WhatsApp has moved a lot of steps forward from being just an application to chat with others, to present supporting different types of files in various formats and then introducing the WhatsApp Ads and WhatsApp stickers for business. WhatsApp has become a part and parcel of everybody’s life. these days people are using this medium to connect with each other. It has turned out to be world’s most used and loved online media to communicate. As a mostly engaging digital media channel, it has made the area vast and increased the features from just being a channel for communicating and chatting to a channel for the business that is when we all know about the WhatsApp for business. WhatsApp earlier this day made a huge reveal by adding WhatsApp stickers as a new feature.

The chat app is being owned by the Social Media giant Facebook. In the market, there is a tough competition for everything these days and to survive in the market it requires a lot. That’s why WhatsApp kept on adding new things to be in the market and keep all the people engaging in the platform. One of the recent and most trending updates in WhatsApp is the WhatsApp stickers. First in Hike, SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook Messengers and now in WhatsApp. It started rolling out from past one week in both iOS and Android platform.

Let us dive deep into WhatsApp and the WhatsApp stickers the new feature and learn about how it is benefitting the business persons

Why should we use WhatsApp?

In the late 90’s and early 20’s SMS were introduced and it was the big deal back in time and a lot of people used SMS, it became so huge that it was used for the business purposes also. For various advertisement purpose in WhatsApp, sending bank statements and bills for various purposed SMS or normal text messages were used.

While coming to WhatsApp it is also one of the huge sites which people use like anything. It is having a total of 1.2 billion active users. From the total world population of 7.6 billion, 1.2 billion people are using WhatsApp. In these 1.2 Billion people 70% of people which is estimated to be 84 million people are using WhatsApp Daily on a regular basis. It is world Second mostly used application of the world. Everyday 55 billion messages are being sent and received in WhatsApp messenger. Daily 175 Billion people are watching the WhatsApp Status. More than 100 million voice calls take place in WhatsApp on a regular basis. At last, it is considered to be as the top social media site, 55.6% of the world use this online media for connecting with each other.

These all statistics show clearly that how WhatsApp is important and why one person should incorporate the WhatsApp Business for all the business work. If this is incorporated in the business then it will give immense results to your Business and for sure your Business will excel like anything.

What are new features added to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Sticker

Last week WhatsApp introduced a very new and advanced feature to the World’s popular messaging site WhatsApp that is the WhatsApp Stickers. It is available for both the iOS and Android users. To receive this feature you just have to update the WhatsApp using the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

whatsapp stickers

Whatsapp stickers

Steps to use the stickers:

  • First is to update the Application to get the new feature.
  • For every conversation you do in WhatsApp you will find the emoji symbol which you have to click it.
  • After clicking on the emoji symbol you will get an extra option beside the GIF that is the “sticker”.
  • You can choose any of the stickers from the total gallery of the stickers.

Steps to add more stickers:

  • You will get a “+” plus icon in the stickers section click on it.
  • Tap on the download button which is present below all the stickers.
  • To get a number of stickers or custom stickers to get down and click on “Get more stickers”.
  • Or you can download directly from WASticker app directly for your choice of stickers.

The important thing to keep in mind is that:

First, you have to update your WhatsApp to enjoy this feature. Some of the WhatsApp versions are not supporting these stickers feature wait for sometime till the new improved version comes up. The mobiles having 2.18.329 version and more can access the stickers while lower than this version will not support the WhatsApp stickers. After you update your OS version you can use it easily.

WhatsApp Ads

WhatsApp has released another feature just some days before WhatsApp stickers, that is the WhatsApp Ads for the business. As a way of connecting to a lot of people and the Advertisement can be added to the WhatsApp status. WhatsApp story was actually the copied version of the Instagram stories and Snapchat. The WhatsApp status is just for a limited period of time that is 24 hours. This function was from past 2 years for the users but recently it gave the access to the business people to use it for the branding or advertising of their business.

WhatsApp ADs

(source: news4c)

The vice president of WhatsApp has earlier said that “it is a very innovative and new way to connect the users and the target customers”. It has quickly become a vast place for not only the normal people but also the business person’s and the number of users in this platform have increased enormously. Facebook the owner of WhatsApp got benefitted a lot in a short period of time.

