, Story Ads were reserved for huge brands like Nike, but have quickly become available to everyone who wants to run them. The reason why Story Ads are gaining such a huge popularity, is that News Feed and other digital channels have become polluted with a lot of clutter – an overdose of information that sometimes makes you miss things, without even realizing. On the other hand, advertisers are exceptionally slow in adopting Story Ads as a method of advertising, which means, more space, and the audience is left for you.

Furthermore, one-third of the most viewed Stories come from businesses and one in five Stories get a direct message from the viewer. If you top that off with a bit of creativity in your ads, you can engage people in new and interesting ways for as long as you can stay creative.

Add a Call-to-action

If you want your viewers to actually do something after watching your ad, you must add a call-to-action. Otherwise, they will be amazed but confused, left there wondering what was the point of it all and what they are expected to do next.
A call-to-action is supposed to direct your followers and it should tell them exactly what they need to do next, which is why it has to be clear and strong. There should be only one call-to-action, so your viewers won’t be confused. It should create a sense of urgency and even a fear of missing out on whatever it is that your business has to offer.

There is nothing more tempting than a limited period offer, an exclusive deal or a one-time opportunity, and by offering any of these in your ads, you can expect viewers to turn out to be visitors, and in many cases, even customers. Of course, you can’t place call-to-action anywhere you want. Even for your Instagram stories, you have to measure your metrics from other Social Media channels, and think about efficient content strategy and coordinate with your digital marketing strategy.

As one of the most powerful tools, you can use this in your Instagram Story Ads. call-to-action is a must if you want your ads to pay off.

Experiment With Video

Before choosing video as your ad format, you have to think about whether or not it is the best format for that particular idea. This is especially difficult to do right because there is not a single rule that dictates when you should use video, when you should use a carousel and when you should use a simple picture. One format is not necessarily better than the other, but for a specific case, a particular format might provide better results. As usual, you will have to test all of these options or read articles about making content mistakes to avoid making beginner’s mistakes.

A video is not necessarily better than pictures, but in some cases, it simply is a better way to go. to go. Videos can be much more creative than a single, still picture and you can engage your audience in better ways than pictures could ever do. You can fully express your creativity and find new ways to interact with viewers, with every single ad.

Videos in your ads are a great way to express your creativity and to show your viewers what your brand is all about. Even so, getting a video to work in your favor can be a tricky task, which is why there are professionals out there, specializing in this kind of work. You should always get a professional help, if you choose to do a video ad. So, before embarking on this endeavor, do your research, find helpful reviews or ranking lists, and simply choose from the listed agencies the one that you think will fit your business the most.

Interact With Your Audience

There is no better way of getting someone’s attention than to make them interact with your ad and what better way to make someone interact with your ad than to ask them for their opinion.
People love to share their opinions and they love to bask in the thought that their opinion matters. Moreover, you can use that to find out what your followers want, what kind of content they would like to see in the future, and even what they think about your brand.

By conducting polls through your Story Ads, you can make the viewers feel personally invested and you can steer your actions based on the answers they provide.

Usually, you can get better information if you let viewers pick between two options than if you simply ask a ‘yes-no’ question. You can always ask them if they going to be interested in the next theme of your stories, and announce to them about these.

Stay In Harmony With Brand’s Aesthetics

Your image is the most recognizable feature of your company, when it comes to your followers. They know your logo, they recognize your style and they can identify your product from afar. This means that they have to recognize your ad as well as connect the story to your brand seamlessly, and all this in a fraction of a second.

Not only does your Story Ad have to fit perfectly in your overall Instagram aesthetics, but it also has to fit in your overall company aesthetics, i.e. your image. For example, you can’t just polish and decorate the hell out of your ad, only because you’ve seen it work elsewhere and if that doesn’t look like you. Simply put, you have to adjust your ad to what your viewers are expecting to see from you. You can do that just by using colors of your brand in your stories, or the same font. For now, there are just a few fonts you can use in Instagram stories, but you can customize images that you want to upload before using Instagram. Use Adobe Illustrator or

Photoshop to polish your stories, and then add some gifs or pools to make them more interactive.
All in all, it’s all about keeping your audience engage by discover the fun and interactive ways to reach out to them. Even though a few are listed above, new ways of utilizing Instagram Story Ads are invented daily, which means that it’s just up to you and your creativity to make things work.

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Instagram Algorithms: How to use Instagram stories for business?

