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Privacy Policy

For Softscripts the customers are an integral part of our company like the heart and soul, we do everything for our customers to give our customers a wonderful experience with our company, as such that even you will also want to come back or invite your friends to your page.

And we are very dedicated to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our customer's information and their personal data. We take all the required steps to secure the data and personal information of our clients. So, that they don’t face any difficulty in the future.

Our policies are strictly according to the law which will be coming under action from May 25th, 2018, the General Development Privacy Regulations or the GDPR. And changing to new regulation has become very important for all the service providing company. And we take the data privacy of our clients very seriously. So, we updated our privacy policies from Data Protection Directive to General Development Privacy Regulations or GDPR. And we would appreciate if you take a look through all the privacy policies.

  • We will be getting and using all the information only when our clients give us the consent.
  • We take your consent first then start working on it.
  • We tell our clients where and how their given information will be used.
  • And we make sure that our customers get all the access where their data is being used and how many people are watching it.
  • We will detect and remove the fraud and the abuse activities.
  • Contact you on the possible ways like- email, phone calls which would be most suitable one according to you.

With the new privacy rules being implemented we work securely and with utmost attention and care with the personal data provided by our clients. For more questions and queries you can talk to us at info@softscripts.net