Visakhapatnam or shortly called Vizag is known as “The City of Destiny.” It is a wonderful city residing beside the coast of the sea “The Bay of Bengal.” So, it is one of the primary active ports of India. After the division of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the year, 2014 Vizag has become one of the major hubs for industries, companies, software services, and sarkari naukari’s.

A lot of companies want to establish their firms in Vizag which will automatically create a lot of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers. As, it has one of the most active port, easy for road transportation and rail transportation making the city best for any company to set up its branch.

There are a lot of companies irrespective of which sector they are, who are interested in establishing their branches in Visakhapatnam due to its excellent connectivity, cosmopolitan city status. After division, everyone is mainly aiming to Vizag whether it’s the jobseekers or the job providing companies.

More than 100 companies have been established in Visakhapatnam. Here, more than half are the IT companies, and other companies include ITES, mechanical, chemical, government jobs, naval services etc. All these create a lot of opportunities for jobs in Visakhapatnam for fresher and jobs for experienced both irrespective of what is their qualification.

What are the software jobs in Vizag for freshers?

There are new ventures coming up in Vizag will create a total of 5000 jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers and jobs for experienced both. On the other hand, one of the most renowned investment banks Franklin Templeton has recently started a branch in Vizag in Fintech tower with an investment of Rs 450 crore. A tremendous and high-ended job in Visakhapatnam for freshers and jobs for experienced will be available for more than 2500 people.

Jobs fro freshers in visakhapatnam

The IT companies like Wipro SEZ, jobs in tech Mahindra Vizag, Miracle, Cyient, Softscripts, Symbiosis, Conduent already have their branches in Vizag. While providing a lot of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers. Nevertheless, people are very eager to get jobs in Tech Mahindra Vizag, Symbiosis company in Vizag.

Not only these big and renowned companies even there are a lot of startups companies who do big and great in their field. These are no way less than the big companies which also add up to jobs in Vizag. Whereas, companies like Amzur, Digipub Apex, ID Analytics, Avya Inventrax, Clove Technologies etc. All have come up very successfully and are creating more than 1000 opportunities for jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers in the software field.

What are new software companies coming to Vizag?

Vizag is like a brand name these days; it is so famous that the companies like Conduent a $6 billion US company has set upped its branch here. Not only Conduent, but even ANSR consulting of Lalit Ahuja has also been set up in the Fintech Valley Vizag and invested a total of Rs 1000 crore with MoUs. So that they can build all the facilities required for their companies on the 10 acres of land allotted to them.

One of the most critical and significant projects started by the Government of Andhra Pradesh that is the constructed as Millennium Towers in Rushikonda Vizag, This towers would be a sea facing tower and will create a lot of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers. However, the building would be a 2,00,000 sq. ft. of built-up space and 1,50,000 sq. ft for the parking area. The tower would be a cyclone resistant and build up with all the smart security systems. This tower moreover promotes startup companies and technological, financial companies.

software jobs in Vizag

All the software companies using technologies which are new, cloud computing services, cybersecurity, digital marketing, IoT based companies are preferred more. Companies like this require fresh mind and skilled persons to work with them which will ultimately create a massive amount of jobs vacancies for freshers in Visakhapatnam and as well as for experienced. For sure will generate more 2000 local job opportunities.

These all companies and even the Government of Andhra Pradesh is giving importance to Cloud computing services, Blockchain courses, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. As these are those technologies which help a city to become even smarter and increase the technological value of the town and helps the city to grow more. Knowing all these services will help any person grab the job in IT sector.

Opportunities for Digital marketing in Visakhapatnam

Eventually, the Local Digital marketing companies are emerging a lot in Vizag. Digital marketing or Online marketing basically means marketing your business or company on the digital platform. Mainly on the internet or in the online media, which reaches a lot of people through online media like mobile phones, tablets, laptops through social platforms and all. Eventually, this grabs the attention of a lot of people to your online campaigns.

