Paid Search Advertisers are always on the pursuit of making their ads more engaging. To make it easy for the Bing Ads users, we present the tips and tricks to Bing Ads extension. Most of the people will now have turned towards the ads extension to boost the AdWords click-through rate. The fascinating thing here is Google benefitted by these ad extensions as the part of Ad Rank Formula and Bing Report.

New Bing Ads Extension

Bing Ads has recently unwrapped the new ads extension that will help you utilize the call to action buttons in the text ads.

These new action extensions will help all the advertisers achieve an increase in the click-through rate at least to 20%. This extension is made available in all the Bing Ads Worldwide. Bing Ads action is global, and it is supporting in all the languages, it is available from Wednesday in all the desktop and mobile devices. The featured extension involves one of the 70 predefined calls to action.

In details, if we would discuss then, we can integrate the action extension to the accounts, campaign or the ad group level, with the lowest level of precedence. You will be allowed only 20 action extensions per level.

The action extension only supports in the web UI; it is web bulk account managing tool. However, the campaign manager in Bing Ads service only to API and bulk API. You will have the option for setting the URL for an extension.

This is the new Ad extension feature that Bing has recently introduced. To know more about the Bing Extension tips and tricks follow the whole article.

Location Extension

The location extension allows all the advertisers to include the business address, phone number, and direction to the workplace or store in the AD. When the searchers click on the link, then it will redirect to Bing Maps Page with the address showing already populated.

Bing Location extension

Source: Bing


What is the use?

If you want to drive the audience to your storefront, then you must add the location extension. This helps in boosting the traffic to your business; it makes you stand out in the Search Engine Ranking Page. According to Bing Reports, Bing Ads Extension produce 7%-10% of increased Click Through Rates than those who don’t have.

SiteLink Extension

The SiteLink Extension allows the advertisers to include links to their various other pages in site just below the Ad. You can even enhance the page links by adding a few lines of description to it for each connection.

site extension

What is the use?

Every advertiser gets benefitted from it, instead of just one link advertisers can add more than one link with a description. When the site links double the opportunities of the AD surface doubles, that makes the Ad visibility of Ad prominence higher than that of smaller ads. As a result of this, the announcement yields up to 30% more profit and profile than the regular ads.

The key here is providing links to only those sites which are very relevant for your business which includes a landing page, useful links to the store. If you mention something that is out of topic then there are huge chances that it will derail the users, distract them from actual thing that you want to show. When you are setting up the extension, do the background digging and check what people are looking for and try to enhance their experience.

App Extensions

With the App Extensions, the advertisers can include a link asking the people to download the application directly from their text ads. Once the user clicks on the link, Bing recognizes the type of device and the Operating system and then redirects to the correct app store to complete the installation process.

What is the use?

If your business has the app, this means you have invested a significant amount of time in building the original app-so you will surely want that people should use it! App extension is one the best way to introduce people to your app and encourage them to download it and use it.

According to a leading person from Microsoft, one from every four people across the world downloads the app from App extension or through app searching in the browser. As apps are more sophisticated and delicate than the other mobile websites, apps draw more conversion rates. If you have a perfect app then never hesitate to promote.

Image Extension

In Image Extension, the advertiser can add image alongside the ad. Usually, one can upload up to six images (Per campaign) and have a unique URL for every picture. This gives the advertisers a chance to point the users to some other websites also.

image extension

Source: Bing

Until now the extension can only be displayed on the desktop and the tablets. However, now ads are showing just one image in the advertisements. Bing even announced that they would testing other image formats in the forthcoming months. Will initially bring such a potential option to Ads extension.

What is the use?

The first thing that might come into your head, Why should you use the image extension you can use the standard product extension? Answer: Images attracts people more than that of words. On the other hand, Product Ads yields the best result, but the image extension has proven beneficial where ads are not present.

image extension

Source: Bing

These are best for service-based businesses such as hotels, spas, restaurants, bakery, e-commerce to showcase product ads. All these industries show the image extension.