Instagram Algorithms: How to use Instagram stories for business?

Do you, want to create an Instagram Story to give a kick start or boost your business? Are you curious to know how Instagram Algorithms work?

Well! Here, you end up with a full guide which will help in every essential aspect for a successful Instagram Story for business. Now, the time has come for people to think about Instagram, and using Instagram stories for the purpose of business.

Instagram Stories are not just random stories developed for fun and adding creative stuff. These stories should be efficiently used for promoting a business brand, engaging people, grabbing their attention towards your brand. It is even helpful in impacting the sales for any e-commerce site.


This is one of the features offered by Instagram, in which people can upload images, videos, gifs etc., that appears as a slideshow. This slideshow disappears 24 hours after the images get posted. You can even say that the Instagram story is a brand new and authentic way of grabbing customer attention. There is no denying that the regular feed is also very good and amazing for creating wonderful and long-lasting or authentic posts.

Stories create a feeling of togetherness and intimacy, the reason why people love Instagram stories. They bring in enormous results while you have some events going on, or some business functions s coming up. Taking a video of your viewers or behind the scenes or about the brand or the event going on is always a great idea. Showing these behind the scenes sneak-peeks always help to connect with your audience. This attaches the feel of importance to them and they feel distinct and enjoy the sense of exclusivity. The audience also get a chance to know who you are as a person, in your personal lives, apart from on-screen and projected images.

Social media statistics

Why should we opt for Instagram stories to promote business?

This new feature of Instagram got updated last year in August. In fact, almost all the people using the Instagram, were shocked when they found this feature. How did Instagram efficiently copy it from SnapChat? This was the thought that first popped-up in everyone’s minds. Whereas, people were under the impression that it was just a trick to steal the market value of the SnapChat. Instagram made its presence felt in the market much more than the then prevailing SnapChat.

While looking at the above Statistic, we can sum up that Instagram is not just a copy of SnapChat. In fact, it is a much better version of SnapChat. This transient tool for posting photos, videos and gifs can be effectively used for any business purpose. It maintains the customer and brand relationship , ithout ruining the joy and enjoyment of people.

Instagram stories a wide opportunity that contains the themes and tools which never bore the people. The channels make it interesting both for business segment and the common users. It equally supports both the groups. You can use Instagram in myriad ways, for enjoyment, for its light-hearted content, or for any business purpose viz. branding of the business, e-commerce sales etc.. All this, and more, is being done with with the help of Instagram Stories.

How to use Instagram Story For Business?

You can get a lot of features in the Instagram story. These useful features, help compile your posts, and these enable you to generate the content in a hassle free manner in the editor. Not only, this you can upload the data that is present somewhere else too.

instagram story instagram story instagram story

Steps to use Instagram Story:

  • When you open your profile, click on the camera icon or the ‘+’ symbol present of the profile picture. It can be clearly seen, when seen in the option “Your Story”.
  • You just have to tap the ‘+’ symbol, it will directly take you to your gallery. From here, you can share photos, videos, gifs – anything you want to share. You only have to choose it from the list of your gallery.
  • It will even show an option of editing where you can choose different editing features.
  • Post editing, you can post your story but here also you will get two options, one is public, which means you can showcase it to all the people. The other option is the private mode, which means your story can be shared with only a limited number of people whom you have selected.

This is much different from the profile picture or the pictures that you upload. It doesn’t have the standard Instagram box, where you can post the stories which are vertically shot. But in this, you can store miscellaneous images, videos or photos, but the mandate is it should be having 1080 pixels width and 1920 pixels height.

After this, in March 2018, Instagram updated its version and released in the market. With the new upgrade, one could pinch the mobile screen and resize the photos, videos etc according to one’s choice.
Keeping aside posting of photos and videos, there are a lot many features present in the Instagram.

Extra features of Instagram

  • Typing Post: The posts that are typing based. While you can also give different backgrounds, that may be colourful or designed per your taste.
  • Boomerang: These are looping videos which last for 1 second.
  • Instagram Live: This is the live streaming on Instagram. It is the in-moment real-time streaming. Here, your viewers can comment on your posts instantaneously, when the streaming starts, and you can answer them in the videos. You can, later post the live stream as your story.
  • Hands-free recording: Without having to hold the record button, you can record the video hands-free.
  • Super Zoom: From far away ,you can zoom in easily on the focused object. There are various humourous filters which you can use like Paparazzi or Suprise.
  • Focus: You can find one of the most required filters that is Portrait. Using this, you can take the picture in which the main picture gets focused and the rest of the picture stands blurred out. The subject focuses only on your face and nothing else.
  • Rewind: This means playing everything in a backward motion.
Tools for Instagram content

Using these all options is very helpful in creating content that is not only catchy, but adds to the fun. There are some tools available on the online platform like Canva which helps in creating these wonderful cards for different social media platforms.

