Is your IT job secure? How can you secure your job? Let’s read

Is your IT job secure? How can you secure your job? Let’s read

Is your IT job secure?

Well, the IT industry is something that one can’t easily predict. Even if a niche of IT is booming, the next moment it can go down any time. The best thing to count upon is data. Even if there’s a complete change in the industry, still, data is something that everyone needs. Yes, with the introduction of GDPR that field is also under scepticism but don’t worry, some of the other data is needed to be taken care of.

Statistics say that the average time an employee works in one particular company has gone down to 4.2 years. Gone are the days when the employees used to work for 40 years and then enjoy their retirement. It’s said that by 2020, 65% of the skill you possess would be of no use. That in itself shows the kind of improvement you need to make on your skills.

Is AI a Threat?

You can take the example of Artificial Intelligence. AI is expected to take over the jobs of a number of executives especially in the field of customer support. There has been an influx of the chatbots in the industry and the companies are using them well. These bots have an instant answer and wouldn’t take much time before coming up with an answer. If you’d like to read about AI, read here.

The introduction of AI has put a number of jobs in trouble. Employees are worried about their jobs and are not certain till when they’re going to last. There are a few jobs that might face hard time standing in front of these technological advances. Let’s look at a few of these. Also learn how our day to day technologies are dependent on AI.

What are the job roles in trouble?


Customer support replaced by the ChatBots:

The customer support is a field that has quite a great employment rate, especially in India. In order to cope up with the high hourly wage rates, the western country organizations rely upon Indian and other eastern countries for these services. The customer care executives are paid low here but still a payment is a payment. In order to avoid this, chatbots with higher intellectual levels are being incorporated in this field.

These chatbots are intelligent, quick to reply and they are scarily empathetic. If you’ve come across Google’s Duplex, then you’ll understand what we are talking about. About 90% of the people talking to the bot couldn’t recognize it was a bot talking to them. Hence, there’s a large scope for AI to take over the bots.

Automatic programming replacing the coders:

The automatic programming is said to be the next future thing in the IT industry. There are multiple speculations as to the possibility of this. But, GitHub aims to make the coding more automated. You can read about the same here. Though there are high chances that these automatic coders might hit the industry anytime, still it’s definitely going to take a good amount of time before they take over the manual programmers. So be prepared for this upfront and make sure you don’t invest all your eggs in one basket.

Automated testers to replace the manual testers:

This has already started to roll. If you’re an IT enthusiast or if your friend is working in the testing field, you’ll know that there’s an automatic testing already. Though this automatic testing is not entirely automated yet, still there’s a high possibility of it turning into completely automated soon.

So keep yourself from sticking in this field and explore other options. Yes, testing is easier when compared to others but it’s going to lead you nowhere if you get stuck in this.

Data Analysts replaced by Analyzers:

Data Analysts are the ones who analyze the customer or client data. They are supposed to have a brief understanding of the upcoming trends. With the inception of AI, devices are being developed that can observe this automatically. The key performance indicators are analyzed and better results are put forth by these analyzers.

Layoffs in IT jobs:

job secure

IT jobs are never really reliable. There can be a sudden change of trend and the sudden change of the clients. If one major client decides to drop out of the deal, thousands of jobs fall in jeopardy. Hence, you can’t really rely on the job. Keep updating yourself in a new field. Show your expertise in different directions so the company knows your need. This way your worth is not overlooked. You can learn further about these statistics here.

Different roles in IT jobs:

IT which is the abbreviation for Information Technology is one of the most fluctuating and highly employing jobs. One needs to get a great idea of what they are stepping into, before starting their careers. The statement is no better suits for any other industry than this IT industry. So without further ado, let’s jump into the different role descriptions so you’ll know what to choose.

1. Software Developer

2. Network Engineer

3. Network Administrator

4. Computer Scientist

5. Systems Analyst

6. Business Analyst

7. Tech Support

8. IT Consultant

9. Software Tester

10. Freelancing

Read further about the roles in IT industry here.

How much do they pay?

corporate buildings

Entry Level:

If you’re a graduate and have a computer science degree, there’s a high possibility you’ll land into an associate software engineer job. This would pay you around 3.5 LPA and this might change according to the industry standards.

Data Analyst:

A data analyst would be paid a starting salary of 4.5LPA and the hikes would be pretty awesome. There’s a good chance you’ll be paid higher when yous tart switching.


The developers are usually paid the same amount as an entry level in MNCs (3.5LPA), though the scope of growth is pretty high and the chances of layoffs are quite low.


This is another job that might keep you interested while you’re at it, but once in case you’re out, you’ll know nowhere to go. The salary is the same as stated for the developer and the growth in this role is bleak.

