What are the 10 websites you must know for Digital Marketing

What are the 10 websites you must know for Digital Marketing

You must have heard of digital marketing. Though it’s like a tiny thing, you don’t understand the real depth of it until you tend to get into this. Digital marketing is one of the top requirements before establishing any business. Any business needs marketing and out of all sources of marketing, digital marketing is the most important one. Why? Because people are more connected through the internet than by the calls or television. Hence, in the current generation, it’s quite important to have a sound knowledge of digital marketing, if you ever want to be an entrepreneur. Unless the business is a monopoly and has already been established well, it always needs marketing.

Let me take you through some of the websites, that’d help you in building a good future in digital marketing. These websites are not just to help you with your basics, but to also to help you get a strong position in the world of digital marketing.

1) Neil Patel’s Blog:

If you tried looking for some information on digital marketing or SEO(Search Engine Optimization), on youtube or elsewhere, then you must have come across this man. He’s like a basic book for everyone who needs to learn digital marketing. This website would also tell you how to use different techniques to bring in more traffic to your website. More traffic means more trust and any company would be glad to do a business with you.

2) HubSpot:

It is one website that one needs to come after they’ve developed their product and are ready to launch it into the market. HubSpot offers some of the best software for you to utilize as your marketing source. It also helps with the customer service applications for your website, so it’d be easier for your customers to communicate and interact with you.

Not just this, they even offer you different blogs and guides for you to go through. This will help you in understanding how the world of marketing works. If you’re not interested in their applications and software, you can just skip right to the part where a lot of information on Digital Marketing is provided.

3) Google Inside AdWords

If you want to understand the thought process of your potential customers then this is for you. Google AdWords provides you with all the information that you need under one roof. It has the analysis of everything you need to know. If you have enough patience, you can understand everything that is to know to attract the right customer at the right time.

All the analysis has been given for making it easier for you to attract whoever you want too. Understanding the analysis isn’t a hard thing either. So do visit this once you’re done understanding the basics, as this would help you in understanding the mindset, customers have.


4) Content Marketing Institute:

Content marketing institute is a one-stop institute for all your content marketing tips. You can read various blogs on this that’d tell you how to go about content writing. Don’t underestimate the power of content writing as content writing is remarked as the most important factor in driving businesses to the company. When you write proper contents, people often start reading and sharing it. Once it’s liked by all, it’d bring more and more traffic to the website. Traffic increases the trust rate of any website. More the traffic, more is the trust generated for your website. Trust is all one needs to maintain the business.

This is the prime reason why many websites go bonkers for content writing. Hence, if you need to make your website famous, you need to learn to blog well and attract the required customers.

5) Four Dots:

Four dots is more of a website analyzer. It analyzes your website and gives your website a rating. This helps people identify the things they are lacking in. Then, the website developers are supposed to work on this as this would lead to a  better website rank. Better the website rank, better is the position on google search and traffic. This will help in getting a good number of audience to your website.

6) Buffer:

Digital marketing is not just about the blogs, but also about how you represent yourself in social media matters. Social media is one platform where you can go and publicize your product and if it’s done the right away, it’s going to spread like a rapid-fire and turn your product into an overnight success. That’s the power of social media. So never take the marketing in social media for granted and do visit this site, if you want further help or information on how to go about this. You can also analyze the results on how and from where the traffic is generated.

7) Tech Crunch:

The one-stop destination for all the information on various trending things that can push your website to the desired state. This website offers information and service on various things like Startups Apps Gadgets Events and videos related to the same. Ample of new and updated articles are written such that if you manage to follow these, you’d understand every page you need to in the field of digital marketing.

8) The Moz Blog:

If there’s another place like Tech Crunch where you can find the information to all the important things that you’d like to have for the information on how to maintain a website, then this is it. You don’t have to wait for a long time before you can get your hands on some good content and start developing your blog if you refer to this. This blog gives you information on how to maintain your website’s traffic and when and where to look for all the information you need.

