You must have come across multiple push notifications on your mobile phones. These are the kind of notifications that appear on your phone even if you don’t open any application. Push notifications are one of the big things in the field of digital marketing. This is one of those ways where the right audience can be reached and then attract them in the best possible way. As the concentration would be on the screen, most of the readers would give a read before closing it. So let’s just get down to few tips and things not to do while using a push notification.

Targeting the right audience:

Push notifications are supposed to be customized in such a way that it meets the requirements of the user. If there are too many irrelevant notifications, users tend to lose interest in reading these push notifications anymore. User’s interest is what’s going to drive your business. Keep understanding the interests of the user.

A right time:

Due to the time difference between different countries, most people often lose the track of time which leads to an improper timing of notifications. This eventually leads to turning off of notifications and not opening it even when there’s a requirement. Hence, customer or user’s comfort is never to be taken for granted as they are the key factors in any business.

Landing page:

Every notification should lead to a landing page when clicked upon. Push notifications used to be used only for conveying information, but since the development of the internet, the whole scenario has changed. People can now visit the pages by just a click on the notification. So, make sure your notification not only has the information but it should also lead to a source destination.

Not too many:

As the first thing to keep in mind while sending push notification is to not let the user be annoyed, make sure that the user doesn’t face a hard time receiving notifications. Let’s consider the same in our case, whenever you receive a notification from an application 10 times a day, you most probably tend to ignore it no matter how interesting they try for it to sound. That’s what happens when you send multiple notifications in a day. Try and reduce the number of notifications to as low as possible and only convey the important messages.

Keep it short and interesting:

The notifications you send has a high probability of being ignored if it’s sent in a cliched way. Understand your niche customers and show them what interests them. A short and interesting text with images and the right keywords are the basis of a good push notification. These things will go a long way in helping the customers establishing a good rapport with the notifications from that particular brand.

Know the right timing:

Before sending any notifications, keep in view that you do not send any coming soon notifications if the period is long. That would lead to loss of interest. If you keep sending one after the other, A proper planning and ideas should be implemented before sending any text to the user. For instance, if you send a customer regarding a grand sale, in the coming month, he or she would stop looking at the notification with an intuition that there’s a long way to go for it. Eventually, they tend to lose interest.

Easy to find on the web:

Make sure any notification that is being sent, has a well-phrased information. Keywords are the most important part as even if someone skips out on the notification and if someone accidentally closes the one they wanted to read, they can search the same on the internet. That’s the kind of power these keyboards possess.

Be particular about spellings and grammar:

This is like one of the most important parts of any content. A good phrase with no spelling mistakes is more than enough to separate you from about 90% of the other notifications. Your notifications have very high chances of being ignored if the customer finds even one deliberate grammatical error. This might seem like a petty issue but is sure the one to consider.

Missing out on data:

Never miss out on data when you are on a mission to get the maximum audience. Attract them and have them provide you with all the details. This can later be utilized in understanding the customer and their likes. It’s ok to have the data as long as you don’t misuse it for your own beneficiaries.

Testing and optimization should be done to understand the work:

This is the last stage of all the things to remember. Start testing the notifications first before sending them out. You need to understand what kind of a psychological influence this has over the other things. You can even conduct a survey to understand the behaviour and reactions of particular notifications and if you are positive about the results. Send it out.