Network Administrator:

You either need a good expertise in the field or have the respective degree to land yourself in the job. The salary for an entry level would be around 5.5LPA and the hikes would depend upon the performance.

Business Analyst:

One of the most important roles and the pay is according to its worth. The job is tough and head blasting, but the incentives and pay are as good. The initial payment for the entry level would be around 6.5LPA.

Which information technology job has the highest salary?

As you’d all know that it’s the CEO who would be earning the most. But the salaries of CEO might change from time to time and it doesn’t completely come under the IT sector. So let’s look at the highest paid salary for an IT operating executive.

Well, it’s the Software Architect who earns the highest out of all the remaining technical executives. In India, in a well reputed MNC, a software architect would be earning about 21 LPA. That’s just for the start. If the respective person lands himself with some great experience could also earn about 3Lakhs per month, which totals to 36LPA

Which IT jobs are in demand?


Data Scientist:

The next big thing in the IT industry. The future of the world is going to work on data. In the world where the concept of astrology is believed without any proof, data is the one that people should invest their dollar in. You can see and understand the various trends basing upon this. A data scientist gathers all the information and uses it in the right areas. If the data scientist belongs to an e-commerce industry, he/she would try to figure out your likes and show the appropriate products.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning is a way for machines to learn and understand the different scenarios through Artificial Intelligence. On the verge of making the future of the mankind easier, multiple measures are taken. Out of all these measures, the one that everyone’s counting upon is the Artificial Intelligence. The machines are designed in such a way that just like the humans, they start learning from different occasions. All the things that happen around them are registered in their storage and the future performance would be based upon those incidents. There’d also be a few protocols installed right before their operation to avoid any unwanted situations.

Cloud Computing:

In the generation where there’s a fear of losing data, cloud storage came for the rescue. The cloud storage is essential in protecting the data and keeping it away from all the dangers of losing. Though there have been a number of vulnerabilities in the access to these data, still experts are working on to make these as secure as possible. Learn how cloud computing is essential for the IT industry.

Big Data:

Another huge industry that hasn’t yet received the recognition it should have. Big data is the process of collecting and storing various pieces of data. These data are later utilized in making the appropriate choices. Depending upon the data collected, the further categorization and taking appropriate steps are done. Hence this is one of the other industry that you can actually count upon.

Block Chain:

First of all, Blockchain technology is something that all of us have heard of. Also, the kind of waves bitcoin managed to create in the world of digital transactions is unmatched. Blockchain was able to make some really transparent and secure transactions. These transactions for their transparency on the digital level can’t be manipulated either. Not just that, blockchain is recently being incorporated in the advertisement platform as well.

Which IT job is right for me?


Every IT job has its own need for expertise. Different role demands for a different specialization. Hence, it’s you who needs to decide for yourself with respect to your skill. Here’s a link to the personality test that would help you determine your skills. Though these skills are not completely to be relied upon, still, you need to understand your own set of expertise. Here’s the government organized skill development program you can incorporate.

Courses available for the IT jobs:

Here’s a list of different software courses in order to land yourself into your dream role.

JAVA/J2EE & its Frameworks (Struts, Spring, Hibernate)

Big Data Analytics

DBA (Oracle, DB2, MySql, SQL Server)


AWS Certification

System Administration (Red Hat, Solaris, UNIX, VMware)

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Technologies


Mobile SDKs (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone)

Website Development

Animation & Graphics

SQT (Software Quality Testing)

Other language courses(PHP, Ruby/Perl/Python)


Career Growth:

The career growth can’t be determined all at once. But if you’d like to sustain in this world of constant upgrading, keep learning and innovating. Also, the one easy step to keep yourself from the effects of losses, show how worthy you can be in other fields as well. Don’t just stick to one field that you’re assigned for. There are so many flavours of icecreams you need to try to be able to justify your position in the company.

On-site Opportunities:

The on-site opportunities in this field are quite high, provided, you show your worth. Yes, there’s a scepticism regarding the politics and stuff. But if you’d like to overcome it, show you’re better than the others, don’t just know it, prove it. Usually all the MNCs deal with the international brands as their clients. As long as you’re working for an international client you have some good chances of being called up if you’re good enough. So sit tight and just kleep doing better. You might as well land yourself in a great position.

Trends and the Future of IT industry:

job secure

As discussed earlier, the future is all about data and its analytics. Furthermore, The data is running all the major businesses these days. Knowing your clients or customers is the prime motive of any business professional. This not only guides you in the right direction towards satisfying the needs of your customer but also would help you see a great rise in revenue. Understanding the data and analyzing it through analytics is the future. If you want to stay in the race, keep a good eye on the trends and update yourself accordingly.