Canva Social Media templates

Source: Canva

There are a plethora of ready made templates to choose from. All you have to do is select a template of your choice and edit at your end. After editing, you can post it on Instagram. This serves as an introduction, or call to action or acts as a single slide in the story. All these features make the viewer feel exclusive and special. They look and feel unique.

You can wear your thinking hat and get as creative as you want in the Instagram Stories. You can even experiment a lot of things by using all these creative ideas in the Instagram story and bring life to your Instagram Campaign. Combine all the texts, pictures, videos, boomerang, doodles etc to attract people’s attention.

How do the Instagram Algorithm works?

Instagram had a huge hype during the early years of its release and during the Instagram story upgrading. After this, the hype of Instagram gradually decreased. The exposure, even in the Instagram Field has been decreasing. Statistics now say that only 10% of the people show interest in brand promotion using Instagram stories.

This condition is very frustrating as people are keen on viewing the posts uploaded by their family, friends, loved ones, celebrities etc. This badly impacts on the Business people, as their aim is to reach a lot of people. Just because of the reducing exposure, the business people are getting badly impacted.

As we all know on Instagram, the algorithm basically depends on engagement and we get that from the Likes, Shares, Comments, Direct Message, posting different things like Videos, pictures, Gifs etc. All those ways which help in interacting with the people and engaging the people on your Instagram page.

When the news of the New Instagram Algorithm came up, it said:

Order of the Videos and the photos in the Instagram Profile will depend on your likelihood. Like the interesting option will come up first. It will also check the connection with the person and the timeline of the post.

Below are some of the tips and tricks that will help in engaging people in the Instagram story.


Posting Instagram stories is one way of engaging and grabbing the attention of people. Instagram Stories have dominated the 2018 digital strategy and has become a crucial part in a successful Instagram campaign building. It has more than 300 Million active users in Instagram and looks for good Instagram Story which is twice as popular as snapchat.

This Instagram Algorithm keeps changing with the time and creates an impact on user engagement. Whereas, a number of users spend their time on Instagram Stories, not checking the feeds. The algorithm checks all the details present in your account -all the interactions, Instagram stories, messages sent etc.

More the people interact with your Instagram stories, the more frequently the feeds will show up on the user’s profile.

At times, the Instagram Algorithm even rewards you for interacting with more number of people. Not only is it good to note that the posts with higher engagement get priority in Instagram, but also the fact that It checks everything and can even restrict the users based on their engagement with the people.

Year by year, the number people getting engaged in Instagram is increasing and it becomes very important for the businesses to stay on the top. Especially in the first hour of posting, it reaches the people, else the post visibility may gradually decrease.


Know the best time to post things, because that is when you will have a huge crowd on the platform. To overcome these things, there are a lot of tools available which will help you in the Instagram Marketing Campaign like iFluenz, Instabrand, AspireIQ


Source: Instabrand


Source: AspireIQ


Source: iFluenz

All these tools calculate the time and select the best time when the users are online. These indicate the right time to post something on the social media. These tools are very helpful.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram also checks the time that a user takes to interact with the people. Else, we can say, it calculates the time taken by the marketers to interact with the users. It determines the popularity of a brand by checking the time spent by a user in viewing a post.


Having a great and attractive Instagram caption is what makes the people stay in your post and help you beat the Instagram Algorithm. If the cation that you give is more engaging, then there is a 100% chance that people will click on the more option.

That extra second which people spend on your post has the potential to break or make your Instagram Campaign successful, so it is always recommended to spend time on making of the Caption. The above-mentioned tools will also help in writing captions.

My suggestion is to use the human brain because it is more creative. Write the caption for the post. You can even write the captions manually before posting anything as it will save you time.

Instead of opting for Caption, you can even go for the Videos because people find it more interactive and connecting. And people spend a lot of time watching a Video.

