Nowadays we can see that all the companies are moving more and more towards the Cloud. And are moving from traditional software services to the modern trending internet services which have been advancing since last 10 years. In the coming future, we can expect it to be advancing more and be being collaborative everywhere, that too through the mobile phones.

Before the cloud, the services were very expensive and costly and moreover, the traditional services were very difficult and complicated. It consumes a lot of time and requires a full group of experts working for hours to get the result, as well as this process of installing, configuring, running and updating it from time to time, is very much daunting and difficult.

And if this happens for every app the companies designs with the very good and experienced group of people then and doesn’t get the desired goals in the first click that too in the big companies then there the small companies or the startups can’t even stand in front of them.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an exemplar of Information Technology (IT) through which gives easy access to configurable system resources which are shared pools and the most difficult services which can be done and furnished rapidly and easily, on the internet. It basically means providing services through web-based tools and applications, that are retrieved from the internet. This a very safe and secure process to keep your files safe in the remote database rather than storing in hardware or local storage device. The software program and data will run until there is the connection to the web in the electronic device.

The name is given so because the accessed data and information are found in a CLOUD and the user should not necessarily be present in the certain place to access it. The makes the job of every employee very easy because employees can work remotely. Cloud services are nowadays used by every company which helps in creating the flexible platform for their employees to work as they can work from anywhere and can store their files and application remotely and accesses it whenever they require using the internet.

How is it Cloud Computing a better option?

  • Cloud computing is the best option as it is very much use because you will get rid of all those headaches of storing the files, and managing the hardware and software part because it will be initially handled by the Cloud Computing service providing companies.
  • It is a very cost-effective you can save a ton of bucks from this service. Because you have to pay for those which resources you use the inefficiencies and unused capacities expenses can be avoided. The regular updates would be done automatically and be scaling up and down is easy.
  • Cloud-based apps and software are very easy to use and deal with. As it starts working in days or weeks after you develop an app. You have to just open it in the browser, log in, and then customize or personalize it and start using it as your own.
  • Using the Cloud you can create any type of app for any type of businesses like the services for CRM or customer relationship manager, HR, accounting and a lot more. Most of the companies nowadays have moved towards Cloud computing than following the old traditional methods as the cloud computing services are more stable, reliable and secure in every aspect.
  • The cloud computing services are very much scalable. Because it uses as many resources as required it automatically checks when there is a requirement of higher resources and when fewer resources are required it always matches the demand.
  • It is very important to check which is cloud product and which is not. Because as every company out there is turning up to cloud computing the left out products which are not of cloud computing. Companies are there who sell these by saying these as the cloud products. So you should be careful with these kinds of companies.

What are the different types of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is comprising three different types of services in it. It comprises a lot of things in it, it’s not a single piece of work like a microchip or cell phone.

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): infrastructure is basically a method while having an access to the IP address based connectivity everything can be delivered easily from the operating systems to the server and storage as being a part of on-demand service. Clients can easily access it and can ignore those buying of costly software and servers, instead, you can get these resources on-demand in an outsourced.
  • Software as a service (SaaS): SaaS provides the software application to customers that are licensed. The license can be provided on demand or through pay-as-you-go. And according to the surveys we can say in the near future there would an increase of 59% in SaaS type of the cloud services and this is the best time to invest in it.
  • Platform as a service (PaaS): The PaaS services are increasing a lot year by year. It is the most complicated one from all the three cloud computing types but these services are similar to that of SaaS. The only one important difference between them is that SaaS provides the software application to customers online whereas PaaS is the platform where the software is made.

Benefits of cloud computing

  • ADAPTABLE: it allows customized and adaptable programs and applications which allows the customers to have all the control in their hands.
  • SECURE: as the security and centralization of data are increased, cloud computing can give a more secure environment.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: the traditional methods are always time-consuming, like the hardware setup, software patching and other management things which takes a lot of racking and stacking at the datacenters. While using cloud computing it eliminates all those difficult stuff to do and decreases the time-consumption.
  • PERFORMANCE: for any company providing cloud computing services should always try to maintain their performance high and should always upgrade themselves with new latest and fastest version of hardware and which should be highly efficient.
  • RELIABLE: backup data, disaster recovery, business continuity becomes very easy and cost effective with cloud computing services and be seen in multiple sites of the cloud computing service provider.

Why are the cloud computing services increasing?

Internet bandwidth is one of the biggest obstruction to cloud computing. Everyone needs a type of internet which is wireless but is very fast and rushing like the wired one in the home or office. And we finally reached there where there 3g and 4g technologies with high-speed internet that too wireless. With these services, people can easily export their valuable documents or files to someone else in a very safe and secure way. For any tech service saving potential and outsourcing ability of hardware and software are associated with each other both are necessary so the internet base should be quickened and fastened.

The best cloud computing service providers are:

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Aliyun