Though there isn’t a strong prediction that could anticipate how the IT industry is going to churn out in the near future, hence, all you can do is bet on it. Also, no industry is outdated if you strive on keeping yourself up to the changing trends. Change with time. Keep pushing yourself and never find your comfort zone. If you need a comfort zone, go ahead and find yourself a government job. Let me warn you, It’s certainly going to be boring when compared to the IT industry!

8 B2B trends in 2018 to attract more businesses

8 B2B trends in 2018 to attract more businesses

If you’re a firm whose key concentration is B2B, then this B2B trends in 2018 would be something really useful to you. Often we see even after all those continuous efforts, still we lack in making an impact on our business. Attracting more businesses towards our firm becomes a tough nut to crack. Well, if you’re under such a situation, then you are in dire need of a serious upgrade. Check with all the points mentioned below as I’ve picked the best ones for you. If there seems to be a lack in any one of these, do act upon it quickly.

Content and Slides marketing:

b2b trends in 2018

The content marketing has been for a while in the market and I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay. Content writing is the first and primitive most section required for any website that intends to sell services. The respective blogs show their expertise in that particular area. It also attracts the audience or viewers who need information or services from that particular topic. It’s been proven that the services websites with blogs were able to generate 160% more leads than those who failed to maintain one. Content marketing enhances the chances of your brand recognition. You can further read the tips and tricks of content marketing here.

The slides have not been so acclaimed in the market but in my opinion, slides are an easy way to share the information. They are easy, on point, don’t claim much time and most of all slides are interactive. Every other slide you visit you are welcomed by images and short notes rather than those big blog posts that some might be annoyed to read completely. Slides are time-saving and people with less patience or who don’t have enough time in their lives can go with it.

Customization with AI:

b2b trends in 2018

Customize your website with AI. Yes, if you’d like to stay ahead in the race and ahead of your competitors, this is a must. Artificial intelligence is going up and up day by day. AI has the capability to interact with your clients directly and individually. It doesn’t just give vague answers to their query, whereas it understands the situation, analyzes and gives the best possible outcome. This enhances the bond between the firm and the client in the most efficient way.

To add to this, artificial intelligence plays a prominent role in figuring the faults in your website. A few tools that can optimize your website and figure out all the vulnerabilities in it. These tools are quite essential for the small to big scale firms.

Account Based Marketing(ABM):

b2b trends in 2018

If you don’t already know what an account based marketing is, let me help you with it. ABM is a process of client acquisition through specific marketing. Being specific and particular while marketing is always beneficial. Similar is the situation with ABM. In ABM, a customer or client is targeted directly and individual measures are taken to acquire them.

For example, if I am a law firm and would like to attract the mobile giant Samsung as a client, just sending out field specific emails to all such clients won’t do me any good. A certain individual attention needs to be given to show them how important they are to us. How you’re going to take care of their needs with utmost responsibility. That’s what ABM is. It’s like individually catching the particular fish that you need rather than throwing a whole piece of net in anticipation of finding that particular fish in it somewhere.

Leverage LinkedIn:

b2b trends in 2018

LinkedIn, after the acquisition by the software giant, Microsoft is now more popular than ever. B2B businesses have been benefitted the most from this. Through linked in the clients and firms could find each other based upon their requirements. If you’re a firm deal with SaaS, there can be queries you can address on LinkedIn and they’d recognize you. This increases the chances of you having a business with them.

Video and Podcast Marketing:

b2b trends in 2018

Video marketing, though has been for quite some time on the field, has been upgrading ever since. In this generation where everything needs to be in a blink of an eye. Video offers just the facility in sharing the information. Videos are fast, interactive and influential in most of the cases. Attaching a video to your blog also increases the stay time of your visitors.

The podcast is the other kind of media marketing. When you write a content, the viewer might not always be able to read it. As it’s highly impossible for a person to read and do some other job at the similar time. So podcasts offer you the flexibility of doing some other work while understanding the concept.

Implementation of AR:

b2b trends in 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) has been ruling the current real estate world. It’s certainly going to grow much larger than ever. In augmented reality, one needs to turn their camera on and place it to the location where they want to put the product. On the camera, you can see the product is placed at the appropriate location. The dimensions with which it’s said to be made is also accurate.

If you’re a product based company, instead of sending your clients the desired products, you can give them a good view on how it looks. They can sit at home or office and understand how it looks in their respective place. After having a good look they can straightaway place the order. This saves time, effort and stress.