9) Your Story:

One website, that is different from these all others and the one you need desperately to guide you right. It’s well said that failure is the road to success and experience is all one needs to make his/her mark. Similar is the thing with this, your story provides all that is necessary for an entrepreneur, which is about all other entrepreneur’s stories. These stories tell us the make and break of a company or an industry. All the experience these people have gained all through these years will be put in front of you with a click. What else could you ask for? Read multiple stories and take all the precautions those people failed to take.

10)Quick Sprout:

For latest and more innovative ways to drive traffic to your website, this is the right website for you. Quick Sprout is known to have one of the best ideas and tricks one needs to make sure enough traffic is generated for your website. Go through the blog of this site and you’ll understand why I said what I said.

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Credits: Public Domain Pictures


These are just a few websites that you need to visit on a regular basis, to make yourself a better digital marketer. Reading all these one after the other might get you bored or might not give you a full scope of the real world scenario. So, in such cases, I’d suggest you follow few of these famous bloggers who are known experts in digital marketing.

1) Gary Vaynerchuk
2) Seth Godin
3) Neil Patel
4) Marketing land

Other than following these coveted experts, you can also follow these communities to have your doubts cleared on a regular basis and for ideas sharing among the other digital marketing aspirants.

1) GrowthHackers – Premier Growth Community
2) Inbound.org

All these information are for the learners. If you’d like an easy way to get all these done for you, then do visit our homepage and we’ll help you with all this in no time. Visit here.

What is GDPR? and Why it is important after May 25th?

What is GDPR? and Why it is important after May 25th?


General development privacy regulation is a rule which was declared by the European Union law for the protection of data privacy of normal persons and keeps it personal data safe which can be passed on securely. It was declared in the year 2016, 27th April in the name of “Regulation EU 2016/679” in European Parliament. After a whole 7 years of brainstorming the law finally got implemented. It is a re-written or replaced version of the 1995 Data Protection Directive which gave the minimum service in the protection of privacy of the data. Whereas with the new GDPR it has strengthened more the personal privacy of an individual. An individual can easily demand the company he is working to delete all his personal data that he doesn’t want to shared or opened out.
This General development privacy regulation was a storming decision for the protection of the personal data and it was being implemented by every country. Which made the common men individual power more strong. If an individual accuses a company of their having illegally held his personal data then the individual has every right to file a case against that company to delete all the personal data that is related to him and the company is bound to delete or omit all the things he has asked for. This is the first time when a regulation got so strict for the companies and helping the individuals. And this, not it if some company doesn’t follow this rule that company will be charged with a fine of €20 m (£17.5m) which is somewhat the 4% of the yearly turnover of the company.


General development privacy regulation decision the companies get affected a lot mainly those companies who keep the consumer information or data which involve technological firms, marketers, the data brokers and all. It has become a very difficult and direct task for them as they always have to keep this in their mind and work accordingly. It becomes a huge burden for any company to first access the data that is required and then delete all the data.
Its most of the effects can be seen in those companies whose main work is to get the relevant data from the required consumers and then exploit the data because now the company has to take the consent of the consumer if they want to use it and if the company has to use the data then they have to revise it and reuse it with the individual’s consent.


There the different things which are involved in the GDPR and are considered as the personal data. The data that are considered to be personal is being divided into the various organization now which even includes the very important online identifier that is the IP address which is now considered as the personal data.

The information like the medical health records, economic, cultural information are all included as the identifiable personal data. The personal information that is Pseudonymised always fall under the GDPR regulations as it depends on how easy or difficult way the data can be found. All the things and the data that come under the act of Data Protection Act will also be coming under the General Development Privacy Regulation.


The data which in entered and the processing of the scope data that can or can not be identified of the subject of the data, this information of the data subject is known as the personal data.

The common data such as the name, place of birth, date of birth, picture, email ID, address are considered to as the personal data in the data processing.