Instagram Algorithm rates you on the basis of Hashtags used. This is important, because the hashtags play a crucial role in improving the people engagement. The Instagram algorithm always bears in mind the hashtag and gives more relevance to the hashtags.

Recently, Instagram has removed the hashtags following. Instead, it came up with another aspect in which,

People can mark your content or the hashtags that they don’t want to see in future. They will have an option that they can opt which says “Don’t show for this Hashtags”.

All this throws a challenge to the marketers and makes the work difficult. So, this indicates that the Instagram marketing should be carefully done.


People caption more hashtags then just giving normal sentences. The tools mentioned above makes it easier for you. As it adds the Instagram posts all by itself and you just ave to add the scheduled Instagram post. Rest everything is taken care of by the bot. There are a lot of templates available with mostly used hashtags. Just select the hashtag that suit your content and post it.

Instagram campaign


These are the effective hashtags that should be according to the campaign you are running. We can even consider another example given below:

instgram campaign


The hashtags should vary according to the campaigns used. Instagram rules keep on changing and the main aim of it is to improve the engagement for a certain post. Whereas, the Instagram Algorithm is present to check such things only.

Now Instagram is considering putting an end to the automated messages like the “Nice Pic” “great” “Very good” etc. All these feed come from an automated bot.

7 Crucial Social Media Metrics to Monitor to Grow Your Business

7 Crucial Social Media Metrics to Monitor to Grow Your Business

n recent years, the hype around social media has been growing tremendously, be it in businesses of all sizes and in all industries. It has become vital for all the brands to leave their trail in the online chatter of these numerous networks, and they have devoted entire strategies in doing so. After all, this is precisely where your customers are, where they browse, get chatty with brands, as well as friends.

Spread the word about awesome products, and make buying decisions easier for your valued customers. Social Media Metrics plays a crucial role in the present businesses.

As a result, brands do their best to make some authentic noise, and keep their followers interested and glued, with fun content, unique language, and brilliant imagery. Of late, video content on social media is in the form of live-streaming, as well as short animations, such as gifs have become an even more popular form of content that most audiences love. So, brands do deliver.

However, many businesses fail to look at the results of their efforts from a critical perspective. They invest a lot of time, resources, funds and expertise in crafting ingenious strategies, but sadly, fail to follow up with the response. In the current era, an equal portion of a successful social media strategy, requires every brand to keep track of their results on social media and react to them in such a way so as to focus on continuous improvement. This is to keep pace with the ongoing market trends. Social networks are almost infinite sources of useful data, and it’s up to you to make the most of it to dazzle your followers and turn them into loyal customers.

social media image

The number and growth rate of your followers

There’s no such thing as having too many followers, so naturally, brands aim to attract more of them each day. They create new posts and do their best to entice a lively conversation. However, earning these followers is often a result of years of reputation-building, that is not solely dependent on your social media tactics. Hence, the need to keep an eye on the rate of your follower growth is imperative.

The first number, your overall follower base, that is, shows the potential reach you have since they combined with their own pool of followers, is within your grasp. The second number, or how consistently your audience grows, shows how engaging your social efforts are, and in which instances you’ve earned more followers. This is for you to make more similar posts in the future.

Cross-referencing across your channels, whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or a different mix, is crucial, to check which of your followers are simply discovering you – one network at a time. Also, which ones are actually the new members – this will give you a chance to push for more followers in each different segment you find, to have better success rates.

The engagement rate for your posts

How often do your posts receive likes, retweets, shares in other forms, comments, and emotional reactions? Although it feels impossible to track every single post you publish, you can use a wide range of tools on each of these networks, dedicated to monitoring your engagement levels.

If your audience prefers video content, you’ll see a spike in engagement, every time you post something appealing in this format. Given that, you time your publishing schedule well and use the right type of content. Make sure to always sift through your posts, even if you discover that your audience prefers one or two formats. Keep your efforts diverse, try to translate the quality, the look and the feel of those most engaged posts to other formats, to elicit a similar reaction.

social media picture

Your influencer relationships

Who do your followers look up to when they make decisions related to your industry? For those interested in fitness, just the names Kayla Itsines or Michelle Lewin, ring the bell. They are the key source of inspiration for health and fitness for these folks. While not every brand is able to aim that high on the list of popular influencers, there are literally hundreds of micro-influencers who can deliver the same results to a smaller company.