Introduction of Marketing Automation into your business:

b2b trends in 2018

Marketing automation is one another important aspect in marketing these days. Marketing automation is highly required in order to make the work less stressful and more efficient. his automation is said to be used by about 80% of the businesses and is expected to have raised by 51% when compared to the 2014 statistics.

This automation collects the data from the prospects and then you can utilize this data to convey the appropriate information to the respective audience. This has a high relevance rate and the rate of conversion would be substantially higher than any other way. You can customize the automation tools in a way that it sends out the marketing emails or messages occasionally and keeps your audience stuck to you.

You can further read about marketing automation here.

Voice Operated Searches:

b2b trends in 2018

The next big thing that’s going to rule all over the world in a few years.  People who can’t really use their hands in certain situations, tend to use the voice search instead. You must have seen Siri and Google now being so trendy. Out of which, Siri, which was founded in the year 2011 has been used by 66% of the users and Google by 33%. The rate of usage of these voice search engine is expected to rise drastically.

Voice operated searches are expected to be used more than 50% by the end of 2021 which is some great number. This shows the kind of concentration one needs to put on this. So while writing a blog or telling about yourself, do use the keywords that suits the voice search. Read further about this here.

In order to read further about this, do go through this article. and if you’d like to go through the statistics, visit here. For an in-depth statistics, visit this article.

Will Artificial Intelligence replace human intelligence?

Will Artificial Intelligence replace human intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from being just a science fiction dream to a reality which we see today. The world is evolving at a rapid pace and with it the technologies are being upgraded and are getting better too. Today we have more power in our pocket than we had in our homes in the 1990s. Not long ago, holograms and smartphones were just science concepts but now the smartphones can check our health as the technology is evolving. Some of the application areas of artificial intelligence are health, education, entertainment, services, security and many other domains but these fields are specifically the most to benefit from this technology.

People are beginning to explore the benefits of AI and how it can ease their life. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning go hand-in-hand so that machines can learn about critical programs to gain knowledge and respond to demands to perform similar human-like tasks. Artificial Intelligence enables a machine to self-learn from experiences and human intervention which finally provides us with human-like capabilities for interaction and problem-solving potential. From chess-playing computers to self-driving cars, AI is present in many areas which we not might have thought of. AI makes use of Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to accomplish tasks like these which drives automation and intelligent processes.

Various Technologies will Lead in Coming Days

Recently the most progressed fields are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Voice Assistance and Artificial Intelligence, and people are beginning to wonder what the future might be like with this kind of technology. To explain these technologies in 2 lines I would like to start with Augmented Reality, which combines virtual objects with the real world which gives an interactive experience by computer-generated perceptual information. Another one is the Virtual Reality which is a computer-generated simulation of a 3D image which can be interacted in a real or physical way through an electronic device which has sensors. Last but not the least is the Voice assistance which has been with us for many years now but the enhancements in AI has provided more room for improvement in voice-assisted technology.

There are many examples of AR which are being used by individuals and industries like;
IKEA uses the application Place, which they have recently released so that customers can
check how different types of furniture look in their home which simplifies purchase decisions for the customers. Niantic’s Pokemon Go, an Augmented Reality based smartphone game, enables the player to catch Pokemon on real-time locations. Automaker Company Ford uses Microsoft’s HOLO LENS to design cars and experiment with new designs. Other automakers, Audi and Cadillac use Virtual Reality to enhance the customer experience so that the buyers can see the car model and the features. So in short what I mean to say is that nowadays industry giants have started implementing technologies like AR and VR in their fields and are experiencing a much better way to run their business.

Examples for Voice Search technology are Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s S Voice, Microsoft’s
Cortona and Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa. A lot of development has been made in the field of AI in the last few years which has motivated developers and companies to create more products and services around it.

These are some of the points which suggest why Artificial Intelligence is important:

1. Repetitive Learning though data

AI carries out continuous computerized tasks which are high volume and automated. Through Deep Learning, AI seeks to get in-depth information about a problem or a query raised by an individual. Human enquiry is still important to ask the right question so that the learning is in the right direction.

2. Adding Intelligence

Products which are already in use are improved through the integration of AI capabilities. Different types of components like automation, learning bots and conversational platform can be merged together along with huge amounts of data to improve the product or the service through AI.

3. Adapting to newer algorithms

AI continuously learns newer algorithms through structured data available to it where a new skill is acquired in order to provide newer experiences. An algorithm is important to solve a certain case or a problem. When new models are introduced, AI automatically learns through training and added data.

4. Deeper Insights

More and more analysis of data leads to a deeper understanding of the database available to AI and through neural networks many hidden layers can be uncovered. With the highest compute power, various models can be trained to go deep into data to get more relevant out of it.

