Looking for a digital marketing job? How will it help your profile

Looking for a digital marketing job? How will it help your profile

If you’ve been following the trends lately, then you’d know what kind of a response digital marketing field is having in the world of internet, that’s how important digital marketing jobs are. It has become the key job role for almost all the industries we see around. Starting from small-scale industries to the large-scale industries, the importance of this field is beyond our understanding. With an increase in demand, the job requirement in this field has taken a hike and doesn’t seem to get down in a while. In this case, let me acquaint you with some of the job roles under this field.

1. Digital Marketing Manager:

A digital marketing manager is a person who plans and runs the campaigns for the company. They strategize different aspects and make sure that the marketing goals are met. The Digital marketing manager needs to have a sound knowledge of the marketing techniques. They should have had a good experience being a marketing executive. Understanding the audience needs enough experience and idea on how they’d react to certain circumstances and situations. Then act accordingly by using the manpower of their executives.

A digital marketing manager needs to understand his niche, plan according to it. Then organize and then guide his executives in the right direction. The manager is responsible for the activities of their executives. Hence, a good idea on the potential of the executives should be known to the manager. Calling up for meetings, sharing the ideas and building relationships come under the roles of a digital marketing manager.

Apart from this, the manager has to maintain the plan for the company’s website. Then, the manager should be able to understand the needs of the website and observe the traffic influx. A proper strategy needs to be implemented in regard to the traffic statistics and new things should be tried to understand how the audience responds to the same.

2. Digital Marketing Executive:

A digital marketing executive is the one who has to run all the campaigns and also implement the plans as requested by the manager. This usually is in a form of a team where the executives are put together by the manager and they have to do the assigned work. The executives are required to do the error and cost-cutting whenever there’s an opportunity. They are advised to approach their manager before any implementation of ideas. They need to work on SEO of the website pages and make sure that the site is ranking higher on Google. Edit and post content, videos, podcasts, and audio content on online site and take proper measures to have it reached to multiple areas.

3. Search Engine Optimizer – SEO Executive:

Search engine optimizations, as you all know is a set of techniques implemented in order to rank yourself higher on Google and to attract a large audience all at once. There is a tremendous need for Search Engine Optimizer in today’s world where everything runs on digital marketing. Hence, one needs to be aware of all the techniques in SEO before applying for this role. As much as this could build the morale of the employee, similarly, it could break them apart if not properly executed.


4. Social Media Marketing Expert:

One other important role in the field of digital marketing is SMM expert. We all know the value that the social media holds these days. It can make even a person living in remote areas an overnight star. That’s the kind of impact social media has on us these days. Hence, this has also become one of the easiest of the easiest ways to attract a large amount of traffic. So when you share something from your blog to the multiple social media sites, it gets a huge amount of popularity, but the only thing to consider is that the content is worth the fame and you have enough followers.

So in order to maintain a good brand value among the customers, one needs to have a very happening social media connection in order to spread the word. That’s where an SMM expert comes into the picture. They start publicizing and gaining followers on different social media platforms and in the end, the create a brand value for the company. When in need, these contacts can be contacted for any marketing purpose and which eventually leads to the conversions.

5. Content Writer:

A content writer is the one who writes all the blog posts for the websites. These blog posts are very essential as they attract the business prospects towards them. It also shows the kind of exposure that particular company has towards its field. A content writer needs to manage the contents of the blog, edit the previous blogs, attach particular images. They also need to have some good knowledge of SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Apart from these traits, a content writer should be able to understand what kind of content would reach the audience. The writer should not only be proficient in grammar but also be able to build a connection with the reader. Understanding the audience, what kind of questions he/she might ask and how will they take it etc. should be the kind of thinking a content reader needs to possess. They need to build a loyal relationship and a connection with the reader.

6. Content Marketing Manager:

A content marketing manager is the one who decides a particular strategy. This is done with respect to the circumstances and conveys the same to the content writer. This person should be able to brainstorm ideas and understand the whole scenario of the contents being published. So this keeps the contents up to date and trendy. This role should possess a great skill of awareness. One should be acquainted with all those things that would be intriguing to the reader. A sound knowledge of SEO should be present and should have experience in attracting different clients to the business.

7. Search Engine Marketing Specialist:

This is another, almost similar role of an SEO executive. This role isn’t common everywhere rather than in organizations that have a huge base and a big department for their marketing needs. Though the scope of the job is quite short, still a great amount of investment is made for this job. The reason is that you know the kind of a reputation a search engine holds in the world of marketing. A search engine is a basis through which the viewers visit the site. Enough exposure in this area would not only drive the traffic to the company but would also lead to a good amount of conversion.

search engine for digital marketing

8. Inbound Marketing Manager:

An Inbound Marketing Manager is responsible for attracting traffic, and the potential customers. In the end these visitors turn into business leads. This is how an inbound marketing manager is essential for a firm. They should be able to manage and build contents like blog posts, webinars, whitepapers, infographics, reports that attracts the viewers. Optimize lead nurturing process and marketing automation through different and appropriate tools for the website. Not just that, an inbound marketing manager has a privilege to put all the new ideas on the table. Through this growth of prospects can be observed.

