Slack’s Down!

Slack, a fundamental and widely used messenger program for company purposes is allegedly crashed down. “We’ve received word that all workspaces have problems connecting to Slack. We are currently exploring the matter, and will have updates soon,” said the company. This was displayed on their website on Wednesday. This dilemma from Slack has left each company communication using its program numb.

In another statement, it wrote: “We’re aware of the connectivity issues and having a look as we speak. So sorry for disrupting your day.”

Last year slack spanned roughly 6 million users. It has become one of the highest messengers for internal company communications. There are approximately 50,000 companies paying for its support that accounts for two million paid users. This includes 43 percent of the largest 100 firms in the country by revenue. These users are estimated to work at least for two hours a day on slack. Another 4 million consumers enjoy its services with limited accessibility.

A lot of revenue for these companies might go down in no time if slack doesn’t start operating soon. A lot of information and knowledge share is put to halt. Let’s see how quick Slack manages to get over this glitch.

For more information, go to their official site here.