5. Incredible Accuracy

The most appropriate example to define this point will be Google search and Google photos which gets better as we continuously use them. Through deep neural networks, AI achieves higher accuracy to dive deep into data and select patterns of the users which can be helpful in providing similar results.

6. Proper utilization of data

The algorithms are self-learning and the data is used appropriately and excessively by AI which helps bring out the best results out of the big data. Since the data is important now than ever before, it creates a competitive advantage because many newer techniques or solutions and be uncovered through proper analysis.

Artificial Intelligence can benefit the lives of each and every individual because it has the potential to offer a technology which can be implemented in day-to-day life and would make their lives easier. There are multiple areas which can benefit from AI and this will result in the reduction of human efforts, costs, and labor. Industries and Enterprises are already using AI in their business processes and have started seeing the difference through high efficiency, lower operating costs, and faster decision making.

Android P Guide: All the features you needed to know about

Android P Guide: All the features you needed to know about

Android P, arguably one of the best updates android has ever seen. Why am I saying this? Follow me on this and you’ll believe what I said too. Previously Android came up with the Lollipop back in 2014 and swept all the updates with its improved animations and quite exciting features against which the next or previous updates of Google, failed to compete.

Now, with the announcement of Android P, Android has a new update that can be called as best ever. The HMD global even announced that more than 86,000 users have logged in to test the new software and get it updated in the mobile phones.

Using the AI technology in multiple features, Android P has made sure that the audience would be comfortable in using their phones like never before. AI records all your activities and also your actions on notifications and internal app pages and then show them to you so you can save your time in finding them. Let’s brief every important feature that Android has come up with.

The Navigation keys:

This would be the first one on any list as this is the major change of this Android P update. Android now has saved you from those three custom screen keys and has put a small tablet shaped key. Though this isn’t the best upgrade still now, but as the users are using it they, users are taking it as a much better-looking version. You don’t have a back button or multi-app display buttons to this. If you want to navigate through the apps, just tap on that single icon and the application’s pop-up. Now swipe from left to right to navigate between the used apps. This isn’t the most convenient option but wait until your body muscles get used to it and then you’ll not feel much difficult.

Dashboard and App timer:

Now there’s a feature that would actually benefit you and still is loved by all the elders around you. If you lose track of how long you’ve been using your phone. If you wonder, you spend too much of time over certain apps, then this is for you. The dashboard lets you figure out how long you’ve been spending time over your phone. You can also come to know how long you spend on particular apps and put restrictions on it. This will not only curb your phone usage but will also give you an idea, how you’ve been wasting time all day long.

DND Mode and Wind Down:

The Do Not Disturb mode, which the iPhone is famous for has been embedded in a way better way in Android P. Though Android already had a DND mode earlier as well but wasn’t as efficient as this is. If ever you want to stop yourself from being disturbed by other, you can just turn your phone facing down. This will not only cease the calls from ringing but will also stop all the other notifications. This is called the Shush mode. If you’re on a family dinner and you keep receiving messages from the one your parents which you don’t like, you can just turn it upside down. That’s it, that’ll do the job for you.

Indoor navigation with Wi-Fi RTT:

This is one huge update that every Google maps fan has been craving for so long. How would you like it if you can not only guide yourself to your friend’s location but also know where exactly he/she is? If they’re in a mall, you are even guided with respect to the multiple storeys it has. The person’s position would be accurately determined and you can accurately guide yourself.


Credits: Android Developers


This is one of that Artificial Intelligence featured program, that helps you in determining a particular page in a certain application. For example, if you’ve been using Uber to book a cab to your location. Then this feature will give out the address under the application that you usually search for- when you search for it on Google. Now, you can see the location and the fare price will pop up right there. This works for multiple apps and it’s internal features. This isn’t a great update but will surely go a long way in making your usability easy.


This isn’t a major update either, but still, the one that the Android users have been waiting for. This feature has already been used in the IOS 11 and has proved to be effective. The same feature has been embedded in this version of Android and we couldn’t be happier. There are better customizable options in the Android’s version when compared to IOS’s



Credits: Android Developers

The auto-rotate has seen an update too. Now you won’t be annoyed by the frequent auto rotate. Or turning on and off the auto rotate option all the time. All you need to do is rotate the screen and tap on the portrait or landscape option. This will be displayed on the corner of your phone screen. After the rotation, just tap on it and your job is done.

Default HTTPS for apps:

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP where the communication with the server to the browser is encrypted. Most of the applications are using HTTPS these days but for the few, there were a few that don’t. For that, Android P has made sure that all the application it uses has HTTPS. We’ve all learned the importance of having that S at the end of HTTP if you haven’t then do give it a read here.