Always know who your go-to people are. They are not just there to expand your follower base, but they are the key to building a strong reputation, and a name that will stand for well-defined values. That is why, it’s crucial to find the right match and build long-term relationships with them through content and collaboration, your audience will appreciate.

Brand mentions

Those who merely follow your brand without having any type of engagement with you may not be convinced yet about your product or service. Those who engage, in a positive or negative manner, are most likely well-acquainted with your brand, and they are the ones who might actually feel free enough to start their own conversations regarding your brand. This is especially relevant when you wish to see how well your competitors are doing, compared to you, and if a certain campaign is delivering the expected results.

Understanding the emotional context in which your brand appears by including social mention monitoring into your marketing strategy will allow you to reshape your brand perception and build greater brand awareness. Whether you’re pushing a new product line into the market or trying to start a contest to grow your audience, tracking your brand’s mentions will show how well you are truly doing it and which of your efforts are making the greatest difference.

Conversion rates

social media tree image

Every marketer’s favourite metric is the one that shows to what extent all your social media efforts are indeed paying off, literally. Of course, you want your followers to love you, but only when most of that love gets translated into actual purchases. Then you are actually turning a profit from all those hours, thinking up new tweets and delivering stunning Insta-perfect photos.
Now that many social networks actually allow brands to sell through their platforms, they no longer exist merely for creating influence or gently “nudging” their audience to visit their websites. On the contrary, features such as the Instagram Shopping feature which went live earlier this year, have made it possible for brands to sell directly through social media and redirect to their websites. Now, you can measure how many of those selling posts are delivering result, which ones have high click-through rates, and how you can bring more content, that will inspire that level of interest.

Organic and paid reach

Even though social networks update their algorithms to better serve their purpose, you can still see results from the organic reach efforts, and tailor your paid efforts to improve your overall reach. That said, having a massive following on social media doesn’t guarantee that your posts will have an equally impressive reach. This is precisely why you need to structure your efforts carefully to meet this goal.

You’ll see industry examples of people, as well as companies, that manage to reach a large chunk of their audience with a single organic post, but there is so much more than that meets the eye. From timing your post perfectly to crafting exactly what your followers crave for, all the way to choosing the right social platform for such an event – all of this play into the equation.

That’s why some of your posts will outshine others. You need to check the numbers to see which of your publishing content reaches the greatest portion of your audience – whether it’s through paid ads or through organic ads.

Return on investment

In order to have a comprehensive social media strategy put into action, most brands need to invest not just money, but a significant portion of their time and creative energy. It takes expertise to understand the fluctuating market, the changing needs of your audience, the upcoming social media trends, and all the finesse of excelling on these platforms.
That’s why most companies hire at least one dedicated social media manager, although most companies have entire teams at their disposal. Then, there are photographers because you can only use so many stock photos, and the SEO experts who know which keywords will be essential for your business. How many of those investments truly deliver a return you’ll feel and which will allow your business to grow?
You can rely on many analytical tools to give a deeper insight into how far you’ve come with your goals. After seeing these numbers and how they affect your social presence, you can apply a more fine-tuned approach, focus on the key profit-drivers, and create posts that will help you see these numbers grow.

How brands have been leveraging Love Island’s trend!

How brands have been leveraging Love Island’s trend!

What is Love Island?

Love island is a game show hosted by Caroline Flack in which good-looking young singles come and try out their summer love luck in the show. The winning couple would be winning 50,000 pounds. The whole show revolves around the love interests and how they react to a certain situation. The best part about this show is the moment where people try out their lucks with the other.

How the show has been trending since its inception: 

This is the 4th season for the show and this season was able to record the highest growth in the audience than ever. The show is trending everywhere. Especially in the UK and Australia, the response it has been getting is beyond imagination. The best part about this show is the moment where people try out their lucks with the other.

Let’s look at the statistics on how trending this issue has been over the past 3 years in the UK which will tell you why you hear about this show a lot.

love island

Source: Google Trends

You can clearly see here the way the trend has been increasing. In this year, the trend has been more than it ever has been.

Let me give you a few statistics that might just blow your mind:

The reality show has had about 72.2m Facebook impressions
-It’s had around 22m Facebook video views
-A whopping 30m Twitter impressions and 6.5m Twitter video views
-It’s had a 13m Instagram video views

This is quite enough to claim this show to be the biggest one in the history for the 16-29 age group.

How has love island been able to attract such a huge audience?