The other data like the less evident data, other related data, and identifiers that are more useful for the digital platform which is also included in the personal data. The personal data include the identifiers such as the location data, behavioral data which can be known before through the new technologies involved like the IoT or Internet Of Things, Face recognition, Voice recognition, cookies, RFID etc. are all involved finding the required data and the data can also be taken with the help of the Government registration and all.

Eventually, Personal data and the sensitive data are not different both are the same whereas we can the personal data sometimes is considered as the sensitive data. The data which are sensitive require a lot of additional protection to the data with a stipulation. The sensitive things like the medical history someone, ethnic history, genetic identity, cultural background, religious beliefs etc.


People can access this act of general development privacy regulation at regular and reasonable intervals. The main intention of this rule is to give the people the most possible access to the data that is given to them. And the controllers to whom the customers ask about their data would be having a month time to comply and give the data or delete the data and tell the consumers about it. The controllers who take on the data and the processor who process the data have to inform for what purpose they have taken the data? and in which field they are using it? And what is the main motive behind it? And the various ways they will be using it.

The act also says that the language should be very easy and must be user understandable language. It should be simple in language through which the consumers can know easily where their personal data are being used without being confused about the misuse of the data provided. Which officially made an announcement of the end of all the difficult terms, language, conditions which were previously involved.

Now the people can easily enjoy their right to know everything act. As the companies are now bound to disclose everything to the consumers that are related to them, that every small information that is involving their personal data may be directly or indirectly, for how long are going to store the data, and who all are going to see the data. And is the provided data is secure with all the controllers and processors working on it? People can even question when the data provided by you and the data shown by them is different. So, this act is like an advanced and enhanced “Right to Information Act”.


The fines stipulated for the violation of the gdpr is the 4% of the annual turnover of the company or 20 Million Euros with the additional money that is the difference in both the amount goes to the consumer. These are the maximum amount of the fine money that is being implemented and it is always not necessary that the organization has to pay always sometimes while in the case of non-compliance or the breaching of the personal data contract the company is not required to pay the amount to the customers.

In the European Union, the GDPR cases have already been found resulting in the high amount of the fines being imposed on the companies. And it is very hard to believe that the penalties will be imposed on each and every company in any case who have kept the personal data of the people and not having their consent to use it. It can easily be seen that the people are in authority for everything or every information they provide to the others for their use. Whereas there are some other aspects such as the breach severity, non-compliance of the data, compromising with the data and the rights for the subject and in between all these what has happened with the original data taken.

The GDPR fines and penalties would be high when the personal data are being sent to offshore to some other country or some other company without the consent of the source person. The fines would be the highest in this case. There are different fine and penalties mechanism for the different breaches, non-compliance cases. But for the offshore sharing of the data without the person’s consent, the fines are a bit low which are 2% of the total annual turnover of the company or 10 million Euros would be given to the concerned person. This doesn’t include the reports of the data breaching and ignores the designing rule privacy. To know more about the fines and penalties refer to Article 23. Some more implementation of the similar type of the fines is coming soon.

Whereas the penalties in the General Data Protection Regulation are keen to introduce more other similar fines like this for the company who doesn’t respect the law that supports for the protection of the data privacy the DPA or the data protection authority can take the necessary steps which include:

  • Impose the fine or penalty on the company.
  • Take other necessary actions on the company.
  • Take both in account penalty and necessary action against the company.


This is a big step taken across the European Union which would definitely result in the working of the data processors more effectively and more carefully for using the old data for the new purpose. And the working of the controllers and processors becomes a very difficult task as they have to work very precisely.
Whereas the old data may sometime help the start-up for setting up the business and it is not easy for them to collect all the data again from the source then remodel it and use and the most important thing to get the consent of that person to use it becomes a very difficult task for them.
And presently this is being implemented in the UK laws and the parliament committed to maintaining it forever, we hope to find this kind of law everywhere not only in the UK.