Adaptive Battery and Brightness:

This ability to adapt for both the battery and brightness is what we’ve seen earlier. But trust me when I say that this isn’t like before anymore. This is new and quite different from the previous versions in terms of efficiency. Here, the artificial intelligence, that Google has been concentrating upon, comes into play. From your past usage and experiences, the AI accordingly records the data. This data is later utilized to adjust the brightness according to the time. When it comes to battery, it learns to prioritize battery power by observing the apps and services you use the most. It thereby helps you in using your battery in the most resourceful way.

Smart replies and notification customization:


Credits: Android Developers

This Smart reply feature has been available previously but has definitely changed for the good. You can now more conveniently use the smart reply option to reply in a more efficient way. It shows the suggested replies according to the person and also displays the images they send on the notifications itself.

So that’s all from our end, you want a further information on other tiny updates, then go through this.

Recent Updates:

Android P Beta 3 version has been released just a while ago.  If you want to read about what’s new or how to install this on your phone then, visit here.

Update: Android has released the Beta 4(Developer Preview 5)

Android has already released the new Beta 4 version of its P version and it came to market on August 6. Although the Beta 3 version was supposed to be the last one, Android took it a step further and released the next version for its audience.

How do I get the Developer Preview 5 (Beta 4) update?

The newly released beta update is basically designed for the Google Pixel devices and not only confined it self to one device. It is also available for users that have already enrolled for the Android Beta programme. If you’re a pixel user, you can download the update here. The users will also be able to download through OTA(Over The Air) update here and factory images here and if you are a Nokia user you can download from here. If even you would like to get the update, you can sign up for the Android Beta Program to receive the OTA update on your phone.

What devices will this be available in the future?

Android Pie was available for the some of the devices which includes Pixel, Essential, One Plus 6, Essential and Nokia 7. These devices were the first who got updated with Android Pie. After this HMD global on October 10 declared that Android 9 will made available in the Nokia 6.1 plus via Nokia phone beta labs. The Nokia Phone beta labs are designed in a way to give the tech freaks an early adaptation of the new technologies and improve the user experience on the digital platform.

What’s new in Developer Preview 5 (Beta 4)?

The new version of this has come up with an intention to offer new features on board. Before, the developers were more concerned about the ability of Android P about how it will perform without causing any disruptions. Hence, in this case, Android P made sure that all its features work without any errors and with full efficiency.

There were certain parts of the OS that were giving a hard time to the users. The settings tab was taking a while for loading. Though the wait isn’t really long, it still is noticeable. This was not really going well with the users. Hence keeping these things in mind, the new beta version allowed the users to get rid of all those undesirable effects they had to see earlier.

The other update the users are able to see on this new update, is that the battery consumption was 3% better than before. Though this isn’t a substantial change, still, it has improved the user experience and adding some juice to our batteries is always appreciable.

Let’s see what has changed from Developer preview 4 to Developer preview 5.
  • Voice icon has been removed from the Google search bar in the app drawer.
  • Google Pay still wouldn’t allow the in-store payments on the device.
  • The auto-rotate icon has been changed now. A simpler one has taken its place.

I know the kind of updates they have come up with but it has been only 2 months and Android P is appreciated by the users. So the key take away is that Android P has come up with an additional update after 3 weeks of its release. The update is mostly concentrating upon the irregularities or errors of the previous version. With this update, Android P is was installed in all the major smart phone brands. It is also expected to be updated regularly in third quarter of the year. People are enjoying it a lot. You also go and enroll yourself for the new Android P. We’ll Update you everytime something ne comes up.

But they certainly have come up with the way to speed up the device. I’am using this OS in my device and my device has become fast and is giving a very good user experience.

Changes and Trends in Web Development this 2018-2019

Changes and Trends in Web Development this 2018-2019

If you want to know about the changes and trends in web development in recent years, then you’re at the right place. The web development has evolved drastically throughout the years. After undergoing continuous changes, web development has reached a stage where it knows how to attract a customer in the right way. With timely changes, new methods are to be acquired in order to stay with the flow. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the point and figure out all those techniques, that are going to be a trend this year and most probably, the next year as well.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

If you don’t already know what an AMP is, then you need to understand that it is one of those features, which loads a page instantly without any delay. Usually, when you search for something on Google and then open a link, it takes a while to load the web page. But here, you don’t have to wait anymore. The page opens instantly on a mobile device. Apparently, 51% of the internet users use mobile for their jobs. Thus, with the introduction of such features, it’d be easier for the pages to receive huge traffic through phones. This project is still in progress, and might come into limelight any time, pretty soon. Let’s wait for this and see if it does, as it promises.