Love island has its own way of attracting the audience towards it. Although the show is undoubtedly addictive and interesting, but not very interesting TV series has been able to make it through in the long run. What exactly has been Love Island doing to fill this marketing gap that all shows have been having? Well, it’s easy. It’s just the brand engagements and being active on social media. Yes, that’s enough to get this show such a huge attention.

The channel in which the show is being hosted has been making some continuous efforts in order to popularise the show. It has been making sure that it’s responding to a number of tweets or other social media engagements to spread the popularity. It’s always a big deal when a popular channel replies to your tweet. Isn’t it? That’s how the channel has been able to carry the weight of marketing the show.

Which age group is influenced by this the most?

facebook audience

Source: The AdStage Blog

As per the statistics, the show has already has seen a 78% growth in 16-34 age viewers. It’s been said that this show has the highest of an audience in that particular age group. It doesn’t mean that the other age groups don’t enjoy the show. But, the ones in this age group find it more appealing than the others.


Well as you all know this is the age group most of the youngsters imagine about their love lives or relationships too. That’s one reason. The other reason being that the people on the show are of the same age too. They share the same kind of mindset and would relate a lot to them. Though most of the people pretend not to watch the show if you peek down into their history, you’ll know that they’re the ones addicted to it. Well, it’s common for every person to know what’s happening in someone else’s life but no one wants to say it out loud is all.

How it’s paving way for the Influencer Marketers?

Well, it’s no wonder that once these participants come out of the show, they’d realise that they are already a celebrity. Imagine the kind of response they’re going to get. A few of these participants already have more than a million followers. You can check the Instagram of Dani Dyer and see how she’s been able to get 1.8m followers while still in the show. Here’s how you can use social media to promote your own product.

Dani Dyer is one of the participants, while even the rest of the contestants have been getting a great response, still, hers seems to be the most happening account out of all. This is the best way of getting plenty of followers. Let’s see how it might help them in the future.

The best way to leverage your followers is by the Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing is a way in which the Instagram celebrities tend to promote various products online. As a return from this promotion, they are paid heftily. though they aren’t paid as much as the actual Hollywood celebrities, still they get a great amount for promoting it on the social media.

How have different brands been leveraging this trend?


Missguided is an online retail store concentrating upon the apparels for ladies. This online platform has apparels for the ladies of the ages of 16 to 35 years. This is one store that has been having a great season. Since the start of the show for 2018, Missguided’s revenue has reached new heights. There has been about a 40% hike in the sales while the show is airing live. Well, how do they do this? How’s it even possible just for Missguided to be able to reach such a stage? Let me tell you. Meanwhile, you can also learn how a few websites use your emotions for your sales.

Missguided has been calling in every opportunity by cloning the outfits displayed on the show within a week. Yes, within a week. They have been able to make all the lady’s apparels displayed on the show available for the fans. This lead to a high purchase of the similar or cloned apparels. Here’s how Missguided has been taking this trend as an advantage.


Image result for samsung

Source: Wikipedia

Samsung is one another brand that has been leveraging their opportunity to make their brand as famous as possible. They’ve been taking every opportunity to make themselves happening too. There’s a part of the show where the participants are supposed to take selfies. While in the process, the camera is turned in such a way that the brand clearly appears on the screen. This is like a great brand promotion from the people while taking selfies on the show.

This trick has probably gone a long way in showing that Samsung has been one of the sponsors of the show as well. That’s how they’re keeping their brand engaged and trending.


Kellogg’s is another brand that has been taking advantage of the show’s trend. The show’s viewership made Kellogg’s to come out and market its own product in its own way. Kellogg’s offered to gift three tickets to the Love Island and the lucky ones are going to win this.

Although not everyone could take advantage of this for all those fans who don’t want to miss an opportunity to appear on this trending show, this might be the best bet they’ve got. They can participate and try their luck out.


Image result for superdrug

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Superdrug is one more brand that has been gathering people’s attention. Wonder how? Try and notice all those Beauty products set behind these contestants. The brand has apparently been sponsoring the health as well as the beauty products for the contestants.

Using this as their USP, Superdrug has been grabbing a lot of attention even though if it’s not the way they expected it to be all the time. People have also started trolling Superdrug for subtly placing their products behind the contestants. The camera is well placed in such a way that the product looks quite well on the screen. This is an indirect way of marketing. Here’s how Superdrug brand has been taking advantage of the series.

