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Advertising and TV in India have become huge even if the digital media is slowly trying to take the attention of the citizens. However, the Indian Market Analysis says that India is the second fastest growing Ad industry in the world after China. Not just the TV Advertising industry even the Television industry is expected to increase a lot in the upcoming years. India is on the verge of making a lot, in Television history. While the TV forecast or future TV has a lot of new things in the bag.

To make the TV industry and the Advertising Industry easy for all. We made a report that explains in details about the Television and Advertising industry and the market analysis in India. It also includes the forecast for the future, about how TV companies should adopt new technologies to be in a race.

However, to make this report, we did a lot of background research. We had a team of researchers who did background digging, gathered the required statistic, collected even the very minute information that helped in making this report.

TV advertising market analysis


This report covers all the main aspects that will help a TV organization and an Advertising agency to know the latest trends in India. It includes all the substantial information such as:
TV Industry:

  • How is the TV industry growing in India?
  • What type of TV’s are penetrating in Indian Households?
  • Usage of CRT and LED days in Indian Household.
  • How is digital media giving fierce competition to the TV industry?

Advertising Industry:

  • It has increased Advertising agencies in India.
  • How is the industry saw growth in India?
  • What is the Penetration of Ad agencies in Indian Households?
  • What are the TV viewing habits of Indians?

TV and Advertising trends:

  • How the advertising agency and TV industries can find the trends and target the audience?
  • How the TV industry in India looks?
  • What are the factors that are affecting the TV industry?
  • Which type of content is king on TV?
  • In India which is the best time for showcasing the Ads or what is Prime Time?
  • It contains a brief explanation of Drama Marketing, a favorite genre for Indians.

Major Events in 2019:

  • We are concentrating on some significant events in India 2019.
  • How to do advertisements and TV sales increased during the Cricket World Cup?
  • What are the main ingredients that will make people stick to TV in IPL?
  • How the TV buying rate increases during the cricket season?

Future of TV

  • What is the Forecast of the TV industry in India?
  • What all new technologies the TV industry should adopt to be in a race with digital media?

These are some of the essential things that everyone in the TV industry and Ad agencies wonder for, to make your work accessible to read this complete report. It involves all the in-depth market analysis for TV and advertising industry.


This year there are a lot of major events going on in India which include Indian Premier League (IPL), Cricket World Cup, and General election. All this gives a fantastic opportunity for the advertiser to grab the market and make the people stick the TV.

TV viewing in India

However, it is even expected that advertising expenditure this year is expected to rise by 15.8% which will sum up to become Rs 72,662 Crore. This clearly, indicates that advertising platform this year will financially rip off all the records. While this year is a big one and will bring a lot of new milestones to India.

Not, just the major events such as General Election, IPL and Cricket World Cup even the advertisers should concentrate on various other important things that will stick the audience to the TV. This reports will give you complete insight into the trends that the advertising industry should always check on.

The trends include things such as when to concentrate which region people. For example, in the morning time, the people of South India watch a lot of TV which becomes a prime time for them. While for the Hindi speaking people the Prime Time is evening time. This is something which helps a lot to the advertisers and concentrates only on the specific region at that particular time.


We didn’t just end here; the report even contains Forecast for the TV industry. The future of the TV industry is nothing but the Programmatic Tv that will show the Programmatic Ads. Soon, if the TV industry will start having the Programmatic Ads, it will begin giving a fierce competition to Digital Media. Programmatic Ads is a step ahead of the standard Linear TV that we watch daily.

Programmatic Tv will have the Over The Top (OTT) and Video On Demand (VOD) option that will make people fall in love with TV all over again. A programmatic TV will also have the Programmatic Ads, which comes on the screen in a similar way how we can see in the internet platform or any social media. We can see the ads on the bottom or top of the screen and in the left or right side.

If you want to check the advertisements, you can click on the ads on the screen, or if you don’t want to watch it, you have to leave it like that the announcement will go away. Soon the TV’s are going to change, and we will be adopting smart TVs with excellent features.

Programmatic TV

As an end note we can say that if you read this report, it will surely give you a deeper insight into the Indian TV market and Advertising industry. However, we will also get to know what we need to follow and what we were following until now. It is handy with all the statistics and numbers being correct to our knowledge.

Below we attached you the PDF of our report TV and Advertising Market Analysis Indian Forecast 2019. After reading it, if you find out any glitches, please do revert to us we will glad to fix it. If you have any query regarding this Tv and Advertising related thing and need our help, we will provide you the best solution.

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We hope you love it!

Indian TV Advertising Market Analysis forecast download

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