So let’s begin:

You must have come across on the news lately, one has to change from HTTP to HTTPS if they would like to avoid the insecure warning. Yes! Your website will be termed insecure when you don’t change yourself for this secure one. If you don’t have much exposure to this, let me help you with the understanding of this and for all those looking to rank higher on Google and bring multiple traffic here, this would be a must-read for you.

1. What exactly is HTTPS:

If you want an answer to what an HTTPS is then this would be your read. An HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP ( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), an S is added as an abbreviation for Secure. This security makes sure that all your data transfer to the receiver(browser) is secure and has no exposure to third parties. Previously almost every website used to have HTTP but with the time, with an increase in the number of hacks and stealing of data, it has been made sure that the connection has to be secured to experience a safe and encrypted share of data. That’s the very reason why HTTPS has been introduced and has been widely used these days.

2. Why HTTPS, why pay for it?:

HTTPS is the secured version of HTTP and can be really helpful when there’s a possibility of being exposed to illegal practices. It protects the websites from its vulnerabilities and makes sure your website is secure. Especially when it comes to the websites that have the buy and sell facility, this would be the must-have feature on their sites or else there’s a high possibility¬†of theft. That’s the very reason why most of the e-commerce or any other websites dealing in online purchases have upgraded their websites to HTTPS to ensure their customers a safe and a protected transfer of money. Not only this, but there’s a whole other reason, one should upgrade to this.


3. The Google Factor!:

The first and foremost reason for all the websites to upgrade to this is here. Google has confirmed in the year 2014 that the rankings on Google would consider the HTTPS factor. All those who have not upgraded to HTTPS would be named in a quite lower position of ranking. The other most important thing that Google might effect is by using the word “Not Secure”. This word is the one that’s going to take multiple websites down as from July 2018, the whole story of HTTP is going to change. They will be named Not Secure. Imagine the kind of loyal audience and newly visiting traffic it might hurt. All those traffic that has driven your website will stop visiting and that’s when the depreciation starts. Hence, if you haven’t updated your HTTP website to HTTPS, this might be the time.

4. How do I change it to HTTPS:

If you’re wondering how you can change the website to HTTPS, then we’ll guide you through. In order to get that “Secure” tag after your HTTP, you need to get an SSL certificate from your host or other hosting sites. These prices can vary from no cost at all(Free) to about 1500$. First of all, you need to make sure that yours is not a shared IP address. It should be a unique one. Most of the hosting sites have a basic plan where the IP addresses are not unique. The website owners who have just started don’t mind this factor much. So you need to get your own unique IP address and the next step would be to purchase a certificate. In order to do this, you need to find some sites such as instantSSL that provide an annually based certificate. These are available for free as well, but those aren’t as secure. So, learn about your preferences and depending on the kind of a website you’re running, choose your plan.

In the next step, you have to activate the certificate. You can request your web host would do that for you. Then in the final step, update your site to use HTTPS.

If this doesn’t do it for you, here is a link for an even better explanation here.

Advantages of using SSL:

Here are a few advantages related to this, that might convince you why it’s a must to upgrade to HTTPS.

  • HTTPS secures your site from a vulnerability from the third parties.
  • It ranks you higher on the Google ranking
  • Shows your website is genuine and worth visiting
  • You can earn your customer’s trust with the Secured status before the URL
  • Transactions would be done without any insecurity from the customer
  • Ranking higher means higher traffic, more the traffic, more is the business.
  • The customer’s confidence is increased and in time you’ll be regarded as a trustable site through the mouth talk.