9. Conversion Rate Optimizer:

This is one of the main job roles to exist, in terms of understanding the prospects. The prospects can be of numerous types. Hence, understanding them is never an easy job. These prospects are to be understood by the number of viewers of website turning into the clients or customers. In case there’s an e-commerce business, a conversion rate is determined by the number of visits by that person.  Also by all the purchases made by that particular person in a certain duration. Hence content rate optimizer has a grand role to lay when it comes to converting the audience into leads.

animation (2)

10. Analytics Manager:

This is one another role that’s similar to the previous role explained. This has a great impact on understanding the viewers that come into your blog. Though this doesn’t only deal with the prospect analysis, but also about the all other people that visit the website. They can be understood by an analysis made on several factors like viewership, attendance. Also the time they spend on the blogs, where do they navigate and other such factors. Hence this has a great role to play as well in its own field.


So these are the different job roles available for a daily researcher of jobs in the field of digital marketing. Though digital marketing seems to be a small area it has a wide growth in the industry. Experts say that digital marketing is the next big thing in the world of internet. It’s going to rule over all the businesses too. Almost every business is going to grow itself with a digital marketing team on its side.

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Marketing Automation: As worthy as it sounds? Let’s find out!

Marketing Automation: As worthy as it sounds? Let’s find out!

If you’re not aware, marketing automation is a took wherein, your marketing ways will be boosted with the help of an automation tool. This automation is said to be used by about 80% of the businesses and is expected to have raised by 51% when compared to the 2014 statistics. That’s the kind of response this Marketing Automation has been receiving. Let’s learn a little more about this in detail.

Why should you take it?

Marketing automation is the one thing, which when controlled properly, could lead your business to multiple prospects. This automation collects the data from the prospects and then you can utilize this data to convey the appropriate information to the respective audience. This has a high relevance rate and the rate of conversion would be substantially higher than any other way. So here you could get a good business without much effort. But before you go for such things, be sure of what you’re doing. If you’re not certain then you must not do it, as it may lead to loss of your loyal customers. The other reason why one needs to take this is as, in some of the tools, where you need to send your emails or notifications, you can just align them in the scheduling. This alignment would save you from remembering when you need to send out whatever you need to. So this will save your time and pre-planned scheduling reportedly has always better results.

This way the customer will receive emails on interval and according to their preference rather than flushing all the emails to all the customers all at once. Hence this way a customer relationship can be built with respect to their liking. Once the customer receives these emails, depending upon the bounce rate, the customer’s tolerance rate can be estimated as well and the time at which the response seems good. The constant connection in the right way builds the customer and service relationship and takes your business to the next level.

Which scale business does this help the most?

Marketing automation is one feature that’s basically a need these days for all the businesses no matter which type it is. If it needs marketing, then it needs automation. Because it not only saves time but increases efficiency to a whole new level. So a work that can be done in 5 days can be completed in one. Here, a lot of employment could put to rest and lot of money can be saved. This being automation, the chances of encountering errors is very low. So this would be beneficial for all those industries who are not in a position to maintain a high amount of employment. The small scale industries and the medium scale industries are remarkably benefitted through this. The small-scale industries that can pay for these subscriptions are considered to be highly beneficial by this.


How does it work?

When you come up with something on your websites and find a way to enroll potential customers into it, the tool takes in all the information into the CRM(Customer Relationship Manager). This information is then classified into categories and is saved. When you prefer sending them at a particular time, you can just schedule them for days to come. You can align them the way you want and send them at the time you want. You can add either of the marketing sources to send the information you want that has been store in earlier. It’d be best if you club the messaging, email and other social media sources at once and then send out. It would save time and work.

Which one should you go for?

So before you shell out your dime for this let me tell you not every marketing automation tool would be useful for every business out there. There are just certain tools that one needs for their business and they should know which one they need to go for. There are multiple automation Softwares that have different purposes. So you need to find the one that suits your business prospects. It’d be a good move to analyze and research on this first rather than jumping onto it without any awareness. As this might cause loss of bucks. So, understand the kind of tool that’d suit your kind of business and go with it. The future of your company would be in good hands if you find yourself the right kind of tools and operate the right way. Don’t mess up, as losing a customer is a lot worse than earning a new one.

Things to note:

  • Make a good analysis before stepping down to this
  • Start with understanding what all things can this feature do?
  • Understand the kind of business a certain tool deals with. Go with the useful ones, instead of wasting money on the useless tools.
  • Call for a team decision, multiple ideas and shared information go a long way in finding the right one.
  • Find your niche by analyzing the statistics received from these tools. So you can approach your prospects in an even efficient way.
  • Make your customers aware of all the information you have on them. Never use this information for your personal benefits.
  • These programs aren’t cheap so understand the right way to deal with this rather than just jumping for it. Be sure that you have a proper understanding on this and you know what you’re doing.

