Latest web design trends 2019 becomes very important while coming to year end. The success rate of a website depends on the web design trends. Since your website defines your business, you have to take utmost care while designing.

Make sure the website is designed correctly where it meets all the constraints. Not just the web design even concentrate on the user experience for which you must concentrate on the latest UX trends 2019.

What are the qualities of a good website?

A professional or expertise is needed to design the best website. Then the website design attributes combined to give the best results.

The design patterns and principles will surely help in making the website attractive. However, Usability of the website also plays a crucial role.

What makes a good web design?

Great web designing trends always contain a positive attribute for the website and also for the business.

It involves four steps namely planning, creation, adding images where required, updating the website. Make sure all these steps are updates in regular intervals.

What are the factors which influence a good web design?

There are other factors that involved in the latest web design trends. “Content is the king”- Website design involves content, architecture, user interface, navigation keys, website layout, attractive colors, decent fonts, images, icons and so on.

In this article, we listed out all the crucial aspects that make your website attractive and user-friendly with the latest UX trends, that will engage a lot of people.


Do not overdo your website always have the latest UX trend. Putting many elements on the first page does not appeal.

Adding too much content leads to confusion, and the users will end up leaving the website that is why having a latest UX trend helps. So, it is better if you pay attention to the upcoming and latest UX trends in 2019 it is very useful.

The primary purpose of visitors is to explore the website and keep them engaging. You cannot beat the simplicity, and a simple and clear design always does wonders. Easy navigation from one page to another is also an added advantage. This will decrease the bounce rate of the website.

Good Content and readability.

Good content always attracts more readers or visitors. Keep all the necessary information on the website. Content is an integral part of the SEO practices.

The content should be very relevant to the attributes. Do not overwrite as this may not impress the readers. Be very precise, explain when it is required.

Readability is another vital factor which binds the visitors. Always keep the website easy to read, clear to understand. Include all the SEO elements like keywords and metadata. Use the fonts which are smooth to the eye. Choose different fonts for a main heading and subheading.

Maintain consistency

Always keep the font style same throughout the website. Do not try for different styles for each page and confuse the visitors going through the website.

The buttons should be easy and smooth for the website. Differentiating between headings and subheadings makes your website look fabulous.

Easy to navigate

Navigating from one page to another should be smooth. Use active navigation attributes, easily clickable buttons. Keep in mind to follow the three-click rule, for the visitors to get the required information within these clicks.

Page Load made easy

Visitors hate to wait for the web page to load. Design the page in such a way that by the easy clicks it leads to the desired page.

You have to optimize the size of the images, putting the code into a CSS, Javascript files as this reduce the HTTP request.

page load


The primary purpose of the visitors is to get the required information. You have to design the website in such a way that is interactive, and it communicates well with the visitors.

This makes the visitors spend much time and if your website. You can add chatbots so that they can be interactive.

How can you make a website effective?

You can make an effective website plan by following the basic tips. Make sure you implement some of these tips to get the best results.

  • Know your purpose of communication.
  • Make your site easy to navigate.
  • Include quality content.
  • Keep it simple and understandable.
  • Include a blog.
  • Follow simple SEO and get searched.
  • Implement a Mobile friendly design.

How to make my website popular?

You can make your website popular and get searched in Google by following simple SEO techniques. The general tips to make your website popular are:

  • Optimize your website traffic.
  • Promoting your site.
  • Tools which can monitor website traffic and links to your site.
  • Content development.
  • SEO techniques.
  • Meta tags.

What are the latest web design trends in 2019?

The latest web designing has become much more sophisticated and user-friendly. You can explore a lot while learning and designing the website as well.

Keep track of all the latest web design trends so that you avoid ending up designing an outdated website.

The latest web designing trends include:

  1. Geometric Shapes
  2. Flat design
  3. Bright colors
  4. Bold typography
  5. Chatbots
  6. Add animation
  7. Microinteractions
  8. Include Reviews
  9. Hamburger menu
  10. Tactile images
  11. Floating Navigation
  12. Call to action
  13. Broken grids/ asymmetrical layouts
  14. Single page design
  15. Mobile friendly

Geometric shapes

This is a new trend where the designers use the Geometric shapes for a softer look. The old box type buttons are out of fashion now.

geometric image

Flat Design

It is about minimizing and usability. Flat design mainly targets the important parts of the website, it is a fresh idea to implement to load faster images and high-resolution images.

Bright colors

A regular study on colors has revealed that 85% of the visitors get attracted to the website’s bright color.

The overall look for the website should be classy and give a pleasant look. This makes the visitors spend some time on your website.

Bold Typography

The web design is taking a new face every day, one is such Bold Typography. This feature supports the Content rather images where it becomes tough to load the images on the mobile apps.


Nowadays many websites have added a chatbot. You can find it popping up as soon as you land on the first page. Hence, can also add a chatbox with a creative image.

You have to design a chatbot in such a way that it answers all the general and possible queries visitors come up.

Add Animations

latest web design trends

To make the visitors more engaging, you add small animations in the web pages wherever they are required. The latest web design trend is adding a small video or a GIF to make it interesting. Animation is useful if the page unexpectedly crashes, or takes time to load for any other issues.


Eventually, Microinteractions take animation one step ahead regarding user engagement. These are animations that respond to the user.

It is designed in such a way that when you place a mouse over a particular space, an animation is triggered. These are called micro-interactions and has become a viral web design trend these days.

Include Reviews

Make most of the social media platforms useful. You can add social proof, positive reviews, on your website.

Enhances the growth of your website, and the visitors also feel happy if they see the testimonials, by building trust in your business. All all the social media reviews so that the visitors easily get convinced.

latest UX trends

A hamburger menu removes the pages in the main menu of your website and puts them behind the hamburger icon.

You can have a website that is very minimal, as it allows you to include fewer elements on each page. It can also provide the navigation your visitors need.

Tactile Images

You can try these real images instead of old pattern images. These add a more realistic touch to the images. Tactile design adds a shadowing effect and a more profound image and makes the image more real.

All websites have navigation at the same place. The latest trend in web design to consider is floating navigation.

While it stays visible even as you scroll down the page. It also has the benefit of keeping all the navigation options present and visible no matter where your visitor is on the page. All this makes a unique experience if you design this Floating Navigation feature.

Calls To Action (CTA)

This is the feature where the visitors get immediate action wherever they click on the webpage. These are the words that create interest and enthusiasm to the reader.

Broken Grids/ Asymmetrical Layouts

These designs point to the most important parts of the website. By using attractive colors, unusual format or design, creativeness is what that users expect from a website.

Single Page Design

On the technical note, it is about keyword search, landing on your web page, leading to the contact page details. Every point on the page leads to another conversational page which brings in more business.

Mobile friendly

With mobile shopping apps on rage, the latest web design trends in 2019 concentrate on mobiles first than the regular desktop applications.

Responsive web design must be mobile friendly and this is the latest trend you can expect in 2019.


Since the year is coming to an end everyone grasps their seats and check the internet for new trends introducing in every sector.

This article is our take on the most talked about and essential topic Web design. People who are into digital marketing and mostly into software know what it is worth.

We listed out all the top trends coming, to make designers more excited about new features.

Furthermore, if you have any doubt or confusion with this regard can feel free to contact us any time through any medium.

We will be very glad to help you!

Thank You for reading!

Varshita Muddana

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