If you have just stepped into content marketing and want to build a digital marketing strategy template. If you want to know the different ways of developing a digital marketing plan? Then this is a complete guide for you.

Content marketing is a lot more than just creating, sharing, researching to form a content to engage the audience in your content. It majorly means to generate the leads and convert them into active customers and improve the branding. Then meet all the goals set by the company. These things also involve content marketing strategy in the background. It doesn’t only involves digital marketing template strategies it even consists of the strategy for the whole business or planning of its own.

How do you develop a marketing strategy?

Earlier for marketing purpose, there were only a few old tactics that could be adapted to have a good content marketing. The few options include things like the bandit signs, flyers, magazines, Advertisement in the newspaper.

Like the above one the advertisements earlier used to contain the words, sentences that they like and the picture which is big that overpower the words. Everything was according to the advertiser. In the other ways, we can say then there were only a few digital marketing strategy templates but the area to experiment was vast.

Now, Content Marketing has increased creating broader and huge market value. While giving more marketing and strategy aspects.

Marketing strategies

Content marketing is a broader way of having an integrated marketing plan. And content marketing always teams up with a strategy. Both content marketing and digital marketing strategy template come together. Because without a proper guide and plan there is no perfect content. So basically content marketing strategy gives shape to the content marketing.

In simple language, we can say that a strategic approach towards writing content and marketing the content is what content marketing strategy involves. The content marketing strategy plan is a huge concept which requires developing of a content marketing strategy to make its presence felt in the marketing. Not only digital marketing plan, but other marketing fields also require the strategies and techniques that should be incorporated to have a better business.

The techniques involve the thing like what are the different ways in which the content can be marketed to drive traffic or the customer’s attention towards the business. Developing a content marketing strategy involves things. Like the journey of the customer, the life cycle of a customer, the experience of the customer while they visit the site. These all things drive traffic and customer attention and makes them, be with the business for a long time.

Content marketing strategy focuses on how content strategy template plan can be utilized in a planned and strategic way. For the customer to get their attention, and to increase the market value, and meet all the sales target.

The above is the list of Content marketing formats that should be followed these days. There are tons of options in Content creation these days which a writer can follow.

What content strategies do?

Content strategy means managing the substantial thing that is being created and owned by you. It may be written, visual, downloadable with your signature or name on it.

It is the basic idea behind content marketing plan. The aim of this marketing is to realize who you are, and where you stand in the market and how expertise you are in the field. Normally digital marketers say how important content is for marketing online. Pushing that content in a strategic way in the market have the same priority. This becomes crucial for the growth of the business. A well-planned purpose or scheme is what required. It is also known as developing a content strategy template.

Best Content Marketing Strategy Templates

Content Marketing Strategy Templates helps in connecting the content with the strategic targets. The below are mentioned things will help to focus on the content and attract more audience attention to drive the results.


Have an inventory of your whole employees and the designation. About who is the staff and what they do? What is market talk about your product or service? Which are your strengths? What is your weakness? and How you are improving?

Before going deep in developing a content marketing strategy you should know all these things and clarify these all. The template here should be a roadmap which should help you in building your brand name in the market. You can even identify the customer journey easily. It will have every single detail and customer interaction about a particular brand. You can download this template easily from here.

To maintain a worksheet for the product or service information as well as the customer there are tools available like the Persona worksheet which you can download easily in your desktop. Then you can access it easily.


Content marketing efforts- you should know how much your content marketing strategy is providing the support for boosting your product or service name. Discuss everything with the stakeholders even the employees to know what are lacking areas and how we can overcome those. This not only comes up with the problems it even helps in maintaining a bond between the Head and the employees.

To remember the key things that are required to undergo a change. There are some tools available on the internet platform like Venngage, Piktochart which will help by providing the customized statistics infographics.


(Source: Piktochart)


(source: Venngage)


Your effective digital marketing planning template must contain the competitor’s analysis. Which should contain every small detail about your competitor. Because maintaining a template about your competitor will always help in analyzing the pros and cons of their company which you can compare directly.

content marketing strategy template
Source Gifer.com

Content marketing template strategy the important thing to remember while maintaining template. It is not just a PDF or worksheet whereas it helps in analyzing your competitors from top to bottom. However, it’s not just about the product or service and competition. It’s about creating interest in people and drive traffic and their attention to the business site.

