The happy, amused and pomping holidays have started. Holidays are full of friends, relatives, having fun together, good food, lots of  holiday shopping, dinner and enjoying. For most of the American, Thanksgiving actually means turkey, having dinner parties, friends, parades, road trips that’s all. However, people have different choices like some take a trip to other places, some want to be at home and have a family get together, people have turkey feasts, look for amazing black Friday deals.

Not just the party and dinners people will be eagerly searching for the yummiest pumpkin Pie from the Grandma’s recipe book to impress the guests in the home. This guide tells something like these amazing things that people look for in this holiday season. People are also eager to know what is going on this holiday like about the places which people like to visit and where people are investing more time, all the insights about this is being analyzed in details by Google trends that all the things are mentioned in details below.

Most Popular Searches in Google

To have a deeper analysis and understand what people exactly intend to visit, during the holidays and all those places which they are dragged to in this season. It is however analysed clearly from the number of times people ask the Google Maps about taking to a place or showing the direction towards a place. Google had really did a hard work in finding out the exact statistics where the people are preferring to go during their holidays. Then showcased all the statistics in a visual representation about the most visited sites in Google maps. So, the below image shows the amount of searches.

American All state map

Source: Google Maps

Searching Trends in Google Maps National


During the time of Thanksgiving the most popular stop where people stuck to get something in the holiday season are the local shops. All the places which would be crowded during the holidays and we showcased you the peak time when it would be crowded is mentioned below. You just have to hop on when it is not crowded or else you will find yourself stuck in midst of a lot of people. This gives a brief idea about the period of time when it will be crowded, which area will be crowded more and at what period it would be free so that you can go and  buy whatever you want without having to face the problem, you can go straight in without have to make your way in between the crowd. The below images shows you clearly about it.

google popular search

Source: Google Maps


When we have a look at the United States trending holiday mapping for Thanksgiving and the whole nation search trends on this day. People here love video games a lot. We will represent you a data which will show the shopping pattern of the people in the United Nation. During the holiday season, most of the people buy different video especially the teenagers take the advantages of the holiday season and importantly the sales during this time. As the sales are on, so people take it as a chance and buy all the video games which they like. November end December is the season when people get amazing offers through which people can buy everything that is there in their checklist.

Screenshot popular thing

Source: Hubspot

The specific list of video games that the people look for is the other end of story. While, you can’t ignore the fact that the VR or the Virtual reality which was discovered to make the gaming, watching video’s look very much virtual people are wishing to buy it a lot. However, the company Oculus launched a new VR headset which is start studded Campaign that came up this Thanksgiving day. This will influence the way of playing the video games so it is thought to be the game changer in the world of Video Game experience where VR or the virtual reality has become the mainstream in technology.

Searching Trends in Google Maps locally


One of the biggest day for the deals and offers that comes after the Thanksgiving day is the Black Friday still now there are a lot of stores and outlet which have already let out a lot of Black Friday deals, offers, exclusive discounts etc.  People shop on this day like anything and this day can also be called as the shopping day. Shopping doesn’t only involve just clothes, footwear, accessories etc it also involves the other kind of things also. This is the period of time when every shop and store gives exclusive offers and discounts. While shopping tops the list, we show you the image in which we are mentioning some of the google search results which people search in maximum amount during the holiday season.

holiday shopping

Source: Google Maps


A lot of people at this holiday time search a lot about the food, drinks, Recipes to cook, where they can find the good discounts or offer on food, Restaurants to go for etc. However, when it comes to Thanksgiving or Black Friday it is all about good food and yes it also about turkey. People in the United States still need a lot of guidance in selecting the variety of drinks and food which they will opt for the day. and take the help of Google for it.

Thanksgiving food

Source: Google Maps


On holidays people want to relax and enjoy the festive mood. It is the best time for a entertainment, people at this time look for the matches of their popular sport or want to watch their favourite movie. Entertainment is not just limited to a movie or a favorite sports match instead of it also includes a lot of things like someone want to go party, someone wants to relax in an SPA or maybe some like to enjoy in the entertainment zones. Below we mention you the popular places which Google users search for or look for.

Entertainment thanksgiving

Source: Google Maps

Crowded Areas

Every week even you go to some place you must be habituated with the crowd that you face in the normal days, But that is not same in case of Holidays because during the holiday season the crowd even in your nearby places also increases. People travel on different day and time so may be when you go at a point of time but you find your favourite place to be crowded. Not just shops and area even if travelling to some other city, country, anywhere it is will be crowded at the holiday season. In the below diagram we show you all the busiest and the crowded areas, that you may want to visit but it would be good if you schedule it before or postpone it.

Google Mapping

Source: Google Maps

This statistics shows clearly when to avoid a trip and when it is  best to schedule it.

With this note, we come to an end. You get to see in brief about the people searches in the Google during the holiday season.

It is you who should consider all these factors and act accordingly. However, it is the best chance to grab one of the best deals during this holiday season and purchase all those things which you wanted buy could not but can make a purchase with the ongoing exclusive offers.

Happy a safe and happy holiday’s!

Varshita Muddana

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