Group Calling and Video

WhatsApp group call

(source: digital trends)

Earlier this year WhatsApp introduced this feature in which you can have a group call or a group video chat with your friend, family, acquaintances. It was in the testing period for one month later the idea of Group calling and video chat was succeeded. It is allowing the users to gather together and perform the formal and informal calls with ease, making it convenient of the users to talk, those are widely spread all over the world.

Link Detector

It is most popular in the WhatsApp beta, this Android version was released in the mid of the year July 2018. It detects all the suspicious links that are being shared in the online platform. The motive is to cut down the spam, spoofing and phishing rates in the social media platform and generating more security to the people using WhatsApp. Android 2.18.221 includes this feature and identifies the suspicious links if anyone sends it and whenever it is located by the app. It usually warns the people whenever they are going to open the malicious website from the link.

Swipe Right to reply

In WhatsApp, you can swipe right to reply you don’t have to use the usual long way in which you earlier used to connect or chat with the people. This feature allows you to respond to a specific message individually or whether in a group by just swiping right.

For the Android mobiles, you have to tap and hold the message to which you want to reply and then have to swipe to right at the chat top. Then you directly enter the conversation, later type and send the text as you normally do.

While, coming for the iOS mobile, you have to tap and hold the message or the conversation you want to have and tap on the reply button, that’s it. Then you are directed to the conversation where you can chat freely.

If you want to cancel the conversation you can click the X on the top right. That’s where you end up.

These are some of the top new features that have been added to WhatsApp to increase the opportunities of the Business in the WhatsApp channel.

How to use the new WhatsApp Stickers for business?

This can be said as one of the most awaited and unexpected updates in WhatsApp. Unexpected because WhatsApp being a platform were only people used to chat with each other who are in their contacts so embedding this update in the WhatsApp is pity unexpected. Most Awaited because till now there were only minor updates in WhatsApp except the WhatsApp ADs and WhatsApp Business. So, it was believed that WhatsApp will include something good and engaging. Facebook has taken a troll and introduced the WhatsApp stickers. Most importantly the youngsters believe in sending the messages in an easier way rather than typing it all, that is where the stickers came for the rescue. Until we are into a serious conversation people like to use the stickers.

These stickers are available in the online platform. You just have to update the application in Google Play store for the Android users and Apple App store for the iOS users. It contains the featured characters which include Cuppy, Salty, Komo, Bibimbap Friends, Unchi & Rollie, Shiba Inu, The Maladroits, Koko, Hatch, Fearless and Fabulous, Banana, and Biscuit. From all these types of WhatsApp stickers, you can download the one which you like most.

Apart from using the WhatsApp stickers,

you can also create your own stickers and ask people to use them. You can create amazing stickers for different festive occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas. It is a brilliant idea to grab the attention of the users. Just imagine the stickers which you created are being used by people in WhatsApp to communicate with each other.

Similar to this we have also tried to create the WhatsApp stickers for one of our Indian Festival Diwali and created a lot of stickers that are related to this festival. We made different stickers using different languages present in India. The application which we created is named as Diwali WhatsApp stickers. It supports both Android and iOS. It is very simple to design but gains the attention of a lot of people towards your business.

WhatsApp sticker for business      WhatsApp sticker for business

For those who want to use our app and add different stickers to their WhatsApp conversation should follow the below steps:

  • Download the stickers application.
  • For Android, you can download and whereas on the other side you can also download it for iOS also.
  • Tap on the ‘+’ or the Add to WhatsApp option.
  • Confirm the action and then it will be added to your WhatsApp.
  • Follow all the mentioned points on the top the steps to use stickers.
  • Voila! that’s it you can find all the stickers in your WhatsApp.

The most crucial thing that should be noted is that

First, you have to update your WhatsApp to enjoy this feature. Some of the WhatsApp version is not supporting these stickers feature wait for sometime till the new improved version comes up for every mobile version.

The WhatsApp stickers are very cool and new to use so people are very excited to use it. Eventually, this is the time when you can make your mark in the market and drag the attention of a lot of people towards your business. Moreover, people, them-self are very excited to use this new feature in WhatsApp.

Maybe this your time, grab the chance and gain the attention of customers while making your mark simultaneously, so, don’t let it go!

This is the time which will help make your business to a brand.

If you face any difficulty feel free to contact us or your comment below about the problem you are facing we will revert back you. We are always there to help you!

Varshita Muddana

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