How does a Content marketing strategy work?

Know your target

There are a few questions that should pop into your mind while you are planning for a content marketing strategy like:

  • Why you are going for content marketing planning?
  • What the kind of strategy you should build up?
  • Why are you fabricating the content and developing a content strategy template for it?
  • What are the benefits that you will get by doing this?
  • How do you think digital marketing planning template will help in improving your business?

Knowing what’s your target is, before developing the content strategy template becomes important. Help make the work easy, saves the time and you can get an overview of the whole thing to be done. Hence, plan the best strategy for the content marketing template.

Define the target audience

After knowing what your target should be then comes knowing your audience. And according to your content, you have to decide who is your target audience? Or who will be more interested in your content? This is very crucial for the startups or those companies who have just come up in the market.

Knowing your audience will help in creating the blogs, contents, and article that are relevant. There are all a lot of customers out there who are interested to know different things. Targeting the people and mostly the needs of the users and accomplishing them becomes the key tactic.

Goals may change according to the experience of the marketer and by increasing your presence in the market. In that case, you can target a new group of people. For increasing the number of the audience or you can go with the same group of people. This depends on the revisiting ratio of the audience those are visiting your website by conducting the marketing research once a year.

Site Auditing

A lot of companies start with blog posts. If you want to go out of this and try something new you can opt for producing different content pieces considering the one which you want to do. For example, you can write the ebooks instead of the blog post. You can even filter all the blog post into an ebook which contains all the details that the blog post has and can even have more information than the blog post. This can offer different information in different formats.

If you are present in the digital channels for a long time. You can analyze yourself easily by calculating the statistics for this year and the previous year. And you can get different ideas which you can implement in the content this year and can set new targets to reach more audience.

System for content management

Digital channels follow a systematic way which can ease your work. The crucial things and the types of content management includes are:

  • First, we have to curate the content
  • Then publish the content and
  • At last check the analytics of the content which follows the content marketing plan.

There are tools available which will help in curating the best content management system like the WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Ideas for content

Generating an innovative and creative idea every time becomes very difficult. To ease this work there are various tools which help in generating the best ideas or topics for content writing which are as follows:


Sharethrough headline analyzer comes in the top because as being a content writer. I consider this as the best tool available in digital channels for getting new and better ideas for the content. Whenever you add a headline that you think is relevant. Sharethrough gives the necessary feedback like on the length of the text, how many words to use, what type of words to use etc. It even suggests the grammatical mistakes done.

Sharethrough shows the scores for the title you have chosen and helps to improve it by giving the pro tips and suggestion.

share through

Source: Sharethrough


Answer the public is the best tool that is recommended to find the most exciting and engaging topic. In this, the tool you just have to enter the topic about which you want to write.

Answer the public image

Source: Answer the public

After entering the topic you will get the questions that are related to the topic and are trending on the internet. It involves all types of questions. You can select any question you think is relevant and can write on it.

Answer the public image

Source: Answer the public


Protent idea generator for content is the effective tool to gather cool ideas for the content formation. When you just enter the required topic in the search tab. You will get various results and idea about the topic in a different place where it is being used. Rest it is up to you what you want to write about it? And how you want to use it?

It gives you different aspects of the same topic and what people are searching for it.

Protent idea generator image



Blog Ideas Generator by Hubspot is another tool by the most trusted site HubSpot. Whereas this tool provides the ideas until a certain range after which you have to pay a certain amount and subscribe to HubSpot.

Hubspot blog idea generator image
Source Hubspot

You have to enter the topic for which you want to generate unique ideas. Trending topics related to it are then added.

Hubspot blog idea generator image

Source Hubspot

You will get the result in the above form where you will get only 5 top ideas. After that, you will have to subscribe to HubSpot for more ideas.

SEMRush SEO template

SEMrush came up with an easy to use- SEO template tool. This tool will help to come up with an effective SEO optimized content. You have to enter the topic upon which you want to write the article. SEMRush will analyze the top 10 topics that are trending and will provide the results accordingly.

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