Progressive Web Applications:

This is yet another major must-have changes in your web development area. If you’d like to make yourself run and come first in this race of millions, then making the lives of the readers easier, would be the best way to go about it. Progressive web applications(PWA) does just that for you. Just the way a computer browser often displays an application-like page, progressive web app enables the users to have a similar experience on mobile phones. It delivers an app-like user experience.

Shadows and 3D view:

The shadow and 3D effects have already been on websites for quite some time, but aren’t being implemented everywhere. The shadow and 3D effects give a real-time impression of the website and make it more comfortable to come to. Though 3D and shadows have been in use for a while, it doesn’t mean that there’s still much room for it to grow. So,keep using different techniques to make it more real than ever.

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Integrated animations(Motion UI):

This is one change you might have seen this year or in the previous year. This has been one of the most trendy ways used by a website, to make it feel alive. That’s what animations do to your pages, they makes it all the more fun and interesting to watch. It’s said that animations, as such give employees some relief from their work stress for a while, if they care enough to notice it. A catchy web page, with animations has the viewers’ attention and makes them linger on the website for a while.

Virtual reality:

This is one thing that many of the website developers need to concentrate on. If yours is a real estate website, then you can paste uep some kind of QR code, through which the viewer, with the help of a VR headset can get an actual picture of what he/she wants to buy. The viewer can get a good view of the whole inside of the building with the actual dimensions. It saves time and money both for the buyer, as well as the seller, and makes it easier for them to make a purchase sitting at home.

Push notifications:

These are one of those things that can be very useful and fetch you a lot of customers. On the flip side, these can turn fatal and make you lose all your customers, if misused. That’s the kind of influence a push notification can have on its users. Though this has been on the internet for a while, the users still haven’t been able to make the most of it. One needs to understand the patterns and different behaviours of the users in order to implement this in the best way possible.

Compatible extensions:

Extensions are the one thing that has been on the internet for a while, but haven’t received the hype they deserve. Could be that the developers refused to work enough on them. The extensions are an easy way, almost like a setting, that could help us get the job done in the desired way. The extensions are like guardians, that help you when you need them, but are silent most of the time. When you need something, these appear right there, and give all you want. If you still don’t understand how the extensions work, take the example of Grammarly. Grammarly would not pop up any kind of a notification, but would silently tell you when you have committed an error. Such is the kind of help these extensions can do when you need them.

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Mobile web:

This is one thing that one needs to concentrate on more. As we’ve discussed earlier, mobile usage has taken a hike and is now more widely used than the desktop internet users. This hike isn’t coming down anytime. So, one needs to concentrate on its mobile version as well, if one needs to stand in the market. Mobiles are handy and easy to use, as compared to opening a system and waiting for it to start. With the growing need for shorter techniques, mobile usage seems to be the easiest way out for such requirements.

Single page websites:

This is a new trend in the field of websites. This is being acclaimed by many experts as the future of website development. A single page, where you can find everything you searched fo, and a navigation tool that takes you to different parts in that particular page, makes it even easier for you to navigate and save yourself the trouble of scrolling down again and again. This, probably, is the kind of website people would love to go to, if their requirement for multiple pages is low – A short and sweet page that has everything that’s needed.

Artificial Intelligence support:

Chatbots are the next big thing in the field of website development. As the time zones are different, there’s no time limit for the queries that the customers come up with. To tackle situation as such, one thing you can do is influx manpower that can communicate with the customers all day and night – anytime they need. This would cost them millions of bucks. To avoid such heavy investments, there’s one thing these websites or industries could do. They can bring the chatbots into action. Artificial intelligence is one thing that’s been acclaimed by everyone and should be implemented in multiple locations to make life easier, at the same time, save time and money.

Flash to HTML5:

This is something almost all the websites have been doing. If you’ve not done it yet, then this is your time to do it without any further delay. Flash is not supported by mobile devices, which leads to a disturbance of about 51% to internet users. That would cost you a lot of traffic. Using flash for HTML5 isn’t the right option after all.

I’m sure there must be multiple other ways in which the websites can be developed, but these are a few of those foolproof methods that are supposed to be implemented, in order to stay rooted in this race of constant upgradation.

Why are most of the technologies dependent on Artificial Intelligence?