There are a lot of companies on this platform like Softscripts, Macs of Technologies, Rinix web, Core Logic Technologies etc. Which provide good services and hire a good amount of people in their company having fine knowledge in digital marketing.

What are the job opportunities in other sectors?

Other than Software and digital marketing jobs in Visakhapatnam there are other jobs according to your profiles. Below we mention all the sectors and the job opportunities in this:

Part-time jobs in Vizag

As being one of the smart cities of India, Visakhapatnam is taken over by digitalization. So, there is an increase in part-time bpo jobs in Vizag. Which is giving a lot of job opportunity for everyone but basically to students who manage their studies and work simultaneously!

There are hundreds of job vacancies in Vizag for the people who want to do part-time jobs in Vizag. This jobs primarily includes part-time bpo jobs in Vizag, jobs as a data analyst, or jobs in data entry, part-time jobs in BPOs, etc., home base online jobs of Data entry, etc.

Other than IT sector, there are a lot of job opportunities in other industries like ITES BPO, civil, mechanical industries, the pharmaceutical company, and most importantly Government jobs etc. There are a lot of companies present in Vizag which creates employment for a large number of people. As being one of the smart cities in India, it is very much important for a city to be sustainable, connected and should have jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers for all.

Jobs in Government sectors in Vizag

Government Jobs or Sarkari Naukri’s are something which maximum Indian want to have. Sarkari Naukri’s or Jobs in Government sector don’t only give jobs to mechanical or electrical background people there are jobs in Government for everyone who is a high school passed out. Indian Railway has recently released a lot of posts and vacancies to fill in Railways and qualification they require is 10th pass or ITI or equivalent educational qualification. Recently, the RRB Group D results also got released, providing job opportunities to a lot of people.

Similarly, BHEL has launched a lot of jobs for engineers, jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers etc. It has launched a lot of posts in thousands in every sector. Starting from different positions that include: medical professionals with qualification MBBS. Digging deep there are different posts as trainee engineers with a Bachelor’s in mechanical or electrical; vacancies are there for trade apprentices having SSC as the qualification. Sarkari Naukri or Government jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers only require qualification of 10th (SSC) or ITI or equivalent qualification.

In the same way, the Vizag steel plant has also launched a recruitment process for different posts in every sector. Starting from some jobs as HR and Marketing with qualification as an MBA. Then a few posts as trainee engineers with a Bachelor’s in mechanical, metallurgy, and electrical, there are vacancies for junior trainees with a qualification of SSC and ITI. Vacancies in field assistant trainee with a skill of only 10th/ SSC, and hundred’s of jobs are there for the post of junior trainees. While with some posts in mechanical, some posts in electrical, and some posts in metallurgy and having a mandatory qualification of 10th/ SSC + ITI/ Diploma.

Jobs in Vizag Naval Dock

Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam has declared recruiting for different departments in port starting from computer fitter, to engine fitter, to machinist etc. and having a qualification on 10th/SSC only. These are only some jobs in Government industries in Vizag instead there are a lot of Government industries in Vizag like SAIL, NARL, HSL, APFD etc. Whose job qualification starts from 10th/SSC passed.

naval dock jobs in Visakhapatnam

There are a lot of industries set upped in Vizag by due to the easy access to Visakhapatnam port. Nevertheless, there are a lot of Government established companies in Vizag who have a huge requirement for mechanical, electrical sectors in the industry. The industries like Vizag steel plant, BHEL, NTPC, NMDC, Jindal Steel and Power, Indian Railways etc.

Every year they have a job vacancy for mechanical and electrical people. This creates a lot of job vacancies not only for graduates but also for people who did a Diploma with the same background. These job vacancies are very high, and industries require a lot of people creating excellent job opportunities for anyone. Not only in the government sector there are a lot of companies in private who have job vacancies in the mechanical and electrical background for graduates and diploma holders. The jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers and jobs for experienced have been increasing day by day in Visakhapatnam.

