Content marketing strategy and SEO strategy are two different things. People usually think SEO is all about content marketing or developing a content marketing strategy. Which is not true it has a distinctive difference in between. The words such as “Versus” or “are Same” can be easily found while connecting both SEO and Content marketing. While the digital marketers and writers are the right person’s who can say what is SEO? And what is a content marketing strategy?
The public has been mistaken and is in misconception- thinking that “Content marketing is taking over the SEO”. Because content marketing and SEO work hand in hand or together. To bring the required results they can overlap on each other but are not completely taken over by one another. There is no way SEO can be taken over by Content Marketing. As SEO it that gimmick which brings the readers to the Blog or website to read the content.
For a smart digital marketing campaign, you should have either of the specialists. A smart digital marketer will always keep these 2 key role players in the organisation. Both the content marketer and the SEO specialist are the gems in their work and whose main focus is the marketing and branding of the company. Filling up both the areas is what a marketer does. Because they play a vital role in the branding of the company. An effective and ethical Search Engine Optimisation can’t happen without the best and optimized content marketing strategy.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of improving the traffic quantity to a website. Increasing the visibility of the website in the web search in an organic way. That will increase both the quantity and quality of the traffic.
In general, we can say that while someone will search for something that is about your business. The number of times your website comes in the search listing, that much more users will be engaging to your website. Later, on these people turn into trusted customers. All these things are being done by the SEO.
The 3 main works of SEO:
  • Attracting the quality traffic in the whole world. Quality traffic here means attracting those customers who more interested in your business mostly the products that you sell. Instead of attracting random people who don’t even know what your business is all about.
  • Gathering more amount of traffic. When people start visiting your website and start admiring your website by clicking on the search engine results page, more traffic comes up.
  • Getting more organic results. For generating more SERP results ADs are very important. Organic traffic is a way in which people come to your website organically without any requirement of payment.


Content marketing is the type of marketing strategy in which content is being developed, written, published about a particular topic to drag the attention of a particularly interested group of people. The top marketers even symbolize content in the phrase “Content is king” for any marketing strategy.
Marketers have to do a lot of things to improve their brand value in the market. Starting from talking with customers, meeting the clients, connecting to readers it includes everything. Content is the important thing that convinces them to chose the company and its business. Because the first and the foremost thing a person does before trusting a company is checking its website and knowing what the company does. Nothing else can define it well than an effective content.
The things that should be given emphasis are:
  • Grab the customer attention and create the leads.
  • Increase the number of customers gradually.
  • Generate the online sales and try to increase it.
  • Create the brand awareness in the customers.
  • Try to engage the users in an online community.
So in simple words, we can say content is something that helps in increasing the brand name of the company and meeting all the targets of the organisations. This involves various things like the accession of the present customers, retention of the existing customers, and making more people aware of the business that you do.


The content is being created to support the objectives of the organisation. If you are doing it in a true and wise way then the optimisation of your content is one of the major content marketing strategies that can be reached with the help of SEO.
They even have the same kind of mechanism and the sole aim of this is to attract a lot of audience in various ways and accomplish the company goals.

content marketing strategy and SEO overlap


Optimising the keywords while a content is being published. Here the mediator is the content because whenever you write a new article that means a new keyword that Google has to check. A number of keywords mean that easier you can attract your target audience.


The number of pages in the content will increase the ranking in the Google listing. The increase in the number of content means an increase in the Google Search Engine listing. Giving Google more chances to do indexing. Whereas quantity is not enough, targeting the potential audience and identifying the relevant keywords also has the same importance.


You can easily increase the content authority if you have an effective and attractive content. It even helps in increasing the Google search rankings. Descriptive content that contains the inbound links, keywords, infographics etc. Increase the user experience which will automatically increase the Google search metrics.


SEO attracts the users by making them see their brand in the search engine. Later helping the company to climb up on the Google search ranking list. Whereas by using the content marketing strategy users get the direct appeal that means direct targeting of the users. Which requires backing up by the SEO.

The primary focus of the SEO is search engine visibility and ranking. Whereas, the main focus of the content marketing is to give the best customer experience.

Below are some important differences that are present between Content marketing and SEO.


The viewer experience doesn’t affect the search engine rankings but the optimising the reader experience is the domain preference of Content Marketing. If you are fabricating a content with the users in your mind and without caring what the search engine wants from you. This is where you became a full content developer leaning completely on the content which is also known as the passive content making.


This is the area of the SEO which doesn’t require developing a content marketing strategy. It just includes the things like optimisation of the website according to the device used like mobile phone, desktop, tablet etc. This also helps in improving the website speed, the creation of the sitemap of XML and submitting it, doing the site navigation by optimising and organising everything. It also does some other works like finding the crawl errors and removing the duplicate content. It involves a little content part for a certain area only. But the role of content marketing strategy is inactive here.


SEO can only generate the effective traffic to one’s website but can’t secure those conversions immediately. On the other hand, the content marketing strategy does a lot more than this. Because once a lead comes to your site content has all the potential to convert that lead to an effective customer. Just making them learn what your company is about? and what you actually do? Which actually motivates them to buy something from your brand.


Content marketing can target the links manually, we can’t control it. Whereas, if you start taking the natural links to do an effective link building by your self. Whereas, this work the SEO should do. The referral traffic should generate the inbound link building. But the important source that involved here to generate links is the Authority- that very essential to rank high in Google search engine rankings.