Why are most of the technologies dependent on Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence or AI also known as machine intelligence or MI and this is the reverse of natural intelligence which includes humans and other living beings, as everything fully depends and demonstrated by machine. Which, basically means the area which gives full emphasis on creating the intelligent machines that work very similar to human beings. Some artificial intelligence activities involved in the computer are as below:

  • Speech recognition
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving


Artificial intelligence or AI can be classified in various ways but important are the two ways. Artificial intelligence first classification is either weak AI or strong AI also known as narrow AI which is designed and trained for only a particular task. Personal assistants which are virtual like the Apple iPhone’s Siri are the form of weak AI.

The strong AI is just like the human brain and its cognitive capabilities whenever there is an unfamiliar task given it is capable enough to find the solution.

The work that is associated with artificial intelligence is very technical and needs specialization. However, there are some problems you get while working on computer coding for some important traits which includes:

  • Learning.
  • Reasoning.
  • Perception.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Language.


There are different forms of learning included in artificial intelligence and the simplest form is the trial and error one. For example- a simple program to solve the problems in computer chess game it tries the moves in a random manner until the mate is found. The program usually stores the moves or the position so, that when the next time the computer encounters the position it can declare the result accordingly. The memorizing of the simple items and procedures is called as rote learning which is very easy to carry out on the computer. And the most challenging one is the generalization. Which basically means applying past experience in the new incidents.


This means drawing or summing up the appropriate inference according to the situation. And inferences are basically of two types that are inductive or deductive. For example, if we consider “George who went to the restaurant or to the airport. He is not in the airport so must be in the restaurant” similarly, “similar type of accident was caused previously due to the failure of the instrument, so this accident was caused due to the failure of the instrument”. So, the most important difference between inductive and deductive is that. In deductive the premise truth is being guaranteed by the truth of conclusion whereas in case of inductive the truth of premise is supported by conclusion truth without giving absolute assurance. In science, there is a lot of use of inductive reasoning the models are developed after the collection of tentative data to describe and predict the future behavior. While going to the deductive reasoning is common for mathematical or logical where the elaborate structures which are undeniable are built up with small sets of axioms and rules.
It has considerably gained a lot of success and draws an inference from computer programming, especially the deductive reasoning. Generally, the true reasoning always doesn’t contain the drawing inference, it includes something more than like drawing inference which related and relevant to the solution of the particular task or work. This is one of the difficult tasks that is done in the Artificial Intelligence.


To reach a particular goal or target the systematic search done for it including a certain range of possible action is called as problem-solving which is an important aspect of artificial intelligence. There are two types of problem-solving methods general purpose and special purpose. For every specific tailored problem and gets exploited for any specific feature of the situation and the problems get embedded in it this is called a special purpose method. Whereas in case of general purpose it involves a wide variety of problems. This includes means-end analysis or the step-by-step and reduction of the difference present in the current state and final goal is called the general purpose technique. There are lists of means allows the program to select its action- this majorly includes the words which are for a simple robot that are PICK UP, PUT DOWN, MOVE FORWARD, MOVE BACK, MOVELEFT, MOVERIGHT until the desired goal is reached.

A lot of different problems have been solved by using this artificial intelligence. For examples, sequential moves in a board game, composing different mathematical proofs and manipulating virtual objects in the computer-generated world.


The environment is scanned by different sensory organs, real or artificial and the scene gets into different objects for different spatial objects this is known as perception. The analysis is always complicated and can’t deny with the fact that every object appears different from the different angle of view depends on the direction and illumination intensity in the scene and how the object gets contrast from the surrounding scene.

Nowadays artificial intelligence has become very much advanced and optical sensors can be enabled to identify the individuals, on the open road the motorcycles can drive at a moderate speed and robots can roam easily collecting the soda cans from building to buildings. The first system that implemented the perception and action was named as FREDDY, this robot has a television eye which was moving and pincer hand but the robot was stationary. It was constructed during the year the 1966-73 in Scotland. It was able to identify a variety of objects very easily and could assemble simple artifacts like toys and random heap components.


A system containing signs with a conventional meaning was called as Language. The language is just not confined to the words we write or speak. We have mini-language the traffic signals which delivers the message of having the hazard ahead. These are very distinct languages that the convention of the linguistic language posses and linguistic here means very different from the original one. A productive and successful language can result in unlimited and variety of sentences.
It would be very easy to write a program in human understandable language so that the responses, comments, queries can be easily understood. Although the machine doesn’t understand the language there are certain principles like the commands which are stored allows them to understand or distinguish between human understandable and non-understandable languages. Then evolves a genuine understanding where the computer even getting the commands fails to acknowledge the language. This thing still doesn’t have a permanent solution. And it depends upon a lot of factors, one’s behavior and history etc. can be trained and to take place in linguistic communication and by making it interactive.