Call Extension

call extension

Source: Bing

It is one of the beneficial ad extension, and the advertisers can use the Call extension to display the contact number in the Ad, with a button to click-to-call, all in the ad copy. There are two types of Bing Ads Extension:

  • The display on all the Devices: The primary use of this option is to enable the call tracking for all kind of devices, to attain the in-depth data like call type, duration, etc. for the calls generated from the ads. To do this Bing improved a dynamic forward calling option that will appear on your ads.
  • Display only on smartphones: This is a type of customized calls, with this option your phone number will be appearing in the click to call format. However, clicks to this calls are always recorded, while no in-depth data is present.

What is the use?

For the maximum number of business, the number of leads comes from the conversation or calls than directly going to the landing page. The Call extension usually, cuts down the middle man and gives you direct contact to the team.

If we take it in another way, building a landing page that attracts every audience is a bit difficult. And the same landing page pushing the leads to convert to users is a difficult task. Even if you have a beautiful landing page but the people turning cannot be anticipated. On the flipside, in Call extension, there is direct contact between the user and the business.


There are few more ads extension that is coming soon in Bing Ads that will make your work more exciting and accessible.

Action Link Extension

The Action Link Extension allows the advertisers to add the call to action button along with their ads that are linked to the landing page. Usually, Bing provides a pre-approved list of actions for the button the activities include buy now, sign in, reserve, contact us. It also offers a possibility for the users to submit a review for CTAs.

Since it is not yet there in the market, all those advertisers who want to avail it should apply Microsoft for this fantastic feature.

What is the Use?

Based on the recommendation it is made, it can be seen that the extension has been designed keeping e-commerce business in mind while it is useful for others also. Typically, we can see that when people have a clear directive, they will mostly flow in action. Given that the extensions will highlight the call to action and will make it easy for them searchers to do it. This will undoubtedly yield a higher click-through rate.

However, the feature is very identical to Facebook CTA button. A lot of advertisers have reported positive reviews for Facebook CTA. We can hope the same for bing also.

Review Extension

This extension is very beneficial and allows the advertisers to include the third party link in your business ad. However, the review must be from a reputable source rather than any customer or a proposal review. It must be a reflection of the whole business.

review extension

Source: Bing

What is the Use?

You may have a bunch of happy customers! Who will show a lot of positive feedbacks to your work? Review extensions are super useful for your business if you are small or starter. Even, if the advertisers have the best ads, the searchers are less likely to engage if you have no good one recommending you, searchers start thinking if you are trustworthy or not. Including a known third party will build trust upon you and makes your presence more powerful.

Callout Extension

Callout Extension allows the advertisers to add the four emphasized product keys selling below the ad. Unline the SiteLinks these are not clickable links. The sole purpose is to add more content to your ad.

callout extension

Source: Bing

What is the Use?

It is the best chance to add more content to your paid ads in Bing, which will include more useful keywords. Callout Extension is those that will provide you this opportunity to add more content. Regardless! of the industry, it is helpful for any business. You have to check the unique selling points, then plug them to account, campaign or ad group. These extensions are new in Bing and very similar to AdWords Callout Actions.

Video Extension

The Video Extension will allow the advertisers to append 15-30 Videos to text ads. This is limited to specific users. The Bing Account managers should talk with Bing to enable this service.

Bing is the first platform to release something as Video Extension. We see the growing popularity of Video Ads, and Content Bing introduced this amazing Video Extension.

What is the Use?

This extension is useful for any business, even though the searchers don’t directly connect with it. If we add a video along with Ad will increase the Search Engine Ranking Page, this helps to stand out against the competitors ads.  According to psychology, people tend to attract to images more than that of words. This makes the ads colorful and grabs the vision of the searchers at a once.


There are a lot of Extensions that Bing has added to make the work of Advertisers easy, attractive and grabbing traffic. Additional to this the new ad extension also brings some new advertisers to bing making it innovative.

Maybe some of the Extension you have to ask Bing for using, but it is worth taking if you want your ads to be the best.

We hope you came to know more about the Bing Ad Extensions and its uses. If you have any queries regarding Bing feel free to talk to us.


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