For every person who wants to be in the digital marketing sector, Google AdWords Certification is the very crucial thing that every Digital marketer should take it. The question that most of the time everyone gets: Whether to receive the Google AdWords certification or not? Not only this people even get confused that if they are taking the AdWords certification will be useful if accepted or not?  It is an essential credential for the individual as it is the standardized ways using this one can prove their level of knowledge, and understanding in the particular area.

What is Google AdWords Certification?

Google AdWords is a certification program which people opt or want to get certified. Usually, Google conducts a test in which it identifies the marketers in the internet platform and verifies them to be the experts in online advertising. If a person passes two Google AdWord exam, then he/ she will be provided with a personalized Google Certificate, and you get the official entry to Google AdWords Public profile page.

Similar, to other Google products which got evolved with time in the same way Google AdWords Certification is also developing gradually with time.

The Google certification program is a standalone program, and some of the certifications in earlier time you had to appear it by paying some amount but now it is not required all the certifications are free. This was a massive change in the Google AdWords partners program. It may be somewhat confusing for the new users or the students who have just stepped in the Google Ads certification. As this is available exclusively at the GoogleAdWords Partners site, so it becomes a bit tricky and confusing for all those who are new to Google Ads. However, it is easy for those people who are already present in the Google Ads.

google adword certification

Still, now the Certification works same as that it used to work before a few years back. The Google certification has become one of the primary requirement that every company looks for; even the entry-level jobs require the Certification it has become one of the condition.

Google AdWords actual gives the base level knowledge upon a topic. Having a subject matter exposure on an issue that you will get only by clearing the Google certification as it is much more precise than the usual things that you learn from the textbook because Google can tell about itself and give you more in-depth knowledge about itself than anyone else.

Overview of Google AdWords Certification

The Google Certification is only earned by those who are capable enough and can clear the Google-certified exam. An exam is not so easy only some people can make it who have that knowledge about the subject and are experts in it now and then it merely proves it that you became expert just by qualifying the test. Google certifying means setting a bar between all the people who want a chance to participate, if you have the certification it will help you in standing out in the whole crowd which provides you with much importance.

In the beginning, Google Certification was named Google Advertising Professionals. Then in the year 2010 AdWords program name was changed and called as Google AdWords Certification here some changes in the program were made. In 2013 the AdWords program was renamed once again and called as Google AdWords Partners, this name was also not stable for a much longer time at present Google Certification is known as Google Ads.

The Google Ads brought three new brands with which you can work those are the Google Ads, Google Ad Manager, and Google Marketing platform. All these three everytime double checks all the tasks done by the previous one.

The Google AdWords Certification Courses:

AdWords Fundamental exam- This includes everything that is basic and essential like the campaign management and optimization

There are few other exams also which test your creating, managing, marketing, optimizing tactics, especially for the advertisement campaigns.

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising.
google adword percentage

Source: Google

The passing score in Google AdWords is 80% which means until you 80% you have to appear the exam again and again to gain the certificate. However, the Good here is that you can perform the exam with a gap of 24hours from the previous review.

How to open a Google AdWords Account?

The most crucial and foremost thing is to create an account. The account you create will contain all the details of the exams that you have completed or pending to appear. You have to give the features like the email id for login, password just these two are the required details for account creating.

Google adword certificate

Source: Google

Voila! Your account is activated.

Then you will get policies and privacy pages by the Google Ads, which you have to check in then you find another terms and condition after accepting both the systems. You are redirected to the Google Ads page you can see multiple certification programs as shown below. You can choose any one of the programs in which you want certification.

google adword study guide

Source: Google

google adword study guide

Source: Google

Being a digital marketer, I went forward with Google Ads, where you can find the other sub-groups in Google Ads Certification courses which shown below:

  • Digital sales
  • Google Ads display
  • Google Ads mobile
  • Google Ads search
  • Google Ads video
  • Google Ads shopping
  • Programmatic
Google AdWord topic

Source: Google

When you click on any of the course, you can find more than one certification program which you have open and study one after one. The hard part here is in one certification program there will be various modules which you have read carefully understand and then proceed to next.

digital certification

Source: Google

After completion of the whole course, you have to appear for the Google AdWords certification.

AdWord modules

Source: Google

Just like the above image, you will have several modules which you have to complete, and then you have to appear for the Google AdWords certification exam.

Google AdWords Certification Study Guide

The most crucial question that comes in every person’s mind while appearing for the certification is “How do I prepare for the Google Ads Certification?” and what is Google Adwords Certification Study guide that we should follow? The answer to both these questions is below:


There is no external references and books are required if you are completing all the modules in the right way and not just skipping it and directly heading to AdWords exam. Everything that you read in the modules is significant and helps you a lot for your long run. It is better to take your time and read it concentrating on every single thing and answer all the questions asked in between all these things.


Read all the study guide of Google you will get detailed knowledge about each and everything that is there in the advertising world. If you have the working knowledge before this, it is always recommended to read the guidelines and brush up all the things before going to take the test. These study guides are beneficial for everyone including the beginners and the advanced. So, read the study guide thoroughly.


Make your notes and don’t even depend on the other person’s records. This will help you have a better grip and knowledge about each topic. Also, try to prepare a cheat sheet which you can revise it at the time of the exam. Write down all the essential tips and tricks, formulas, alternative methods, etc. that are important at the time of the review. Not just this try to practice it as much as possible all the things and get a deep thought inside the tips and tricks which you are using.


Always make a habit of talking to all the experienced people or all those who are already in the same field and have already given the exam. Try to join as much forum as possible like the Google AdWords community, Quora, Reddit, etc. Join all those sites where you can find these experienced people and try to strick a conversation with them to know more and in-depth about digital marketing and Google AdWords.


Invest most of the time preparing for the test, and take the Google Ads Practice test. This will help you a lot in increasing the speed while you appear the exam. However, you may not be able to find the practice tests in Google Ads page but some if the Third party websites provide these practice test which you can avail and prepare well. The third-party site such as Scribd and Udemy these two website offers some of the best practice tests for the Google AdWords certification.

google adword certificate

Source: Quora

Follow all these steps and prepare yourself well enough for the exam. Appear the exam as it free of cost; previously it used to charge something now all the certifications are entirely free. After you appeared the exam and didn’t make it don’t get sad because you have to wait for 24 hours and again you can perform the test.

If you have qualified the test then you will receive the certificate from Google which will remain in your Google AdWords account, you can take a look at it whenever you want. However, the harass fact is it is valid only for a year. The certificate may be adequate for just a year, but the knowledge you gain is for your whole life.

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