List of few of the best Marketing automation: 

The 20 Most Popular Marketing Automation Software Solutions

Source: Capterra

Email Marketing: All the things you’ve been doing wrong

Email Marketing: All the things you’ve been doing wrong

If you ever have seen some string of emails from a brand, then you’d understand this better than anyone else. Email marketing is the exposure of a certain brand to its customers and the different kinds of promotions it makes. Email marketing has been on the field for so long but the actual reason to be surprised is that, still many of those marketing experts, miss out on a few of the important things that make them lose their potential customers. So, that’s the very reason why we have come up with this article to help you overcome those mistakes and provide you with some of the useful tips.

Better late than never, let’s learn some of those important factors that might help us in retaining those left while you still can. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Lost a contact? Never mind:

If you happen to lose a customer, don’t bother. If something is meant to stay, would stay. Just make sure that you went nowhere wrong and they still chose to leave. This is the best thing ever to happen, as these contacts would only be ignoring your emails and it’s like an easy elimination of the unwanted ones. Now, once these contacts leave, your width at which you need to put your energy in is narrowed down. This leads to a better efficiency and better conversion rate. So it’s always good when a subscriber, unsubscribes.

2. Easy to unsubscribe:

Never piss your customers or contacts off. These contacts spread the word and might do even more damage than you could ever expect. So refrain yourself from making it a bit harder for the contact to unsubscribe, with an intention of making them stay. Forced things never go the expected way. So if they want to leave, give them an easy way out, this will at least leave a positive impression on you.

Email Broadcast

Credits: Flickr

3. Know the right words:

The first two sentences are the basis for any important mail. It can make or break the purpose of your email. Use the right words that grab the attention of the reader and has an impact that stays with them for a long time. This impression is something that decides the future of your business with the viewer and they might eventually turn into a customer as well. So the right sentences are the way to go.

4. Straight to the point:

Don’t ever flush your email with tons of content and information. This will eventually lead to boring the viewers. Emails have always been a source of short messages and it’s supposed to be important as well. If your email doesn’t qualify these things, then refrain yourself from hitting that send button altogether.

5. Know your audience:

Know your viewers and divide them into particular categories with all the information you have on them. This increases the relevance of your emails and generates the interest in the viewers. If you send multiple emails to all contacts that you get, then there’s a high chance that the viewers are going to unsubscribe from receiving them any further. Here, this kind of unsubscribing is uncalled for and if carried on the same way, this might lead to a loss in business in the form of valuable customers. Hence, classification and sending should never be overlooked. Also, keep in mind when you’d be sending the emails. Don’t forget the time zones, because no viewer would want his sleep disturbed unless it’s of high importance.

timing of mails

Credits: Max pixel

6. Use appropriate images:

Appropriate and attention-grabbing images are the prime step in attracting the customer when they visit the page. Don’t make your email boring when they can actually be decorated with a wide variety of eye-pleasing images. Pictures speak thousand times louder than words and it gives a better clue for all those lazy readers, who’d rather prefer to go back than read your content. Show them it’s as useful to them and worth the read, with your images. Last but not the least, make sure that you have all the copyrights for the images or else you might fall into trouble for this.

7. Keep Learning about Email marketing:

Email marketing deals with the mindsets of your contacts. These change from region to region and from field to field. So there’s no particular thumb rule you could use to grab the attention of your viewers. Learning is the only basic thing you need to keep in mind. Keep testing with multiple kinds of emails and check the bounce rate and the response rate together. Yes, there’s a bounce rate for emails as well and is certainly essential if you’d like to know where you’re going with this. So mark all the analytics and keep learning. Learn, learn and learn until your metrics reach the excellent grade.


Credits: Public Domain Pictures

8. Landing page:

Make sure you provide the right landing page with the right link to your customer. This might seem to be one of the most basic things but as a matter of fact, not everyone remembers this and sends them out. So when the customer intends to open up the link and further understand about your message, they can’t. Guess what! You’ve just lost a potential customer or maybe some millions of bucks. So never be negligent, do your job with perfection, even though if it doesn’t seem to be the right one, still give your 100% to it.

9. Email Rendering:

Have you ever sent a mail and it turned out to be a lot different from what you actually wanted it to look like? It’s because different systems, OS or models respond differently to certain HTML codes. This leads to a different representation of your emails. On most occasions, this happens on a mobile. Hence, before sending out an email, make sure you know how the viewers are going to receive it. For that purpose, we have multiple compatibility tests available online to check how it’s going to appear on your viewers’ screen.

These are the few most important things one needs to be aware of before sending out mass emails. Following these would certainly have you see a fair amount of increase in traffic for your campaign. For further depth on this, you can also listen to what the professionals have to say about email marketing here.

If you would like to hire the professionals to do this job for you. You can reach out to us anytime and we can assure that you won’t be disappointed. You can find out more about our email marketing services here.