Where can I watch?

If you’d like to catch up too, you can watch this addictive show on ITV2


It always needs a great deal of foreseeing and good observation of where your brand could take off. All these brands have been able to leverage their way into this trendy show. The opportunities as such shouldn’t be taken for granted if you want your product to be established in the respective market!

Best ways to conduct successful Instagram contests

Best ways to conduct successful Instagram contests

You must have come across many contests while on Instagram or any other social media for that matter. If you want to know how well the contests gain a reach, then you can compare with the other posts on that page and I bet at least in 90% of such cases, contest posts would have the maximum likes and shares. That’s the power of conducting contests.  That’s not it, people would not only participate in the contests but they’ll start following up as well, to make sure they are well updated about the contests coming up.

How should I increase my reach?

The best way to increase your reach is by conducting the contests that attract people and make them put some efforts. When you ask the viewers the right way, they not just participate, but also tend to share or comment. These shares or comments are seen by the other people on their friend list and they decide to hop in as well. This eventually reaches the other guy’s friend list and the story goes on. This way the total number of participants increases to a great number. Let’s look at a few of the factors that affect the kind of influence a contest can have on participants.


A representation of the contest is always the first and foremost thing one needs to take care of, before posting it on social media. Other posts or texts can be edited after posting but these are something not to be messed with. The choice of words is important as well as, if there are any grammatical or sentence forming errors, it might lead to some other meaning which would eventually land you in trouble. So make sure that the sentences are written well and has no other meaning to it. Make sure you avoid any vaguely written lines and be right on point.


Hashtags are another way you can increase your visibility throughout the social media platform. These days audience don’t have the time to go to the page and search for the competition again. They rather just prefer going with the hashtags. This not only shows the contest details, but also about the different participants who have shared the same. This way the whole contestants could get under one roof. The comments are passed and posts are liked which eventually increases the reach to a great amount.

Multiple social media:

Once you’re done representing the right way and putting all the required hashtags, now it’s time to share them on multiple social media platforms. There might be people who encounter the same post on one channel but not the other. This way people from multiple platforms can come together under one roof using the hashtags or the provided links and participate in the contests. The likes that are visible to their respective friends, prompts even those people to go ahead and participate.

Get it promoted by other pages with the same field:

Good connections are always a cherry on a cake when in need. So, if you have connections with other Instagram pages with some good amount of followers, operating in the same field, they might help you get a lot of attention from a different set of people. That’s like a lot of increase in traffic. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy some free rewards?

One another thing you need to remember is the action of reciprocation. When you reward someone with something for almost nothing, they get a sense that they owe you something, so when there’s an opportunity to give back to you, they’d gladly take it if they think you can help them. This is how most of the conversions are done on a small scale.

Follow Up:

Once you’re done writing and sharing, keep following the posts to make sure you track the kind of response you get. Reply to all of the comments and keep putting up stories about the same so people who missed to look at it could get a clear picture of it again. Don’t post the stories too often, to an extent that it annoys the viewers. As there’s a high chance that people might unfollow you. Keep it simple, short and precise so people would enjoy some of these as a reminder.

Analyze all the stages:

Learning is the most important stage of any business. The more you learn from experience, the better way you deal with the next contests to be held. Know your strengths, analyze which procedure was the best. Learn which social media platform earned you the most audience. Read the comments and understand all the mistakes you’ve made so far and try to avoid them in your next.

Announce the winner:

Don’t forget to post the winner details on your page. That way, they can show what they’ve won and how lucky they are to get the reward. This not only increases the enthusiasm in other users in that person’s acquaintances, but also helps you in the increase in your traffic. Make sure that the reward is good enough to be publicized. That shows what kind of a good offer they’ve missed. This makes them not want to miss such opportunities ever again.

Why should I host these contests:

If you’re still not convinced with why you should conduct these contests, let me brief you with this a little. The contests you host has the most possibility than any other way to get a good audience. People would start visiting your page often. Once they are used to it, even the most of negligent viewer would follow you. That’s the power of contests in attracting the human attention.

Free gifts with little or no effort are always welcomed by anyone. Be it a rich guy or a poor. Free things are always precious. This give away technique might seem to be costly but just think it this way. Rather than spending millions on advertisements, why don’t we just spend a few bucks on contests and get half the traffic? The advertisement followers might refuse to follow on Instagram. But the contest participants are very likely to follow you for further contests.