Jobs in Banking sectors

In Visakhapatnam, a lot of Government and private banks have been established which is helping in creating a lot of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers and jobs for experienced. Recently the banks like SBI bank has released job vacancies for the post of Cadre officers with the qualification of MBA, CA, LLB. HDFC bank has released vacancies in multi-position with graduation as the highest qualification required.

bank jobs in Vizag

Andhra Grameena Bank has released positions for Office attendants with 8th as the highest qualification. Vijaya Bank has launched vacancies for the post of managers and clerks. There are posts for managers with a requirement of CA, LLB or any equivalent graduation and few posts for clerks with a skill of 12th. Similarly, there are a lot of banks and a lot of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers in the banking sector.

As Vizag has become one of the biggest hubs for the companies a lot of people are shifting here. So the demand for places, companies, houses, educational buildings etc. are also increasing. However, all this has created a massive leap in the requirement of people in construction or civil business! There is a huge requirement of people from civil or construction background.

Jobs for the Civil engineers

The companies like Larsen and Toubro Ltd, Indiabulls Pvt. Ltd, Navayuga Engineering Co. Ltd., KSR Developers Pvt. Ltd. etc. are some of the companies who are among the leading construction companies in Vizag. There are more than 100 construction companies in Vizag. Jobs for the Civil people are more than that and this is the major place for any civil graduate to get jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers.

Larsen and Toubro Ltd. have released some vacancies for different posts for the senior engineer, assistant manager, construction manager etc. All have the qualification of Bachelors of Civil engineering and Architecture. Jobs in civil for freshers and jobs for experienced are huge in number if people want to get into their core field.

Jobs in Vizag for Pharmaceutical companies

Another most important industry that has been booming like anything in Vizag is the Pharmaceutical companies. The renowned companies like Lupin, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., Cipla Ltd., Dr. Reddy’s Lab. All these are some of the best Pharmaceutical companies established in Visakhapatnam, which create a lot of jobs in Vizag.

They create a lot of employment and jobs in Vizag for freshers and jobs in Vizag for experienced. There are fresh recruitments going on in Aurobindo Pharma having vacancies for different posts like in IPQA activities, QA activities, Process feasibility etc. Initially, there are also vacancies for different posts in Cipla Ltd. with graduation as the qualification. Companies like these have more 15,000 employees and they go on recruiting more and search for more fresh minds.

Part-time BPO jobs in Vizag

While there are a lot of companies for the people who want part-time bpo jobs in Vizag. Most of the BPO jobs in Vizag doesn’t require graduation as the qualification they only need high school studies as the highest qualification. The companies like Concentrix, Patra India Pvt. Ltd., WNS Global Services, Venture Offshore Infomatrix Pvt. Ltd. so on. These are some of the companies who check your knowledge and language, not your qualification. Concentrix Vizag is expanding its business and is targeting to hire a lot more than a thousand employees they are providing jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers and jobs for experienced both. These companies hire people in a bulk and provide jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers quite often.


Above all these, you can find any kind of jobs in Visakhapatnam for freshers, starting from job for accountants, to jobs in teaching, to jobs like data entry, to jobs as a trainer, to job in software. You can find any type of jobs in Vizag. But you should be careful from the people who assure you to give jobs instead take money from you and provide you with nothing and leave you in the middle of nowhere.

There are a lot of consultancy services in Vizag who promise to give you job take money in return and will never turn up to you. So, you have to be very careful with these kinds of people. Vizag is considered as one of the fastest growing city in India. That has all the facilities that a common man require that in an updated and trending way.

This has attracted a lot of companies to establish their company branches over here. Which is creating hype in the market in creating job opportunities to people in every sector irrespective of what their qualification is. Migrating to this city in the searches has been increasing year by year. This created a great advantage for people as well the companies.