What are the different aspects involved in Re-Purposing a content?

What are the different aspects involved in Re-Purposing a content?

According to the statistics, 40% of the content provided on the internet is repurposed or rewritten. Repurpose actually means getting all the texts, contents, research work, images and then by using different multiple ways and implementing them in as your content as a refurbished and formatted content. In simple words, we can say gathering information from different sources and summing up to a totally different and creative your own blogs, contents, articles, ebooks etc.

The information you collect can be from anywhere not necessarily from the online platform it can from the physical means like the newspapers, magazines etc. can even convert some of the important data to infographics, graphs etc. making them look attractive and catchy for anyone who reads your articles, blogs, ebooks etc. all these repurposings or rewriting things are called as the smart work than doing hard work.

Working hard is a very good thing some marketers out there always want their work to original under their name every time they work. But with so much content that is available out there, it becomes very important to stand out unique from all of them. But every time creating a new content entirely takes a lot of time instead repurposing it time to time by adding new important things, removing some old things repurposing it with time also gives a lot of boost to the content and instead saves times and resources and attract a lot of leads.

Below is the survey conducted OkDork about the average share generated by different content types:


Repurposing the content or else known as rewriting your present content by adding important things and by removing the unimportant things as it has a number of benefits which can be listed as below:

  • Reaching audience: whatever we do it is just to reach the audience, and users basically prefer infographics than the texts. And generating the content according to the customer’s needs is one of the important things. Rewriting and adding more information through infographics grabs the attention of the people more.
  • Rewriting the old content: while cleaning your room sometime you may find your old favorite book. Whenever you see that you always think to take time and read it but unfortunately fail to do it. And it always feels really great when you stumble upon such master. And from next time to remember to read it, you should dust it out, clean it and keep on the front row which reminds you to read it every time you see it. Similarly, your content also should be refurbished or rewritten with some new contents and infographics which attracts the customer’s attention at the first go.
  • Making your efforts work: when you put all your effort into a content you will always want your content to turn out to be the best one. Just having a good quality content is not enough there are some hidden qualities also involved in it that may affect your content. Repurposing whereas helps to let your article to get into front once again and allows people to see your blog once again. And it is just like a second-time content promotion.

Below are the approaches that should always include while repurposing a content:

  • Updating your content from time to time. You should always keep on updating the content with necessary data and infographics.
  • Always keep on expanding your content by providing more and more relevant data and adding it to the already existing data.
  • Reformatting the contents should be done because it again allows your blog to come to the front and which enables viewer see your content again or add on the new viewers which initially increases your audience’s.


  • Video tutorials or Webinars: Webinars are always a great idea that draws you a lot of leads and attendees. And repurposing your webinars into youtube is the best you can do. Because everyone out there won’t be able to make up for your webinar and youtube videos of your webinars then your valuable content lives on.
    This will automatically drive a lot of people to your webinars and videos as you would be having all the videos stored and available for the audience’s which will help in grabbing the attention of the new viewers also.
  • Guide to old blog posts: Suppose you have written a very good article about anything, always remember to repack those blog posts into a completely new article. For example, in past if you have written about why digital marketing, what is the importance of digital marketing, different functional parts in digital marketing, jobs in digital marketing, how to choose digital marketing course etc. you can effectively be combined this all and make them into a “Complete Guide to Digital Marketing”.
    This really works out you just have to do some coating and crafting upon your old blogs and you are ready with a new article.
  • Turning a blog to a podcast: after a tiring day at the office or early morning wake up people usually don’t prefer to hang on the data provided on the internet and check the whole article, instead, they would be interested sitting back and listening to something. Whereas you have the script ready podcast it in social media is a mindblowing way to repurpose your content. You should always know your target audience and prepare the content according to their preference. Never ever try to sell yourself bluntly and should not contain long commercial. Should be brief, clear, informative and topic oriented. Nearly 94% people using podcast use social media wherein 48% people follow brands.